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"I thought Ron and Jon were the same person and we just interspliced whichever we felt like" ~ TC, 6:54pm CST, 11/28/2017

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ITT: Good boys


File: 1605289467911.png (12.74 MB,2160x3840)

It's really far fetched.

>>White mage

Zana reads Merilda's blush and shifting like an open book.

If you want to…

She reaches out, offering her hand to Merilda, and silently mouths…
"Take me."


File: 1605289580731.jpg (135.94 KB,864x838)

She really likes them.

Can't tell him the whole story though…


File: 1605289643809.png (586.26 KB,1280x720)

Fuckin' better not
Hmhm…I guess that's fine then…D'ah, crap, I'm still hungry…


File: 1605289650668.jpg (105.95 KB,477x689)

>White Mage
I mean pigs are actually… Ya know what, nevermind, let's not ruin pork for you.
And with that I think it's time I went out to the shops anyway.
… But still, not in the kitchen Zana.


File: 1605289726191.jpg (435.78 KB,680x400)

Well…There's not a lack of restaurants around here. Anything you wanna eat in particular?


File: 1605289754494.jpg (339.22 KB,1500x1382)

It was in ruins.

>>Basement noises and switches

… Something's in the basement.
Alice also goes and flips both the switches !


File: 1605289920855.png (335.52 KB,1000x1000)


Oh god don't read me like that!

A… ah…

Look, Zana's already like 95% of the way there.


Well, I don't mean… like…

… I like chocobos. I don't like pigs or sheep or cattle.


File: 1605290270691.jpg (2.3 MB,1577x1658)

Eugh…Do you smell that?

The basement?
Nods to the kitchen's trap door
There, you think?


File: 1605290302727.png (634.12 KB,1280x720)

Eh? What, are you treatin'?


File: 1605290554486.jpg (285.89 KB,480x640)

…Are you crazy? I was just gonna give you a suggestion.


File: 1605290831469.png (24.43 MB,3840x2160)

Right right, bedroom.

Zana is all lustful yet sincere smiles !

If you'd let me… I'd love to show you just how special you are.

She emphasises that first part somewhat, as if to reassure Merilda that she's welcome to decline if she doesn't want it.


File: 1605290963823-0.jpg (93.81 KB,626x640)

File: 1605290963823-1.jpg (18.06 KB,547x196)

Alice has activated the kitchen light! And also a light in the basement, as they can now see a glow coming through the cracks in the trap door. The trap door has heavy looking chains on top of it! But they aren't actually hooked onto anything at the moment. Whatever was shuffling down there doesn't seem to have reacted to the lights being turned on, so that MIGHT be a good thing?


File: 1605291278219.jpg (78.89 KB,640x873)

I like them too! I just also like them with bbq sauce.
Anyway! Have… uhh fun?
And with this Ozma will head out!


File: 1605291367751.jpg (685.83 KB,1653x1169)

Yeah. There.

Alice walks over to the trap door as the vorpal blade transforms in a swarm of blue butterflies into this PISSED OFF looking hobby unicorn with its fiery eyes and smoke flowing from its mouth.

Alice smash ? Jill has a moment to stop her if she wants to stay stealthy.


File: 1605291979866.png (307.89 KB,608x900)


Now that Ozma is out of the picture, Merilda is going to make a herculean effort and manage to stick to her convictions, resisting the temptation of Zana and


yeah they're probably boning down inside of 30 seconds.

Which seems to me like an opportune place to fade!


File: 1605293174180.jpg (211.04 KB,804x1580)

Wait wait, not that! Just…open the door. Slowly. From behind it.
Jill stands a safe distance in front of the trap door with her gun aimed at it


File: 1605293220468.png (1008.82 KB,1280x720)

What the hell! Don't make it sound weird then!


File: 1605293490669.jpg (158.09 KB,343x384)

…I have a girlfriend, why would I treat a guy I just met to anything?


File: 1605293633330.png (1.12 MB,1280x720)



File: 1605294216845.jpg (25.74 KB,300x321)

We just met…

Arado sighs.

Anyway, you still haven't answered my question?


File: 1605294273786.jpg (80.39 KB,1280x720)

Assuming that Alice listens to Jill, opening the door will reveal… Some steps down into a basement! Unfortunately it these steps seem to go down the middle of the basement, so seeing the whole thing would be difficult, but Jill can see a table off to the side at the bottom of the steps with a sweater and some candles on it! Also a… uh, mummified severed human head. BUT MOSTLY THE SWEATER.
There's other stuff on the table too, but it's hard to tell what it is. No sign of anything moving.


File: 1605294428084.png (702.92 KB,1280x720)

I dunno! That's why I was confused!


File: 1605294927859.jpg (123.51 KB,480x640)

You get confused easily…


File: 1605295204872.png (672.02 KB,1280x720)

YOU AIN'T BEEN NOTHIN' BUT RUDE T'ME SINCE I GOT HERE! What's the matter with you?!


File: 1605295655200.jpg (601.13 KB,802x1200)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 6

She does indeed listen to Jill and crouches down to slooooowly open the door, trying not to rattle the chains ! That'll be the d20.
There's not terribly much to see from her side, so she looks up to Jill to see how she wants to proceed.


File: 1605296036309.png (599.11 KB,700x978)

I was just stating a fact…


File: 1605296117239.png (1.11 MB,1280x720)

You ain't the one who gets t'decide who's dumb and who ain't, asshole! Maybe I ain't the best at thinkin' but that don't mean I'm retarded!


File: 1605296189733.png (21.43 KB,600x600)

Boy fucking howdy that was loud
So much for the quiet approach. Don't worry about it, I don't think we'd be doing this quiet for long anyway. C'mon!
And down she goes, gun ready, hopefully with Alice on her heels


File: 1605296658771.png (3.18 MB,1920x1080)

I never said you were retarded.

Arado sighs.

Alright alright…I'm sorry I was being rude to you.


File: 1605297108075.png (813.98 KB,1280x720)

…Eh?…I wasn't expectin' that…Uh…Yeah. Sorry for gettin' pissed.


File: 1605297447505.jpg (133.73 KB,350x350)

Well…Anyone would get pissed after all that…

Anyway…I'm gonna go buy that giant teddy bear.

And find a way to smuggle it into GGG without Seolla seeing it.


File: 1605297507890.png (685.68 KB,1280x720)

Yeah, uh…good luck, ah?
And off he goes


File: 1605323893481.png (58.78 KB,386x389)

She has just flung open the doors of the Black Butterfly with her characteristic energy!

I return from my glorious conquest! Bar wench, pour me a pint of your finest ale!


File: 1605324138980.png (393.51 KB,1280x804)


boy is it ever a good thing that Nae has met Dorothy before and is at least a little bit familiar with her Dorothy-isms because surprise, Dorothy, it ain't Jill behind the counter.

And just when I was beginning to think it was going to be a quiet evening.

She says this with much bemusement.


File: 1605326019833.jpg (107.8 KB,689x590)

"Conquest? That sounds fun."

For the bar isn't empty. There's a girl with pink eyes present!

Hang on, was this girl always here? Pretty sure she wasn't here until dorothy showed up.

"I would also like ale."


File: 1605326128751.png (205.84 KB,462x768)

Oh, hey Nae! Is Jill out? That's too bad!

Swinging herself right up to that bar!

Hiya! Don't think I've seen you 'round here before! Name's Dorothy Haze!


File: 1605326899094.jpg (200.93 KB,851x557)



Congratulations, you spooked this definitely-not-a-thri-kreen.

Oh, goodness, I didn't see you there! I'm sorry.

A quick bow of her head.


She isn't feeling very well tonight, so I offered to fill in for her and sent her home with some mint tea.

Nae makes very good tea.

She makes fair mixed drinks at best, so Dorothy wanting ale will save her from being sad about a sub-par Piano Woman.

An ale for each of you, then.

Time to get some mugs and get that tap working.


File: 1605327719512.jpg (267.07 KB,1213x589)

"Haven't seen you here either. Seen you around Koko's plenty."

Sneaky sneaky.

"Lirum Ashalenset. Nice to meet'cha."

Lirum not so subtly smiles at this reaction. All according to plan.

"Oh not a problem. I haven't been here long."

Maybe about 5 minutes or so. No she did not use the front door. Sometimes she does but not this time!


