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"I thought Ron and Jon were the same person and we just interspliced whichever we felt like" ~ TC, 6:54pm CST, 11/28/2017

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ITT: Bullies


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>>Zana and Ozma's apartment
Zana is doing cardio in the living room !
Which, according to her definition, means belly dancing. She's rather good though !


File: 1605645522156.jpg (139.05 KB,1280x726)

Ozma has come home from fishing! She's got a good amount of fish in her cart
Hey Zana. Hows the stripping going?


File: 1605646151474.png (10.97 MB,3840x2160)

Oh no Ozma's home, better stop @:
Well, for some reason I'm still wearing clothes, so I'd say the stripping isn't going at all.
Think you caught enough fish ?


File: 1605647211678.jpg (143.79 KB,1280x726)

I dunno if that counts as clothes.
She wheels the wagon to the kitchen!
And yep, We won't be starving this winter!
She starts to unload her haul into a chest freezer. Lots of real big fish, and some smaller exotic fish! Apperently ozma has standards on which fish she takes home.
Also I can't express how much I love this blizzard box thing… So much easier than having to keep a block of ice and cast blizzard on it every few hours.


File: 1605647989599.png (4.93 MB,1920x1080)

It decorates my body and covers up the private bits.
That's basically what clothes are for. Mostly the first one.
Would it be better if I walk around naked ?
That's probably a joke but it might be hard to tell

Anyway, I think there's a word for it… 'Freezer' ?
Zana looks the fishies over !

Oh ! Should we invite Merilda for dinner ?
That's a much more exciting thought than what's for dinner


File: 1605648183825.jpg (132.39 KB,1280x726)

No no, some clothes is better than none.
She finishes dropping most of the fish into the freezer
Hmm, Freezer eh?
She takes the last fish out of the wagon and throws it up on the counter, in front of her step stool
Wow you're really crazy about this girl.


File: 1605649225024.png (13.87 MB,2160x3840)

Don't you think it's a bit early to say I'm crazy about her ?
I mean she's amazing and cute, and… Beautiful…
Oh no someone stop her


File: 1605649644206.png (136.7 KB,284x293)

It's another day in Dramaville which means another day of the Ninja Turtle leaving the local gym and heading towards whatever he called home. He pauses by one of those sewer passes, you know the kind under street corners and squints. Maybe he's feeling nostalgic, but he decides better of it and shakes his head.

Wonder how many alligators people flush down around here.


File: 1605649784106.jpg (146.11 KB,1280x726)

I mean you're usually pretty insatiable, I know, but you've been on another level since you started your rendezvous with Merilda. I mean you didn't talk about Geralt nearly as much.
She starts to prep the fish over sink


File: 1605650110706.jpg (47.83 KB,530x299)

There is a scream from the sewer, and frantic sounds of someone running and tripping over themselves!


File: 1605650537517.png (95.01 KB,173x357)

Raph stops his walk, and then backs up immediately to peer into the sewer grate.

The hell is going on down there?


File: 1605651009073.png (13.36 MB,2160x3840)

I didn't think you wanted to hear about the thing he's packing between his legs.
Anyway Geralt is a dirty fun hookup when I meet him out in the forest or the streets. Merilda is different, she's…
Ah, how do I put it…
Whatever it is, it's easy to see the excitement in Zana's eyes just thinking about her.


File: 1605651608236.jpg (132.3 KB,900x600)

As he looks through the grate he'll see a man in a leather jacket and covered in pericings, who has apparently fallen on his ass struggling to get up on the slippery floor of the sewer. He seems terrified and his eyes are locked on something in front of him that Raphael can't see. He can hear a somewhat slow thumping sound coming from the direction the man is staring and he can smell something… Well worse than what sewers usually smell like.
Christ man what the fuck?!


File: 1605651751298.png (366.18 KB,557x617)

Raph sees this, and quickly moves his way towards a nearby manhole so he can yeet down there and make his way towards the man's position.

If it isn't one thing it's another in this crazy town.


File: 1605651816228.jpg (141.33 KB,1280x726)

I did not, but what I meant is that you never thought about asking him over for dinner.
Ozma stops dressing the fish and smiles over at Zana!
Someones in lo~ove~
Ozma has opted to tease Zana!


File: 1605652726982.png (14.81 MB,2160x3840)

Well, that's…
I don't know yet. I mean I love what she does to me, but…
She's not gonna deny it though
… Wanna sterilize the whole apartment ?
So instead she's gonna come up with the most feeble excuse not to invite Geralt over


File: 1605653148026-0.jpg (6.78 KB,193x261)

File: 1605653148026-1.jpg (68.15 KB,1200x650)

Upon entering the sewer the terrified man will lock eyes with a giant… turtle, and this will not help him to not freak out
What the fuck, another one?!
He is now trying to escape two things! More importantly, the shuffling stops, and the source will stare at this turtle with wide eyes!
What appears to be rotting creature covered in a black, tar-like substance is staring hungerly, as he begins to limp towards the turtle!


File: 1605653273691.jpg (141.72 KB,1280x726)

Awww, you're being so cute!
I don't think I've ever seen you be anything but direct before.
She washes up and goes to the fridge to get some stuff to cook with!
I mean it wouldn't be the first time.


File: 1605653662299.png (344.11 KB,333x655)

The turtle scoffs at the punk in the sewer

Yeah you aren't exactly gonna win any beauty pageants yourself there, bud. Get outta here.

Raph pulls out his sai, flipping them around to make sure the stabby sides are pointed outwards, and interposes himself between the punk and the TARMAN

What horror movie did you crawl out of? A new sequel to Child's Play maybe?


File: 1605653964182-0.jpg (25 KB,431x611)

File: 1605653964182-1.gif (1.11 MB,460x258)

You have offended the punk! But he's kindda to scared shitless to do anything right now. He is just about managing to scramble to his feet.
The tar zombie makes it's way to Raph, unaware that it is from Return of the Living Dead. Once he gets close enough he will lunge forward and try to grab at the turtles arms to pull him in!


File: 1605654150178.png (346.76 KB,547x573)

Keep your hurt feelings and get out of the damn sewer!
Raph points towards the tunnel towards the ladder the turtle himself came down

Not a chance, Moldy.
Raph will answer the lunge with a bob to the side and then swinging to jam the Sai into it's face


File: 1605654513051.jpg (28.31 KB,225x400)

That's not-
He just gives up trying justify things and scrambles up! Upon getting up, Suicide retreats to the ladder and starts to climb out!
Tarman lurches forward, missing the turtle! He is then struck in the face with a sai, which will go more or less straight through his nose hole and cause him to stumble backwards!


File: 1605654547681.png (861.73 KB,1280x720)

Yeah…He seems pretty dedicated to his cause, after all…
Wishful thinking, maybe?


File: 1605654782179.png (450.53 KB,502x612)

Raph yanks the Sai backwards and then gives a big turtle kick into the chest of this tarry bastard trying to send him into the sewer muck


File: 1605654856801.jpg (115.89 KB,1280x720)

Maybe…I wish there was some way to tell when people were really evil or not.

Like some kind of…magical spell from a knight of some kind


File: 1605654939914.png (10.48 MB,2160x3840)

What, really ?
And I was trying so hard not to be too direct around her.
… Do you think I messed up ?


File: 1605654985390.jpg (118.94 KB,480x275)

The kick will send him flying! into the muck! During all this as a result of Raph's strength! Tarman's head flies off
Somehow it is still yelling! Also, somehow, the now headless body pulls itself up


File: 1605655153878.jpg (403.62 KB,2048x2048)

There probably is one, but I don't know anyone who knows it.


File: 1605655170747.jpg (144.31 KB,1280x726)

Ozma pulls some bottles out of the fridge and sets them down, and turns to smile at Zana.
No I don't think you messed up. I think she likes you as much as you like her, and if you weren't as direct as you were she might never have acted on that. But toning it down as much as you did may have helped a bit.


File: 1605655290849.png (303.59 KB,439x353)

Oh good, it's THIS kind of Zombie.

Raph goes over to the head and decides to punt it like a soccer ball into the body at high velocity


File: 1605655315092.jpg (90 KB,1052x619)

So in the clinic of Mordin Solus, Jill is sittin' on one'a them beds, waiting for his treatment that has ALREADY HAPPENED to take full effect. Mordin's good at what he does. He mostly just told her to stay off the leg for a few days and told her to dodge better
…Dodge better?


File: 1605655372641.jpg (154.77 KB,1280x720)

Then we must take it upon ourselves to find such a way.


File: 1605655461018.png (1.11 MB,1280x720)

Or beat 'im. You know, whatever we can manage…


File: 1605655569306.jpg (67.8 KB,600x330)

The head is kicked at the torso, which flails around, the head now embeded in it's own stomach face first. This proves to be unfortunate for what was one zombie, as the head will mumble something probably about brains, and start… chewing into it's own stomach. This freaks the body out, and it will rip the head off itself and throw at a wall, which causes the head to go splat. The torso is still standing tho.


