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"I thought Ron and Jon were the same person and we just interspliced whichever we felt like" ~ TC, 6:54pm CST, 11/28/2017

File: 1472497599913-1.png (814.25 KB,3432x2946)


Current state of the world of Leyang and the City of Dramaville (So far as I know)


File: 1472499284550.png (63.63 KB,1069x809)

"World" Map, edited somewhat for accuracy (according to PH) and readability


File: 1489341696738.png (848.88 KB,3432x2946)



File: 1489344921946.png (849.72 KB,3432x2946)



File: 1500973124641.png (754.33 KB,3432x2946)

A new nightclub by the name of El Cuervo has been established across from the old nightclub situated in the commercial district and will be open for business 2017-07-29 (AKA this Friday)!


File: 1503514732818.png (861.9 KB,3432x2946)

Added Chaldea, PH gave the okay


File: 1505456523001.png (863.18 KB,3432x2946)

Added Sports Club Kobold.

It's in the commercial district, marked 10.

We need a better way to update this shit.


File: 1507792730206.png (863.63 KB,3432x2946)

Relabeled the Scarlet Devil Mansion. It's abandoned no longer!


File: 1515224016073.png (864.77 KB,3432x2946)

Added Castle von Einzbern.

This map lacks any kind of uniformity of scale lol


File: 1522970552469.png (824.86 KB,3432x2946)

forest machine broke


File: 1529634511034.png (830.39 KB,3432x2946)

Big citadel added


File: 1538590351814.png (1020.53 KB,3432x2946)

Eientei added to the Bamboo Forest.


File: 1551666237198.png (1022.98 KB,3432x2946)

Bowser's Keep (under construction)

Coming Soon to a Volcano near you

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