File: 1605327903330.jpg (12.89 KB,300x240)

Hmm…I'll have to drop by her place later!


Dorothys grin is definitely 100% innocent.

Oh? You know her too? She's the nicest catperson in town! :D


File: 1605328214737.png (498.07 KB,1280x933)


Well, front door or not, have a mug of ale! It is fine ale.

Lirum, you said? A pleasure to meet you. Asazaki Nae.

Does Lirum know enough about oriental culture to know the family name is given first?


Also have a mug of ale!

To make sure she's feeling alright, I hope, and certainly not to make any advances on her while she isn't feeling well.

There is a subtle tone of 'I will be so disappointed if you give me the wrong answer' in her voice.


File: 1605329322807.jpg (138.85 KB,906x593)

"I can't argue with that. But only cause I don't know any other cat people though."

Lirum does not know this. Her Seneschal was from Not-Japan though.

"And you as well. Having a swell evening I hope?"


File: 1605329377669.jpg (215.25 KB,850x1275)

Of course not! Although that's not to say she might be in need of some cuddling! Lilim are excellent cuddlers, and we're immune to your pathetic meat-creature viruses!


I know a few more…but they're not here either, so she takes the title!


File: 1605330743472.png (533.4 KB,960x1280)


Oh, a fair enough evening. It's been fairly quiet… which is for the best, likely. I'm not an especially good bartender.

At least not from the 'making drinks' side of things. She's a phenomenal conversationalist.


I might take offense to that remark were it to come from anyone but you, Dorothy.



File: 1605331182779.jpg (190.08 KB,1095x592)

"Yeah? How does she compare to those cat people? I hope they don't always frown too. can't be good for your face being that frowny."


"Oh i'm sure you're a fine bartender. I can already tell you're better than my uncle."

How can she tell? The bar is clean.


File: 1605332138828.jpg (392.88 KB,752x900)

I'm not saying that meat-creatures don't have their upsides! :D

Like booze. You're pretty good at booze!

Mmm, well, the one I knew back home was pretty tsundere.


File: 1605332430498.png (391.94 KB,635x900)


That's terribly kind of you to say, but the truth is I struggle with even simple mixed drinks. I'm sure Dorothy can attest to that, no matter how generous she is with sparing my feelings on the matter.

This is said with not the slightest trace of sourness on the subject.


Nae's going to stifle a giggle at that one.

Well, so long as we're still good for something at least.


File: 1605332879373.jpg (163.98 KB,742x595)


Lirum has yet to be introduced to this word.

"Still probably better. They didn't serve mixed drinks on where i'm from!"

That she knows of. And she's going to take this moment for a swig of her ale!


File: 1605332965259.png (58.78 KB,386x389)

And 「BEEP」ing.

She censored herself for comedic effect!

Y'know, where they act all grumpy but actually they're just a big ol' softy! :D


File: 1605333668083.jpg (183.95 KB,900x820)


It is fine ale! I'm pretty sure Tyki buys only the finest product for his bar.

At least when he can afford it.

Ah, you flatter me, miss Lirum.


Nae doesn't bother to stifle the giggle this time.

Well, of course. I dare say I came to a similar conclusion some time ago…

Y'know, having A: been a brothel worker once upon a time and B: established a WILD sex life with Tyki.


File: 1605334880076.jpg (280.71 KB,1230x726)

"Ooooh I knew someone like that yeah! Didn't know there was a word for it."

Good thing i'm in a bar right now. Miss 'ya Shandra.

Another big swig of Ale is taken!

"Actually make that two people. Her grandfather was like that too."

"It's the truth. You're doing a fine job."

… I wonder what she ment by beep?

Unlike these two ladies, Lirum is not very experianced in that area!


File: 1605335096316.png (156.87 KB,800x800)

Of course! Similar careers, right!

Dorothy swigs some of that ale!

You and Tyki must be getting along well, then!

Her grandfather? I don't know if that applies to grandfathers…there's probably another word for that!


File: 1605336591583.png (2.33 MB,1500x1211)


I suppose it would be only appropriate of me to accept the compliment, at this point.

And she bows her head to do so.


Oh, yes. We're getting along quite well indeed. It's only appropriate, though… we're to be married.


File: 1605337363537.jpg (101.36 KB,722x592)

"Ya think so? He was extremely grumpy but he very clearly cared about people. Good luck getting him to admit it."


"Married eh? How long?"


File: 1605337511771.jpg (392.88 KB,752x900)

Of course, of course! And my offer to help out with either the bachelor or bachelorette party still stands!

Mmmm, it's a pretty fine distinction! But tsundere kinda implies 'cute' as well!


File: 1605338601719.jpg (352.33 KB,1046x1280)


Oh, we're still only engaged since about a year ago. He wants the wedding to be perfect, so it's taking some time to plan. I've told him that I would be perfectly happy with just a simple ceremony at the shrine on the mountain, or even just something at home. But he's got a romantic streak that might surprise you, so he's insists on nothing short of "perfect".

Leaving out all the poetic hyperbole that would probably be inserted there.


Well, you'd still need to talk to Jill about the bachelor party. I don't have any plans for a bachelorette party, so to speak.

Oh no, she just admitted that.


File: 1605339600826.jpg (198.29 KB,1343x590)

"Well i've learned something today. Just Shandra then."

"I see. I can understand the mindset though. If you're going to get married you gotta make it good."


File: 1605339688492.png (62.98 KB,330x406)



This is, quite possibly, the one and only time Nae has seen Dorothy 100% dead serious.



File: 1605339824138.jpg (267.76 KB,922x1280)


Oh… it's quite sweet, don't get me wrong. But sometimes I wonder if…

Hold that thought.


… eh?

This is going to have Nae a bit taken aback.


File: 1605340646525.jpg (252.33 KB,1368x629)

Lirum does not understand why the robutt is now serious.
Nor does she know what a bachlorette party is and why it's a serious matter.
Therefore and thusly she looks quite perplexed.

"What's the problem?"


File: 1605340793710.png (62.29 KB,317x408)

You are definitely having a party. You're going to eat penis-themed jello products and drink drinks with suggestive names.

If you're going to have to stick to one person for the rest of your life, you've gotta go out with style! It's important.


File: 1605341396888.jpg (709.3 KB,932x1149)


Look, Nae knows half of those things and she's STILL perplexed.


Oh man, Nae's antennae are gonna twitch at the mention of penis themed jello!

… is all that really necessary? I mean… there's no such tradition where I'm from, after all.


File: 1605341540173.jpg (280.71 KB,1230x726)

"Wha- how and why does that involve penis themed… anything? What is jello? Whaaaa…"



File: 1605369569642.jpg (47.71 KB,656x343)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 18

As the duo charge down the stairs, the lights will flicker briefly! As Alice is in the back, something will reach through the steps and attempt to grab her leg and trip her on her decent! Jill will reach the bottom unmolested


File: 1605370237736.jpg (382.57 KB,700x845)

Dice rollRolled 1d20+5: 20 + 5

I was going to surprise them with a loud noise, but if you think this works better…

Alice super doesn't appreciate feeling someone grabbing her leg.
She appreciates it so little she turns into a swam of blue butterflies hurriedly flying down the stairs ahead of Jill where she'll be put back together.

But does she trip and fall into Jill before she can react to being grabbed ? +5 modifier to this roll for butterflies


File: 1605373041219.jpeg (249.14 KB,900x900)

Wh-whoa! Is that a thing you can do?!
Hastens down the stairs


File: 1605374553766-0.jpg (243.6 KB,1600x1090)

File: 1605374553766-1.png (11.59 KB,652x451)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 8

The hand fails to grab Alice! and quickly darts back into the darkness behind the stairwell! The lights have stopped flickering, and the duo should be able to see into the area where the grabber was, but they don't see anyone. Spooky!

From their postion at the bottom of the stairs they can see that this basement is roughly the size of the entire cabin, and littered with junk. Various sharp instruments, large tree branches are scattered about. The wall on the other side of the stair well (Which they can see pretty well now is covered in power tools. The table with the severed head contains a large number of unlit candles, as well as some leathery looking books and what seems to be a dagger made out of bone.

The south side of the basement is still in shadow, as it seems the lights installed in this area have burnt out!

Where do you investigate?


