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"I thought Ron and Jon were the same person and we just interspliced whichever we felt like" ~ TC, 6:54pm CST, 11/28/2017

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Motherfuckers don't even KNOW


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It's what I'm made of. But it is hard to say for some people.


Yeah, likewise!


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Hey are you…always kinda green or just sometimes? I know it's a weird question but there's a reason for it, promise!


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…Of course I'm always green! Gems don't just change color!

…Except Alexi but that's different.


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A slow but visible blush forms onto Minami's cheeks as the full implications of what's she's actually saying comes to surface.

I…I do. And, well…

Her cheeks become more flushed in response, but she attempts to maintain her posture.


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Antarc is sitting in the tub after a day of work and reading a book on Buddhism

…I feel like Phos is doing something dumb.


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Oooh, okay. Because I…sometimes turn green. Just checking, you know? So what do you do around here?


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In that case, what's your answer?


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The jokes on YOU, nerd. I'm ALWAYS doing something dumb!

Well, I'm always green because I'm not made of squishy meat parts like humans.

…I'm pretty sure humans aren't supposed to turn green. That means you're sick or something.

Phos shrugs!

I stay with Antarc 'cause it's cheap…but I don't work here.


File: 1605843853619.png (52.59 KB,772x902)

Eh? No, it's not 'cause I'm sick, it's…Well, never mind. Wait, why do they let you in if you don't work here?


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She faces Kirara quite squarely.

I absolutely do.


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Kirara smiles a bit but it doesn't last long
Then…that's something we have in common, to be sure. But…I'm still uncertain of myself. So until I know what HaruHaru wants…this is my declaration of war. I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure that the light in HaruHaru's heart comes back. I'll even tear Wolzard apart with my bare hands if that's what it takes…But…promise me something, Minamin.


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Without saying a word, Minami is going to nod at Kirara quietly and allow her to speak some more, her face still quietly flushed.


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No matter what happens, we'll always be friends.
I mean, hey, she's honest


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…I definitely remember humans turn green when they're sick.

Phos shrugs!

I guess 'cause Antarc's here?


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Oh, alright. Though…I'm not…well, never mind, it's okay.


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…Kokonoe's interested in us too. 'Cause we're weird, I guess.


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Are you weird? I think you're pretty cool!


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I promise, Kirara.

Kira's gonna get HUGGED IMMEDIATELY.


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Well, compared to humans. But it's definitely a two way street!


File: 1605846956178.png (1.25 MB,1280x720)

Oh fuck I wasn't expecting that
Yeah, sure, hugs are cool


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I wouldn't let it come to that.
Can't lose a second partner

Intoxicants were very much contraband relics back where 2B was from, so scraps of old human media are the most she's personally seen of it. She scratches her head a bit before answering.
It's like, your mind is weight down by a cloud of good feelings, and it feels like it's a second or two behind what your body does.


File: 1605848533687.png (28.07 KB,282x200)

Well, glad you liked it, at least.
Smiles at FRAUD Angel

Well…I'll take your word for that, then. Do keep an eye on the dear angel, now.


File: 1605848884425.png (585.81 KB,1000x1000)

That sounds confusing…
But I like the sound of a cloud of good feelings.

Can I have another one ?
She smiles BACK


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You think humans are weird?…Hm…Wouldn't it be better if you thought humans were cool? And humans thought you were cool?


File: 1605849030923.jpg (98.58 KB,1280x720)

…I guess?

…But you put things in your face and chew on them. That's really weird.


File: 1605849742982.jpg (593.5 KB,994x829)

Chemicals are confusing. They can feel good, but your grip on your body and your inhibitions can be weakened. That's why it's important to limit yourself.
It feels ironic to be the one explaining this. Still, it's important.
Still. Nothing wrong with enjoying a bit of good while it's there.
None too subtly at all, her arm ropes around V/V's side.

Wouldn't dream of doing otherwise.
She sounds resolute in saying that. Then, after a bit of fidgeting, she mumbles something to him.
…another one of those drinks for me too, please.
The warm, crackly feeling in her chest is starting to feel nice, she must begrudgingly admit.


File: 1605850003794.jpg (24.41 KB,544x400)

You don't eat?


File: 1605850116061.jpg (130.47 KB,1280x720)

Nope. It's gross.


File: 1605850304947.jpg (67.57 KB,1280x720)

Now, while the nuts may be free, the drinks are not.


Fortunately, your benefactor seems willing.

Same as before, I take it?
Starts mixing things up


File: 1605850484124.jpg (40.37 KB,544x400)

…But some food is tasty.


File: 1605850543018.jpg (101.89 KB,1280x720)

Well, we haven't got those…uh…y'know. Taste thingies.


File: 1605850596061.jpg (35.8 KB,544x400)

Eeeeh? That sucks. Well, if you could taste, I'm sure you wouldn't mind it so much.


File: 1605850923748.jpg (97.31 KB,1280x720)

Even if we did have taste it'd be gross.


…I'm pretty sure.


File: 1605850977080.jpg (32.98 KB,544x400)

Heh…I think I kinda get it. But we have to do it to survive.


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You should learn how to eat sunlight like we do. It's way easier and less messy.


File: 1605851321235.jpg (40.75 KB,544x400)

Humans can't really…learn to evolve. It just kinda happens. Over thousands of years…


File: 1605851505482.jpg (98.84 KB,1280x720)

I bet Kokonoe could do it. She's pretty good at that sort of thing.

And we can fade to chatting.


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Joke's on them, I don't have any inhibitions to weaken.
While she may not understand what that word means, she's not wrong either.
And they might be confusing, but -
She has no objections to the arm around her side. Rather, she places her hand on 2B's and weaves her fingers in between the android's. She then wraps her wing around 2B before giving her another smooch on her lips !
You're not.

Mhm !
I don't think it works on me, though.


File: 1605853956437.png (449.2 KB,640x520)

Song is flying towards Dramaville.

There's not much to do in the camp at this hour…And I haven't been here since the last attack. Wonder how they're holding up.

She'll land near a bar.

Hm…I think this is the place the captain and I met for the first time in this world…

Wonder how she's doing.


File: 1605854117554.jpg (475.98 KB,720x864)

HEY LOOK, there's a SHADY INDIVIDUAL outside of this bar with a variety of DRUGS spread out before her on a blanket!
Boy those drugs sure do look tasty. You should try some.


File: 1605854182247.png (3.79 MB,1400x1800)

Same stuff, yeah.

You're more right about than you know.
They really need to get V/V a dictionary soon
Neither are you. You're very straightforward, in your own way.
The contact makes her instinctually stiffen a bit, but she relaxes a lot more quickly tonight, for one reason or another. The handhold and the kissu are happily accepted, and she makes herself comfortable under the fluffy wing behind her.
It's nice


File: 1605854220759.png (3.03 MB,1670x2265)

Song will totally notice that.

And what do we have here?

She'll walk up to the drug dealer and inspect her merchandise.

…And what are those supposed to be?

Is she…


File: 1605854736816.jpg (475.98 KB,720x864)

Ah, good evening miss!

This individual is highly solicitous!

You look like the adventuring type! I bet you've come across lots of situations where you could have used a little boost, right? Well, I've got just the solution for you!


File: 1605854927754.png (6.9 MB,2257x3187)

I'll play along for now.

It happened once or twice, yes…What is your solution to that?


File: 1605855115123.jpg (475.98 KB,720x864)

Yagokoro Pharmaceutical's patented hero-enhancing formulas! We've got strength boosters, dexterity enhancers, speed-uppers and even a pill that slows your relative perception of time!

All at reasonable prices for the discerning adventurer!

The smile is slightly manic at this point. Reisen hasn't made any sales tonight and is a bit desperate. The princess wants a PS5 and the 'they're out of stock' excuse only works for so long.


File: 1605855459843.png (1.06 MB,877x885)

Hmmm…And what are the side effects?


File: 1605855634987.jpg (475.98 KB,720x864)

None at all! Master Pharmacist Yagokoro is a brilliant artist, who's flawless medicines have no unintended effect at all on regular humans :D


File: 1605856031971.jpg (632.03 KB,800x800)

Really? I find that hard to believe…

At least, it's not what I thought it was…

How much are they?


File: 1605856339996.jpg (475.98 KB,720x864)

The prices range from $25 to $250, with discounts for purchasing more than 10 doses at once!

If you'd like, I have a grab bag that includes all the ones I mentioned and a free healing potion for just $80!


File: 1605857247857.png (3.84 MB,1620x2160)

Hmm…that offer is highly tempting.

She'll look at her wallet.

I do have enough…

You know what? Give me that grab bag.

She'll take out 80$


File: 1605857476347.jpg (475.98 KB,720x864)

Reisen manages to hold in a "YES"
She'll accept that money and hand over a small cloth bag!

Be sure to follow the instructions on each packet carefully! It's very important that you don't take too much at once!


File: 1605888647063.jpg (59.53 KB,1280x720)

…What doesn't work on you, exactly? Paying for drinks? Because let me assure you, it does.

AND she's got another one in front of her. As does this STOOPID angel
As you wish.


File: 1605906147069.png (46.39 KB,175x193)

A slightly sunburned Felli is sitting at her desk in the guild. Despite this condition, she does seem to be exuding a somewhat contented aura. She had a nice vacation, after all.
She's currently reading through a number of documents which appear to have been signed by means of a cat pressing an inked paw onto the paper. Or maybe the cat just happened to walk across her desk. Either way they probably don't make much sense.


File: 1605906153278.jpg (393.77 KB,1411x1374)

Behind her, around her, in front of her, V/V's wing seems like a big feathery comfy blanket.
Straightforward, huh ?
V/V giggles and smiles !
I'm always right when I'm not wrong.

That too, 2B's got all the money.
But I meant the dizzying thing.
She's gonna have a SIPP


File: 1605906715993.jpg (107.05 KB,494x652)

A small potato will enter guild and come up to the desk
Hello there, I was supposed to meet someone today about working with the guild.


File: 1605906904546.png (53.4 KB,169x159)

You're Ozma.

Nod! Felli is, as usual, quite deadpan. But she's making an effort to be polite and seem friendly.

I'm glad you could make it.


File: 1605907272138.jpg (119.31 KB,695x733)

Yep! And that makes you Felli then.
She nods
Well I'm pretty excited, it'll be nice to put my crafting skills to more use.


File: 1605907535122.jpg (41.32 KB,800x454)

Another nod!

We have a basement full of useless junk that I'm sure you will find very exciting.

Felli puts her papers aside and stands!

This way.

She's going to head downstairs.