File: 1605655584610.jpg (92.36 KB,1280x720)

Yes, but we've established the risk and difficulty there, even if we asked out seniors for help.


File: 1605655701196.png (125.6 KB,308x320)


He turns back to the body after seeing it smash the head into a wall

Uh…fall down now.

He gestures at it, hoping it'll just listen to him


File: 1605655838739.jpg (1.52 MB,3209x4528)

Unfortunately the body does not want to listen to this cool, rude turtle, and despite having no way to eat his brains it's still gonna try! The now headless torso charges forwards towards where the turtle's voice came from


File: 1605655952666.png (997.39 KB,1303x507)

Raphael is going to do a dodge and then swing rapidly to try and dice this tar man up with his Sais.


File: 1605656148305.png (816.59 KB,1600x1200)

It's gonna be risky no matter what we do…
But we can't just do nothing…


File: 1605656207007.png (13.87 MB,2160x3840)

Ah, phew…
That's visibly a relief !
I still think it's too early to say I'm in love, buuut~
I guess I can't deny it either.


File: 1605656272922.jpg (6.12 KB,225x225)

As rotten and acid burned as he is, he's fairly easy to cut through, so Raph will make quick work his remains. Any parts that still have any nerve fibers will however continue to twitch in his general direction.
Once the former Tarman is in sufficiently turned to giblits Raph will hear someone clapping behind him :o


File: 1605656453906.jpg (138.35 KB,1280x726)

Oh I know, I was just teasing. It very rare that I get a good chance to tease you.
But yeah, I'm glad to see you two being so happy together. It's nice.


File: 1605656456749.png (720.57 KB,1017x607)

Raph flicks the gunk off of his Sais and then spins around to see who is clapping

That better not be a slightly smarter zombie trying to be condescending.


File: 1605656509448.jpg (320.08 KB,1556x2048)

Alice is poking at something she probably shouldn't be poking at
Simply put, if you don't get hit you'll not end up with a knife in your leg.


File: 1605656531492.jpg (105.01 KB,1280x720)

Whatever we do, we have to make sure to bring major back up.


File: 1605656696241.jpg (362.09 KB,476x860)

Gee, didn't think of it that way.
Smiles at this goofer
Still, he's really good. Doesn't even hurt anymore unless I put pressure on it. How are you feeling, though?


File: 1605656725550.jpg (19.49 KB,232x177)

Nope, it's a silly girl in a dumb hat and dress
Excuse you, I am a MUCH smarter Witch trying to be condescending.
She huffs and stants up
I mean to be fair, we both know that guy was bellow your pay grade~


File: 1605656736881.png (946.29 KB,1280x720)

Bringing backup to see if we can convert him? Heh…I think that part's a bit tougher.


File: 1605656742182.jpg (226.6 KB,850x850)

Yuyuko gives Ran a conspiratorial grin!


If Chen ever makes an appearance, you may have a great deal of trouble. She can be quite protective of her rights to Ran's tails!


File: 1605657048027.jpg (99.6 KB,1280x720)

You never know, it might be just the image we need. Like…an intervention!


File: 1605657069014.png (12.74 MB,2160x3840)

Aw, am I too hard to tease ? If you ask nicely I might just pretend to be embarrassed for you.
Now she's just sassin

So should I invite her over ?


File: 1605657181672.png (1.18 MB,1280x720)

Kirara laughs and gives another playful shove
An interve-Towacchi, you're crazy!


File: 1605657187846.png (222.5 KB,365x419)

He spins his Sai around and puts them back in the belt

Sorry if I don't excuse myself.
The hell you doing down here, girly?


File: 1605657364891.jpg (141.72 KB,1280x726)

Yeah go for it, This fish will be plenty for three of us once I add in some side dishes.
She's grabbed some potatoes and carrots and green beans and started washing them
Fried fish and chips with roasted carrots and green beans sound good to you?


File: 1605657527488.jpg (158.25 KB,417x560)

Enjoying the show. I thought the boy was going to die before someone saved him, but your response time is pretty fast for a turtle.
She wanders over to the squirming giblets and looks down at them.
Some beings have the strangest rules…


File: 1605657549582.png (688.51 KB,800x1066)

As fine and sane as ever, thank you.
Alice doesn't have a lot of smiles to share, but all things considered that's probably understandable.
I did walk away reasonably unscathed, after all.


File: 1605657786548.png (452.28 KB,597x611)

I'm a ninja, speed has to be near the top of my game.

So are you telling me you're responsible for that thing?


File: 1605657867467.jpg (160.35 KB,1280x720)

Towa giggles
Maybe I have been watching too much of the television.


File: 1605657977401.png (4.15 MB,1920x1080)

Lovely~ Yeah, sure, it sounds fine.
She completely forgot to pay attention to anything beyond Ozma's first four words.
Zana gets out her Guild Communicator(TM) to text a white mage !
Oh, if she accepts I'll have to prepare the bedroom. Did you get any roses ?


File: 1605657978628.jpg (90 KB,1052x619)

This takes away Jill's smile
Well…that's good. It didn't look like it at first. Then you went kinda…ballistic.


File: 1605658014263.png (356.06 KB,565x669)

Lambda frowns
Ewwww no! I only associate with cute things! Do I look like someone who'd use rotten old zombies?
She shakes her head
No, I hate the being responsible for that thing. That's why I was keeping an eye on it, hoping someone would deal with it.


File: 1605658245229.png (155.84 KB,307x376)

Raph squints at Lambda as this just gets weirder and weirder



File: 1605658262300.jpg (416.94 KB,636x900)

What ever do you mean ?
He did hit me quite a bit, but I am rather tougher than I look.


File: 1605658264732.png (905.35 KB,1280x720)

Anyway, we can probs fade to bantz here


File: 1605658290638.jpg (144.31 KB,1280x726)

No full roses, I'm afraid I spent the day fishing and not harvesting, but I've got some rose petals in my room if you want to use them. And you should have some clean sheets in the dryer.


File: 1605658313918.jpg (44.96 KB,400x600)

Yeah, that's the thing. You're tougher than you look. And I've kinda only just discovered that…I was worried.


File: 1605658643449.png (183.27 KB,850x1020)

Something's pushing itself into this world, working within its structure to send things through which sow chaos and suffering.
She kicks the giblets into the water and watches as they wash away down the sewer
While I don't have issues with chaos and suffering as a rule, I would prefer if this particular source of those things would leave this world alone.


File: 1605658993130.png (13.36 MB,2160x3840)

Hmhm I didn't think you'd be the type to just keep rose petals around~
Thanks though, then I won't have to go and find some. But you might need to resupply.


File: 1605659270099.jpg (657.51 KB,843x876)

Well, I appreciate that you worry about me.
Did you think the vorpal blade was just for show ?
She sounds curious, like she's trying to understand where Jill is coming from or just why she was worried


File: 1605659412930.jpg (140.13 KB,1280x726)

They're pretty useful! I can use them to make dyes, or perfumes, and they work as reagents in some of my potions.
It shouldn't be too hard to get more, I was planing to go out harvesting tomorrow anyway.


File: 1605659720119.jpeg (281.91 KB,744x1052)

How am I supposed to know?! It looks like a fancy kitchen knife!
Look, I don't know how strong you are. This is the first time I've ever seen you in action and you…you surprised me, okay?


File: 1605660076629.png (24.43 MB,3840x2160)

Or you can strew them around your bed and make it a little more romantic.
Why don't you grow your own roses, though ?


File: 1605660224809.png (720.57 KB,1017x607)

Weird standard, but is there any reason I should be buying what you're telling me? For all I know you could just be putting on some kind of act and trying to lure me in to get eaten by more whatever those are.


File: 1605660285466.jpg (114.63 KB,517x693)

Yeah, but that one's not my kind of thing.
I don't really have the room here to garden. I really should find a place to do that though, it would save me time.


File: 1605660706354.jpg (1.34 MB,1060x1500)

Alice takes a moment to inspect her knife !
It does look a lot like a fancy oversized kitchen knife.
When you say it like that I suppose I can see the resemblance. Nonetheless it is sharper than any kitchen knife I've laid hands on.
She holds out the blade for Jill ! She can try touching it if she wants to.
If she does she'll find that it is indeed extremely sharp.

… Anyway, it's quite alright if I surprised you. As long as I didn't leave you terrified of me.


File: 1605660834511.gif (71.34 KB,500x488)

If you knew it like I do, you'd understand.
Lambda shrugs at the turtle.
I mean even if I was, I'm pretty sure you could take on more of them. They're smarter than your average zombie, but not by much.
Besides, if I wanted to trick you I'd have shown up disguised as one of your brothers and lured you into a trap that way. Or at least as someone evil you recognize. Appearing to you in my actual form doesn't really help to trick you unless you're very susceptible to the color pink.