File: 1605375483221.jpg (263.95 KB,1500x2000)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 5

Something tried to grab a hold of me, what else could I have done ?

Alice is, perhaps to a worrying degree for Jill, seemingly unphased by the severed head and other horrific items.

What a nasty smell. Do they never wash down here ?

Again with the dry humour. She stays in the light, but looks into the shadowy area !


File: 1605377275426.jpg (232.63 KB,1150x900)

N-no, I just mean…It was kind of neat. Anyway…I imagine it's only going to get worse…Thinking we shouldn't move while I call for backup…


File: 1605377730810.jpg (80.39 KB,1280x720)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 3

Alice won't be able to make out anything in the darkness! However, she will hear a sound coming from it, but she's unable to determine exactly where
Good cops are bad at horror scenarios. Jill will see something dart out from behind the stairs into the shadows! It was pretty small, maybe a rat?


File: 1605378902638.jpg (608.14 KB,810x1000)

Well, I for one would rather take this fight outside.

From hammerspace, Alice produces a white plushy rabbit in a top hat and a red coat. It's holding a rather loud pocket watch.
She places it down on the floor and pushes it with her foot, rolling it into the darkness.

Out. Now.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Hopefully it distracts whatever it hiding in the darkness enough to let Alice and Jill get back out of the basement, Alice goes to walk back up the stairs !


File: 1605383580352.png (1.77 MB,606x1540)

Jill's about to aim for the small thing darting out of the stairs, but…

…Oh. Oh, you…Oh.


File: 1605384895038.jpg (130.57 KB,1280x720)

The REDACTED has been successful confused long enough for the two to make their way up the stairs! Both things in the shadows will make to follow them, not really having any concept of what Alice just did!


File: 1605386084206.jpg (1.04 MB,1020x1500)

Tick. Tock.
As soon as Alice and Jill clear the basement stairs, Alice takes out her own pocket watch and presses its button !
Tick. BOOM. The rabbit explodes with about the same force as two sticks of dynamite !

Jill better still be running straight outta the house with Alice, 'cause it's probably gonna take out at least the floor above it.


File: 1605386709297.jpeg (33.92 KB,472x472)

Nah, Jill was running like fuuuuuck
Holy shit, you don't hold back, do you?


File: 1605387451250.jpg (37.75 KB,900x517)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 20

As the people now guilty of destruction of property exit the house, they will come face to face with a 7 foot tall zombie juggernaut! This begs many questions:
How long has he been out here?
If he's here, what was going on in the basment?
Why does he seem much angrier than he did last time you saw him?
Unfortunately the closest thing to an answer for these questions is a thundering explosion, causing a good chunk of the cabin to cave in. On the plus side, this is not something Jason was expecting, so it staggers him as he's winding up to swing at the two exiting the building!

Mean, something from the basement is yelling! That voice also sounds quite angry and somewhat demonic.
I just finished fixing this!


File: 1605387846702.jpg (700.57 KB,1173x684)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 15

I've learned that holding back is how you get killed.

Who that was in the basement is a good question, but Jason is currently more important than the answer and the yelling.
Alice wastes no time going for an overhead swing with the hobby unicorn, aimed squarely at Jason's head !
It's got a lot of reach and a lot of force behind it !


File: 1605388180113.jpg (2.3 MB,1577x1658)

An accomplice?!
Points her gun at this wreck of a house



File: 1605388735940-0.jpg (425.68 KB,782x476)

File: 1605388735940-1.png (18.16 KB,300x209)

Dice rollRolled 2d20: 10, 9 = 19

Jason raises his Machete to block this unicorn! Die 1
A… let's call him a man, floats upwards out of the wreckage of the house!
Accomplice is stretching it!
He's going to swoop in and attempt to tackle this cop. Die 2


File: 1605389226165.jpg (1.02 MB,1200x848)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 4


Looks like Jason got his head bonked on !
Alice follows up with a horizontal swing at his side. It's hard to reach his head with that one, but maybe she can break some bones or knock him over !


File: 1605389716810.jpg (141.31 KB,800x1035)

Dice rollRolled 2d20: 10, 7 = 17

Jill is going to attempt to actually hop up, stomp this zombastard into the ground (die 1) and then cap him in his STOOPID HEAD (die 2)

Good girl


File: 1605389991301-0.jpg (152.61 KB,748x1024)

File: 1605389991301-1.jpg (10.97 KB,190x266)

Dice rollRolled 2d20: 16, 11 = 27

The bonk will stagger Jason backwards! Unfortunately, the follow up hit is too slow to be effective and Jason will catch the horse with his free hand! He will try to yank it out of Alice's hand! Die 1
Ed is fly kicked out of the air! The bullet will hit him in the neck, drawing a small splatter of green blood, but otherwise not seeming to do much.
Gah! I'll swallow your soul!
Ed gets up and charges at Jill again, this time staying on the ground and running, trying for a swipe of his claws as he gets close. Die 2


File: 1605390805714.jpg (233.12 KB,826x1200)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 8

The unicorn is yanked from Alice's hand !
Alas, the vorpal blade won't be held by just anyone. It poofs back into its normal knife shape and flies back to its owner's hand, whether it means having to rip or cut itself out of Jason's.

The yanking slowed things down a bit, but Alice catches the knife and goes for a wide slash at Jason's abdomen !


File: 1605391027910.jpeg (26.81 KB,500x860)

Dice rollRolled 3d20: 7, 2, 12 = 21

Jill grumbles about how she really should be a better shot than that at point-blank range
Chalking it up to nerves, she tries to step back out of the range of this swipe (die 1) and take a couple of shots at Ed's head again (dice 2 and 3)


File: 1605391344610.jpg (11.06 KB,480x360)

Dice rollRolled 2d20: 4, 14 = 18

Jason would have thrown it to the ground once it was out of Alice's hand, so it will fly back from the ground to Alice! Alice's slash makes contact, but doesn't cut deeply, and Jason will use this attack as an excuse to bring his machete down on Alice! Die 1
Jill is having a bad time… She's is swiped at, cutting her arm slightly, her first shot doesn't actually fire anything. Apparently one of the bullets in her clip was a blank. The second one will hit him Ed in the nose, causing him to jerk his head back! He will then snap it forward again, and let out a high pitched laugh, as he makes another attempt to tackle Jill! Die 2.


File: 1605392442289.jpg (3.96 MB,2708x2708)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 3

Being too slow on the machete, Jason brings it down on the air as Alice poofs into a swarm of blutterflies to reappear behind him !
She'll try to cut through his spine !


File: 1605392612361.jpg (107.57 KB,540x675)

…Well, he feels pain. Let's see how much.
Hey, Ed, what's your favorite musical theater? Mine's the NUTCRACKER

Get it? 'Cause I kicked him in the balls?


File: 1605392990828-0.png (18.16 KB,300x209)

File: 1605392990828-1.jpg (98.07 KB,751x1063)

Having seen her do this before, Jason will spin around as she vanishes, in time to be cut through the Stomach instead! Yaaaay black viscous stomach acid is now leaking out of him! Undeterred he makes another attempt at a swing! Die 1 (12)
>>Jill I forgot to quooooote
Ed is kicked in the balls, which is a pain I'm pretty sure Deadites can feel. Ed will howl in pain!
Gah, stupid human body parts!


File: 1605393492605.jpg (706.55 KB,1510x2297)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 6

Alice gets slashed with a machete while she slices through Jason's stomach !
That hurts, and now some of the blood on her dress is her own.

Not one to let pain deter her though, she produces another rabbit bomb and tries to jam it in Jason's stomach hole.
If it gets in there, she'll butterfly her way back away from him ! If it doesn't, she'll still do that but instead just lets the rabbit fall to the ground.


File: 1605393993276.png (41.68 KB,340x494)

I…cannot believe that worked…It's bad that that's cathartic, right?

Is that ba-Alice! Are you okay?!


File: 1605394440713-0.jpg (13.81 KB,550x310)

File: 1605394440713-1.jpg (68.46 KB,1280x720)

Jason will watch this thing fall out of his stomach, and then start to charge at Alice! Oh no!
While Ed is recovering, Jill will feel something grab onto the back of her neck!


File: 1605394593173.jpg (96.86 KB,417x710)

Oh, where is that bonehead…
Seolla is on the search through the halls of GGG looking for her BIG DUMB STUPID RETARDED IDIOTIC……b-….