The door on the right is Jon's room. If you need something heavy moved please feel free to knock. Do not trust him with anything related to chemicals or alchemy.


File: 1605907616723.jpg (14.66 KB,147x177)

Don't listen to her, I can be trusted with everything. ESPECIALLY chemicals and alchemy!


File: 1605907799103.jpg (112.34 KB,489x739)

Oh don't worry, I prefer to do all my crafting myself, especially with the more dangerous ingredients. But having someone who can move stuff will be helpful if I need to fill any big orders.
You will be put to WORK


File: 1605908243515.jpg (41.32 KB,800x454)


Mm. We can arrange for regular help if you need it as well. Plus equipment that falls within the guilds budget.

Another door! This one's a bit heavier and has some fancy locks on it.

This is the equipment storeroom.

Felli opens the door and, with a bit of effort, pushes it open! The room beyond is FILLED with racks of various weapons and armor, ranging from regular swords to guns that appear to be made of insect chitin to yet more exotic items!

…Your job would technically be to act as a sort of 'quartermaster,' so if somebody requests a particular item, you can loan or sell it to them. We don't get a lot of requests for specific things though, so just keep a decent inventory of a few items. Often new members will want something cheap and simple to take on a trial adventure.

Of course, the rest you can do with as you like. Although preferably what you do with it will make us money.


File: 1605908981500.jpg (118.83 KB,593x793)

Well generally I make my own tools, so as long as I have access to quality resources the guild shouldn't need to pay a premium for equipment again.
She enters the room, examining the items
Ah Yeah. My plan was to have a large variety of basic 'human' sized weapons for new members and people who wanna try out something new. Most people in this world seem to be roughly the same race, so I'll have to make any smaller or larger weapons more to order.
Armor's trickier to trial but I can make some 'standard' ones and then if someone wants a more comfortable fit I'll craft them one to order.
She shakes her head
Ah, sorry, I got caught up. Don't worry about that, I wouldn't be a very good merchant if I wasn't trying to turn profits. I'm sure we can find great uses for all this stuff.


File: 1605909304576.png (35.89 KB,140x128)

Each item has a little card attached to it, giving it a broad category, important details (like caliber,) and saying what, if any, magical properties it has. Some of them do pretty strange things.

A reasonable assumption. Most of the items that come out of dungeons are designed for standard humans.

Further nodding!

There's a catalog of items at the front desk as well. I'll hand that over to you. If anything especially interesting shows up, please send it to Satsuki first. She likes to look them over before deciding what to do with them.


File: 1605909799478.png (1.15 MB,767x1095)

Ozma riffles around, reading the tags
Ah great, an existing catalog will save me lots of time.
I'll make sure anything of interest makes its way to her desk asap.

I've noticed other traders who work with the guild like that nice Vera selling medicine. What's our arrangement with them? Do we supply them?


File: 1605910135296.jpg (47.28 KB,800x454)

Felli nods.

The guild purchases items from adventurers at a somewhat reduced rate…generally if they simply want to get their money quickly or have something nobody else wants. Currently we either stockpile the items, sell them on, or scrap them for people who want the component parts.

The next room down contains raw material and the more useless sort of weapons and armor…paper knives and helmets made of feathers. That sort of thing. We get a lot of things made of candy and chocolate from the Happy Pony Field that we sell on as well…apparently once you melt it down it's all quite edible.


File: 1605910509109.jpg (94.23 KB,435x696)

That's more or less how it worked back home too. Lots of loot no one wanted that I can turn into something more useful.
Ozma's eyes will light up a bit at the mention of the raw materials room!
Ooh, I wonder what kind of stuff I can make out of what's in there!
Oh I've had some of that candy before. It's not bad.


File: 1605910828058.png (427.28 KB,552x620)

You'll have full access to that as well. Some businesses in town come to us for raw material besides the candy…you'll be dealing with them as well, but I don't think you'll have to worry about running out of anything basic.

Satsuki may want to come up with some kind of bidding system to avoid unfair competition though, as the guild would be using the materials as well now.


We can probably set up a workspace for you in the raw material storage room…it's fairly large.


File: 1605911683479.jpg (107.3 KB,491x685)

That sounds like a good idea. I sure don't want to drive anyone out of competition, I'll try to keep things fair and not over use anything.
She nods
Ooh, that'd be nice. My room in Zana's apartment is getting a bit cramped between the black smithing station, the loom, the jeweler station, my alchemy table and the carpentry area.
If I was your size I probably wouldn't have any room to sleep.
One of the benefits of being small is that she can use tiny equipment!


File: 1605911950334.jpg (35.98 KB,704x400)

Zana…the woman with the scales?

Felli appears briefly troubled at how to respond to the joke! She'll settle for a nod.

…I understand.


We can help you move your equipment down here, although I'm not sure if sleeping there is a good idea…perhaps there's another room we can put your quarters in.


File: 1605912338302.jpg (112.34 KB,489x739)

Yep! She's from my world and I've been staying with her in exchange for making her some nice stuff. She's a really good mage, but don't ever ask her to cook anything.
She waves off the idea
Moving my stuff in would be useful, but I don't need sleeping quarters, I still plan to live with Zana. Maybe getting all my work stuff out of my bedroom will help me sleep better.


File: 1605912771371.jpg (31.13 KB,528x396)

I recall her application. Cooking wasn't mentioned.

Having more room would probably be nice, as I understand things.

Felli withdraws another key from her pocket!

This is for the raw material storage. I can show you that, then the upper floor.

After a short walk, Ozma is in the other storage room! This one's quite large, probably the whole length of the building! There're bins full of knives made of leather, gun-shaped rocks and so on, as well as more useful materials…like a freezer with the label 'dragon spleens' on it.
A staircase is visible at the end of the room along with a service elevator.

The sub-basement isn't quite full yet, but we are aware that this is not really an ideal storage solution. I've been meaning to ask Satsuki for a proper cold room to store the…organic components in.


File: 1605913832510.jpg (111.87 KB,502x688)

With very good reason.
More following, Ozma is now a small child at a candy store, checking pit all the neat stuff!

Organic stuff is tricky, but the whole… Existence of freezers really helps. Well I'll be careful with the organic stuff, but a cold room sounds like a good idea.


File: 1605914013206.jpg (40.99 KB,800x454)

The inventory for this stuff isn't as well kept as for the equipment, but there is one at the desk.

Nod nod

Any other questions?


File: 1605914598359.jpg (130.29 KB,573x720)

Nope! I'll update the inventory once I'm settled into the job, that way I know what we can use it for and what we can sell and what not.


File: 1605914640745.jpg (586.33 KB,730x411)

>>Magic forest party

As the party approaches the forest, they enter what seems, at least from the edge of the road, to be a fairly normal wood. There's trees, moss, squirrels, all the usual suspects. Probably the only 'odd' thing is that the forest is sandwiched between the giant sunflower field, the pony apple orchard, and the weird crystallized area.

However, soon after the group enters the character of the forest seems to shift. The view of the outside world quickly vanishes. City noise is muffled, then cut off. A sensation of 'being watched' overtakes the group, although even the psychic part of the party won't be able to pinpoint where it's coming from.
There's also a certain prevalence of mushrooms, even in this part of the forest. These don't appear to be directly threatening, but most of them definitely have potent magical properties, and the wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes is interesting.


File: 1605914711586.jpg (47.28 KB,800x454)

Alright. I'll get you the paperwork to finish the application, then.

If you want food, both the catfe on the street and the rooftop yakitori place are very good. The cats will deliver as well.


File: 1605915472566.jpg (107.05 KB,494x652)

Catfe? Going all out on the cat theme, huh? Well be sure to check them out, I am pretty hungry.


File: 1605915586120.jpg (41.32 KB,800x454)

Well, they are cats.

The portions are enormous, so be prepared. You could probably eat for a week off of one order.


File: 1605915879567.jpg (96.83 KB,541x679)

Couldn't I just order a smaller portion?


File: 1605915948202.png (427.28 KB,552x620)

Apparently that is against cat law. Or something.

I usually split an order and still have a lot left over.


File: 1605916083028.jpg (112.34 KB,489x739)

I've never heard a Miqo'te mention that before…
She shrugs
Oh well, I'm alright with leftovers. I'm sure Zana will need something to refuel herself anyway.


File: 1605916211456.jpg (40.99 KB,800x454)



These are Felyne.

They're quite happy to do takeout.


File: 1605916386892.jpg (91.31 KB,413x715)

Oh. I haven't met a Felyne before. Miqo'te are the cat people from my world. They're like Zana but cat instead of Dragon.


File: 1605916439249.jpg (169.61 KB,846x1000)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 13

The perception has been rolled
The suddenness of their surroundings changing makes Sabrina worry a bit, but their destination seems calm enough. Mushrooms aren't scary, though she does cautiously try to take a closer look at one of them. The lingering feeling of being watched at a distance does unnerve her a bit, but it's not enough to break her cool.

Well, it looks like you were right about the mushrooms, if this is anything to go by.
Sabrina taps her chin.

I expected that much. We're prepared to finish the job, if need be.
Doesn't mean she likes it though.


File: 1605916572626.png (427.28 KB,552x620)

These are, I suspect, a bit different. They're…more cat like.

Felli's gonna head back upstairs!

I'll see about arranging a desk for you in the main hall as well. It's a bit more suited to business than the storage rooms.


She nods
Yeah, that sounds good. I can use to display some of my wears and maybe a catalogue.


File: 1605916957716.png (1.39 MB,768x1024)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 2

…I see…It is…brave of you to take on something so distasteful.

I wonder…Perhaps the reason this forest is enchanted is because of the surrounding environs.

I've been needing to take part in a few invasions by now. With men and creatures that do not surrender…It is an unpleasant reality of this world…I'm sorry.


File: 1605917068335-0.jpg (1.13 MB,998x1775)

File: 1605917068335-1.png (11.24 KB,195x195)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 16

Viola goes to investigate some of these mushrooms, poking them a bit
Oh my these mushrooms are so pretty… I wonder if I could use some in flower arrangements in the future.
Erika seems fairly calm and and happy, but she is actually paying very close attention to the surrounding forest
Erika nods
These ones don't seem too dangerous, but they are giving off an… otherworldy feeling.
Part of being a gym leader is keeping our people safe. Just because it will be harder to do so in this world doesn't mean we'll abandon our duties.


File: 1605917130373.jpg (41.32 KB,800x454)

Quite. Unfortunately we lack large windows on the front of the building. But perhaps we can dig up a mannequin or two.

Shall we fade here? Felli can show Ozma where to FOOD.