File: 1605660907630.png (3.93 MB,1080x1920)

What about the rooftop ?
Just buy that and make it your garden if you have to.


File: 1605660940647.png (793.05 KB,1323x441)

This immediately gets him on edge and yet pulls out his Sai again

And yet here you are saying you know something about me personally mentioning my brothers! Who the hell are you!


File: 1605661082052.jpg (94.23 KB,435x696)

That sounds like it'd be pretty expensive… But probably worth it in the long run.
She (hmm)s


File: 1605661223722.jpg (131.54 KB,683x1024)

Wouldn't have let you carry me to this clinic if I was.
Jill inspects the blade but does not touch it
Well, now that I've seen it up close, yeah, it's pretty threatening. Anyway, you went toe-to-toe with that huge freak and came out on top. It takes more than a sharp knife to do that. Even one that sharp.


File: 1605661429112.png (5.19 MB,1920x1080)

You live with me and make stuff for me, so I'll share whatever money I have with you.
Zana shruuuuuuuugs like it's no big deal
Just make sure it grows.


File: 1605661433014.jpg (224.93 KB,526x688)

Oh of course, how rude of me!
I am Lady Lambdadelta, the Witch of Certainty who has lived for 1000 years~
I know quite a lot of things about quite a lot of beings, and I make it a point to pay attention to especially interesting worlds and people, and that counts your family~
She seems undisturbed by the sai
Feel free to stab me with that if you'd like, but it would just get all sticky.


File: 1605661603123.jpg (706.55 KB,1510x2297)

Such as what, bombs and a hobby horse ?
There she goes again with the dry humour.
But to be fair, that's probably the most threatening hobby horse in the world.
And the most threatening toy bunnies.


File: 1605661620828.jpg (107.38 KB,486x687)

Growing money is what I do best! … But are you sure about that? I mean I make stuff for you because you gave me a place to live, you don't like owe me anything.


File: 1605661631652.png (222.5 KB,365x419)

Ugh, another other worldly demigod that can't keep their nose out of my damn business.

He keeps his Sai out but lowers it, shaking his head in annoyance


File: 1605661707133.jpg (97.18 KB,461x630)

They certainly help. Where do you keep those?


File: 1605662122359.jpeg (26.84 KB,245x350)

>Probably Chaldea

BEHOLD, a NEF. She's visiting 'cause reasons. Maybe Steve came by to get his mana levels checked or just so Olga can gaze at his butt for a while and know that all is well in the world.
EITHER WAY, Nefertari is chilling somewhere around the command center, humming a little tune and carefully winding a coil of string around a small golden charm!


File: 1605662167805.png (10.48 MB,2160x3840)

Yeah, of course.
I hardly ever spend money on stuff outside the bedroom, so it's just been sitting there, growing and growing and waiting to be put to use.

You could use it to… I don't know, build a crafting empire or something. That's what my friend back in Eorzea did.


File: 1605662306105.jpg (236.65 KB,1280x1024)

More or less~ But hey, if you don't want super powerful being sticking their nose in your business stop being interesting. It's not our fault you're a giant heroic turtle with attitude.
She smiles
But I can leave you alone if that's what you wish. I just thought you might want to help fight back this coming scourge.
While this place has it's fair share of heroes, they aren't all equally suited to handle the horrors that are coming.


File: 1605662310748.jpg (209.26 KB,700x784)

Which, the bombs or the horse ?


File: 1605662351264.jpg (478.3 KB,1430x1402)

That's America's ass, it is
I am sitting at your table and looking at what you're doing
What are you up to?


File: 1605662379833.jpeg (183.59 KB,510x766)

Both, really. Not to mention the transformations were surprising, too.


File: 1605662472149.jpg (122.86 KB,580x660)

Hm? Ah, hello!

She was lost in concentration!

I was just working on this charm…it's a little magic to help ma-, err…Steve's Avengers out :D


File: 1605662514270.jpg (112.34 KB,489x739)

Well now that oyu mention it, some extra starting capital could really help me make the shop I want to open at the guild really shine. And being able to have a place to grow my own plants could really help save me some time.
… If you're sure about this, I'll take you up on it.


File: 1605662688970.png (189.94 KB,386x258)

I've never had help offered to me by a person of your like and it not have a giant "but" attached to it.
So what's the catch?
Cause I can just crawl back out of this dump and get my friends at the Black Order to help me.

Goat Mom's network of orphans have to know each other


File: 1605662767139.jpg (685.83 KB,1653x1169)

Oh, nowhere in particular. I reckon they both come from the vorpal blade.
She holds the knife out as if she were resting a polearm on the floor, and then… !
In a flash of blue butterflies, there's that PISSED OFF hobby unicorn replacing the knife


File: 1605662820501.jpg (1.62 MB,1486x2027)

Takes note of this word change there
Hm? Is Steve not your Master?


File: 1605662904708.jpg (86.15 KB,750x1000)

…So there's a lot more to it than just being a sharp kitchen knife, then, huh?


File: 1605662910445.png (264.97 KB,433x869)

He is…ah, but he doesn't like being called master. Apparently it's an American-thing.

Nefertari shrugs!

I do forget occasionally, though.


File: 1605663300211.png (10.13 MB,2160x3840)

Wouldn't have mentioned it if I wasn't.
The bank stuff's all in the safe, that's prooooobably all you need.


File: 1605663408487.jpg (700.57 KB,1173x684)

Oh yes, quite a lot more.
It might also take the shape of a teapot or a pepper grinder.


File: 1605663445876.jpg (93.11 KB,600x500)

In this case the buts are fairly simple. First, I cannot be directly involved. I can't save you or anyone else from one of his monsters, and I can't fight them. If I join directly, it would be taken as a signal for him to join directly, and… That's just not something that would be good for anyone. Similarly, if we escalate and start getting too many people involved it is likely that he will escalate as well, and… Well, there are enough large scale attacks going on at the moment, I don't think anyone wants him adding to them.


File: 1605663600671.png (519.94 KB,395x641)

So I'm basically being used for a stupid game of chess by some weird beings outside reality.
This isn't some kind of dumb family fued is it? I had enough of that with Rat King and his siblings.


File: 1605663606580.jpg (103.9 KB,469x676)

Ozma will stop veggie prep and take off her apron, then go over and hug Zana!
Thanks Zana! You're a really good friend, and I'm glad I'm your roommate.


File: 1605664061024.png (228.89 KB,640x480)

Lambda nods
Preeeety much~
But no, we aren't family. We're just an evil cosmic being and a somewhat more neutral cosmic being who wants to be left alone.


File: 1605664175418.png (12.64 MB,2160x3840)

It's hard to hug that low, so Zana reponds to hugs with headpats @:
I couldn't have asked for a better roommate myself really.
It's important to support your friends, right ?


File: 1605664263887.jpg (340.43 KB,741x1000)

Let's just get on with this already.


File: 1605664305396.jpg (91.31 KB,413x715)

Is patted! She will let go
Yes it is!
She'll head back to continue working on foods!


File: 1605665037587.jpg (218.46 KB,600x600)

You're the boss~
Lambda snaps her fingers, and a gauntlet will appear in the air in front of Raph. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of this gauntlet because I cannot find out which issue of what comic it was in, but whatever!
If you agree to help hold the darkness at bay, reach out to the gauntlet, and it will enchant you you with a marking that appear and glow when it sense danger from the Crawling Chaos. This will help you stay one step ahead of the monsters that are coming.
A word of warning however, it will sting a bit, but you're a pretty big guy I'm sure that won't bother you.


File: 1605666362830.png (303.58 KB,557x417)

Raph looks at this warily as he weighs his options. He doesn't have anyone to double check with and have his back like back home, even Alopex isn't around anymore (i don't think may need to doublecheck)

I want you to know, if this ends up being a double cross I'm gonna drown you in the sewer water.

And he puts his hands in it.


File: 1605673499043-0.jpg (107.75 KB,1920x1080)

File: 1605673499044-1.jpg (137.92 KB,1920x1080)

Tonight, IN HELL

A crimson figure is out for a nice evening stroll! Casual as anything, just picking his way through the torments and fires that may be present in whatever section of it he finds himself in. Eyes closed, and humming a jaunty 'swing' kind of tune to himself.

The humming is noticably accompanied by faint static and a slight buzz, as though it were coming from an old vacuum tube radio.

Finally, though, this slim figure opens up his eyes and pauses to take a brief look around.

… Hmmmm…

There's some faint confusion evident on this persons' face, which does nothing to mar the broad smile he's wearing as he looks around for some helpful looking soul, not a care in the world for how out of place he might seem around here!