File: 1605394695783.jpg (839.32 KB,1980x1224)

No !

I hope Jason likes explosions between his legs, 'cause Alice is pressing the button that makes the rabbit go boom !


File: 1605394735607.png (2.36 MB,1920x1080)

Arado is currently training in the simulator.

Tch! They weren't kidding when they said the higher difficulties are actually hard.


File: 1605395066630.jpeg (125.25 KB,350x450)

Jill is gonna go for YE OLDE POLICE BRUTALITY and go for an armbar on whoever just grabbed the back of her neck

Well hang in there! Kinda got my hands full here!


File: 1605395271838-0.jpg (69.14 KB,646x800)

File: 1605395271838-1.jpg (29.2 KB,334x500)

File: 1605395271838-2.png (18.16 KB,300x209)

Jason does not like those! Jason will be thrown forward by the force of the explosion, losing his machete in the process!
Unfortunately for Ms.'Stop Resisting' There is no arm for her to bar! The hand on the back of her neck just grips tighter! Meanwhile Ed has managed to get back on his feet
Okay… Let's try this again…
Swallow your soul!
Ed goes for yet another charge!


File: 1605395653558.png (23.32 KB,256x256)

And then there's a knockin' on the simulator door
Are you in there, Arado?


File: 1605395811801.jpg (1.98 MB,2048x2732)

As Jason is thrown forward, Alice lunges at him !
She moves like she's going to go for an upwards smash with a much longer weapon than a knife, which might not make sense for the first moment.
But as the vorpal blade poofs back into the hobby unicorn mid-swing it'll make a lot more sense, just in time for its head to bash Jason's head and/or ribcage in @:


File: 1605396059747.jpeg (33.92 KB,472x472)

Jill, her foe temporarily put down, starts trying to pry those fingers off her neck

We'll get you fixed up later, boo


File: 1605396449181-0.jpg (11.06 KB,480x360)

File: 1605396449181-1.jpg (51.69 KB,576x800)

Jason will be smeked in the ribs with this horse, causing him to fall backwards! He is now lying on the ground not moving!
Someone needs to give the Deadite a cup… Ed falls to his knees again, The hand will start to be pried off, and will start pinching harder with it's remaining fingers @:


File: 1605396604564.jpg (202.92 KB,850x992)

It's absolutely necessary! There has to be at least one item of penis-themed food at a bachelorette party, and jello is objectively the best for that purpose.

Nod nod!

Dorothy throws up her hands!

I'm surrounded by barbarians!

…But don't worry! Future space android Dorothy will show you the proper way of things!


File: 1605396795422.png (2.14 MB,1035x1300)

Just gotta get somecunt to make me ANGY

Alice moves to stand over Jason, raising the hobby unicorn over her head… !
If Jason keeps not moving she'll try to crush his ugly face with it !


File: 1605396937089.jpg (141.31 KB,800x1035)

That's it. Knife
Jill releases the hand for now and holsters her pistol so as to take out her KNIFE and stab at this hand. Not too deep, obviously

I wish I had ANGY healing powers
I'll need them if I have to stab myself in the NECK


File: 1605397055009-0.png (2.91 MB,1920x1080)

File: 1605397055009-1.png (2.46 MB,1920x1080)

File: 1605397055009-2.png (3.21 MB,1920x1080)

Arado was super into it until the knock on the simulator door distracted him. He turned to look at where the knock was coming from.


Then he got shot down.


He looks back at the main screen and sees the dreaded "GAME OVER" message.

Aw man…

Arado sighs and opens the simulator's door.


File: 1605397137503.png (2.15 MB,1920x1080)

Looks around Arado once the door opens
Were you…actually training?


File: 1605397224356-0.jpg (310.9 KB,2048x2048)

File: 1605397224356-1.png (34.67 KB,512x288)

File: 1605397224356-2.png (18.16 KB,300x209)

Jason's eyes will open, and he will roll out of the way and get back on his feet. He's surprisingly fast at this
Not stabbing too deep is a good idea! The hand will be stabbed and let go, dropping to the ground
Ed will once again scramble to his feet, and try one more charge,this time prepared to protecticles his testicles


File: 1605397237377.jpg (133.73 KB,350x350)

Y-Yeah…Figured we'll be seeing a lot more action with the whole Hellfire thing. So decided to shake off the rust and everything…y'know?


File: 1605397283317.png (24.75 KB,256x256)

That's…oddly responsible of you.
Nice work.


File: 1605397406201.png (2.17 MB,1920x1080)

Smiles back at her.


Feels great to be complimented by her.

Want to train with me at some point?


File: 1605397498567.jpg (170.03 KB,617x871)

Well, we'll need to coordinate our schedules so that we do it at the same time. But that shouldn't be too hard. Unless you meant right now. In which case, sure.


File: 1605397785943.jpg (532.96 KB,960x1280)


Nae is gonna give Lirum a clueless look because SHE DOESN'T KNOW EITHER.


I… suppose I'll have to take your word for that…?


File: 1605397798381.jpg (75.32 KB,600x692)

Hmm…Maybe another time. I've been in there for a long time now.


File: 1605397955751.jpg (209.26 KB,700x784)

It's easy, just get beat up enough to go into a demonic rage that makes you invulnerable and doubles your strength

Jason is probably happy that he moved his head away from that spot. Now there's a small crater where his head was.

But Alice follows up with a sideways swing at his legs !


File: 1605398255308.jpg (280.71 KB,1230x726)

"I grew up in a swamp, I have an excuse."

… Not that city people were doing that. Probably.

The future is clearly a strange.

"She seems properly determined to teach us."


File: 1605398383080.png (1.12 MB,1280x720)


What else can I tell you about me?

Gentaro says this as though it's the most obvious thing in the world.

My name's Kisaragi Gentaro!

She already knew that.

I'm 15 years old! I've ridden a lot of motorcycles thanks to my granddad, KIsaragi Goro. He raised me since I was a kid and owned a motorcycle repair shop!

She probably didn't know most of that.

I love making friends, and space! Ah, I don't know a whole lot about space though, the science-y stuff was always something my pals Yuki and Kengo were better at… but that doesn't mean it isn't the coolest thing!

Gentaro pauses to give a deep nod.

Some day I'm gonna get out there and make friends with all kinds of aliens. I'm really looking forward to the day mankind can do that! But I still got lots of friends to make here first though!


File: 1605398439559.png (205.84 KB,462x768)

Dorothy's gonna polish off her ale!

Seriously though, you've gotta have a party! I'll understand if you want SFW food…but you're not going to go quietly into monogamy!

Even swamp people should have bachelorette parties!


File: 1605398860378.jpg (492.74 KB,1280x876)


So it would seem…


You say that as if it's something to dread. We've already been together and… well, more or less exclusive for a few years now.

She doesn't get it, but she's starting to feel a bit bemused about the whole thing.

… well, since I didn't have any plans for such a party and you're clearly so enthusiastic about it, would you like to be in charge of planning it, then? I'll entrust myself to your expertise.


File: 1605399477608.png (24.67 KB,256x256)

Hmmmm? Alright then. Well…then what do you want to do?


File: 1605399487903.jpg (163.67 KB,931x592)

"I… I don't think that was thing. We just had weddings."

She is curious despite her immense lack of understanding.

"We already know one element of this is penis food. Dare we learn what else is involved?"


File: 1605399533763.jpg (99.95 KB,500x514)

Hmm…How about we head back to our room for now? I have something to show you.


File: 1605399567362.jpg (281.61 KB,666x858)

Nagisa can't help but giggle a bit. But she's not laughing AT Gentarou, that much is clear
You really take making friends with everyone seriously, don't you?


File: 1605399678117.png (1.33 MB,1280x720)


Of course I do! Anything a man really decides he needs to do, he should do 100%! That's what I think, anyways.


File: 1605399695266.jpg (12.89 KB,300x240)


I'll do it! :D

Dorothy is clearly VERY PLEASED.

Weddings are boring! Unless they're those weddings where you pay guys to come kidnap you and then get to be the heroes in an action plot! I went to one of those once…it was pretty great! Although the groom's brother got shot when the police showed up…he said it was worth it!


File: 1605399734469.png (23.73 KB,256x256)

…What kind of something? Because I'm still tired from yesterday…


File: 1605399940780.jpg (589.68 KB,768x1024)

Wasn't expecting her to say that…

Well, I got you a gift. But if you're feeling up to it….