File: 1605917301025.jpg (116.79 KB,1280x726)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 10

Worse comes to worst I can build some. I'll set some up around my table.
faed werkz


File: 1605917480228.png (77.77 KB,287x127)

Well, Mewtwo DEFINITELY doesn't notice the tripwire running across the path. It's lucky the other two spotted it and have time to stop him!
Although they might be a bit distracted by Viola poking the mushroom, as this has had the rather unexpected effect of causing it to take off like a rocket and zoom off into the woods at some speed, leaving a trail of sparkles that lingers in the air.
Also Viola has been covered in sparkly shroom dust! Erika has a (temporarily) shiny Vileplume!


File: 1605917934367-0.jpg (172.8 KB,1000x1772)

File: 1605917934368-1.png (572.53 KB,2000x1356)

If I wasn't prepared to take the risk, I wouldn't have become a leader for my city. I'll be fine, worry not.
A sudden psychic force reaches out to grab at the big cat-thing, pulling him back from the tripwire he very nearly sets off.
Careful, now.
She only sounds a little smug

A trap, though…that's not good.
And neither does the mushroom thing speeding off into the forest. Alakazam tries his best to conjure a barrier to trap it in, but his reaction time is just a second too slow.
That's a shame.

The otherworldly feeling of 'being alive', apparently. And it might be running off to signal something else, now.
Should we give chase, or continue on the path?


File: 1605918332748.jpg (147.17 KB,600x800)

Nor would I expect you to.

Blinks in surprise at this sudden ROCKET 'SHROOM WHAT THE FUCK
…Well…it does say that the forest is enchanted, after all. Are you alright, Viola?

YANK'D rather suddenly. Looks incredulously at Sabrina before investigating his path
Ah…I see…That's…embarrassing. Thank you.


File: 1605918485174-0.png (126.58 KB,575x800)

File: 1605918485174-1.jpg (61.39 KB,1280x1280)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 20

Viola is shiny now :o. She will attempt to sleep spore this mushroom but it's probably too fast for her. ROLLING ANYWAY.
Not what I was expecting. But I think it would be best if we stayed on the path and kept an eye out for more traps. I'd rather not get lost in the woods chasing a mushroom.
Viola is all >:| at the Mushrooms direction, but she'll nod at the cat


File: 1605918746273.jpg (28.36 KB,350x272)

While Viola is VERY successful in hitting that shroom with sleep spores, I don't think being asleep makes a huge difference in the outlook of a mushroom.
There's a loud POP in the near distance as the mushroom explodes! A whiff of shroom glitter passes by!

Viola's high roll does have a bonus side effect though, as a pair of wolves slump out of the bush the shroom was passing over, out cold!


File: 1605918962322.png (659.47 KB,774x928)

This one is emptied just a bit faster than the last, and the warmth it puts in the pit of her circuits is nicer than she cares to admit.
Thanks muchly.
Some more coins join the bills she passed him earlier.

Can't argue with airtight logic like that.
2B is only slightly grateful that booze doesn't work on V/V. The music faintly playing in the background and the feather cover over her shoulders make the stressed out mombot actually look relaxed, for once in her life.


File: 1605919260451.jpg (90.76 KB,600x926)

Ah. Right then. But if you do start feeling dizzy…

Are you…alright there? You downed that one quite quickly.


File: 1605919363916.jpg (359.64 KB,1260x1200)

Much more prepared for the sudden appearance this time around, Alakazam's spoons and Sabrina's fingers are up and conjuring energy to slam the beasts with the second she feels their presence approaching. Viola's sleep powder, though, renders that pointless, and the duo hang awkwardly in their battle stances for a second before slumping over.
Hmm. How serendipitous.

Well done, little one. And I suppose you're right, Erika. Let's get a move on.

Remind me to pester you about it later.
A wry smile, and then Sabrina takes off down the trail, Alakazam struggling to hurry along at her heels.


File: 1605919743502.png (1.44 MB,1412x2912)

I don't think that's going to stop a mu-…


Well done. Excellent work.

Be careful, we don't know what's ahead!
Zips off after her


File: 1605919885542.jpg (14.85 KB,176x246)

Hey~, didn't you just say to take it slow ?
There's a definitive teasing tone in her voice emphasized further by teasingly pinching at 2B's cheak.

Then what ?
A simple question before she empties her glass !


File: 1605920207501-0.png (262.89 KB,570x599)

File: 1605920207501-1.jpg (67.89 KB,434x702)

Hey mushrooms where she's from can be put to sleep if they move. Viola will shake the shine off herself
Vial! :D
Erika will pat one of Viola's leaves
Well it seems monsters are susceptible to spore based attacks. That's good to know.
Erika will follow on behind the psychics, looking around at the nature, with Viola at her side keeping an eye out for anything amiss.


File: 1605920619282.jpg (335.22 KB,1300x956)

The group continues down the path, leaving behind the FREE LOOT Viola got for them. Geeze don't you guys RPG?
As they turn a corner, they find that a tree has fallen across the trail. Worse, there's a cliff on the right which would be difficult to climb at best, and dense foliage on the right, while the forest canopy makes simply flying over a tricky proposition!


File: 1605920625058.png (238.82 KB,800x1000)

I'm fine, really.

I told you to take it slowly.
You are one of two individuals that can play with 2B's cheeks and keep your fingers V/V, enjoy that honor
Fine, fine. No more for me.


File: 1605920753267.gif (24.95 KB,336x521)

Then let me know, silly girl.

Hmhm~. The ol' "do as I say, not as I do," eh?


File: 1605921215333.png (92.67 KB,540x380)

Sabrina is a mighty force to be reckoned with, indeed
We don't know what's back that way, either.

I'm very grateful status attacks still seem to work here. Hopefully Venemoth will turn up similar results, if I require her aid…

The tree, for what it's worth, makes Sabrina come to a screeching halt, if only because its mundanity springs her into overthinking about it. Surely something this simple can't be a roadblock, can it? Is there something waiting underneath of it? Will it come to life, like the mushroom did-
Alakazam very bluntly sends a Psyshock aimed at its trunk, sharing an exasperated look with his trainer.
That could have been a trap, you know.


File: 1605921221828.png (1.23 MB,992x1403)

You bet she's gonna enjoy that honor to its fullest
I'm just kidding, you don't have to stop for my sake.

Alright, but can I have another one ?
She's asking 2B as much as Tyki. The android is paying after all.


Dice rollRolled 1d20: 15

let's try that again, but this time less stupidly


File: 1605921656184.png (366.96 KB,527x729)

Hypocrisy is a human characteristic. I am a perfectly attuned and behaviorally aligned machine.
…excuse me.

Hmm…maybe one more, then.
It's gonna be a bit more than one, she's coming to realize, but she pays up for another round for both of them regardless.
You've made me soft. I would have bopped 9S for this.
Bittersweet sigh


File: 1605921896652.png (313.61 KB,1230x1300)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 18

There are bandits after all.
Mewtwo slows to a halt behind Sabrina
Traps are not out of the question, as you may suspect…
Mewtwo's gonna look around a bit, just for the sake of seeing if there's anything else lying in wait. Doesn't wanna be caught flatfooted


File: 1605922049391.jpg (183.13 KB,600x900)

We can fade there to either one more drink or a series of "one more"s


File: 1605922475062.jpg (819.91 KB,1000x1500)

As someone whith two trees in her party, she doesn't question psyshocking a tree, but as the party is stopped by a tree, Viola will use Growth! She becomes a bit bigger and stronger, and she will go attempt to push the log out of the parties way, Erika joins mewtwo in keeping look at, hand on her pokeballs just in case
First die is pushing (+1 for growth), Second die is perceptioning


Dice rollRolled 2d20: 19, 3 = 22

Do… caps matter?


File: 1605922896075.png (1.16 MB,700x1200)

Despite it starting to be cold out, Two is sticking to her usual routine at the orphanage. Lots of pushing swings and making cookies and other big sister things.

Right now she is outside, either about to head home for the evening or coming in after throwing the trash out after her latest attempt to try new baking. Just a normal day!


File: 1605922900694.jpg (120.82 KB,578x581)

The tree rocks with the force of the psyshock, but otherwise doesn't react!

There's nothing untoward on this side of the log, although the top of the cliff is pretty hard to see, and the branches of the tree make it difficult to see anything on the other side of it without going through them!

Well, Viola is able to easily push the tree out of the way…a little too easily, in fact. For as she's happily shoving the tree along, the ground suddenly gives way beneath her! It's a SPIKY PIT TRAP OH NO.


The clank of a fallen trash can be heard just before she goes indoors, and a glance back at where she left the bag of burnt food shows a black lump of something pilfering through it. Bickering voices can faintly be heard from the direction of whoever or whatever it is.


File: 1605923640373.jpg (50.77 KB,300x360)

She turns around upon this noisy business and starts to turn back to the trash can


File: 1605924582653.gif (23.18 KB,400x400)

One of the culprits snaps up to face her when she speaks, looking like a rather burly fellow…whose bottom half appears to be grotesquely melted into the top half of the other thief. This one looks on the verge of malnourishment, chomping on their nails in a panicked manner.
Oh no, we've been caught.
No thanks to you, idiot. I told you to catch the lid.
You hit me on the head with it!
The last morsel of whatever failed attempt at cooking goes down the melty one's mouth, before it flashes a smile at Two.
Well, now we've gotta eat her.
Eat her? Oh no, nonono, I don't know how to deal with cannibalism…!


File: 1605925425042.jpg (891.47 KB,924x1200)

Two stares at the pair of would be trash thieves and tilts her head

Why would you want to eat me when we have plenty of food inside?


File: 1605925925048.png (154.35 KB,603x602)

Both look genuinely stunned at the invitation, silent but for the flies buzzing around the trash they're wading through. The bigger one is the first to speak up again, sneering proudly.
Alright then lady, give us food and we'll consider sparing your life in exchange!
Nnn…I've never been in there before. What if there's something scary inside?
Aaaaokay, okay!
Frantically, they both putter for the door.


File: 1605926873999.jpg (384.5 KB,1024x768)

There's nothing scary in there silly, just me and a bunch of kids! Mr. Tizoc is probably around somewhere too…

She taps her chin in thought and follows after these pair of doofuses


File: 1605927818001.gif (61.85 KB,680x640)

Kids, even better! We can eat them if we're still hungry afterward.
The big one is bad at whispering, but the smaller one doesn't seem to be taking it seriously, at least. In from the cold they come, and the one apparently called Crona shivers hard.
We've been wandering around in the cold for a week and we still don't know where we are. I don't know how to deal with being lost…
Their mumbles are silenced by the big gloved hand that wraps around their hair and pulls, hard.
Ow-stop it-ow-Ragnarok-quit it!
Will you try to look menacing for one goddamn second?!


