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"I thought Ron and Jon were the same person and we just interspliced whichever we felt like" ~ TC, 6:54pm CST, 11/28/2017

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Satoko Houjou: Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
Pam Poovey: Archer
Madeline Xylophone Hatter (Or Maddie for short(But also for tall people too)): Ever After High
I will stop claiming and start introing things at some point I promise

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Let's try this again.
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Lovecraft/When They Cry
Keziah Mason ♦ Lady Lambdadelta, Witch of Certainty (Dreams in the Witch House/Umineko no Naku Koro Ni. Post both stories, also other RP image boards)

DC Comics
Guy Gardner ♦ Green Lantern (Pre-New 52 Green Lantern/Other RP image boards)
Dex-Starr ♦ Red Lantern (Pre-New 52 Green Lantern)
Diana ♦ Wonder Woman ♦ God of War (New 52 Wonder Woman, post ascension)
Hera ♦ Fallen God (New 52 Wonder Woman, Prior to re-godening)

Marvel comics
Raven Darkholme ♦ Mystique (616, Post Mystique solo series)
Nebula ♦ Guardian of the Galaxy (MCU, During 'The Blip')

Xul ♦ Priest of Rathma (Necromancer) (Diablo 2, post game)
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ITT: We post the servants we pick up that we need to find masters for.
If you need a good home for your servants, post them here along with a description and what you're looking for in a master.
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Demeanor:Siegfried is a very quiet yet passionate heroic spirit. Though he is absurdly apologetic, he is also very polite and will gladly put his life in danger should he find his master worthy.

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Lambda is sad and alone! Someone should pick up her wife so she can be happy and every other person in RP can be slightly worse off!

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It's baaa~ck. The Wacky Races, hosted by PH, is back again. Same format as before, but for those who don't know…

Wacky Races is a classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon wherein several doofy drivers and their out-there automobiles compete to finish first in an alliterative adventure. The game, however, works a little differently. The characters are representatives of your RP characters. The vehicles are made up but they most certainly matter. And the way to win is to gather points via events wherein you're scored based on creativity, originality, style, and, of course, wackiness. The events wherein you get scored are as follows…

On these kooky courses are several natural events or even not-so-natural wherein something has interrupted the flow of the race. A flood? An earthquake? An old lady crossing the street? Several old ladies crossing the street? Several old ladies crossing the street while an earthquake causes a flood? You'll know when it happens! At which point, everyone writes up their own method to pass the obstacle in the order in which they are announced!

It's a race, isn't it?! So get ahead in the zaniest way you can! Two or three people will be chosen before the even begins and announced in a random order! It is their job to post in the order they're announced to either advance past those in front of them or prevent those behind from passing them! Asspulls are encouraged! Do whatever you can to win that race!

And last, and possibly very least…
That devilish driver of dirty deeds, Dick Dastardly is present in every race! And he's a mean one! Dick Dastardly will do every mean move he can muster to prevent every other racer from finishing! Similar to the course obstacle events, Dick Dastardly will announce who's approaching his tricks, at which point they will have to pass his trick, get caught in it, or even foil it! If you foil Dick's trick, you're rewarded the points and prevent anyone from following from gathering them! But are you so vile as to fall to Dick's level! You wouldn't do that!
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Character: Xuanzang Sanzang
Car Horse name: Bai Long

Speed - 8
Acceleration - 8
Maneuverability - 20
Luck - EX
Holiness - 10

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Included are the files on all current Dungeon Divers Guild members.

And the blank form on top.

Preferred Group Role:
Preferred Weapon Type:
Preferred Armor Type:
Preferred Group Size:
Special Resistances/Immunities:
Can You Breathe Underwater:
Most Advanced Dungeon Completed:

Anything Else You Think We Should Know:
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Name: Zana Amariyo
Preferred Group Role: Damage dealer, mage
Preferred Weapon Type: Staves, books
Preferred Armor Type: Mage robes
Preferred Group Size: 2-8
Special Resistances/Immunities: None in particular
Can You Breathe Underwater: No
Most Advanced Dungeon Completed: Tower of Kazen

Anything Else You Think We Should Know: I've trained in every school of magic, but I'm best at summoning and black magic

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The Nature of Dungeons:

-Every 24 hours a dungeon will recompose itself, usually at midnight. At this point the dungeon will regenerate all monsters and treasure, as well as its own internal and external structure. The room any non-dungeon creatures are located in is exempt from this and will be preserved, although it may be moved within the layout of the dungeon as the regeneration is typically random outside of individual rooms.

-Dungeons may be damaged and destroyed by whatever means would normally damage or destroy the material they are made of. Any foreign material which interferes with the reconstruction of a dungeon will be teleported out of the dungeon's way (either to the nearest convenient internal space or somewhere outside.) All corpses of dungeon-spawned creatures within a dungeon will vanish at this point. Dead adventurers will be teleported outside, assuming any body remains.