Arado grins a bit as he puts an arm around her waist and brings her a bit closer to him.


File: 1605400002647.jpg (63.61 KB,640x480)

That's a pretty good way to go about it. And…you know, I used to think aliens might not be real. But with how many mixed up dimensions and everything are here, I guess there must be life out there, right?!


File: 1605400082953.png (24.75 KB,256x256)

She dodges the arm and goes to the other side of Arado
I said I'm still tired, you jerk. Anyway, let's go, I want to see what you got me.


File: 1605400132361.jpg (155.23 KB,390x520)

Arado laughs a bit.

Alright! Follow me then!


File: 1605400338892.png (1.16 MB,1280x720)

I know where your bunk is, Arado.
She rolls her eyes as she follows


File: 1605400510358.jpg (51.9 KB,400x506)

Well, duh. We live in the same quarters.

And they made it. Arado will open the door and there'll be a huge box in the middle of the room.

There you go Seolla! This is the present I got you!


File: 1605400640497.png (892.64 KB,1280x720)

For a while
A-Arado…You didn't…


File: 1605400714969.png (23.15 KB,256x256)

Arado just smiles.

Open it and find out.


File: 1605400799908.jpg (53.08 KB,443x922)

Seolla will open this box of delight in a great bit hurry
Did you save up a lot of money for something this big?


File: 1605400928848.jpg (55.7 KB,344x422)

It took me awhile to save up for it…But I knew you'd like it.


File: 1605401072019.png (249.86 KB,600x600)

And she opens the box which, I imagine, carries the big stuffed bear from that other session
Oh my gosh…How did you know?


File: 1605401221953.jpg (133.13 KB,577x814)

Don't say her panties. Don't say her panties. Don't say her panties.

Last time we were out downtown, I saw you take a long look at it…Firgured you wanted it.


File: 1605401385717.jpg (330.41 KB,1280x830)


Well, I'll hold you under no obligation to learn what else is involved, but I certainly dare. It ought to be fun.

Open mind!


Smile smile!


… though I most certainly am hoping there are no kidnappings or shootings at my wedding.


File: 1605401826591.png (45.17 KB,300x300)

…Did we pass by a toy store last time we were downtown?
Hmm…Well…I like it, either way.
Hoisting the bear up, she starts hugging it as she brings it over to her bunk to put in the corner
It's so big!


File: 1605401929325.png (1.32 MB,1280x720)


Aliens are definitely real! Or even if not aliens, then some kinda life. I know that for a fact! Take it as a Kisaragi Gentarou guarantee!


File: 1605401975091.jpg (264.25 KB,1680x1050)

"Wha- I- that sounds… kind of amazing?"

Is that really the kind of thing people do in the future?

Knowing her luck if Lirum ever did try to get married the groom would be kidnapped the night before the wedding. And not because it was planned.

"Oh no I do want to hear this. I just didn't think i'd learn about something like this in my travels."


File: 1605402204147.jpg (135.94 KB,864x838)

Don't think they ever did. But it was either that or panties.

Arado will smile when he sees Seolla so happy.

I chose the right one…

Glad you like it!


File: 1605402204450.png (205.84 KB,462x768)

Well, we could arrange for something else!

Anyway…what kind of party do you want? I know what I would do for a bachelorette party, but gimme some idea of what you think it should be too!

It was! I bet there's companies like that in Sternbild, too! I'll have to see if they'll come out here…


File: 1605402311580.jpg (59.49 KB,640x480)

Eh? You sound like you've met some kinda life in space…Have you?


File: 1605402380403.jpg (181.23 KB,1195x1024)

Oh, trust me, I'm fully aware, but it's for the best that Seolla never does
How much did it cost you? Not too much, I hope…


File: 1605402727921.jpg (301.38 KB,1043x1486)

Arado smiles.

Don't worry about that. Seeing you happy is priceless to me.


File: 1605402769075.jpg (96.86 KB,417x710)

…It was very expensive, wasn't it?


File: 1605402900297.jpg (193.25 KB,450x411)

Arado sighs.

Don't worry about it…We don't have to worry about money that much.


File: 1605403117500.jpg (96.09 KB,675x900)

Alright, alright…
Sighs and continues hugging BEAR
Still, I'm…really glad.


File: 1605403374230.png (1.09 MB,1280x720)


Eh? No, not really life in space…

I can't tell her about the Presenters. That kinda thing needs to be a secret.

I just think that it's gotta be out there somewhere! That's all.


File: 1605403550895.jpg (913.4 KB,883x1280)


Just hear it? You're more than welcome to come to the party yourself, if you like. I don't have many friends outside of Tyki's family, you see.

She says this not in some kinda self lamenting tone, just sort of matter of fact!


Oh, I don't know what kind of parties are appropriate for this sort of thing… but wouldn't choosing that spoil the surprise anyways?

Nae bows her head!

Feel free to make it any sort of party you like… just nothing too wild, yes?


File: 1605403632894.jpg (258.66 KB,992x1432)

Arado will sit down next to her.

Let me know if you want another one at some point. They still have a few big ones…


File: 1605403837398.jpg (81.42 KB,640x480)

Yo, Nadeshiko, tho'
…You know…If you're so sure about it, it must be true!
She means this wholeheartedly
I mean, there's aliens all over Leyang, right?!


File: 1605404033774.jpg (1000.87 KB,1227x857)

Eheh…That's sweet of you, but…this one will do just fine for me.
Big hugs for…the bear
So don't worry about burying me in teddy bears.


File: 1605404151366-0.png (1.14 MB,1280x720)

File: 1605404151366-1.png (1.48 MB,1280x720)


… HUOH! I never thought of that before! There's already aliens around here that I gotta go make friends with!

Gentarou is gonna GRAB Nagisa by the shoulders.

Yo, thanks for reminding me about that! I gotta go see if I can find any of 'em right now!

A big nod! And then Gentarou is fucking RUNNING away.

I'll see you at school later, Misumi-chan!

Wow look at him go.


File: 1605404229384.jpg (165.26 KB,1158x591)

"I wouldn't be surprised if there was. It's an impressive city."

"Hmm… well that would explain why you'd invite a total stranger. That does raise the question of who else you plan to invite? It's not much of a party with only a few people."

Even she knows this much.


File: 1605404241810.png (1.79 MB,1920x1080)

And Arado will hug Seolla.

I'll bury you in my hugs instead.


File: 1605404339010-0.jpg (64.65 KB,640x480)

File: 1605404339010-1.jpg (59.96 KB,640x480)

…Eheh…I hope he remembers that it's time for school, though…
And she's on her way to school. NAGISA MADE A FRIEND


File: 1605404378843.jpg (90.57 KB,850x563)

Well, I mean I can take care of the details, but I guess I'm asking…what kind of theme do you want?

She's gotta know what costume to have the stripper wear!

That's a good question too! How many people're we talking here?


File: 1605404400824.png (26.2 KB,256x256)

Get a hug back, loser
…I'm still too tired from last night to do more of that today, though…


File: 1605404623400.jpg (487.38 KB,1280x976)


I'm sure I'll rustle up a few more people. Jill, perhaps. I'm sure Lulu Bell and Road would enjoy it as well… perhaps Sanae, although… perhaps inviting a shrine priestess isn't the best of ideas.


Oh lord please no strippers.

Hmm… well…

She looks down to her own outfit, the very nice kimono.

Why not something at least a little familiar while you're otherwise assaulting my sensibilities?

She says this in a light manner, of course! Not accusing Dorothy of anything inappropriate, y'know.



File: 1605404784323.gif (43.62 KB,300x500)

There will be strippers and you'll FUCKING like it


File: 1605404786180.jpg (501.72 KB,700x856)

It's fine…This is enough for tonight…

He'll whisper to her.



File: 1605404824340.png (24.75 KB,256x256)

Rolls her eyes and shoves Arado over
Can probs fade there


File: 1605404951037.jpg (220.81 KB,1190x592)

"And you said you didn't have many friends! And you should absolutely invite the priestess."

She hasn't met Sanae but the simple fact that Nae thinks it's not the best idea makes Lirum want to see it happen.