File: 1605928325569.jpg (172.35 KB,1000x620)

Two reaches over and yanks back Ragnarok, pinching it by where an ear would go. And she is a very stronk girl, but who knows if this will effect this stupid Ragnarok…she'll try anyways

Hey you two play nice while you're in here! That's no way to treat each other!


File: 1605929810956.png (299.93 KB,600x600)

There's enough goop on the side of his head to get a squeeze of, and being handled like a little kid stuns him enough that he lets go of Crona. Most people that know what Ragnarok is wouldn't risk their fingers going anywhere near his face, so the gall of this stranger's scolding and noticeably hard pinching leaves him a bit unsettled. Like a startled cat, he bunches himself up against Crona's shoulder.
…I, uh…okay, lady.
Crona sighs in relief under their breath.


File: 1605930304958.jpg (133.78 KB,800x960)

Two lets go and looks at her hand blankly, not even sure what it's supposed to be…BUT SHE HAS GLOVES SO SHE DOESN'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT and wipes off any residue on her big scarf

Now then, how do you guys feel about cookies? I should have some left. And I can get you some nice sandwiches for something with real substance. Oh maybe something to drink too?

She is noticeably excited.


File: 1605931487731.png (220.28 KB,800x800)

Shaken from his stupor, Ragnarok begins to jitter excitedly. Crona, meanwhile, narrows their eyes suspiciously.
Tea would be…nice. Thank you, ma'am.
The look on their face says they expect it to be poisoned before they get it.


File: 1605931972100.png (565.5 KB,752x1100)

No need to call me m'am, I'm just Two!

She leads them into the kitchen area and goes to open the fridge to retrieve snackos for the poor baby


File: 1605932704109.png (8.58 KB,500x500)

Is her name referring to her b-
Alright, I'll call you Two…
The second her back is turned, Crona gets another bop on the head, though Ragnarok is quiet enough about it to not get caught. They follow her into the kitchen, stomachs rumbling loud enough to be somewhat concerning. But we'll space for now


File: 1606013530148.jpg (257.86 KB,800x700)

HEY LOOK, it's another day at the Moriya Shrine. Sanae is standing before the main shrine, hands clasped in prayer, mumbling in some kinda archaic god language. Those with the sight to see such things would no doubt perceive an impressive collection of various minor gods crowding the area in all shapes and sizes!
It would sure be a shame if somebody disturbed this sacred moment!


File: 1606014219645.jpg (101.1 KB,850x637)


You mean like a sudden FLASH!?

Ohhh, what a menagerie!



Dice rollRolled 2d20: 8, 8 = 16

Sanae and Aya will hear a noise coming from Sanae's bedroom!


File: 1606014957009.jpg (105.15 KB,579x540)


And just like that, it's done!
Sanae blinks back to reality! There's a distant rumble of thunder in the otherwise cloudless sky! Sanae winces slightly, as though somebody just rather loudly said a bad word in polite company.
Nevertheless, she will be polite!

Miss Shameimaru! What a pleasant surprise!

Sanae is a terrible liar, which is why it's clear that this is actually a genuine statement!

I didn't expect you to visit us today-…


Somebody is SUCKING at making noise in my room? OH NO.


File: 1606015174519.jpg (159.56 KB,850x1133)


I heard on the wind that you had quite the gathering here, so I had to stop by for a visit! Would you say this was some sort of attempt to communicate your intentions to them in the hopes of forming some kind of conquering army?


And then, what's that you said, sucking noises from Sanae's room? She isn't even there right now.

Ohhh, did I interrupt someone sleeping off a romantic tryst~?

She sounds SO EXCITED for this possibility.


NOT sucking noises. Besides Sanae's hair is too green for a romantic tryst.
Anyway the noise stopped, it was probably not a home invader


File: 1606015774781.jpg (407.13 KB,1240x1745)

Sanae will have a giggle at these accusations!

Haha, Aya! You always come up with such great stories! :D

Sanae blinks!

Eh? Romantic? But Anu-…I mean…um….there's nobody here right now!

My hair is great I'll fight you.
I mean, uh…Sanae's advancing on this room! She suspects YOUKAI HIJINKS.


File: 1606015962260.jpg (173.63 KB,850x1214)


Huh, it stopped!

Aya is still grinning like the cat that got the mouse, though.


Anu… ah, the first syllable of your secret romantic interest's name? I see, I see!

She's WRITING IT DOWN while following Sanae.


File: 1606016016300.png (921.44 KB,1286x1112)

It's a decent evening at the Black Butterfly. Chill night, drinks full, and a calm and peaceful crowd. Let's hope nothing goes TITS UP


File: 1606016261603.jpg (48.96 KB,634x340)

Great is too much. Be less great. But not too much less.
Sanae's bedroom door is open, and there's a lump in her bed!


File: 1606016351631.jpg (48.49 KB,1280x1024)

Ayaaa! :<






File: 1606016685494.jpg (89.51 KB,850x510)


Hol up.


Anu… ki? Anu… hmmm… I don't know very many "Anu" names, come to think of it!

Scribble scribble.


And a lump is in the bed!

… might you be the mysterious Anu-something?

The camera is coming out again!



File: 1606016806878.png (16.03 MB,3840x2160)

I'm bout to ruin this man's whole night
Or make it significantly better

This lovely lady walks up to sit at the bar !
Hello~ I'll have your favourite non-alcoholic drink.


File: 1606016854830.jpg (47.26 KB,631x342)

The lump will surface with too much blonde hair
You get a wave
A new something? Well I mean, I guess I am a new person in this world. I've only been here a few days.
Blondie smiles for the camera


File: 1606017057727.png (133.67 KB,299x403)

You are gonna get such a bop.
But first off!



That's my bed!


File: 1606017147244.jpg (116.07 KB,850x558)


Ooooh, Sanae moves fast like that! That's a surprise!

Click! Picture, TAKE!


And now one of YOU. CLICK!

So tell me, do you make a habit of quickly preying on new arrivals?



File: 1606017321403.jpg (61.12 KB,634x347)

She seems to be moving at a normal speed to me..
But I was tired!
She blinks
Oh right! I'm Blondie Lockes, daughter of Goldie Lockes. It's a nice bed you have.


File: 1606017435722.png (221.01 KB,600x450)

I don't prey on anybody, Aya!


Sanae cannot even right now. There are a number of responses to this statement but none of them are happening, 'cause seriously.


File: 1606017451636.jpg (59.53 KB,1280x720)

Coming ri-…Wait…My favorite drink, you say? That…Hm…That's a unique order, wouldn't you say?


File: 1606017610841.jpg (169.95 KB,850x859)


Oh, she's moving quite slowly compared to me, you see. But I meant more in that kind of way, you see…


The keeper of the Moriya shrine had such a secret! I don't think anyone could have forseen this.

Scribble scribble!


File: 1606017667507.jpg (62.28 KB,630x346)

That way?
Ummm… Are you okay? You seem to be turning very red.


File: 1606017805548.jpg (251.62 KB,560x560)

It was a secret even to me!

Sanae is going to COMPOSE herself.

Ahem…while the Moriya shrine always welcomes guests, I'm afraid I must ask you not to sleep in my bed, please. I'm sure if you need a place to stay I can make some accommodation :D


File: 1606018013922.png (10.97 MB,3840x2160)

Maybe it is, but I do like a little surprise now and then.
And you look like you've got good taste.
:) Smiiiiile.


File: 1606018633495.jpg (151.91 KB,850x1150)


Yes, that way!

Nod, nod!

I'm pleased that you understand.


And how do you feel, learning this about yourself? Would you care to give an exclusive interview about your feelings on the subject?


File: 1606018720331.jpg (125.38 KB,752x1062)


Hey guess who is walking out by the front window? It's Umeko, looking a little more tanned than usual thanks to VACATION IN EGYPT.

She pauses at the window and peers inside, and sees Tyki behind the bar. Time to stop in for a visit!


She doesn't know Zana yet, buuuut…

Oh, hey, I think I've seen you at the guild before.


File: 1606018755525.jpg (41.38 KB,635x343)

Oh… Okay.
Blondie will exit the bed
It was a little bit too soft for me anyway.
I mean I've just been kind of wandering around since I got here. Still haven't found any bear houses….
Oh… uh. Yep!


File: 1606018923724.jpg (955.05 KB,1378x2039)

Holy shit. Do not betray Nae, Tyki. Do not do it.
Well…I'm certainly not here to let down my clientele. Give me but a moment.
Starts mixing up something nice with NO ALCOHOL
And who is the lovely lady to which this drink is directed?

Hey indeed. And how may I serve you tonight, friend?


File: 1606019065802.jpg (67.94 KB,700x600)

…And I'm sure that Aya would love to join us for some tea, or perhaps sake in her case, understanding that it's rude to bother people with silly questions in those circumstances.

Sanae adopts a friendly yet SLIGHTLY THREATENING pose.

Well, we can discuss it further over some nice, refreshing tea.

…Umm…bears? There aren't any bears on this mountain…


File: 1606019784485.jpg (407.61 KB,1000x1399)


Smile smile!


… hmmm…!

A break for tea would be very nice, yeah!

Aya shows no indication of having picked up on this latent hostility!


File: 1606020146030.png (263.6 KB,400x400)

Do you know any mountain that has bears?
Pls do not send this child to a mountain that has bears.
But yes, tea sounds nice! Thank you!
So you're a reporter too? It's nice to meet you! I ran my school's news desk back in Ever After.


File: 1606020311465.png (702.33 KB,700x1200)



Sanae is going to gently but firmly escort both of these doofs to the living room, where DELICIOUS TEA will be poured.

I'm afraid I don't know of any bears at all in this area…


File: 1606020595470.png (12.74 MB,2160x3840)

Oh, hi~
You get a somewhat flirtatious smile too !
I do believe we've seen each other around, it'd be hard not to take notice of a lovely fox.

Yeah keep it in your pants Mr. no engagement ring >:<
Unless you get permission from Nae
Zana. And what should I call you, besides handsome ?


File: 1606021039118.png (188.79 KB,425x600)


I can say for certain that this mountain doesn't have any bears! I heard tale of a family of them living in a cave with a hoard of treasure, and had Momiji scour the mountain for three days.

She didn't have to do it during the blizzard, but she insisted, "Aya asked me to, so I'll do it right away!"