File: 1605673880693.png (576.68 KB,700x498)

Alastor's perambulations have taken him somewhere strange alright! While there is a certain degree of 'burning and suffering' going on in this region, none of it seems to be in the immediate vicinity. Instead, he has arrived in a garden which, while it does rather heavily favor red spider lily and willow trees, isn't all that unpleasant.
A quite petite figure is seated at a desk situated under one such tree, and has taken a moment to glance up at Alastor's arrival!
He will find himself subjected to, quite possibly, the most judgemental stare he's ever received!

…Hoh. Interesting.


File: 1605674221932-0.jpg (90 KB,1920x1080)

File: 1605674221932-1.jpg (93.11 KB,1920x1080)


Judgemental stares! Huzzah, Alastor's favorite thing in the whole world!

His eyes meet with this JUDGEMENTAL BITCH's, and that broad smile becomes rather toothy all of a sudden.

But still quite amicable, by most peoples' standards!

Good evening, there!

That static and buzz only gets more prominent as he actually speaks, but doesn't make his words any harder to understand, really. Giving his odd cane a jaunty twirl as he continues to hum his tune, he will stroll RIGHT on over to this desk and stop in front of it.

I say, my dear, I seem to have taken a wrong turn on my stroll this evening, and gotten myself all turned about…

He holds the cane and waves the head of it around in a small circle a few times to accentuate his meaning.

… and I'm afraid I haven't the foggiest idea where in Hell I might have wound up!

Tak! He plants that cane on the ground and leans on it, the smile never leaving his face as he speaks.

I don't suppose you might be so inclined as send me off in the right direction, would you, my dear?


File: 1605674634184.jpg (81.5 KB,600x450)

Eiki is generally pretty unflappable except when it comes to redheads who run around flaunting their breasts at people.
She carefully makes a notation before setting the form she was reading aside.

You seem like the sort who can deal with difficult situations well, so I can put it quite simply. You're not in your hell anymore. Or your universe, quite probably.


File: 1605675067489.jpg (153.73 KB,1920x1080)


Not in my hell? Ha ha ha!

He seems to find this an amusing statement.

Now, there isn't exactly a wide range of Hells to choose from, is there?

Naturally, he finds the idea ridiculous.

But then, you don't seem the type to idly joke around, nor do I remember seeing any garden so singularly and uncharacteristically lovely as this where I'm from! So, what the hell, I'll bite.

He clasps his hands behind his back and leans slightly over the desk at Eiki.

Do enlighten me, my dear. Exactly where have I wound up?


File: 1605675183235.jpg (226.13 KB,768x1024)



I suppose there's nothing for it, then. She'll tire of manhandling my tails shortly enough…

… and you may be right about that, Yuyuko. Ah, Chen…

She misses her Chen.


File: 1605675658835.jpg (174.37 KB,350x640)

Don't tell me about thaaaaaaaaaat.


Almost apologetically she loosens her grip on the tails !
But she still wants to just disappear into them.


File: 1605676118113.jpg (466.01 KB,1022x1485)

There isn't?

Eiki raises an eyebrow!

A purely monotheistic universe, perhaps? How odd.

She shakes her head.

We have a plethora of hells to suit all requirements.

As to where you are more precisely, this is the border of Higan, the land where souls await judgement. The hells proper are down there.

Eiki waves toward the distant screaming.


File: 1605676248288.png (585.39 KB,800x583)

I'm sure she'll show up eventually! She's quite adventurous, after all~

Yuyuko's gonna give Ran a headpat!

Oh, don't worry, Chen is quite cuddle-able as well!

Mm…Yukari used to spoil her quite thoroughly…


File: 1605676786095.jpg (46.57 KB,512x384)


That 'sorry' goes totally unacknowledged, but the other thing…

Don't tell you about what? How Chen would attack you ever so viciously if she saw you so enamoring yourself within my fluffy tails?



Mmm. Well, I can only hope, at least.


File: 1605677294197.jpg (249.08 KB,780x600)

About all the competi—
She attempts to stop herself blurting something out, but alas she ashamedly buries her face in tails


File: 1605677399184.jpg (116.21 KB,1920x1080)


A plethora of hells?

Alastor turns to look in the direction she waved, and takes a moment to listen to all that distant screaming.

Ahhh, now that sounds familiar! Familiar, downright homey…

Brief, interference-laden chuckle.

… but not very entertaining.

The smile does not waver in the slightest as he critiques it so, but the tone of his voice takes on a very 'same old, same old' kind of quality.


File: 1605677410753.png (72.42 KB,274x186)

Yuyuko manages to contain a most unladylike snort!
Instead she's gonna eat some dango. 'cause there's dango and it needs eating.


File: 1605677594872.jpg (115.62 KB,744x1052)



Ran covers her face with her sleeve again!

Oh my, to think you're having such bold thoughts…


Ran's gonna take advantage of Maribel not paying attention to reach over and snag a dango for herself.


File: 1605677882186.jpg (186.55 KB,600x901)

Let's, ah…


File: 1605678000419.png (237.78 KB,615x944)

Eight major hells subdivided, depending on how you count them, into upwards of 60,000. I don't think anybody's ever properly counted them.

Eyebrow raise.

You have some advice?


File: 1605678539581.jpg (144.5 KB,1920x1080)


Advice? Oh, certainly not! I wouldn't dare be so presumptuous as to tell you how to run things around here.

Somehow, that sounds completely genuine and also like a complete lie.

I just mean to say the old classic kinds of hellish punishment… they just lack a certain je nais se quoi after a number of decades.


File: 1605678634112.jpg (107 KB,845x468)

Nom nom nom

…So miss Merry~

What is it you do besides playing with Ran-chan's tails?


File: 1605678789424.png (983.25 KB,1000x1412)


Oh, but I find it such an interesting thing to talk about! Especially when it makes your cheeks turn such interesting shades of red, like mapo tofu~


Good question!


File: 1605679008986.jpg (94.14 KB,700x700)

Eiki gives no indication that she doesn't believe a word of that first sentence…but somehow the feeling manages to convey itself.

Oni tend to be traditionalists by preference. Although if you want esoteric punishments, I'm sure you could find something to satisfy your tastes in the lower hells.


File: 1605679295233.jpg (143.37 KB,1920x1080)


Oh, I very much doubt that any punishments you might have already whipped up around here are going to tickle my fancy.

He might be telling the truth. Eiki would likely have no trouble discerning that however affable he may seem, his is truly a most wicked (and most wickedly powerful) soul.


File: 1605679430201.jpg (124.79 KB,707x707)


Quick Maribel come up with something
I… Go on walks sometimes ?


File: 1605679545213.png (529.11 KB,840x1120)

Frankly, I personally have little interest in what happens once a soul is judged. So long as they are purified to the point where they are able to reenter the cycle of reincarnation.

I do not know how you conducted yourself in your own world, but if you desire to assist in this hell you are free to do so, provided you do not disrupt operations.


File: 1605679628518.jpg (116.21 KB,850x964)


Head tilt!

I thought humans had to do a lot more than that to stay alive.


File: 1605679962699.jpg (123.79 KB,1920x1080)


As appealing a thought as that is, I have a bustling new venture in the works for an all new form of entertainment for myself. One that I shouldn't be away from too long, unless I want to miss some of the show!

He very much does not.

So if you would just be so kind, then, as to tell me how I might return to where I came from, Miss…?

Waiting for a name!


File: 1605680274644.jpg (555.7 KB,1000x1250)


Eiki shrugs!

I have no reason to hold you here, of course.

Cross the river there.

She points!

I would advise obtaining the services of one of the shinigami to cross. Attempting to swim or fly over the Sanzu is…not advisable. Do you have any money on you?


File: 1605710114496.jpeg (69.18 KB,709x532)

I'm…going to guess that they're no ordinary teapot and pepper grinder. Would I be right?


File: 1605711774859.png (614.63 KB,1490x1063)

Hmmm…I mean, I kinda get it, it's just a different context, though…What's an Avenger?
Has not read the DUDE report on them yet


File: 1605712071685.jpg (615.6 KB,1300x1294)

They're weapons, Jill. They are more than a little lethal.
About as lethal as a grenade launcher and an LMG


File: 1605712651687.png (1.77 MB,606x1540)


I miss the BSAA sometimes.
I really shouldn't be surprised by this point. My fault. Anyway, I'm gonna need to make my report to Smoker over the phone. Bet he'll be nice 'n pleased with this.
He'll yell at her to call for backup


File: 1605712964494.jpg (839.32 KB,1980x1224)

Just hire Alice to be your backup, it'll be great
I'd not be pleased about it at all if I were him.
On the contrary, I've a feeling they're bound to come back once again sooner or later.


File: 1605713470809.jpg (1 MB,1500x1904)

Yeah, he's probably gonna yell at me for getting hurt…Didn't you blow up that guy's head?


File: 1605714472061.jpg (706.55 KB,1510x2297)

Yes, I figured it may just slow his return to life down. Last time his head was severed and buried, yet he still put himself back together.