File: 1605405332560.png (62.29 KB,317x408)

Hmmm…I think I can manage! There was a lot of Japanese influence in Glitch City! I might have t consult you on a few things, though!

Oh, and what's your favorite flavor of jello?

Nae's pretty reserved! But everybody she meets likes her :D

And yeah! Definitely bring the priestess! It's wedding-related, right? :D


File: 1605405437334.jpg (181.36 KB,934x1280)


I'm just not sure it would be… appropriate.



Absolutely no hesitation! She loves peaches.


File: 1605407006820.jpg (286.58 KB,1680x714)

"I certainly haven't met anyone tonight I didn't like."

Likeable people all around!

"No, but it'd be fun don't you think?"



File: 1605407184651.jpg (215.25 KB,850x1275)

Hmmm…I can work with peach!

Well, normally I charge, but in here my company is free!


File: 1605424604220.jpg (508.23 KB,1280x558)


… well…

Little smile!

Maybe a little.


Well, as it should be. After all, expecting other patrons to pay you just for being in the same room…

It would be shameful!

Can I get you another drink?


File: 1605426234950.jpg (280.71 KB,1230x726)

"You charge?"

It's right around now Lirum has connected a few important dots and nods.

"I shall count myself fortunate then."

I don't see no mouth there for a smile captain.

"If it's even a little fun it's worth a shot."

And she'll wiggle her empty glass? Tankard? Mug? whatever her drink came in.

"I'd like more too please!"

Woo alcohal!


File: 1605445641367.jpg (161.3 KB,543x750)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 12

Which I feel comfortable in rolling for, tbh

Babe, I don't have that


File: 1605454983311-0.jpg (166.82 KB,960x641)

File: 1605454983311-1.jpg (58.41 KB,450x338)

File: 1605454983311-2.jpg (38.62 KB,853x480)

Dice rollRolled 2d20: 18, 9 = 27

Ed now has a knife lodged in his eye! He'll stop and pull it out, and then try to throw it back at Jill! Die 1, -3 because depth perception.
Meanwhile the hand has started climbing up your leg :o
Jason, now weaponless, will attempt to grab Alice's head for to try to crush it @: Die 2! The swing for his legs will hit meanwhile, but explosions on Jason aren't as good as they should be, so it'll only put a -1 modifier on his die


File: 1605456409399.png (1.39 MB,2200x2504)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 1

There's more blunt force than explosion @:
Alice's head is grabbed !
That hurts, but she's gone in a cloud of butterflies before he can crush her head.

This time the butterflies swarm all around Jason in a bid to confuse him before flying straight up to put Alice together in the air. She'll come down with a swing at his head from above, here's the d20 !


File: 1605471832868.jpg (118.51 KB,756x1200)

Dice rollRolled 2d20: 5, 1 = 6

Well fuck. Jill's going to try to roll out of the way of that knife (die 1) and, regardless of whether or not she gets hit, she's going to throw the nearest available thing at Ed (die 2). Which is…THE HAND



File: 1605473340488-0.jpg (58.41 KB,450x338)

File: 1605473340488-1.jpg (42 KB,400x278)

File: 1605473340488-2.jpg (68.2 KB,1280x693)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 2

The knife hits jill in the leg! Meanwhile the hand has locked hands with her! It won't be thrown, and now Jill is holding hands with a Deadite
Apparently Jason is not confused by the butterflies, and will swat Alice out of the air when she comes at him! go die go


File: 1605475034399.jpg (839.32 KB,1980x1224)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 8


Alice takes this turn to get swatted out of the air !
Die to see just how bad it goes


File: 1605475351812.jpeg (148.66 KB,350x547)

F-bomb dropped, knife in the leg, and her hand being held by a FUCKING zombie hand. Jill is nettled
I'm tired of this.
Jill pulls her gun back out and just shoots the hand (at a proper angle, she's not stupid) point-blank
Ed will not like what she pulls out of her pocket and throws at his feet

My b, lost track of what weapon you had out. BTW…
So you don't get blinded by the flashbang at Ed's feet


File: 1605475623322-0.jpg (57.61 KB,680x287)

File: 1605475623322-1.jpg (52.01 KB,534x607)

Dice rollRolled 2d20: 10, 1 = 11

Tired of being shot and stabbed the hand will disengage and fall to the ground. As soon as it hears Jill say 'close your eyes' (don't ask how), it will scurry away!
Why are humans always throwing garbage?
Ed bends down to pick up the thing to see what it is!
Jason's going to go pick up his machete as Alice is dealing with being smashed into the ground! Unfortunately the flash bang will go off at this time, blinding both Jason and Ed! Unable to see Jason will run towards the direction of the lake, leaving his machete behind!


File: 1605477150730.jpg (365.48 KB,571x681)

Actually close yours unless you want to see Alice like… Well, like this.

Just as the flash bang goes off, Alice lets out a shrill demonic shriek echoing through the woods. The same shriek Jason is familiar with.
Within a second she'll be right behind him with a knife slash at his spine !
Far and away stronger than she was before, the blade is liable to go deep and all the way through if it connects.


File: 1605490172167.jpg (102.87 KB,372x772)

Gally is currently sitting at the bar at the Black Butterfly. She's writing something down in a notebook.


She'll rip out the page, crumble it and toss it in the bin behind the bar.

No good…

She'll go back to writing.


File: 1605490392646.jpg (46.5 KB,531x647)

Although all Lappland did was walk in the door!

Ohhh, cozy!


File: 1605490779736.jpg (647.55 KB,1896x2148)

Gally tenses up the moment Lappland walks in. She'll look over her shoulder to see who entered. She'll then frown when she sees her.

…Who is that?


File: 1605490880520.jpg (130.51 KB,850x1203)

Striding up to the bar and getting herself a drink, Lappland's gonna flash Gally a wolfish grin!

Something wrong~?


File: 1605491524537.jpg (56.62 KB,770x404)

Gally will turn the barstool so she looks directly at this new challenger.

Not really.

She'll shrug.

Felt like someone really strong entered, that's all.


File: 1605491713184.jpg (117 KB,707x1000)


Lappland chuckles!

"Really strong," huh?


File: 1605491923907.jpg (200.07 KB,796x804)

Gally nods.

Not too unusual in this world, but I was so focused on my work that I almost forgot where I was.


File: 1605492064638.jpg (94.26 KB,850x937)

That's for sure~

I've been looking forward to what a real throw down fight looks like here. It's all been pretty quiet so far though!


File: 1605492566291.jpg (264.37 KB,928x1412)

Heh, there's a fighting arena in this city I think.

Haven't gone there myself yet. Trying to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet and leave the fighting to the others.


File: 1605492793465.jpg (115.57 KB,850x976)

Pff, arenas.

Lappland holds such things in disdain!

If you just want to show off they're great, but that's not really what I'm interested in!


File: 1605492843717.jpg (349.35 KB,800x600)

What are you interested in then? A fight to the death?


File: 1605492937006.jpg (233.41 KB,850x1193)

That does make things more fun!

But I suppose it's a bit more…philosophical~


File: 1605493204752.png (352.51 KB,498x689)

Philosophical? What do you mean by that?


File: 1605493642029.jpg (140.24 KB,850x1116)

Well, it's no fun fighting for no reason, is it?


File: 1605494085217.jpg (118.54 KB,848x448)

Ah…That's what you meant.

What would you fight for?


File: 1605494166437.jpg (110.54 KB,850x987)

Oh, y'know. Truth. Justice. The American way. Those things!

Is obviously (but cheerfully) lying!


File: 1605494198643.jpg (183.47 KB,740x852)

…The American Way? What is that supposed to mean?


File: 1605494341810.png (1.09 MB,825x1568)

No clue! :D

The boss is big on it though.


File: 1605494491521.jpg (271.89 KB,1896x900)

And who's that?


File: 1605494525171.jpg (443.34 KB,826x1169)

Captain America! :D


File: 1605494605094.jpg (48.76 KB,420x602)

…America as in the "United States of America" or something else?


File: 1605494723186.jpg (567.09 KB,745x1200)

I think so?

Wherever he's from didn't exist in my world.


File: 1605494871828.jpg (495.25 KB,1368x2340)

It used to be a country in my world centuries or even over a millenia ago…

Gally sighs.

This world sure is something.

Anyway, he's the leader of what exactly? Can't be GGG. Pretty sure everyone would know with a name like that.