File: 1606021161133.jpg (889.54 KB,1028x1452)


'Friend'? Don't tell me you forgot my name.

Don't tell me you forgot they met before.

Either way, gonna have a seat at this bar, one space or so down from Zana!

Mmm, something fruity. And not too strong.

She's not looking to get sloshed.



That's… a little forward. Was that a little forward?

Your scales are hard to miss, too. Really neat looking, though.

Holding out a hand!



File: 1606021199125.jpg (47.05 KB,634x343)

Oh dear, I hope she had a nice warm coat!
That's what the other lady with greenish hair said to. I'm starting to worry I won't find any in this world.
Sips the Tea! But then she puts the cup down
Oh dear that's too hot for me.


File: 1606021391590.jpg (67.94 KB,700x600)

…Ah, I remember seeing her! She looked quite chilly, so I made her some tea!


Aya and Momiji are tengu, so a little cold certainly wouldn't bother them much!

Sanae doesn't remark on this behavior as some people do prefer their tea cooler, after all.

Mm…I hadn't really thought much about them, personally…

She is wondering if she's encountered some kind of bear otaku, though.


File: 1606021679086.png (365.83 KB,500x565)


I'm sure she did.

Aya doesn't really care that much either way! She's STILL perplexed by Momiji's extreme helpfulness.

Why are you looking for bears, anyways? Is there a story behind it?



Oh, well, that was nice of you.



File: 1606021740688.jpg (120.92 KB,500x522)

Look, Tyki will not cheat on Nae
He will ABSOLUTELY ask her if there's a threesome in the cards
Oh my.
Tyki Mikk, lovely Ms. Zana; the proprietor of this establishment. I just like to put myself behind the bar as well.
Presents her with a nice, sweet drink with no alcohol

I did not forget that they met
I DID forget what happened
Are we not friends, Ms. Umeko? Something light then, tonight?


File: 1606021859835.gif (71.87 KB,265x309)



File: 1606022073879.jpg (75.46 KB,635x347)

Yes! It's called "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" I'm the Daughter of Goldielockes, and it's my destiny to follow in my mothers footsteps to be the next Goldilocks! But to do that I need to find a bear's house.
I mean she is wearing a dress with bears on it, and bear earrings…
Tengu? I've not encountered that before. I thought she was a… uhh… You know, I'm actually not really sure what Cupid is. Maybe she's also a Tengu?


File: 1606022409925.jpg (60.77 KB,392x498)

Sanae will pointedly take this chance to top off Aya's tea. While presenting a very happy and friendly expression!

I hope you haven't had trouble with keeping things in order on the mountain without Kanako-sama and Suwako-sama…I know tengu can sometimes get absorbed in their work, after all! :D

Cupid…? Isn't that a western thing? I'm sure they aren't tengu, though…


File: 1606022586387.png (10.13 MB,2160x3840)

Handshake !
Aww, thanks~ You're welcome to look at them as much as you like.
No shame. None whatsoever.

Where else would one find the proprietor of a bar like this ?
Zana traces a finger around the edge of her glass before having a sipp, then shoots Tyki a smile
You keep the compliments coming like that and you might just end up making a woman misbehave.


File: 1606024113391.jpg (209.73 KB,1058x1472)



Something light, for sure. I already had my drunken escapade for the last couple of months.

Oh boy, drunken escapades!


Erm… n… noted?

Tail swish!

… she doesn't know he's engaged. I feel like it isn't my place to say anything.


File: 1606024317724-0.png (23.24 KB,296x206)

File: 1606024317724-1.png (21.13 KB,250x207)


In the backroom doing all the paperwork. Oh, but that is so dreadfully boring.
While your approach is…very much appreciated and you're making me feel rather hot under the collar…I am actually engaged…
Tyki has never had more difficulty confessing something in his LIFE

Oh? Now you have my attention. Tell us a story?


File: 1606024569256.png (448.09 KB,800x800)


Aya actually hesitates to write this down!

Hmmm… have you been checked for any head injuries lately, by chance?


Look, she was noncommittal because Momiji! She likes Sanae just fine.

Oh, thank you!


Oh no, I haven't been having any problems at all keeping order… Momiji on the other hand has been here and there and everywhere, trying to put out fires so to speak.

Also literally, once or twice!

But I'm far too busy with the Bunbunmaru to get involved with too much of that.


File: 1606024748222.jpg (44.56 KB,631x347)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 7

Cupid was my roommate! I don't know if she was western… She used to go to a monster school if that helps. She shoots arrows that make people fall in love!
I haven't hurt my head I don't think. I mean there was that time I was reporting on those rouge dragons, but I had a pot on my head in case anything attacked me!


File: 1606024875115.jpg (65.01 KB,350x420)

Well, it's been nice that everything is orderly! I haven't had to exterminate a single youkai on the mountain yet :D

That seems like really youkai-ish behavior…


File: 1606025092160.png (11.49 MB,3840x2160)

Umeko gets a ~wink~ accompanied by a smile !

And not wearing your ring ? Oh, you naughty boy~
Now she's jut gonna lay on the TEASE and SIPP
You better keep it in your pants then, I'm not about to make a lover angry.


File: 1606025746898.jpg (128.57 KB,1056x1664)


Haha… well, there's actually not that much of a story. This latest one was just a night at home with a bigger bottle of vodka than we all had any right trying to tackle. And Jon was already drunk.

That's where I figured out I don't like vodka.


Oh no a WINK.

That's probably a good thing! His fiance might eat your head.

Mantis joke.


File: 1606026423847.jpg (105.07 KB,647x718)

Chuckles a bit as he drums his fingers on the bar
My dear, I proposed to her. We'll be exchanging rings on our wedding day, but in the meantime, the only one with a ring is her…
She is my dearest, though…I wonder if…

Heh…Well, doesn't that sound like an unpleasant adventure? Only insofar as you don't like vodka, though.


File: 1606027446689.png (3.93 MB,1080x1920)

Dangerously possessive, huh ?
What a good time not to be a homewrecker.

She doesn't knooooooow

Uh-uh. If she's your dearest you better save that particular nickname for her.
She's rather stern with that one !

That's not to stop me from showing off and lighting a fire under that collar of yours.


File: 1606027938158.png (262.9 KB,600x750)


I mean, there might have been more? I don't remember most of it, to be honest.

'Cause alcohol.

… the hangover is what I remember most of, and that's why I'm drinking very light today.

Hangovers suuuuuck.


Umeko's gonna have a giggle here. And a sip of her drink.

Also, she's like a praying mantis.

Explaining the joke.

She's just about the nicest person you'll ever meet, though. And she makes great tea. I don't even like tea all that much and it's great tea.

Showing off and lighting a fire… this gets some giggles from Umeko as she remembers her recent pictures sent to Jon.


File: 1606028222253.png (19.41 KB,261x180)

I was quite the playboy before I decided monogamy was for me…Old habits are hard to break, I must say. I'll do my very best not to fall for your wiles, then, Ms. Zana. You are, however, free to continue as you are.
Tyki is trying not to picture Zana ravishing Nae

Chuckles as he passes Umeko a drink
That'll set you off of any drink, for sure. A bad enough hangover, that is. Some are worth it. But certainly not all.


File: 1606029389159.png (14.81 MB,2160x3840)

Oh ? I do like a good cup of tea…
But something tells me I should temper my expectations with that one.

What about you, are you taken as well ?
So forward ! Zana has a sip of her drink, expecting the answer to be yes

So~ In the past you might have bent me over this counter already ?
She runs her fingers along the bar as if to gauge how clean the surface is
And here you said you weren't one to let your clientele down.


File: 1606072674745.png (324.65 KB,600x800)


I've yet to have a hangover that was really worth it… maybe because I've done any real kind of drinking all of twice as far as I can recall.

She isn't a drinky fox very often!


Haha… ah, afraid so.

Not really afraid.

The aforementioned Jon. You might have seen him around the guild, too.

Probably with Felli! Scandalous.


File: 1606073444218.jpg (47.29 KB,402x302)

Accurate. But, and I would never say this is unfortunate, it would break my betrothed's heart. She's put up with quite enough of my sleeping around before I chose to wed her.

It would call for having a bender that invites much adventure, I'm afraid. While adventure is in your job description, so far as I know of that guild, I don't believe going on a wild drinking binge at the same time is.


File: 1606074756078.png (13.87 MB,2160x3840)

I chose the wroooong time to come in here looking for a lay.

She's only slightly disappointed as she empties her glass

Oh, if only I could travel back in time. But then I might not have met…

She seems to take a moment to weigh the pros and cons of something.

… Mm, no, not giving her up.
Let me have another one of those, though. I might not get either of you two to take me right here, but~… I'd still like to keep my senses sharp in case a certain someone else will join me in paradise later.

Hey there's a sultry remark about why she's not getting drunk


File: 1606075180833.png (271.92 KB,600x1100)


Yeah… I have a thing that a lot of people around these parts seem to lack called a desire to not die, so I like to make sure my senses aren't swimming in booze when I go out on dangerous adventures.

I think I'll just keep the benders occasional and hope something exciting happens during them.


Umeko's gonna have a laugh about that.

Sorry about that?


File: 1606076500730.png (1.07 MB,1280x720)

Chuckles a bit as he freshens up her drink
Betrayal is a sin I will not delve into…but I do wonder if the dearest would approve of sharing. Sharing is caring and all that.

Hoh? Who've you run into who lacks the will to live? That particular thread leaves me curious.


File: 1606077479456.png (13.36 MB,2160x3840)

Zana has a light giggle about the apology

Oh don't be. I can't get lucky every night, however much I'd like to.

Maybe if you get permission. Although~
She takes a moment to check out her nails before shooting Tyki a flirtatious glance
I couldn't promise her to leave you completely unscathed.


File: 1606078253994.png (2.99 MB,2220x3000)


Just be careful with how you present that one. It works out for my relationship, but that's a bit of an outlier by all that I hear. Mitigating circumstances, and all that…


And it's less of lacking a will to live and moreso being willing to risk their lives way more easily than I'm willing to. Some of the people around here are just crazy fight maniacs.


Well, it sounds like you've got a special someone you could always call on if you don't get lucky otherwise, yeah? I guess that helps take some of the pressure off.


File: 1606079047110-0.png (561.18 KB,1280x720)

File: 1606079047110-1.png (1.04 MB,1280x720)

Tyki smirks
Oh, believe me, she's left a few marks herself. Raptorial claws and the throes of passion, you know how it is.

