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"I thought Ron and Jon were the same person and we just interspliced whichever we felt like" ~ TC, 6:54pm CST, 11/28/2017

File: 1503299509329.png (1.58 MB,1280x720)


The reality TV show that brings you heroes taking on criminals and natural disasters, straight to your television screen: Hero TV LIVE!

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! The next season of Hero TV LIVE is just around the corner, and we've got exciting news! Seeing the rush of heroes in the world, the Justice Bureau has given us the okay to open our doors to any heroes out there looking to make a name for themselves!

Signing up is simple! Any hero looking to participate on Hero TV LIVE simply has to turn in the proper paperwork. For those of you old-fashioned types out there, keeping your identity a secret is allowed so long as the company you've contracted with is in willing to allow it. "Freelance" types who want to avoid the bureaucacy are okay, so long as they're approved by the Justice Bureau!

But, remember hero-to-be, without a company to shoulder the financial side you'll be personally accounted for any damage you cause! Anyone without a sponsoring company and unapproved by the Justice Bureau will be treated as vigilantes outside the law! Kids, don't grow up to be vigilantes!

Hero suits will be provided by the sponsor company or must be provided by the hero themself if a sponsor is not chosen. Hero TV will be modifying any suits provided to incoporate our live camera network technology, ensuring viewers a hero's eye view of the action!


File: 1503299529795.png (1.58 MB,1280x720)

As you know, the rules of Hero TV are simple! Points are awarded to heroes for capturing criminals and saving civilians, but this season adds one more to the list! A crisis that is solved by a hero awards the maximum point total of 500! After all, natural disasters have no culprits!

To make up for this, the hero that saves the most civilians in one event is awarded an additional 50 points while the hero that captures the most criminals is awarded an additional 100! That's not all! In preparation for the number of heroes who are going to sign up, we're awarding 50 points automatically for participation in any event! We're also adding a special highlight reel segment to the show! Heroes featured will also be awarded 50 points!

That being said, points can also be taken away! Any hero who purposefully hinders another hero will be subtracted points!

At the end of the season, points are tallied up and the winner is awarded the title: King of Heroes!

Point Spread:
Crisis averted +500
Criminal captured +200
Civilian saved + 100

Additional points:
Most civilians saved +50
Most criminals caught +100
Highlight Reel +50
Participation Award +50


Events will be handled as follows:

* When an event begins, I will put a post in the current Hero TV thread; an alert calling for heroes. Players may post one hero each in response to an alert, but more may be allowed if turn-out is low. In your response, please include a 1d20 dice roll. This will be used to determine the turn order.
* Response to the initial alert can be as simple or complex as you want, possibly including details as to how they enter the scene. A simple "Reporting in" or "Responds" is fine, too.
* Heroes that respond do not necessarily have to be signed up for HeroTV, but in such a case, please provide a statement for how they enter the scene, so as to give the GM an idea of how to pull them in.
* After an amount of time passes after an alert has gone up, I'll make a post informing the heroes of the current situation at hand. After that, I will make another post introducing the first person in the turn order.
* Hero players may respond to the crisis in any way they wish. Write as much as you want or as little as you want. The only requirement is to add a 1d20 dice roll to your actions to determine your success.
* After a hero post is made in response to a disaster/criminal action, I will make a post in response to that relaying their degree of success as well as introducing the next hero. After the next hero is introduced, the hero before it is out of the picture until their turn comes again.
* Things will continue in this pace until the situation is resolved or failure has been determined.
* Highlight reels and other additional awards will be given after an event has come to closure.
* I will allow people to post at their pace since this will be a different way of progressing an rp session, but I also withhold the ability to skip someone's turn if they are taking too long.
* I will put a notice in discord if I end up modifying the rules or method in any way, and this thread will be updated to match the current style.

** Of course, Hero TV related posts can happen in the current main rp thread, including incidents. Do so as you wish, but make it good.

With that out of the way, let the sign ups begin!