File: 1605494974428.jpg (115.57 KB,850x976)

He's the leader of the Avengers!

Lappland has another chuckle!

We're real life superheroes! It's great fun :D


File: 1605495181828.jpg (80.46 KB,686x600)

Gally raises an eyebrow at that.

Avengers? Real life superheroes? What?

…That sounds ridiculous.


File: 1605495413526.jpg (129.74 KB,850x675)

I know, right?!

But he's serious!

So I figured I'd give it a shot :D


File: 1605495648026.jpg (92.15 KB,378x900)

And how many are part of the…Avengers by now?


File: 1605495794829.png (2.03 MB,778x1100)

Oh, there's a few~


File: 1605495967241.jpg (174.5 KB,645x800)

…This city alone has giant robots and some pretty powerful people defending it.

What is he expecting to do with just "a few"?


File: 1605497691838.jpg (45.28 KB,850x500)

Giant robots! Hah!

Have that wolf grin again!

I'm not afraid of giant robots.


File: 1605497878450.jpg (549.73 KB,1200x675)

Well, you're not attacking this city or it's people. Are you?


File: 1605497931169.jpg (89.99 KB,850x603)

If I was, they still wouldn't scare me.


File: 1605498052764.jpg (62.97 KB,467x600)

Heh, pretty sure they aren't there to defend against attackers our size anyway.


File: 1605498220487.jpg (423.69 KB,800x800)

Exactly! The bigger they are, the harder the fall, right? :D


File: 1605498327369.jpg (245.88 KB,1500x1413)

That still doesn't answer my question though…


File: 1605498421807.jpg (131.18 KB,850x1133)

A few people in the right place can make a big difference, you know~


File: 1605498530001.jpg (391.14 KB,830x1011)

Why not just join up with GGG then?


File: 1605498612786.jpg (115.57 KB,850x976)

'Cause I haven't got a giant robot.


File: 1605499184965.jpg (3.77 MB,2480x3508)

Pretty sure they don't just have giant robots…


File: 1605499919319.jpg (134.45 KB,850x850)

Oh, sure they've got science types and stuff, but that ain't my thing :D


File: 1605500241824.jpg (57.99 KB,400x573)

Hm…Guess I heard wrong then.

Gally shrugs.

Unless the bars in the city come under attack, I doubt I'll get involved.


File: 1605500394298.png (2.03 MB,778x1100)

Really~? Does that mean you've got something to contribute to a fight?


File: 1605500790349.jpg (57.47 KB,433x650)

Gally smiles.

You could say that.


File: 1605500892880.jpg (245.54 KB,850x1205)

Hoh? Well, maybe I'll get to see you in action, then~


File: 1605501152694.jpg (55.9 KB,400x573)

Maybe, but I enjoy my peace and quiet.

Name's Gally.

She'll reach out for a handshake.


File: 1605501332797.jpg (108.07 KB,850x1092)

Call me Lappland.



File: 1605529232072.jpeg (120.35 KB,800x1100)

Jill will check the state of Ed once the flashbang has finished its job

…Holy shit…


File: 1605533339754-0.jpg (9.29 KB,216x310)

File: 1605533339754-1.jpg (40.11 KB,772x300)

You are taunting a special needs child who is confused. I hope your proud of yourself. In any case Ed is thoroughly blinded because he was literally staring at the flash bang. He's now swiping blindly at the air in front of him
Jason is impaled! The knife will catch on his spine, and he'll pull lunge forward into the water! As he enters the water alice will feel the knife cut through his spinal cord!


File: 1605540643102.jpg (715.13 KB,1229x1800)

Right now Alice has a one-track mind to not let Jason go without removing his head from his torso. As the knife cuts through his spinal cord she grabs on to his jacket to throw at least half of him back to land !
Or maybe disappear into the water with him if his legs are still working after that one.


File: 1605540735277.jpg (2.3 MB,1577x1658)


Don't drown or get further murdered on ilu


File: 1605541424256-0.gif (339.46 KB,160x242)

File: 1605541424256-1.jpg (39.77 KB,497x750)

File: 1605541424256-2.jpg (42 KB,400x278)

His legs are still working, and thus Alice will be going for a water based ride with Jason! He'll grasp around for a weapon to us under water, grabbing a rock, which he will attempt to swing into Alice's head
All those shots will connect, blowing off a chunk of his head and taking out the eye on the other side permanently! Unfortunately Deadites aren't the kind of zombies Jill is used to, so this just results in Ed grabbing his face and howling in pain, as opposed to… actually dying.
Righty meanwhile, being not attacked, will scurry back to the crater that used to be the cabin, flipping Jill off before jumping into the hole!


File: 1605542092936.jpg (334.99 KB,650x600)

Literally can't do either of those things rn, it's cool

He'll probably hit her plenty, but just like last time she got mad it doesn't seem to have much of an effect.
She stabs and slashes at his neck while holding on to him ! Off with his head @:


File: 1605542262358.jpeg (57.69 KB,700x875)

Look, if Ash can do it with a shotgun, Jill just need to EMPTY HER MAG INTO CENTER MASS AAAAAAAAAA

Oh ok glhf


File: 1605543046509-0.jpg (123.33 KB,550x367)

File: 1605543046509-1.jpg (39.77 KB,497x750)

This water is now quite disgusting, full of blood and whatever passes for Jason's blood. In a last ditch effort before losing his head, Jason will grab Alice's neck and squeeze as hard as he can! Once his head comes off, the grip is loosened slowly
Boomstick on it's own doesn't kill them either thoooo. But yeah, his head is now removed, as are his hands. The torso will charge in the direction of where the gunshots were coming from, but being headless it has no way to tell if Jill is still even in that direction or how far away she was. It will keep running until hit hits her, or if it misses her it will keep running until it hits a tree


File: 1605543309470.jpg (2.79 MB,1748x2480)

Great success !
Alice grabs a hold of Jason's head and goes to exit the water with it in her non-knife hand !

Hey Jill look what I found


File: 1605543790921.jpeg (281.91 KB,744x1052)

Jill stares as this torso runs past her and hits the tree. She rolls her eyes and reloads before dropping to the ground to pull out the knife and apply pressure to the wound
Hang in there, Alice…

…Wow…Uh…Hey, I could use some help here, actually. If you have a second…


File: 1605544628811-0.jpg (39.77 KB,497x750)

File: 1605544628811-1.jpg (494.26 KB,1624x2048)

As Evil Ed the Evil Dead has lost his Evil Head, the body collides with a tree and falls to the ground, twitching, not really sure of how to act. The demon in Ash's hand knows how to function without sight or a head, this one clearly does not.
Jason's head is removed and the final scene from Freddy vs Jason plays out, but with Alice as Jason and Jason as Freddy. Except the wink. Jason's head, if still alive, is not giving any indication of this fact


File: 1605545451258.jpg (685.83 KB,1653x1169)

You sure ? Looks like you've got that thing handled

Yeah that's pretty accurate
Upon reaching the shore, Alice drops Jason's head to the ground !
Burying it didn't work last time, she figures maybe blowing it up will. So she places down a bunny bomb next to it and detonates it right then and there


File: 1605545712955.jpg (225.65 KB,920x815)

Jill watches this show of extraviolence, though she shields herself with her free hand from any potential debris


File: 1605545832629.png (1.05 KB,256x224)

Jason has been removed! See ya in a few weeks probably!
Alice is rude


File: 1605547674435.jpg (382.57 KB,700x845)

Until next time !

If you cut it off it'll stop hurting
Unscathed by the explosion but probably covered in Jason's brain, Alice walks over to Jill ! Somewhere along the way she returns to her normal look of not quite as much of a walking crime scene.
Her wounds are even all healed up !

My, you look like you've had a day. Come on, let's find someone to patch you up.

She's gonna help Jill up and support her


File: 1605549501494.jpg (104.17 KB,600x800)


Grunts as she is helped up
Thanks. I know a guy, actually. I'll tell you where to find a clinic.


File: 1605575678312.jpg (51.92 KB,708x398)

MEANWHILE, at Hakugyokurou…Yuyuko is enjoying supper. Which is the meal that comes after dinner.
It's a nice evening though, because it's always a nice evening in the Netherworld! In fact, the first snow of the year has started falling!