-The creatures that live in dungeons are non-sentient. While some may appear to speak and even be human, it has been noted that they will not deviate from a specific set of lines and actions (generally screaming and attacking whatever they see.)

-Dungeon-spawned creatures prefer to remain within a certain proximity of their dungeon (this varies by creature, but is generally not more than an hour's travel outside of the boundary of the dungeon.) Creatures removed from this area will seek to return to it as quickly as possible. Living creatures outside the boundaries of a dungeon when it regenerates will disintegrate, leaving behind no trace of their existence (or loot.)

-Dungeons are magical in nature, but the materials they are composed of are not. While disrupting a dungeon's magic may interfere with its ability to recompose itself (but would be very difficult,) once created its material structure and inhabitants are fully 'real' and cannot be disrupted by means of anti-magic spells (unless the creature or item is magical in nature, of course.)

-Loot from dungeons is generally random, comprised of limited amounts of precious metal/gems, but more often random items dependent on the level of challenge presented by the dungeon. Loot is generally found in chests, but occasionally drops from monsters. The quality and quantity of loot items is directly related to the difficulty of a dungeon. Going further into a harder dungeon will yield better rewards. Typically the best items are obtained from a 'boss' monPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The Sunken Temple of Bel Shamharoth, etc.

-Common monsters: Mad cultists, weird fungus things, tentacled horrors, various indescribable things.

-Boss: Bel-Shamharoth the Soul Render

-Loot: Highest quality magic items, masterfully crafted treasures.

-Estimated time to complete a run: 2-3 days

-Difficulty: The initial challenge of the temple is simply getting inside, as it is located deep underwater. Utilizing teleportation magic is ill-advised as it tends to result in multiple incarnations of the adventurers fighting each other.

On entering the upper levels of the temple, the chief threat comes from the creatures dubbed 'cultists.' Primarily humanoid in appearance, most manifest a variety of mutations ranging from claws to tentacles to extra heads, to mouths in entirely the wrong place. Often these are initially disguised by ominous purple and black robes. These creatures are very difficult to kill, and typically have skilled spellcasters among their numbers. They seem to be lead by creatures described as "something not entirely unlike a horse, a slime mold, and a partially decomposed human being." These are particularly talented at magic, while also possessing great physical abilities. Engage with caution.

The lower levels are inhabited by a group of beings loosely categorized as the "Spawn of Bel-Shamharoth," generally amorphous creatures having all manner of mouths, psuedopods, claws, etc. Despite their ungainly and often asymmetrical appearance, they are deadly combatants and very difficult to put down permanently by any means save total bodily destruction.
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The reality TV show that brings you heroes taking on criminals and natural disasters, straight to your television screen: Hero TV LIVE!

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! The next season of Hero TV LIVE is just around the corner, and we've got exciting news! Seeing the rush of heroes in the world, the Justice Bureau has given us the okay to open our doors to any heroes out there looking to make a name for themselves!

Signing up is simple! Any hero looking to participate on Hero TV LIVE simply has to turn in the proper paperwork. For those of you old-fashioned types out there, keeping your identity a secret is allowed so long as the company you've contracted with is in willing to allow it. "Freelance" types who want to avoid the bureaucacy are okay, so long as they're approved by the Justice Bureau!

But, remember hero-to-be, without a company to shoulder the financial side you'll be personally accounted for any damage you cause! Anyone without a sponsoring company and unapproved by the Justice Bureau will be treated as vigilantes outside the law! Kids, don't grow up to be vigilantes!

Hero suits will be provided by the sponsor company or must be provided by the hero themself if a sponsor is not chosen. Hero TV will be modifying any suits provided to incoporate our live camera network technology, ensuring viewers a hero's eye view of the action!
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Hero Name:Fragrant Flower
Real Name:Kuchinashi
Corporate Sponsor:346 Production
Product Sponsors:
Other Abilities:Jet turbine punches
Likes:Cute pretty girls<3
Dislikes:That stupid priest
Favorite Food:It's a secret~

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Name: Satsuki Yumizuka
Preferred Group Role: Berserker, Tank
Preferred Weapon Type: None
Preferred Armor Type: None
Preferred Group Size: Solo or Duo
Special Resistances/Immunities: N/A
Can You Breathe Underwater: Technically?
Most Advanced Dungeon Completed: All of 'em

Anything Else You Think We Should Know: Basically Immortal, Usually free, Guild Master

Note: It's me!
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Auxillary Members:
Mysterious Heroine X - Currently in Space
Mysterious Heroine X Alter - Servant Class
Len - Best Cat and Friend
Futaba - Recon and Detection Specialist
Sophia - Mission Specialist (In the issuing and collating sense)

Sana - Junior Adventurer Squad

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Current state of the world of Leyang and the City of Dramaville (So far as I know)
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Bowser's Keep (under construction)

Coming Soon to a Volcano near you

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