File: 1503299563271.png (1.63 MB,1280x720)

Hero Name: Origami Cyclone
Nicknames (Optional): The Hidden Hero
Real Name: Ivan Karelin
Gender: Male
Corporate Sponsor: Helperides Finance
Product Sponsors: Bandai Visual, NAM-Chara, Cinderella Beauty Parlor
Power: Shapeshifting
Other Abilities: Shuriken, swordsmanship, and other ninja techniques
Likes: (None)
Dislikes: Being scolded, being praised, attracting attention, going unnoticed
Favorite Food: Miso Soup
Catchphrase: (None)


File: 1503300403142.jpg (166.4 KB,1280x720)

Hero Name: Blue Rose
Nicknames: Super Idol
Real Name: Karina Lyle
Gender: Female
Corporate Sponsor: Titan Industry
Product Sponsors: Pepsi Nex, Pepsi
Power: Ice Control
Other Abilities: Singing, Playing Piano, Dancing, Escaping Cutely
Likes: Older men, Karaoke with friends, reading fashion magazines
Dislikes: People taking advantage of others, memorization, reptiles, D. Va
Favorite Food: Sushi
Catchphrase: "My ice may be a little cold, but your crime has been completely put on hold!"


File: 1503301248865.png (792.88 KB,776x900)

Hero Name: D.Va
Nicknames (Optional):
Real Name: Hana Song
Gender: Female
Corporate Sponsor: Blizzard Entertainment (Leyang Branch)
Product Sponsors: apmTV, Razer, The Game Bin, various other video game related businesses
Power: None (Fights with her MEKA)
Other Abilities: Light Gun, Gaming skills, Rapid reactions.
Likes: Video Games (especially Star Craft), Winning, Her fans
Dislikes: Pushy fans, Blue Rose, Losing
Favorite Food: Japchae (Korean noodle dish)
Catchphrase: "D.Va's in the game, and now it's GG for your crime spree!"


File: 1503303222103.jpg (67.08 KB,600x905)

Hero Name: Iron Man
Nicknames (Optional):
Real Name: Tony Stark
Gender: Male
Corporate Sponsor: Stark Industries
Product Sponsors: Stark Industries
Power: Overwhelming Egotism (also Iron Man suits)
Other Abilities: Industrial genius, Expert engineering, Flight (as Iron Man), Strength (as Iron Man), Speed (even super speed; as Iron Man)
Likes: Money, women, justice, showing off (sometimes), his team, his family, peace, his heroism, Shawarma
Dislikes: Villains, evil, his inventions abused or misused, admitting when he's wrong or his mistakes, injustice, his parents's death
Favorite Food: Pizza
Catchphrase: "Catch phrase? Real… oh, that's a thing you guys do, right. Uh, here, I got one, how about… wait, whaddya mean that thing's already recordi-"


File: 1503303687480.png (1.09 MB,1280x720)

Hero Name: Kamen Rider Femme
Nicknames (Optional):
Real Name: Kirishima Miho
Gender: Female
Corporate Sponsor: Hongo Enterprises
Product Sponsors: Toei Entertainment, Tamashii Nations, Honda
Power: Summoning
Other Abilities: Limited Flight, Limited Invisibility, Super Strength, Fencing, Mirrorverse Travel
Likes: Pretty things, money
Dislikes: Losing
Favorite Food:
Catchphrase: (None)


File: 1503307712663.png (633.39 KB,723x1023)

Hero Name: Angelic Buster
Nicknames (Optional):
Real Name: Tear
Gender: Female
Corporate Sponsor: Pantheon Fashion
Product Sponsors: General Motors
Power: Ancient Dragon Magic
Other Abilities: Cute and sass
Likes: Looking cool, being admired, friendship
Dislikes: Being bullied
Favorite Food: Angel Apple
Catchphrase: "Prepare to be blown away!"


File: 1503307830428.png (13.07 KB,399x333)

Hero Name: Platinum the Trinity
Nicknames: Magical Girl Pretty Luna
Real Name(s): Luna, Sena (no last name)
Gender: Shrug
Corporate Sponsor: Seeking
Product Sponsor: Lemme shill your stuff!
Power: Matter Incarnation
Other Abilities: Wilderness survival, sick burns
Likes: Free food, easy wins, Mister Jubei
Dislikes: Snakes, edgelords, people who hog Mister Jubei
Favorite Food: Large helpings of the best thing she can get.
Catchphrase: "Magical Girl Pretty Luna…TRANSFORM!"