In any case, isn't your leg fine now ? You don't seem that hurt to me.


File: 1605715546481.jpeg (212.91 KB,813x1000)

Doc said to stay off of it for a few days. It feels fine, but what he says goes, you know? Think you could help me home?


File: 1605726210040.jpg (1.34 MB,1060x1500)

I'll not claim to be an expert on the matter, but is helping each other not exactly what friends do ?
Yes, of course she'll help. Duh.


File: 1605728400844.png (218.81 KB,1034x633)

You might've had a prior obligation.
Thanks, regardless. Even if it is simply what friends do.


File: 1605729265573.jpg (1018.85 KB,853x1200)

'Simply' what friends do as opposed to… ?
Is there something you'd like to tell me ?


File: 1605729806354.jpeg (71.27 KB,376x1023)

What? No, I just mean like…thank you anyway.


File: 1605730323169.png (4.57 MB,1920x1080)

Zana's Guild Communicator(TM) makes a message sound and she checks it !
Ozma can probably figure out the answer just by the way Zana jumps with giddy excitement and holds the phone close to her chest.

Ah, haha~ !
I need candles.


File: 1605730554468.jpg (233.12 KB,826x1200)

Thank goodness, you almost had me afraid you might be in immediate danger of going through the same things I have.

Which is to say that she would have been about 200% ready to kill a predator

Well, it's not a problem. Let's get you home.

With the vorpal blade back in its more compact knife form, Alice goes to support Jill !


File: 1605731946383.jpeg (158.64 KB,498x1580)

And Jill limps off with her FREMD
Probably feido there unless y'got somethin' else


File: 1605733304183.jpg (106.69 KB,1280x726)

There should be some scented ones in the hall closet. Please do not light them with Flare.
Ozma will put a tray of veggies in the oven to cook, and she'll start to get plates for 3!


File: 1605733817374-0.jpg (303.47 KB,850x1199)

File: 1605733817374-1.jpg (17.71 KB,400x400)

You wouldn't be the first to try~
Raphael, the Cool but Rude Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, welcome to the Midnight sons!
As he puts the gauntlet on, his for arm will start to burn! After a short but rather painful burn, the gauntlet will vanish and he will see that he now has a mark on his forarm shapped like the second picture (But without the text) It will be glowing bright green, and after a few seconds it will fade away, becoming invisible. The pain will also fade.
When a minion of Chaos is near, that symbol will glow to alert you to it's presence. Only you and other members of the team will be able to see the glow, so don't worry about it ruining your stealth or anything.


File: 1605733821759.png (3.56 MB,1080x1920)

Oh shush, I'm not that reckless. Of course I'll use Teraflare.
Limit breaking the candles would probably be worse, but thankfully it was just a joke.
Zana practically runs off to get her bedroom all niced up !


File: 1605733950397.jpg (141.33 KB,1280x726)

That's worse!
Ozma will giggle a little, and continue to go about preparing a nice dinner!


File: 1605740949066.png (925.86 KB,1280x720)

Izuru's sitting on a bed, nose buried in his sketchbook as usual. He taps his pencil on the pad a couple times in thought before drawing a few lines and erasing them
He looks over at things in the room for inspiration. Not finding anything in particular aside from a sleeping Tamaki, he nods to himself and begins drawing again while also musing aloud
This world's really different, huh? From ours, I mean…


File: 1605741225101.jpg (139.55 KB,640x748)


I think we kinda knew that from day one, Izuru.

Suruga is currently flopped over a chair, with a small datapad in hand. Looks like he's playing some sort of game on it as he lazily swipes and taps on it.

But hey, at least it's a little bit more peaceful.


File: 1605741495581.png (1.19 MB,1280x720)

I'm fine with things being this way. It's nowhere near as stressful.

Kei is just sitting in another chair close to the bed, leaning over to look at what Izuru's drawing


File: 1605741883762.jpg (168.79 KB,850x1206)

The Avengers are Steve's group of superheroes assembled to protect the people of Dramaville :D


File: 1605741943266-0.png (635.6 KB,1280x720)

File: 1605741943266-1.png (900.15 KB,1280x720)

Well…Y-yeah, but you know. When we started this mission, I thought they'd at least be at our level of technology. And not…all over the place…Good thing heroes are adaptable.

It has not really taken form aside from some basic lining so far
But it will eventually be a heroic character taking an unconscious damsel away from danger
Yeah, you can't really temper yourself in this kind of calm.


File: 1605742039750.png (58.78 KB,386x389)

If you're stressed, why not try having an orgy?


File: 1605742237225.jpg (1.31 MB,1378x2039)

Oh…That sounds…kinda…Well, it sounds really cool, actually.


File: 1605742345621-0.jpg (145.84 KB,554x1200)

File: 1605742345621-1.png (741.69 KB,1280x720)


At the very least, we have a tech level where they can keep our ships repaired and running. That's the real important thing.

Suruga swipes and taps a few more times, staring intently at his game


You just know you're just inviting something crazy to happen when you say something like that, right?

Suruga gives Kei SUCH a look.

I've played enough games to know how that goes.


File: 1605742382144.jpeg (26.84 KB,245x350)

Mm, it's been quite interesting meeting the people involved! They're quite a…well, diverse group!

Y'know. Wolf people. Alien cyborg. High school kid.

I'm not sure if I count as one or not…but I'm glad to help out :D


File: 1605742433371.png (152.67 KB,470x526)

Why wouldn't you be? You're part of the group and I'm betting you're really good at support! You're definitely a superhero!


File: 1605742524698.jpg (155.58 KB,850x601)

You think so?

This gets a laugh!

Ah, but my husband will surely be envious!


File: 1605742590657-0.png (1.12 MB,1280x720)

File: 1605742590657-1.png (909.05 KB,1280x720)

There's nothing to really be tempered for, what are you even talking about?

Maybe, but it would have been bound to happen anyways…and you should stop thinking about things like a video game.


File: 1605742591717.png (613.92 KB,1000x1099)

Eh? Ozymandias? Why would he be jealous? Does he want to be a superhero, too?


File: 1605742672622.jpg (113.96 KB,896x1024)

I'm certain he would love to be a superhero! He does enjoy that kind of thing now and then.


File: 1605743222558-0.png (1.35 MB,1280x720)

File: 1605743222558-1.jpg (417.24 KB,1000x1000)

We haven't been going from space to ground as often as we did back home. I hope we don't get too accustomed to gravity again…

Heroes perform better under pressure!


File: 1605743274722.png (392.42 KB,627x885)

Oh, he's already a superhero, though! You should tell him that he's a hero to his friends, family, and people! And to his Master! And really everyone he knows!


File: 1605743501020.jpg (59.01 KB,350x525)

Further laughing!

Ah, but he does love adding to his titles…he's got quite a few, I'm sure you recall!


File: 1605743557067.jpg (456.89 KB,600x845)


It's healthy to have a bit of gravity in your life, though. The human body doesn't exactly do great in environments without it, no matter how much you exercise.


I know, life isn't supposed to be a game, but I can't help not thinking about the parallels, you know?

Suruga places his pad down and glances over at Kei

You want to take bets on the next big thing that'll show up here?


File: 1605743747231.jpg (42.55 KB,522x716)

Haha, yeah…D-…Do you think he'd…he'd like "superhero to everyone he knows"?


File: 1605743925886.jpg (122.86 KB,580x660)

Oh, something along those lines…possibly 'hero to all peoples of all lands, foiler of evil-doers, slayer of villains!'


File: 1605744077664.png (1.14 MB,1280x720)

Real people don't.

Okay, I bet it'll be Hellfire.


File: 1605744494097.png (419.1 KB,672x871)

I think that'll do just fine for a new title!
Giggles a bit
Manaka's a ho


File: 1605744615431.jpg (1.7 MB,1748x1996)

V/V has once again found herself terrorising Tyki's nuts at the Black Butterfly !
But this time she's under strict supervision.


File: 1605744697206.png (1.21 MB,1280x720)

I mean, we always had gravity, it just isn't always…natural.

But aren't we heroes?


File: 1605745135753.jpg (287.62 KB,800x800)


I'll take that bet. What do you wanna wager?

He pokes his tablet a few more times


We're not just heroes, Izuru, we're Majestic Princes. We're royalty amongst the commoners, but we need to prove ourselves worthy of a such a title.


File: 1605745412544.jpg (125.63 KB,1200x950)

Sage nodding!

We went through quite a few heralds back in the day…sometimes they would lose their voices in the middle of reciting his titles!

Ah, of course that was merely the stress caused by mortals having to speak so many divine names in one go! So naturally I made sure they were properly taken care of :D


File: 1605745460697-0.png (1.29 MB,1280x720)

File: 1605745460697-1.png (1.1 MB,1280x720)


I guess whoever wins pays for the other's lunch for a week?

and then suddenly Asagi decides to finally speak up from his position in the chair next to the desk.
"Do you guys always have to talk about this stuff in my room?"