Of course, of course. Tread lightly and all. But I think dearest Nae would understand when gazing upon this delightful lady's form.
Besides, it's not hard to tell from previously dropped hints that there is someone she herself has dedicated her heart to. I'm good in bed, but I'm not that good.
Hums a bit
…There are definitely some people who are frivolous with their lives, though. It's discomforting.


File: 1606080568946.png (4.13 MB,1080x1920)

Mhm, she's like a dream come true !
So delightfully shy, yet assertive and passionate in bed, and…

Zana is just about vibrating with excitement just thinking about her !

Ah, but I'm trying to give her some breathing room. I'd rather not overwhelm her, you know ?

Oh, I know quite well.
I frequently have to get my silks replaced as well.


File: 1606081694182.png (515.37 KB,706x1000)


Look, she knows there's points of conversation she elicited from both of y'all, but this talk of MARKS and needing to replace linens…

… I don't think I've ever… erm… left marks with Jon.

She's clearly now trying to think of this. Maybe she SHOULD be?


File: 1606082074915-0.jpg (197.45 KB,900x639)

File: 1606082074915-1.jpg (61.38 KB,1280x720)

Heh. Imagine trying a waterbed. I looked at one while shopping with my beloved as a joke. Slept in my office that night.

Tyki has to tease. It's in his blood…literally
Do you even rustle the sheets?


File: 1606082943045.png (3.93 MB,1080x1920)

Oh, but a bit of pain can go a long way towards extending pleasure. Or~
Cue suggestive smiles
Getting him all riled up to take you harder.

Now that is just a recipe for disaster.
The only fluids that'll be around my bed are those of a bodily nature.

Hm, and perhaps candle wax…


File: 1606084876500.jpg (88.77 KB,800x450)



Oh, she is ALL red in the face now.

… I'm not sure if I should answer that…


Gonna have a SIP while trying to avoid responding to this dragon.


>>take you harder

… that… works?


File: 1606087647686.png (10.98 KB,300x400)

…Lady, you have a way with words. Just saying.

Oh my word, you're as gentle as a lamb, aren't you?


File: 1606088451827.png (12.74 MB,2160x3840)

Mhmmm, rawr~
Zana nods and does a little playful clawing motion in the air at Umeko !

Just be a liiiiittle careful not to dig too deep.
Though that's probably less of a concern for Umeko than it is for Zana

More than that, I have a way with my hips, my waist, and the rest of me.
You know, I wouldn't mind putting on a bit of a show for you two. You're both cute enough.


File: 1606092703111.jpg (227.94 KB,1062x752)


I don't know about a lamb. C'mon, I'm not that innocent.

And no, I'm not gonna prove it. There's some things about my sex life I don't feel like sharing.

She sticks her tongue out with this one.


She has nails, they just aren't the sharp talons like what Zana has.

I… see.


A show, what, like a dance? Ha, Felli and I bought some cute dancers outfits while we were up on the northern island. All we gotta do now is learn how to dance in them and we'll melt Jon's brain.


File: 1606093144422.jpeg (85.68 KB,300x400)

Tyki laughs aloud
A show, you say? I'm intrigued. By all means, the floor is yours!

"Gentle" and "innocent" are quite different, I assure you. And of course, any information is divulged willingly in these parts. No interrogations here.
And then that thing to Zana
I'm sorry, you bought what? My word, I've underestimated you, it would seem.


File: 1606093879860.png (16.03 MB,3840x2160)

Oh ?
My own favourite dancing outfit is reserved for the bedroom, but you can still take this opportunity to watch and learn.

Well, then I'll need some music.
Something that'll be at home in the desert, if you can.


File: 1606103642781.jpg (458.59 KB,787x1180)


Dancers' outfits. Gauzy, sheer dancers outfits. The kinda stuff belly dancers wear.


The best part was sending him pictures of the outfits. He's off on an adventure without us, so we thought we'd give him a little something to…

Beat himself up for not being able to take full advantage of?

… look forward to.


Well… these ones I wouldn't exactly want to wear out in public or anything, but they aren't that bad.

… you know how to actually dance?


File: 1606104659991.jpg (31.25 KB,344x500)

Her favorite dancing outfit is nothing, isn't it?…I'll just keep that to myself.
I'll even do it over the bar speakers.

Laughs out loud as he heads to the back to put on some music and calls out to respond
My dear friend, Umeko, I am impressed! Consider your drinks on the house tonight!
He also privately texts Nae to watch the upcoming show if she'd like. From the top of the stairs if she'd prefer not to mingle tonight
Once that's done, a sultry Arabian-esque tune will start playing over the speakers


File: 1606105733807.png (12 MB,2160x3840)

'Course I do, hun.

Bit of a shame I didn't dress proper for this, but~
With that, whether Tyki agrees or not, Zana climbs right on up on the bar.
And cue belly dancing scene ! She starts out just shaking her hips to the music, soon enough getting into more complicated movements with her torso, arms, even her tail.
She's pretty good too, probably a cut above street dancers. Those hips don't lie


File: 1606106541121.jpg (221.91 KB,752x1062)


Eheheh… you don't have to do-


Hold that thought!

Zana started DANCING.

Umeko isn't especially into girls or anything, with one POSSIBLE exception.

But her eyes are fucking glued to this.


File: 1606107000843.png (115.61 KB,470x387)

I should be recording this.
Tyki is, of course, fucking mesmerized. And he has to remind himself that his BUG WAIFU IS THE BEST WAIFU IN THE WHOLE WILD WORLD HOLY SHIT


File: 1606107028244.jpg (407.61 KB,1000x1399)


Reporting? A fellow reporter~?

Oh, do you feel the DANGER in her voice?


It helps that there are so few of us now, of course. We're rather outnumbered, you know! Even moreso than before.

Aya seems not at all put out by this.


File: 1606107156761.jpg (45.9 KB,633x342)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 18

I ran my school's whole news program back in Ever After.
I don't know what a Youkai is, but if they help people fall in love that sounds just right to me!


File: 1606107731419.png (12.64 MB,2160x3840)

Another post just to signify time passing.

Mesmerizing and tantalizing are both suitable words to describe her dancing, though it is a bit of a shame she doesn't have any sheer silks on hand to wave around.
Nonetheless she seems to enjoy being the center of attention like this. At one point her tail might just teasingly brush against Tyki's cheek (or try to, given his whole thing). Whether on purpose or by accident is a ~mystery~


File: 1606107922687.jpg (402.02 KB,1416x1003)




Umeko's tails slowly swish behind her, side to side, as she finds herself well mesmerized by the performance. She doesn't have to be aroused to be mesmerized.

The lack of silks flowing along with the movement of her body is a loss to be sure but one the fox barely even thinks about.

She's taking notes.


File: 1606108296429.jpg (70.05 KB,572x800)

That's certainly true…but still, it all seems nice and quiet :D

Mmm, well, usually they'd do it to lure somebody out into the woods and eat them or something like that…


File: 1606108442888.jpg (89.67 KB,680x680)


I see, I see! How interesting!

I'm eager to see what kind of reporting works you put out! I'll be watching with interest~


I'll endeavor to keep things a bit more interesting for you, then!



File: 1606108567013.jpg (82.65 KB,564x806)

Ooooh, they're villains! Sort of like the Big Bad Wolf, right?
Thank you! I always do my best to report stories just right!
Smile smile!


File: 1606108670548.jpg (237.27 KB,850x1187)

Aya! No! >: <

Mmm, well, not all of them. Miss Aya is nice :D


File: 1606108850704.jpg (256.09 KB,748x758)


Mmhm, mmhm! Some of them are, anyways.

After all, I'm a youkai myself!




Well, I wouldn't want things to be too quiet for you!


File: 1606109046013.jpg (47.26 KB,631x342)

But I thought you were a tengu!
So Tengu are a kind of Youkai?
I know lots of villains who are nice! Just because you're a villain doesn't mean you shouldn't have manners! Unless you story is about you not having manners I guess…


File: 1606109382434.png (1.13 MB,1280x720)

Oh no, Tyki is FULLY taking that tail RIGHT on the face and ENJOYING it
If I'm having a bachelor party, she's invited.



File: 1606109493590.jpg (323.89 KB,850x945)

Well…as long as you aren't bothering regular people…

Oh, I'm a human! Miss Aya is the tengu…but yes! Tengu are a kind of youkai :D


File: 1606110397551.png (14.96 MB,2160x3840)

Look it's ok to be a little aroused

Enjoy the way her scales are playing off the light too

After a few minutes of mesmerizingly dancing to her heart's content, Zana hops back down off the bar to return to her seat with a giggle and a sultry smile on her face.

I hope you'll at least refill my glass after that one~


File: 1606110913509.png (286.18 KB,800x600)


That's right, a tengu is a youkai. But a youkai isn't necessarily a tengu! It's like a subspecies kind of thing, if you like.


Ayaya! You put it like that and make it seem as though I bother people all the time.

I don't bother anyone! I'm just a humble reporter =D


File: 1606110971148.jpg (176.87 KB,1003x1200)


I'm sorry what did you say I'm too busy WATCHING THIS.



Umeko just kinda taps her fingers on the bar top to get Tyki's attention.

Her drink's on me.


File: 1606111081213.jpg (53.01 KB,634x344)

But you're a frog princess, right?
Ah, sort of like how rice porridge is a porridge but not all porridge is rice!


File: 1606111207539.jpg (67.94 KB,700x600)

You're a good person, but you get really into things sometimes!

A…frog princess?


This isn't something Sanae has been accused of before!


File: 1606111779335.png (1.07 MB,1280x720)

I'm HELLA aroused if that helps

I can accept this.


File: 1606112605073.png (14.81 MB,2160x3840)

Aww, thanks~
You're not coming on to me all of a sudden, are you ?
The teasing in her tone is heavy in that question. She knows she prolly isn't, but she's gotta tease.

You better be
And you better take that arousal right up to Nae


File: 1606146040980.png (110.35 KB,540x540)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 7

What on earth is this tree made of that Alakazam is struggling to budge it? Sabrina's face scrunches up in thought, but she's interrupted by Viola tumbling down into the pit hiding beneath the trunk. Reflexively, she draws a ball from her belt and releases her Venomoth, who swoops down in hopes of saving the Vileplume before it hits the spikes.
Damnit damnit damnit damnit damnit-


File: 1606152830599.png (1.32 MB,744x1000)

A cheaply constructed stand just outside of the shopping district is manned by a girl with an easel. A sign that says "commissions: 5¢" hangs above her, a price that her most recent customer seems pleased to pay for the hat and muffler she's painted up for them, and made real with her canvas. Waving off the now warmed up fellow, she takes to painting herself a mug of what looks to be cocoa.