File: 1503327610308.jpg (80.27 KB,400x667)

Hero Name: Kamen Rider Genm
Nicknames: "Black Gamer"
Real Name: Kuroto Dan
Gender: Male
Corporate Sponsor: Genm Corporation
Product Sponsors: Genm Corporation, Kamen Rider Chronicle, Cinema Films
Power: Form Changing with Rider Gashats, "Regeneration"
Other Abilities: Game Design, Public Speaking, Super Strength, Game World Generation
Likes: Games of all kinds- video, board, card, etc
Dislikes: Rivalry
Favorite Food:
Catchphrase: "I'll clear this even if I have to use Continues."


File: 1504707123254.png (137.39 KB,350x282)

Hero Name: Deku
Nicknames (Optional):
Real Name: Izuku Midoriya
Gender: Male
Corporate Sponsor: Helperides Finance
Product Sponsors: Nike
Power: Super Strength
Other Abilities: Keen intellect, High pain tolerance, Teamwork
Likes: All Might, Heroes, Being a hero
Dislikes: Villains, Failing
Favorite Food: Katsudon
Catchphrase: None


File: 1504736909844.jpg (39.27 KB,558x350)

Hero Name: "Jetstream Sam…What do you mean that's taken?! Fine, uh…Mach Speed Sam!…What, I was really set on that first one, don't give me that look!"
Nicknames (Optional):
Real Name: Sam Gideon
Gender: Male
Corporate Sponsor: Jade Star Firearms
Product Sponsors: Kawasaki Motors
Power: Augmented Reaction Suit (enhanced reaction and response time and super strength), BLADE weapon replication system
Other Abilities: Boosters, light martial prowess
Likes: Smoking, helping people
Dislikes: Authority figures, treachery
Favorite Food: Burgers
Catchphrase: "Move fast and hit 'em hard!"


File: 1505535384855.jpg (127.51 KB,635x640)

Hero Name: Gungnir
Nicknames (Optional):
Real Name: Hibiki Tachibana
Gender: Female
Corporate Sponsor: Apollon Media
Product Sponsors: Thunder Punch Energy Drink
Power: Song-Powered Armor
Other Abilities: Martial Arts, Singing, Eating
Likes: Food and Food
Dislikes: Loneliness
Favorite Food: Food
Catchphrase: "Heiki hecchara!"


This is a reservation.

For reasons.


File: 1506768011197.jpg (647.61 KB,1047x1480)

Hero Name: Uravity
Nicknames (Optional): N/A
Real Name: Ochako Uraraka
Gender: Female
Corporate Sponsor: Simmons Incorporated
Product Sponsors: T-Mobile
Power: Zero Gravity
Other Abilities: Basic Hand-to-Hand combat
Likes: Noodles, Money, My Friends, My Mom and Dad, The Night Sky
Dislikes: Bullies, soggy fries, Poverty
Favorite Food: Instant Ramen/Noodles of any kind, oh and mochi is alright too
Catchphrase: (Nope, don't got one.)


File: 1508735068109.jpg (51.04 KB,666x950)

Hero Name: Raven
Nicknames (Optional): Rae
Real Name: :Lets just go with: Rachel Roth
Gender: Female
Corporate Sponsor: Spacer.Corp
Product Sponsors: Hot Topic
Power: Magic, there's a lot to it
Other Abilities: I can sort of read minds?
Likes: Dark Places, Horror Movies, my alone time
Dislikes: Terrible Jokes, Trigon, and Chicken.
Favorite Food: Potato chips I guess?
Catchphrase: People still have those?


File: 1521868544173.jpg (41.6 KB,500x452)

Hero Name: Crescento
Nicknames (Optional): Hibi, Short Stuff, "Shut Up"
Real Name: Hibiki Wangetsu
Gender: Female
Corporate Sponsor: (None as of yet)
Product Sponsors: (None as of yet)
Power: Rebel Yell - Hibiki's voice is dangerously loud when left unchecked. Luckily, she has her suit to regulate, and even direct and weaponize the volume of her voice!
Other Abilities: Basic Jiu Jitsu Training
Likes: Winning, Attention, Competition, Close Friends, Fighting Villains
Dislikes: Losing, Braggarts, Annoying People, Paperwork, Inaction
Favorite Food: Good Old Fashioned Hamburgers
Catchphrase: 「Indecipherable Yelling」


File: 1523764139427.jpg (145.43 KB,568x736)