File: 1605745608787.jpg (152.36 KB,772x1082)

Bars are far out of 2B's element, but for the sake of her companion, she's come along for the trip. She'll do more than terrorize nuts if she has to, but for the time being, she seems calm.
How did you find out about this place, anyhow.


File: 1605745722109.png (284.03 KB,600x700)

Mnn…Wasn't that just because we were MJP?…Besides, holding yourself over others isn't very heroic…

C'mon, onii-chan, it's like old times!
Old times was like…a month before they showed up in Leyang


File: 1605745778284.png (460.56 KB,659x920)

Awww. And to think, you don't think of yourself as a hero!


File: 1605745906896.jpg (59.53 KB,1280x720)

You could say she's a regular. Though I've yet to grant her any alcohol.


File: 1605746051363.jpg (454.5 KB,626x746)

I'm just the one who keeps the wheels greased.

Nefertari waves a hand dismissively!

It's really nothing spectacular!


File: 1605746124831.jpg (550.92 KB,1900x2375)

One day I got a little lost and I just walked in here, but then you found me and brought me home.

So I kept coming back to eat all his nuts.


File: 1605746304701.png (2.51 MB,1415x2660)

If you think about it, though, it's not really the hero who decides that they're a hero. It's the people who they've saved.


File: 1605746351205.jpg (140.81 KB,829x963)

Dorothy may or may not have just fallen out of her chair somewhere in the background.


File: 1605746437159.jpg (122.86 KB,580x660)

Hmmm, I suppose that's true!

Still, having it be official is nice!


File: 1605746590186.jpg (2.54 MB,2400x3250)

Eh? Official? How would it be made official?


File: 1605746686455.jpg (63.86 KB,533x431)

By being part of an organization, I mean!

Nef waves a hand again!

But don't worry about it. You must tell me how things have been going for you! :D


File: 1605746740767.jpg (659.68 KB,854x1200)

I keep summoning Assassins.
And they're all really…kinda sexual.


File: 1605746804397.png (880.76 KB,800x1131)



Is that a problem?


File: 1605747112892.jpg (996.37 KB,1833x2414)

Ah…I…I mean, no, but…
You know…
I don't…just want them to be…like that…because it's fun but because it'll be…special for them…Be-because we care for each other and all that…
Bond levels, yo


File: 1605747250077.jpg (92.85 KB,413x413)

Ah, I didn't realize you were a romantic! :D

Well, I'm sure if you're firm with them they'll respect your wishes!


File: 1605747339757.jpg (72.46 KB,380x463)


Just like the princes of old, we were 'born' into our positions of power, Izuru. The people trust us to wield the power we have for good things.

He shifts in his chair slightly, still tapping away



And then an ASAGI SHOWS UP

Where else would we talk about important things like this?


File: 1605747491120.jpg (499.17 KB,1200x848)

I mean…Tha-that's okay, right? I…I mean, all of my Servants are so precious to me…
Shouldn't…they be?


File: 1605747512616-0.png (1.12 MB,1280x720)

File: 1605747512616-1.png (1.34 MB,1280x720)

"'Old times' wasn't even a year ago."

"Someone else's room!"

Kei looks at Suruga with a brow raised

Saying we were born with it isn't exactly accurate either.


File: 1605747691039.jpg (114.72 KB,1024x1024)

…oh! Right.
How could she have forgotten that? Androids aren't supposed to forget things. 2B makes a mental note to defrag before bed tonight…
As long as you're enjoying yourself.

A tight-lipped grimace implies an emphatic "GOOD" at hearing V/V hasn't been served liquor.
Thanks for keeping an eye out for her. We're…
What are they now? Friends doesn't seem like right right word anymore.


File: 1605747695273.jpg (125.63 KB,1200x950)

Hey. Hey you. You're getting a HUG. It's SUPER COMFORTING.

Of course! I can only speak for myself…but I gather that Steve treating me as a human is somewhat unusual…so I'm grateful to him for that, as I'm sure your servants are to you!

Have a COMFORTING PAT. Nefertari also smells faintly of cinnamon. It's quite relaxing, and almost familiar!


File: 1605748077304.png (1.38 MB,1280x720)

The conversation brought about by Suruga's statement hangs in the air for a bit
…We never really got to decide our own course, did we?


File: 1605748313288.jpg (34.81 KB,512x512)

Must she?
Yes, well…I'm limiting you to one bowl per day.

Tyki has been around the block and practically has it memorized. The insinuation does NOT escape him
…Really?…You and her, huh?…Didn't know she understood that sort of intimacy.

No offense, of course.


File: 1605748585263-0.jpg (562.51 KB,1448x1600)

File: 1605748585263-1.png (468.53 KB,600x900)

Ritsuka takes a moment to settle into this hug. Nefertari may hear a light "powawaaaa~" come from Ritsuka as she's buried in hugs
Eheh…W-well, yeah, but I'd still like them to know me better before…you know…stuff…happens…


File: 1605749084091.png (264.97 KB,433x869)

Mmm, I suppose it is more fun with people you know!

She chuckles!

Although there were always new girls around the palace. It was politically expedient for my beloved to pick up a few new wives now and then!


File: 1605749119774.jpg (329.79 KB,768x1024)

Mhm ! They're really tasty, you should have some.

Awww, can't you make it three ? Or four ?

Anyway it's alright, she taught me a few things about it on the couch. And then all our flowers bloomed a lot…
She ponders this for a moment.
It was really lovely.


File: 1605749402082.jpg (42.55 KB,522x716)

…Hey, um…So…I mean, Ozymandias was always a loving husband to you and everything…Was he to…everyone?


File: 1605749611270.jpg (122.86 KB,580x660)


Ah…well, I think, to be honest, I was the one he truly loved…the others he…cared for. He's a good man, but the heart only has so much room, you know?


File: 1605749741137.jpg (107.5 KB,805x1200)

Thinks for a bit as she sorta…wobbles
The heart only has so much room, huh?…


File: 1605749886697.jpg (155.58 KB,850x601)

Nefertari will gently, but firmly, prevent Ritsuka from falling over!

She'll nod!

There was a degree of trust as well…we had known each other for quite a long time, you see!


File: 1605750029934.png (285.47 KB,700x700)


Am I going about it all wrong?
I see…I think this conversation's really helping me…


File: 1605750283459.png (415.29 KB,650x950)

My advice may not be entirely applicable to your situation, of course…but I'm glad I can be of some help :D


File: 1605750455360.jpg (158.3 KB,720x900)

EH?!…I mean…uh…Oh? You do-…Erm…Right…


File: 1605750839895.jpg (135.46 KB,1457x1032)

That's alright, food isn't really…
There's a pause, and then-
Actually, yeah. I will.
She has all the parts needed for it, after all. Plucking one of the nuts from the dish, she crunches down on it slowly, looking like a complete weirdo as she consumes food for what is likely the first time.
…weird. But 'good weird', I guess.

Neither did I.
The poor android sounds flustered and tense already, talking about things she's barely come to grips with herself to a total stranger.
She understands a lot, though. Maybe people ought to listen better to her-

2B has to thump on her chest to stop from coughing and choking.
Let's not talk about that in public okay


File: 1605750999827.png (1.03 MB,1280x720)

…Wow…I'm…tempted to pour you a drink. I won't, but I'm tempted.

…Are you of drinking age? Do you want a drink? Maybe water to start?


File: 1605751264266.jpg (122.86 KB,580x660)


Head tilt! It's adorable!


File: 1605751352923.jpg (170.42 KB,538x816)

Eheheh…I-it's nothing, don't worry! I just…I think I need to figure things out on my own after all…I…Can I tell you a secret?


File: 1605751412357.jpg (68.08 KB,640x1079)

Of course!

Is very trustworthy!


File: 1605751547210.png (416.04 KB,600x719)

It really is a secret though…So you can't tell anyone! Not even Ozymandias!
Looks around a bit then leans in to whisper to Nef


File: 1605751619444.jpeg (26.84 KB,245x350)

I shall keep it to myself 'til the day I die!

…Or…well, I'm sure you get the idea.


Hmmm, aw, even me?

Eyebrow raise!


File: 1605752012894.png (908.74 KB,1000x1114)

W-well, it…I j-…Shhh! There are…you know…I mean, I respect that there are those I've never met and ones that I ca-…Loo-…I me-…
Blushes furiously and bows her head low
Little bit…


File: 1605752165836.png (1020.08 KB,1170x1170)

V/V intensely watches 2B eating the nut, seemingly mesmerized by this whole ordeal. Her wings flap slowly along with 2B's chewing.
Aha, I knew you'd like it. Maybe you can persuade Tyki into giving you a few bowls.