File: 1606153728988.png (197.89 KB,1248x895)

A cutie never misses inspirations for an outfit, and that hat was just the best!

A tiny little blonde hops on over to the marvelous painter, unaware of the origins to the man's new fit.

Hey, hey. Painter girl, did you see where that guy got his hat and scarf?


File: 1606154373759.png (13.54 MB,2480x3508)

She arrives just in time to see Adeleine guzzling down her drink, a nice little warmup from the November cold.
I made it for him, actually. I could make you one, too…
She gives the most forced cough imaginable before slightly nudging forward a cup full of coins. A girl's gotta eat, after all.


File: 1606154814127.jpg (688.53 KB,850x1200)

She fishes out a couple of coins from an offensively pink coinpurse

Make me… something cute!

The blonde beams and drops the coins in, staring extremely intently at the girl and her canvas.


File: 1606156022037-0.png (328.06 KB,700x700)

File: 1606156022037-1.jpg (60.78 KB,570x760)

Something cute, huh.
The clatter of change is all Adeleine needs; turning to her easel, she begins to furiously splash pink and red across the empty space, until the image takes form. Just as quickly, the paint begins to squirm to life, and in seconds a bright pink crotched hat falls out and into Adeleine's waiting hands. She goes to put it on her customer's head, but sheepishly hesitates.
Ah…you may want to take that crown thing of yours off.
The thought of spikes shooting through something shaped like her friend makes her heart sink a little.


File: 1606160592083-0.png (509.83 KB,640x480)

File: 1606160592083-1.jpg (395.78 KB,1000x950)

I don't…THINK I need to roll for this? Well either way, Mewtwo's going to telekinetically grab and pull Viola up from the pit before she falls any significant distance
I have you. Be careful not to struggle.

Mewtwo places Viola down on solid ground in front of Erika before turning to Sabrina
Be careful not to panic. I will not let anyone meet an untimely end.


File: 1606166252804-0.jpg (202.79 KB,680x510)

File: 1606166252804-1.png (355.42 KB,579x435)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 9

Viola, Vine whip!
Faaaaaaaaalling! Viola will use Vine Whip in an attempt to grab the edges of the pit/slow her decent! This will be the die, not that it matters much.
But then she was suddenly falling up slowly and towards a moth She will be placed on the ground
She will head back over to the pit and look down it!
She thanks the Mewtwo and the Venomoth for their help.
Thank you for that.


File: 1606167290565-0.png (371.02 KB,1000x1541)

File: 1606167290565-1.png (96.25 KB,750x750)

By the time Viola is lifted from the pit, Sabrina already feels as though the egg's been splattered on her own face. Really, she should have just done the exact same thing Mewtwo thought of…
I'm glad that she's safe.
The dejected leader is descended upon by her Venomoth, who proceeds to climb onto her head and flap his wings.

I appreciate that very much.
The shame isn't going away any time soon bub


File: 1606175220843-0.png (458.11 KB,632x976)

File: 1606175220843-1.png (305.36 KB,640x800)

And THIS is the point where a bandit DRAMATICALLY LEAPS from the cliff top, sliding down the steep face like he's done it a thousand times before! He's gonna point his sword at Mewtwo and dramatically announce:

Your money or your life!

He says to the naked cat thing with no pockets.

Also, there is a second bandit visible in a nearby tree! This one has a bow!

And that bow is pointed at Sabrina! OH NO


File: 1606177457686-0.png (372.86 KB,480x640)

File: 1606177457686-1.jpg (63.06 KB,400x500)

Mewtwo nods in acknowledgment of this appreciation

I'M STILL GONNA TRY. Watch this, I'mma cup your cheek with my WEIRD HAND
Losing a friend is a very frightening thing. And we do not always make the right decisions when we are afraid. Calm yourself and tell yourself it won't happen again. You're strong. Do you understand?

Mewtwo's going to sigh and release Sabrina
That's on me, it was a bad time to try to have a moment…
Do I appear to have money?


File: 1606178029106-0.png (62.86 KB,319x284)

File: 1606178029106-1.jpg (762.61 KB,1000x1500)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 16

Viola gives the moth a wave!
I don't think you made the wrong decision-
But then bandits!
Erika moves her hand to her belt, grasping a tree containing ball, just in case.
He doesn't even own pants… You're quite bad at this.
Viola will give jump into a protective stance! Placing herself between the bowman and Sabrina! She glances at Erika, who will nod. After getting the okay to attack a human for the first time, Viola will use Stun Spore on the Tree person!


File: 1606184305871.jpg (243.17 KB,850x1124)

HEY LOOK, here is an Alice. She is currently seated on her porch in the Magic Forest, having apparently dozed off. Somebody has, however, rather kindly put a blanket over her, although the area around her house remains free of snow and is, indeed, noticeably warmer than the other parts of the forest.
She is definitely not snoring.


File: 1606184511424.jpg (2.91 MB,6000x4546)

Being a thing that goes bump in the night, Twyla was out exploring the magic forest, and has been attracted to this warmer area! She sticks to the shadows while noticing this sleeper and reaches out to feel what kind of dream they're having! What kind of dream is she having?


File: 1606184705210.jpg (91.6 KB,850x850)

On the surface, it seems rather…boring? Alice is currently dreaming about…butterflies! Just butterflies. Flying around, doing butterfly things.
Although there does seem to be something…underneath that? It's almost like somebody tugged a carpet over a hole in the floor. This butterfly dream feels fake!


File: 1606184916834.jpg (221.45 KB,711x820)

Oooh Repressed nightmares! Twyla will enter into shadows very close to Alice and continue to watch this here butterfly dream.


File: 1606185184206.jpg (186.41 KB,849x831)

Well, they seem to be quite well repressed! There's no real sign of this butterfly dream giving up on its status as top dream!


File: 1606185221578-0.jpg (267.12 KB,1280x1382)

File: 1606185221578-1.jpg (37.99 KB,512x512)

I guess that's your payback for earlier
Sabrina flusters a bit as her face is held, but after a moment sturdies up, nodding.
I understand-

Ah, we've been interrupted.
Alakazam is already using Reflect to conjure a barrier by the time the bandits reveal themselves, glowering menacingly in the archer's direction.
Thank you. Venomoth…use Leech Life on the swordsman.
And then the five foot tall moth monster barrels at the bandit, intent on clamping his fangs into his neck and draining the life from him. Roll for effectiveness


Dice rollRolled 1d20: 18

once more


File: 1606185339262.jpg (160.9 KB,832x961)

Twyla will attempt to go deeper into the dream. Looking for the dreamer, or anything other than butterflies.


File: 1606185616145-0.png (305.36 KB,640x800)

File: 1606185616145-1.png (458.11 KB,632x976)

Dice rollRolled 2d20: 11, 12 = 23

Your life, then! Have at thee!

And he charges in to slash at Mewtwo!

The first die is for this!

Treeguy is stunned! He's going to promptly fall out of his tree. He will, however, try to take a shot as consciousness fades. Call it a -2 on the roll as he takes a shot at Vileplume!

Since he was concentrating on Mewtwo, that swordsman definitely has a scary moth thing clamped to his neck! Oh no!
Cue FLAILING to try to remove it!
This will probably be ineffective.


File: 1606185846976.png (383.37 KB,800x600)

I don't have suitable pictures, so here's Alice and her mom being happy.
Anyway, there's quite a lot of butterfly action going on…but after some persistent searching, Twyla will find…a door? Although 'portal' might be a more suitable term given the OMINOUS FEELING it radiates. If doors could talk, this one would growl.
Which is odd, because it looks like a quite normal door, such as you might have on the front of a moderately priced home, with a nice garden around it.


File: 1606185970250.jpg (97.23 KB,737x1084)

Twyla will eye this door, as it will probably be where her food is. She will enter shadows and pass under the door, emerging in some shadows on the other side.


File: 1606186298496.png (592.39 KB,607x656)

What happens next occurs in a flash! Twyla is faced with an overwhelming sense of aggression, hate and brutality. There's a vague impression of red and green, a feeling of powerlessness, and loss.
And then Twyla is rather abruptly grabbed by the scruff of her neck and hauled backward with some force!

Fool! What are you even doing in here?

This appears to be…a person? Who does bear a striking resemblance to the person dreaming this dream!


File: 1606186689621.png (1.61 MB,1920x1080)

The girl seems unconcerned about being hauled. She will answer this woman's questions in a quite, somewhat deep voice.
Searching for nightmares…
Repressed nightmares tend to be the worst ones, so I try to target them.


File: 1606187141546.jpg (208.36 KB,590x873)

Dice rollRolled 2d20: 6, 5 = 11

You tell 'er! And you tell 'im! TELL THEM ALL

Very good. Now then, to business.


Mewtwo's going to zip over to Viola to raies a barrier against that shot. So first die is for getting out of the way of the swordsman's slash, second is for raising a barrier to guard the Vileplume in time
Viola please dodge anyway, I do not trust the dice


File: 1606187396171.png (1.12 MB,810x1583)

Depositing Twyla back outside, Alice(?) slams the door, which abruptly manifests a number of locks.

Well, leave that one alone.

Arms crossed!

I'm not going to have some petty youkai upsetting my dreams.


File: 1606187539401-0.jpg (368.8 KB,1280x1280)

File: 1606187539401-1.png (2.41 MB,1401x1401)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 5

Viola has been shot! Just a glancing blow, that would cause her to bleed if she wasn't a…. plant. Either way, she will take this hit, suffering minor damage
Viola… Absorb.
The flower nods and proceeds to send roots through the ground to suck some of the life force out of this paralyzed bandit to heal her injury. No roll for that since, paralyzed and down for the count.
Erika watching this flailing will attempt to trip the bandit that's still standing! Go die roll go!


File: 1606187875683.png (2.26 MB,1920x1080)

I'm not a youkai, I'm a boogie monster. Not all monsters are the same species you know.
And if you would let me help you we could improve your dreams. Repressing nightmares is incredibly dangerous and damaging.


File: 1606188111490.jpg (269.46 KB,405x600)

You feel like a youkai to me.


I have no need of your help. Leave by whatever means you entered, or I will eject you.


File: 1606188285074.jpg (153.53 KB,744x1074)

Well that's just racist.
She will sink into the shadows of the dream and… Dart back under the door.


File: 1606189240738.jpg (265.81 KB,600x600)

Do not trifle with me, girl.

On the other side of the door is…Alice once again! The nightmare scene from before has been replaced! Now Twyla finds herself in a dark forest, complete with spooky reaching tree branches and scary yellow eyes!
It feels a bit…melodramatic?