Hero Name: Setsuna
Nicknames: Just Setsuna
Real Name: I already said it's Setsuna!
Gender: Female
Corporate Sponsor: Howard Connections
Product Sponsors: Addidas
Power: Speed
Other Abilities: Hand to hand combat, enhanced reflexes, leaving after-images of herself
Likes: Simeon, her friends, herself, dosh
Dislikes: People who get her name wrong, perverted priests
Favorite Food: Burgers, Energy Drinks, Pasta dishes
Catchphrase: None, as of yet


File: 1526364255531.jpeg (47.79 KB,242x703)

Hero Name: Battle Fist
Nicknames: Manhands
Real Name: Itsuka kendo
Gender: Female
Corpotate Sponsor: Kronos Foods
Product Sponsors: L’oreal
Power: Big Fists— Kendou can grow her fists to a huge size.
Other Abilities: Exceptional strength, Martial Arts training
Likes: Seeing her friends excel, being responsible, helping, leading, black coffee, motorcycles
Dislikes: Villains, assholes, injustice, being irresponsible
Favorite Food: Coffee (is that a food? It definitely counts)
Catchphraze: “Jeez.”


File: 1527526957150.png (354.38 KB,960x800)

Hero Name: Atomizer
Nickname: N/A
Name: Clarisse Helmuth
Gender: Female
Corporate Sponsor: Reborn Pharmaceuticals
Product Sponsor: Lil' Cag's Miracle Elixir
Power: Alchemical Decomposition - basically making things disintegrate or explode
Other Abilities: Rapid chemical analysis, minor alchemical transmutational abilities
Likes: Fun things, merrymaking, puzzles, dressing up
Dislikes: Studying, being lectured, her family
Favourite Food: Mandarin oranges
Catchphrase: "Dokkan!"


File: 1527528865496.png (489.19 KB,960x800)

Hero Name: Dawnbringer
Nickname: N/A
Real Name: Lucio (last name unknown)
Gender: Male
Corporate Sponsor: Freelancer
Product Sponsor: Freelancer
Power: Light Manipulation
Other abilities: Flight, swordsmanship, dreamwalking
Likes: Pure, just, and beautiful people, good deeds, observing humans
Dislikes: Snakes, evil people, apples
Favourite food: Coffee
Catchphrase: None


File: 1533583483112.png (230.51 KB,553x800)

Hero Name:Invincible
Nicknames (Optional):Invinciboy, Markus. (Please don't call me either of those)
Real Name:Mark Grayson
Corporate Sponsor:Beefy Frank's Hot dogs
Product Sponsors:Image Comics, Toys B'We
Power:Super Strength
Other Abilities:Flight, 「Nigh」 invulnerability
Likes:Reading comic books, fighting crime
Dislikes:School, Burger Mart, Space, interdimensional rifts
Favorite Food:
Catchphrase:"I'm Invincible!"


File: 1533584619717.jpg (180.05 KB,750x1249)

Hero Name:Kamen Rider Para-DX
Nicknames (Optional):Genius Gamer 'M', The strongest Bugster
Real Name:Parad
Corporate Sponsor:Genm Corporation
Product Sponsors:Genm Corporation, Perfect Puzzle, Knock-Out Fighter
Power:Form changing with Gashat Gear Dual, Teleportation
Other Abilities:Energy Item manipulation, Super strength, game world manipulation
Likes:Games and puzzles
Dislikes:Boring people, death, Cheaters and unfair games
Favorite Food:
Catchphrase:"My heart is racing!"


File: 1563376114831.jpg (5.5 KB,175x288)

Hero Name:Uhhh…just Zack
Nicknames (Optional):Mr.SOLDIER, Zack the puppy (Please don't call me that last one)
Real Name:Zack Fair
Corporate Sponsor:Freelancer
Product Sponsors:See above!
Power:Materia? Also Limit Breaks!
Other Abilities:Infused with Mako Energy for enhanced physical abilities, proficiency with swords
Likes:Being a hero, money, squats, chicks
Dislikes:Shinra, Sephiroth, Genesis
Favorite Food:Korean BBQ, Sushi…but not today's special.
Catchphrase:"Embrace your dreams. And whatever happens, protect your SOLDIER honor."


File: 1569443121540.jpg (41.76 KB,487x720)

Hero Name:Fragrant Flower
Real Name:Kuchinashi
Corporate Sponsor:346 Production
Product Sponsors:
Other Abilities:Jet turbine punches
Likes:Cute pretty girls<3
Dislikes:That stupid priest
Favorite Food:It's a secret~

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