Awww, why no—

2B broke and V/V looks terrified that she might have broken her
Ah— !
But then she can speak again
Will it make it better if she gives 2B a quick kiss on the cheek ? She's going to.


File: 1605752182809.jpg (63.86 KB,533x431)

Hmmm, well! Perhaps we can…ah, what is it people do these days?

Go see a movie?

Nefertari is doing a good job of projecting absolute innocence!


File: 1605752500091.png (910.53 KB,1001x1400)

Eh? Eh?! D-do you want to?…I mean we could…go as friends?


File: 1605752608651.png (415.29 KB,650x950)

Of course! I'm interested in the culture of this world! I haven't had a lot of time to enjoy it…

If you like, I can ask Steve to come as chaperone. He'll make sure there's absolutely no funny business :D


File: 1605752836197.jpg (157.2 KB,1108x1179)

N-no, I don't wanna bother him! It's okay, I'll be totally respectable! Completely as friends and just friends!


File: 1605752923892.jpg (118.85 KB,850x565)

Its a date, then :D


File: 1605752956494.png (2.2 MB,1641x2200)

Water's fine, thank you.
Would liquor even take effect in a synthetic body? 2B isn't quite sure she wants to experiment to find out.

That sort of thing is just better kept…private.
The smooch is appreciated however, and she thanks V/V for it with a pat on the head.
A few bowls, huh. And I imagine you'd want to "share" some with me.


File: 1605753183164.jpg (447.97 KB,1061x648)

Holy fuck, muh kokoro
Y-yeah!…Yeah, it'll be great! A-and let Ozymandias know that he has NOTHING to worry about from me!


File: 1605753323636.png (5.03 MB,2894x4093)

Because even if you want me to, there are many around you who are holding me to a strict moral level.

If last time is any indication, she will do no such thing.
Slides 2B a glass of water
For you, miss.


File: 1605753565716.jpg (147.65 KB,850x1052)

Oh, he wouldn't mind us being together at all! He had more than a hundred wives when he was alive and…well, it did get rather boring sometimes!


File: 1605753762464.jpg (1.24 MB,1228x1736)

Mhm !
V/V smiles !
I'm not gonna say I won't try to steal all of them while you're not looking.

She thinks hard for a moment, trying to come up with a solution to this problem.
Alright, I won't tell if you won't.
One of those people is literally sitting RIGHT THERE


File: 1605753843778.png (523.38 KB,800x905)

…And you're not just making fun?


File: 1605753896066.jpg (9.38 KB,225x225)

I wouldn't dream of it!


File: 1605754257616.png (6.21 MB,2508x3541)

Then…I'm looking forward to it!…Eheh…


File: 1605754709770.jpg (216.27 KB,1280x1024)

The glass is drained in one gulp, and the faintest bit of steam can be seen wisping from 2B's ears.
I can cover what she's eaten until now, if you'd like.
Some treasure hunting here and there has let the gold in her wallet pile up, especially with how little she needs to spend on herself.

A deadpan stare is leveled at the oh-so sneaky angel.
Well I'm glad you wouldn't say it.
Git u a little pinch on the cheek
I still think it's probably not a good idea for you to go getting inebriated.


File: 1605754743343.jpg (239.13 KB,850x1204)

shall we call that a fade?


File: 1605754978154.jpg (791.79 KB,1378x2039)

…Nope. No can do.

Believe me, my dear, her enjoyment of my nuts is payment enough. Though I'm still limiting her because I can only provide so much for free, after all.
Refills 2B's water


File: 1605755430594.jpg (287.62 KB,800x800)


I guess not…

He shrugs a little bit, still draped over his seat and refusing to move


I suppose not…

He shrugs and sighs

What do you think, Izuru?


File: 1605755610375.png (1.32 MB,992x1403)

Pinched !
Inebriwhatnow ?
I don't know if I can get that, but I'll never know if I don't try it.

Aw, but…
Lovely 2B is here to keep an eye on me though.


File: 1605756193143.jpg (506.12 KB,1200x1600)

You're lucky these accidental puns are sailing over 2B's head
If you're sure. Thank you, though.

It's what happens when organics drink alcohol. They get dizzy, and light-headed.
…but I guess I can't stop you, if you're that curious about it.
At least this way there's someone around to keep a sloshed angel from causing too much trouble. Surely this can only go well


File: 1605756353578.png (1.17 MB,1280x720)

Not really. Look, trust me, Tyki is RIDICULOUSLY bullshit
…Is that permission? Are you sure about this?
Is already pouring a glass


File: 1605756736602.png (1020.08 KB,1170x1170)

Hooray~ !
Whatever happens, I promise not to do like Mercury is doing over there.
A promise not to accidentally terraform the planet into Venus. Then again, acid rain wasn't her old body's thing either.

Come to think of it I don't think I can even do that, and I don't wanna try to.

It sounds like permission to me.
She's watching this glass !


File: 1605757423294.jpg (520.95 KB,875x800)

I wouldn't stop her from making her own choices. I trust her judgement.
The worry is becoming visible in her features.
…maybe give her something weak, though

That…would probably be best not to do, yeah.
Do angels puke? 2B will probably be figuring that out by the end of tonight.
Just pace yourself, alright.


File: 1605764901814.jpg (384.38 KB,656x928)

Something light to start us off, then, right?
And he mixes up something fruity and mild
Don't drink it all at once. Sips, you hear?


File: 1605793966008.png (1.29 MB,1280x720)

"Do any kids ever really get to decide where their life goes before their adults?"

I mean, they must…right? Not everyone has to fight evil space aliens.


File: 1605812317648.png (1.49 MB,1280x720)

Eh? What do you mean?

…I think they do…But for us…
He pauses
It doesn't really change anything for me, but…


File: 1605817077338.jpg (1.7 MB,1748x1996)

V/V giggles !
Haha I'm just kidding, that's super not gonna happen.

She has a curious sip !
And another.


File: 1605822014804.jpg (2.84 MB,2480x3508)

Dollar notes are slid across the counter in his direction for the drink (and maybe a wee bit more for good measure).

One would hope not.
It's hard to resist a face and a giggle like that. At least she seems to be enjoying her first drink…
There's harder stuff than this, but it's best to start slow.


File: 1605822238007.jpg (157.36 KB,636x900)

Pace yourself, now. I don't take drunks in my establishment.
He says it jokingly but it is a factual statement
The bar nuts are more a compromise to keep Jill happy

Nods subtly
Are you sure you don't want a drink of your own? Besides water, I mean.


File: 1605823101036.png (1 MB,992x1403)

Liquids are usually pretty soft though…
She has no idea what hard means in the context of alcohol.
Anyway if it was going to happen it probably would have last night, right ?
V/V taps her chin as she ponders this

And that's alright, I can't be a drunk if I don't know what it means.
That's how that works, right ?


File: 1605824235720.jpg (129.62 KB,800x1131)

She takes a second to mull this offer over. After a glance at V/V though, she bites back her hesitation. Maybe curiosity can be good, sometimes.
I guess I could try one.

Walked right into that one
Harder, as in, more potent. More dizzying.
2B goes bright red again, but she fortunately doesn't start coughing this time.
I…guess you've got a point.


File: 1605824411142.png (1.11 MB,1280x720)

My dear, you don't have an ounce of self-restraint, don't you?
Does not say that with any amount of malice
At any rate, it's the people who don't know how to get drunk that find themselves drunk more often.

Mixes her up the EXACT SAME DRINK
Or kind of drink
Take it slow, now.


File: 1605825110261.jpg (550.92 KB,1900x2375)

It's supposed to be dizzying ?

I don't think anyone could ever restrain me, much less myself.
That's what that meant, right ?
V/V is all smiles


File: 1605826284323.jpg (86.27 KB,959x1000)

Cautiously paced as she always is, 2B drinks in small pecks, circuits already buzzing with strange new sensory information to process. She doesn't seem too off put by it though, and soon enough the glass is emptied. Her lips smack together a lil bit.
Not bad.

A little bit. Or a lot, if you take too much.
Wait no this is just making it sound more tempting
Ah…but I'm sure you'll be fine with just one or two.


File: 1605826894692.png (1.17 MB,1280x720)

…Just…take your time with your drink, please.

Please don't encourage the lass too much. While I'm open to her exploring new sensations and all, I don't think I want to see her on a bender.


File: 1605826979481.png (804.65 KB,1280x720)


Some do, some don't, I suppose.


You think something's big is in our horizon?


File: 1605827339046-0.png (1013.85 KB,1280x720)

File: 1605827339046-1.png (1.18 MB,1280x720)

"Maybe we should ask that Kabuto guy."

What do you mean it doesn't change anything for you?


File: 1605827499176.jpg (582.41 KB,868x1224)

What's that like ?
She's never been dizzy before, but now she's curious

But I am taking my time.
… Aw… It's empty. It was really tasty though.


