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"I thought Ron and Jon were the same person and we just interspliced whichever we felt like" ~ TC, 6:54pm CST, 11/28/2017

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Is anyone watching Re-Creators? Does anyone have any plans to?

I highly recommend it – not just for the purposes of playing characters from it, either. That said, if anyone is interested in any of the characters, that would be rad.


File: 1503467878754.jpg (1.59 MB,1748x2480)

As mentioned in the old one, having a Keine'd be pretty cool


File: 1503559947730.jpg (20.37 KB,433x244)

It would be nice to have other characters from Gun X Sword.


File: 1503615619249.jpg (1.34 MB,2480x3507)

Miyu, anyone?


File: 1504673644114.gif (7.33 MB,349x189)

If Godbert's going to actually get any suplexes work done, someone should pick up Hildibrand Manderville.


File: 1507848052411.jpg (63.58 KB,600x315)

It'd be (potentially) great to fill out the rest of the Tenchi cast.

Particularly lookin' for a Tenchi here.


File: 1521471372984.jpeg (205.32 KB,1024x768)

I’m re-added Fukua to my list a long, long time ago I want to re-establish her. Would anyone care to pick up a Filia for her love and bully?


File: 1522793989973.png (6.51 MB,4000x4000)

Someone pick up my adventure buddy

Specifically Cocona - Flip Flappers


File: 1525962158840.jpg (1.13 MB,1279x1391)

I'm going to potentially pick up Kanie Seiya but for the theme park from Amagi Brilliant Park to work, people would need to pick up a few other characters.
We'd probably need at least Latifa and Sento for it to work.
And probably Moffurun.


File: 1538721370247.jpg (108.35 KB,600x615)

Eientei is feeling a bit lonely.

A Tewi and/or an Eiren would help that quite nicely.


File: 1600741950146.gif (1.16 MB,540x303)

Hey guys, Vsauce TC here

Would be cool to see Cinnabar from Houseki no Kuni.


File: 1604906617027.jpg (349.81 KB,473x700)

Lambda is sad and alone! Someone should pick up her wife so she can be happy and every other person in RP can be slightly worse off!

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