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"I thought Ron and Jon were the same person and we just interspliced whichever we felt like" ~ TC, 6:54pm CST, 11/28/2017

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ITT: We post the servants we pick up that we need to find masters for.
If you need a good home for your servants, post them here along with a description and what you're looking for in a master.


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Servant: Hector
Class: Lancer
Demeanor: Laid back old man who isn't really about doing work but he'll get a job done when it needs doing. He's also smart enough to pick up and get shit done himself. He'd get along with about anyone as long as they aren't some kind of turbo scumbag like Jason or a shitty nerd like Blackbeard. Does not play well with Achilles most of the time.

Servant: St. George/Georgios
Class: Rider
Demeanor: A saint by many a term, the D&D Paladin everyone should aspire to be. He is dutiful, strong-willed, and kind. He'd never raise his sword unless it was absolutely necessary…like if you need to slay a dragon. He drives to protect his Master with a strong defense and then take photos in his spare time. Has some form of pity for his enemies, or at least dragons, seeing them as unfortunate sinners who he must save even if by smiting them. Just don't expect him to believe you if you say God isn't real, you horrible dragon. Did I mention he slays dragons? Great husbando material.

- Maybe Avail -
Servant: Xuanzang Sanzang
Class: Caster
Demeanor: I CAST FIST in order to reach enlightenment. Sanzang is a perky and curious woman, but also confident and hard-headed. She rushes forward when met with a challenge while promoting the well being of her comrades. She is…sometimes a bit on the dim side and can't take a hint, and often draws the wrong idea about people around her. Despite this she is still a faithful monk in the name of the Buddha despite her faults and will never abandon her comrades. She'll become enlightened eventually…eventually…just not today.


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Summoned by Maya Schroedinger
Servant:Billy the Kid
Demeanor:Billy is a polite and pleasant young man who abhors racquets and loves fun, cheerful things. This 'rascal king' persona however is merely a facade the archer displays in public, as masters who get close to Billy may soon find out.

Still available
Servant:Cu Chulainn (Prototype)
Demeanor:Contrary to his other selves, this version of Cu is young and energetic. As such he is more leaning towards ideals of "Justice" though he never speaks of morality. He is also an avid lover of dogs!

Demeanor:Spartacus is a very righteous-albeit dangerous servant. All who he deems to be "oppressors" may soon find themselves on the receiving end of his might. Not even a master who attempts to control Spartacus is safe from this for he may also turn on said master for attempting to "oppress" him.


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Servant: Charlemagne
Class: Saber
Demeanor: Coolness is all that matters. Everything he does has to be cool. Same with his master. Even if it handicaps him or his master in battle or any other situation.


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Demeanor:Siegfried is a very quiet yet passionate heroic spirit. Though he is absurdly apologetic, he is also very polite and will gladly put his life in danger should he find his master worthy.

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