File: 1605827855484.png (771.63 KB,1280x720)

…I don't know…

Kabuto guy?
Because I'm going to be a hero anyway! I can still do that on this path we've been put on!


File: 1605829255747.jpg (89.1 KB,388x389)


I wonder what'd happen if we die out here. Would you guys want to be buried on this planet or shot out into space?


You think that's a good idea?


File: 1605833132506-0.png (1.12 MB,1280x720)

File: 1605833132506-1.png (1.17 MB,1280x720)

I guess that's true, nothing would stop you from doing anything you set yourself to. And all the consequences of it.

"What the hell kind of question is that!?"


File: 1605833249704.png (158.51 KB,308x267)

Raph grabs at the arm as it's burned by the gauntlet. He has half a mind to try and rip it off but it appears to be gone at this point. He sneers in annoyance at the new mark on his arm

You know if you wanted to give me a tattoo you could have just said that much…neat trick though if true.


File: 1605833945862.png (1.28 MB,1280x720)

Well, if I die a hero, maybe I'd get my own monument!

Yup, that's right!
Oh my god, that was not…Fucking Izuru


File: 1605834615062.png (735.25 KB,1280x720)


An important one! I mean, it's probably cheaper to bury me, but I'm sure your body would manage to survive longer in space, right?


I think we'd all probably get something like that.


File: 1605834628546.jpg (164.96 KB,656x800)

Well it's more a brand than a tattoo I think. At least I'm pretty sure there isn't any ink involved, but then again it's not actually my magic, so I might be wrong on that.
She shrugs
Either way, you're on the team now. It's so far you and a somewhat mad girl named Alice, Who I'm sure you'll meet soon enough. Goodluck fighting back the chaos~
And with that Lambda gives a small wave and vanishes into a cloud of pink butterflies!


File: 1605835288520.png (1.17 MB,1280x720)

Izuru that's not…
Kei and Asagi both just put their face in their hands

"Honestly at this point I rather just be cremated, if I HAD to answer."


File: 1605835386263.png (129.71 KB,219x308)


Raph waves his finger in a circle, before sighing and heading back up to the surface. He wonders if that dumb guy with the piercings is still around


File: 1605835819073.png (970.79 KB,1280x720)

…But really, I'm not ready to die yet.


File: 1605836003960.gif (2.97 MB,239x217)

Today on the adventures of the head of Dramaville's Student Council

Minami is currently being elegant and sipping a mocha drink while taking a few notes about marine life on this planet

As opposed to Marine life, which is just lots of frilly dresses and punching giant baddies


File: 1605836162732.png (541.94 KB,1280x720)

If those are my donuts, I'll fucking kill you
So we're hanging out
I'm probably sippin' some fuckin' pumpkin spice whatever
Hm…I dunno, I don't get it…
Anyway, I need to talk to you about something.


File: 1605836361316.png (564.51 KB,1280x720)


Why u so basic white bitch

Minami looks up from a sketch she's made of some of the fish swimming around the local lake at Kirara

What's on your mind?


File: 1605837083548.jpg (287.62 KB,800x800)


But would you want your ashes scattered around in space or on the planet…?


None of us are.


File: 1605837136749.png (779.92 KB,1280x720)

My name's not fucking Kiara
I'll strangle you and keep HaruHaru to myself, don't make me
Same thing I imagine's on yours. We need to talk about HaruHaru. And I know you can keep it to yourself but I need to remind you that this is between us…well, and Towacchi.


File: 1605837519536-0.png (1.01 MB,1280x720)

File: 1605837519536-1.png (1.27 MB,1280x720)

"On the planet, probably."

Nobody ever really is, I think.


File: 1605837694320.png (1.36 MB,1280x720)

…Yeah…So let's stay alive, alright?


File: 1605838707756.png (811.32 KB,1280x720)


Of course I'll stay quiet, Kirara. So, about HaruHaru…did we figure out just where our enemy is hiding?


File: 1605839155975-0.png (1.11 MB,1280x720)

File: 1605839155975-1.png (1.12 MB,1280x720)

…Are you kidding? Why wou-…Never mind. No, we still don't know. Why would that be secret? We're not gonna gung-ho chase him down on our own, we can barely fight him with all of us combined, much less the three of us left.


File: 1605839542751.jpg (116.2 KB,1280x720)

HEY LOOK, it's a Phos. Phos is currently engaged with…a fishtank! Namely staring into ones depths and watching the fish-antics taking place therein.

…I guess they're alright, but I like jellyfish more…

These don't even light up…


File: 1605839577530.jpg (623.53 KB,2221x2492)


She shakes her head a little sadly.

I still wish there was some way we could fight him. But I suppose we should focus on Haruka for now…


File: 1605840279299.png (350.91 KB,640x480)

Why are you talking to the fish?


File: 1605840394688.jpg (88.33 KB,1280x720)


Phos is gonna peer over at this small child. Look is relevant.

I wasn't talking to them. I was talking to myself. 'Cause they don't respond to anything I say. 'Cause they're boring.


File: 1605840667954-0.png (655.25 KB,1280x720)

File: 1605840667954-1.png (607.88 KB,1280x720)

File: 1605840667954-2.png (612.09 KB,1280x720)

…Which iiiiis what I wanted to talk to you about in the first place.
Is she okay?

It's something I thought about during the last invasion while you were escorting some civilians to the shelter. I've already discussed it with Towacchi and I'm pretty sure she feels the same way I do.


File: 1605840761294.jpg (25.34 KB,544x400)

They're fish, onee-san. Of course they don't talk.
Mamoru is confus. WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!


File: 1605840855273.jpg (93.53 KB,1280x720)

Of course they don't talk! But jellyfish will at least respond! They can flash or jump or something.



File: 1605841051452.jpg (29.19 KB,544x400)

Oh…I guess you're right about that, but it's not like they'd understand what you're trying to say to them…
Her hair…looks like mine when I detected Zonders.
Also he thinks Phos is a girl, is funny


File: 1605841085012.png (136.09 KB,475x450)


Let's hear it, Kirara.

She's going to shut her marine notebook closed and adjust her seat, sitting up slightly. to pay attention to her magical girl friend.


File: 1605841255983.jpg (97.05 KB,1280x720)



…Who are you?

Phos is technically aware that children are a thing, but then Phos' best human friend is Konata who's probably even shorter than Mamoru so this doesn't seem all that odd.


File: 1605841355671.jpg (317.82 KB,600x591)


If they spread you around a field or a forest, at least you'd be a part of the plants that grow there…

Suruga shrugs a little.

Then again, if they dumped you in the upper atmosphere, the ashes would make a pretty light show…


Let's. I'm gonna do my best to make sure we stay alive.


File: 1605841415851.png (1.12 MB,1280x720)

lol you wish
Minamin…Do you love HaruHaru?


File: 1605841573305-0.png (1.22 MB,1280x720)

File: 1605841573305-1.png (1.06 MB,1280x720)

"I definitely plan to do my best to keep us all alive."

Same here.


File: 1605841583893.jpg (846.19 KB,921x1200)

My name's Mamoru! I'm a special officer here at GGG! It's kind of a long story.


File: 1605841652351.png (1.24 MB,1280x720)


Of course I do, Kirara. She's a dear friend to me - how could I not?

She's going to give Kirara a warm smile.

There's no way I couldn't. Why do you ask?


File: 1605841663354.png (1.2 MB,1280x720)

Me, too…I think we'll be okay if we're all watching each others' backs…


File: 1605841836770.jpg (100.25 KB,1280x720)

'Officer' is like a person that's in charge, right?

Doin' a suspicion!


File: 1605841994562-0.png (1.24 MB,1280x720)

File: 1605841994562-1.png (576.53 KB,1280x720)

Actually cuts of Minami at around the word "friend"
Don't misunderstand me, Minamin…Or rather, don't dodge me. Because I do love her. And so does Towacchi. I feel confident that you do, too. What I'm not confident is about whether or not you're brave enough to admit it.
Harsh, especially coming from Kirara
The only thing I'm not confident in myself about is whether or not I'm brave enough to accept that other people do. I'm the kind of person who goes for her dreams with %100 of what she's got. So if HaruHaru won't accept all of us, I'll see to it that I'm the one she does accept. Do you understand what I mean?


File: 1605842158493.jpg (40.37 KB,544x400)

Mmm…Not really. It's more like I just kinda have a special duty that no one else could do. What's your name?


File: 1605842244146.jpg (96.59 KB,1280x720)

Phosphophyllite…but just Phos is fine. I'm…uh…I live here. With Antarc. I dunno where they've gone…


File: 1605842552117.jpg (31.39 KB,544x400)

Pretty sure you just gotta ask TC and he'll do the thing
Ooh…That's…long for a name. But Phos is fine! Phos-chan, then! It's nice to meet you, Phos-chan!

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