I suppose I'll just have to dispose of you…

She raises a hand, which crackles with ELDRITCH FIRE.


File: 1606189686434.jpg (117.84 KB,721x1109)

Good luck.
She remains in the shadows, darting along them, sometimes being in two shadows at once, some times three. Negative energy and feelings in the area start to drain as she consumes elements of this weird fake nightmare. The sun will start to rise over the forest. The trees will begin to straighten out and lose their eyes.


File: 1606190004997-0.png (92.67 KB,540x380)

File: 1606190004997-1.jpg (722.93 KB,1920x1358)

Venomoth lands its bite, and the agonizing leeching begins, keeping latched in place until the man falls, or until he can't stay on anymore. Sabrina isn't exactly new to combating people with pokemon, but she can't quite say she's seen something like this before.
Well done, Venomoth…!
Alakazam casts a worried glance at Viola seeing the damage done to her, but it seems minor enough that he can take a breath of relief. Can't let little plant borb die


File: 1606214367241.png (1.48 MB,1327x1024)


She takes the little beanie and examines it, looking over every stitch and seam with a keen eye.

When the little girl looks back up, her cheery expression is replaced with a hard, curious stare.

How'd you do it?

Her falsetto drops to a more serious tone to match her expression.


File: 1606217930233.jpg (208.27 KB,1913x1876)

The shift in tone catches Adeleine by surprise, and she fidgets a little before answering. Is she in trouble now?
I've always been able to do this. I'm not really sure why.
A simple paint doodle of a butterfly is painted and promptly flaps up into the air, fluttering away.


File: 1606219322132.png (381.55 KB,466x335)


Cag watches the butterfly flutter away. She watches it awhile, waiting to see if it'll disappear. When it's apparent it's a very real butterfly, she turns her attention back to the painter. Cagliostro gives nothing away with her stare.

More than interesting, actually. It's not magic of any kind, is it?


File: 1606220202797.jpg (79.76 KB,520x675)

That's something that she has to mull over for a moment.
You know, I've…never really stopped to think about that. When most everyone else where you're from has a strange power of some sort, it stops feeling strange to have a strange power, you know?
I'm not any sort of witch though, I'd like to think.


File: 1606221992444.png (286.39 KB,722x751)

Incredible. Power to simply create whatever you please.

A grin grows across her face.

The name's Cagliostro.

She sticks her hand out confidently.

Cutie extraordinaire.


File: 1606223033656.png (698.48 KB,1142x866)

There are a couple of limitations to what I can make right now, but I'm slowly improving. Maybe there won't be any at all when I'm older!
She curtseys with her smock.
Adeleine, artist of Dreamland.


File: 1606223523900.jpg (348.48 KB,579x819)

I'm going right down to the meat of the matter. You ever heard of alchemy?


File: 1606224345022.png (230 KB,865x1117)

…the stuff they put in batteries?


File: 1606227875297.jpg (343.09 KB,1420x1090)

Cags is going to pass out if she hears another comment like that.

No, al-chem-y. Transmutation. Turning lead into gold. Philosopher's stone. That stuff?


File: 1606237421428.jpg (1.18 MB,1600x1200)

Oh! Now I know what you mean. Using rituals to make metals and minerals into other things.
She thoughtfully touches her brush to her cheek.
Is that what this is? Am I an alchemy-ist?


File: 1606265573492.jpg (322.5 KB,850x1322)


Well, you do go on walks… occasionally.

Implying she spends quite a lot of time cuddling Ran's tails. At least in a roundabout way.


She also eats sometimes. And sleeps once in a while. Ahaha… you would love to see her sleeping. She snores so adorably~


File: 1606266157551.jpg (151.13 KB,1010x626)

Well, um… I think I think I lost the human thing when I…
hol up

Y-you watch me sleep ?!
As if her face wasn't red enough already, thankfully she can currently hide in Ran's tails as she manages to barely audibly whimper her next sentence out
Not that I mind…


File: 1606266259649.png (203.5 KB,464x561)

Oh my~

Yuyuko's gonna need a sec to overcome this giggle fit.


File: 1606266352838.jpg (251.45 KB,1200x1713)


I don't make a habit of it, but I would be a poor shikigami if I were to not check in from time to time~

She's not technically Maribel's shikigami, but Maribel is gonna be Yukari sooooo


Oh my indeed!


File: 1606267089006.jpg (663.65 KB,738x1033)

oh no

Look man
At this point she's only a change of name and clothes away from being Yukari
But people in Leyang seem to have no trouble pronouncing Maribel

Ah, um…
Maybe you should.


File: 1606267387375.png (819.6 KB,800x900)


Are you going to adopt her, Ran-chan~?

Look, Maribel might have portal gremlin status, but she doesn't have nearly enough levels in 'manipulative bitch' to be Yukari just yet.



File: 1606267490657.jpg (446.38 KB,600x845)


This raises an eyebrow from Ran.

Oh my… so you like the idea of being watched while you sleep, is that it?

How scandalous~


Adopt her? How silly of you, Yuyuko… whyever would I adopt anyone?


File: 1606268297630.png (492.79 KB,524x700)

Maybe she'll get the in a few hundred years of ~life experience~

Nooooooo, not thaaaaaat.


Seeing no other way out of this one, Maribel sighs an embarrassed sigh

I don't mind…
I-if it's you, that is.


File: 1606268469617.jpg (227.19 KB,850x1202)

She might make good company without Yukari and Chen around~

It is rather quiet around here without them, after all.

…Or maybe she could be your pet :D


File: 1606268602244.jpg (865.93 KB,1000x781)


Ohohoho… you're getting more and more straight-forward with your feelings, it seems~

Ran is still teasing a bit. She clearly heard that under her breath remark afterall, what with her ears.


Oh, I'm already living with her, you see~


File: 1606269361849.jpg (249.08 KB,780x600)

What the heck you can't just go around putting wet dreams in her head like that

Give her a moment to think about Ran wearing a collar. If this was a cartoon Maribel might have been blowing steam out of her ears

That's, ah- that's because you've backed me into a corner.

Maribel has been DEFEATED


File: 1606269763741.jpg (67.27 KB,551x566)

Ran! How scandalous!


Yukari would certainly be proud :D

Another giggle!

You are really quite adorable~


File: 1606269836009.jpg (97.54 KB,638x900)


Oh god I missed the pet comment but Ran is gonna spy this look on Maribel's face and give her a LOOK.

Don't even think about it. You may be who you are, but there are some things I simply won't tolerate.


It's entirely innocent, I assure you~


File: 1606270870275.jpg (97.99 KB,600x750)

Ran is being scary now and it's your fault !

Scary Ran SCARY
Ummm, w-well it's… It's a bit late for that.
Not thinking about it, I mean.


File: 1606270955704.jpg (472.53 KB,645x891)

Fufu, don't worry, Merry~

Even when Ran makes scary faces like that, she hardly ever eats people these days! :D


File: 1606271646915.jpg (155.4 KB,525x700)


Hmm… well, we'll simply have to extract those thoughts, then.


… hmph. It's no fun when you simply tell them things like that, you know.


File: 1606272781162.jpg (278.51 KB,1400x1012)

Being eaten by… Ah, haha

M-Maybe I should go home.
Before Ran's foxy nose ends up picking up on something it shouldn't


File: 1606273041024.jpg (226.6 KB,850x850)

Oh? But it's true! The last time you ate anybody was quite a long time ago! You were sick in bed for days and Yukari was quite worried!

Hm~? Did I say something odd?

Yuyuko tilts her head and radiates innocent curiosity!


File: 1606277158243.jpg (760.46 KB,848x1200)

I'm wondering that myself. I've never seen anyone do anything like what you do before. I'm not sure if it's alchemy but I'd love to study what you do.


File: 1606277940161.jpg (471.45 KB,826x799)


Go home? Oh, but you still haven't had dessert!

She hasn't, after all!



What did I say about saying such embarrassing stories about me?


File: 1606278374463.jpg (162 KB,1400x1000)

Nonono, it's… Um…

Fidgeting and trying really hard to think of a way out of this one

R-right ! The dessert, of course.

Maribel snags up a dango and eats it !


File: 1606278463598.png (389.73 KB,533x700)

Because Youmu isn't here :D

Surprisingly direct!




File: 1606278555278.png (20.72 KB,300x400)


She waits for approximately 0.3 seconds after Maribel has put the dango in her mouth.

Do you smell something strange~?

Oh, the evil tease.




File: 1606279361297.jpg (249.08 KB,780x600)

Maribel nearly chokes on her dango trying to swallow it whole

N-nope, nothing, Idon'tknowwhatyou'retalkingaboutatall !
I'll just, ah, t-thanks for the food !

All flustered with a crimson face, Maribel opens up a portal to send herself directly to horny jail, closing it right behind her !


File: 1606279460022.jpg (75.24 KB,700x700)

Bad fox!

Oh dear…are you alright? It would be a shame if you choked to death in the Netherworld! I don't really know what happens if you die here!


File: 1606279485503.jpg (911.71 KB,1500x2179)

Hmm…What would happen then?


File: 1606279617983.jpg (166.05 KB,768x1024)


And like that Maribel was gone!

Ran is just going to start laughing.


File: 1606279720262.jpg (475.98 KB,720x864)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 7

Oh, all sorts of-…um…very…normal things! Just normal, everyday side effects that any medicine might have if you overdose on it! Hahaha!

At this point this strange drug dealer is going to…make eye contact! She's going to attempt to influence Song's thinking! While she can't directly plant thoughts or stuff like that, she's trying to induce a relaxed state where the lines she just spouted will pass muster.


File: 1606280163972.jpg (282.94 KB,750x726)

Song will raise an eyebrow as the drug dealer looks like she's constipated.

Duly noted and…Are you alright? You suddenly don't seem well.


File: 1606280311296.jpg (475.98 KB,720x864)

Relief is evident on Reisen's face! She succeeded even though she failed!

Ahahaha! J-Just fine! Nothing's wrong! Nothing at all :D


File: 1606280490010.jpg (1.42 MB,1500x2054)

…You were trying to distract me from something, weren't you?

Song will frown.

Tell me, what would happen if I took more than the recommended dose?


File: 1606280645704.jpg (40.34 KB,708x398)

Yuyuko will have herself a chuckle too as she casually snags Maribel's remaining dango!

Mm…the physical similarity is quite remarkable, isn't it~?


File: 1606280699205.jpg (475.98 KB,720x864)



…Um…w-well, that would depend on which one you took too much of…

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