Ah…it's snowing…


File: 1605575930666.jpg (407.53 KB,800x800)


Ahh, so it is~

Hey, Ran is there! Is this a surprise or was she over for supper? You be the judge!

There's something so serene about the first snow, isn't there?


File: 1605576164997.png (276.48 KB,600x600)

Ah, but it's not even winter yet and I'm gonna have to get a winter coat.

Well this is a surprise, look who just came out of a gap !

Sometimes I wish I was a fox so I could just grow thicker fur.


File: 1605576386521.jpg (98.81 KB,850x471)

Mmm, I'm always glad when fall is over~

Ah, miss Maribel~

Good evening! :D

Have a cheerful wave!

Would you like to join us? Ran's made some lovely dishes~


File: 1605576918587.png (5.39 MB,2508x3541)


I'm just assuming Ran was visiting for dinner.

Ah, Maribel.

Smile smile.

Mmm, well, if you were a fox like me it might not help much. I've only got fur on nine parts of me, after all.


You do have something of an affinity for winter, don't you?

Ran looks out at the snow again. She made fried tofu, of course.

I can see why, though.


File: 1605577250502.jpg (126.01 KB,700x500)

Sure !
I'm always down for Ran's fried tofu.
She's gonna have a SEAT

Yeah but that's nine more parts than me, and nine is basically infinitely more than zero.

Maribel smiles ! Her logic is solid.
But she gets an idea !

Hey, do you think I could just keep myself warm by cuddling your tails ?


File: 1605577354971.jpg (89.59 KB,844x470)

Oh, I don't mind spring at all, though! And summer is fine too~

Mmm, no matter how much she might protest, she's still a kitsune!


File: 1605577937041.png (423.18 KB,657x700)


Well, you might be right there… but let's avoid using my tails to warm up unless it's absolutely necessary, yes~?


Yes, true… but winter is special, is it not?


File: 1605578386866.jpg (99.33 KB,732x768)

Do you think she'd transform into an even foxier fox ?

But my bed has been reeeeeeeaaaaaaaally cold lately.


File: 1605578605316.png (389.73 KB,533x700)

Hmm, that's certainly true!

The quiet is so relaxing~

Oh, she does that occasionally…but it's not as much fun as you'd think~

She can get quite tetchy like that!


File: 1605578993620.jpg (200.88 KB,1000x1412)


It's for the best that I don't answer that question, Maribel~

No one wants a demon fox.

I certainly won't be warming your bed, I'm afraid.


Mmm, it is… and there's something to be said about a cup of hot tea on a chilly winter's day, as well. It's mathematically superior to hot tea on most other days.


File: 1605579341017.jpg (480.15 KB,1000x1375)

Ohh, dangerous. She's really scary sometimes, isn't she ?

I tried…

Maribel sighs in DEFEAT. But then the tea thing

… Ah, it's because of the temperature difference, isn't it ?


File: 1605579876485.jpg (227.19 KB,850x1202)


Yuyuko's gonna have a giggle!

Fufu, it's always so adorable when you use math on strange things~

Yuyuko's going to lean over and stage whisper to Maribel!

When she only had two tails she once tried to come up with a mathematical equation for the perfect fried tofu!

…Oh, yes, Ran-chan can be quite dangerous if she wants to be! And not just dangerously cute, either!


File: 1605580943163.jpg (118.29 KB,707x1000)


Well, not entirely, but that is a significant factor! Well done, Maribel~

Ran is pleased when people follow her mathematics, even however tangentially.


Well, everything can be broken down into mathematics by a sufficiently advanced mind~

Nod, nod!

… ah… please don't tell such embarrassing stories about me, Yuyuko…


File: 1605581286025.jpg (249.08 KB,780x600)

That is dangerously cute !

Aha, I knew it !

Maribel is excited to be right about a math thing !

Whatever the rest is it's beyond me though.


File: 1605581455498.png (819.6 KB,800x900)

Aww…but I wanted to tell her about your adorable lisp!

Leaning in again!

She had simply the cutest lisp!


File: 1605581618130.png (326.29 KB,600x600)


Well, I could take you through the rest of the calculations if you like~

Don't, the last time you agreed to let Ran talk about math it was seven hours and a dozen chalkboards filled with numbers before she was satisfied Maribel really understood what the sum of 7 x 5 actually is.


Do not!

She did.



File: 1605582076115.png (117.97 KB,500x733)

… W-would you warm my bed in exchange ?
It would be a worthy sacrifice

Aww, that sounds adorable !
I wish I could've heard it.


File: 1605583720018.jpg (144.28 KB,850x716)

Yuyuko gives Maribel something approaching a serious look!

If you make that sort of offer, you better be prepared to take responsibility!


I won't let anybody toy with Ran-chan's feelings! Only I'm allowed to do that!


File: 1605584088130.jpg (230.03 KB,533x746)


Hmmm… well, let's not, then.



Yuyuko's getting a pat.

Easy, Yuyuko~


File: 1605584830722.jpg (286.38 KB,1400x1000)

It was worth the try.
I guess I'll have to make do with the fox plushies…

O-of course I'd take responsibility !
I'd even spend the rest of my life with her.

Wait did she just say that

… >_> …



File: 1605584899500.jpg (77.24 KB,670x635)

Oh my~

Yuyuko gives this due consideration.

Purple-eyed fox babies?



File: 1605585906815.png (5.39 MB,2508x3541)


At this, Ran lifts a hand up to her face and covers her mouth with her sleeve.

… oh my.


And a LOOK.

Mathematically impossible.


File: 1605586729823.png (276.48 KB,600x600)

Ah, that's…

Stop it you're gonna make her all red

I mean…

Maribel is about this ready to slip into a gap never to be seen again
She's frantically thinking real hard to come up with an attempt to save herself from embarrassing herself further


File: 1605586905882.jpg (127.12 KB,850x850)

Is it?

…I'm sure I could speak to that Lunarian doctor! I might not approve of her condition, but for Ran-chan's sake I'll do it!


But that does bring up other questions…


File: 1605587020937.png (521.99 KB,800x1285)


I suppose it was somewhat to be expected, but alas, it would never work out~

Laying on the tease!


That will be quite unnecessary! Let's leave crazed Lunarian medicines out of this, shall we?


File: 1605587534229.jpg (115.52 KB,1000x770)



Y'all ever see someone just heavily debating sinking into a hole in the floor


File: 1605587643083.jpg (40.84 KB,708x398)





File: 1605588503265.png (326.29 KB,600x600)


Ah, I'm afraid I can't allow that either. There will be no shriveling or dying today.

Ran nods sagely.


Absolutely. Not.


File: 1605589107150.png (527.63 KB,770x610)


Can I at least sink into a hole in the floor…

Maribel is trying really hard to avoid looking at either of these two bullies


File: 1605589185980.jpg (39.41 KB,708x398)

…But…baby Ran was so cute…

I wish cameras existed back then…


File: 1605589724121.jpg (470.81 KB,707x1000)


You could, but then you would miss out on dessert~



You'll have to settle with your memories, I'm afraid. I've no intention of becoming a baby again… nor making one, whatever the means!


File: 1605590289547.jpg (249.08 KB,780x600)

Ahh, I think…

For a moment she almost seems to weigh the pros and cons of staying for dessert

I'll just-

But then a hole opened up in the floor under her


File: 1605590406756.jpg (95.35 KB,848x468)

But I can't show miss Maribel my memories :<

Ah, you can't go yet! You haven't had desert!


File: 1605590801203.png (384.06 KB,671x760)


Of course, if you stay I might also deign to let you pet one of my tails~


Hold that thought.


File: 1605591183561.jpg (345.22 KB,1412x1000)


But that works
Maribel doesn't come back out of the same hole, but she does come back out of one behind Ran and proceeds to immediately bury her face and as much of the rest of herself as she can manage in Ran's tails

She's not as good at math as Ran is, give her a break


File: 1605591257528.jpg (37.28 KB,708x398)

I taught you well.

Look, Yuyuko has priorities.

Oh my~


File: 1605591771608.jpg (542.93 KB,1000x1278)


Ran will fluff out her tails as they are ASSAULTED. But she otherwise doesn't protest.

That's rather more than one, you know.


Yuyuko is getting a 'works every time' look.


File: 1605627272322.jpg (162.88 KB,1280x720)

It's Recess
Which means it's the obligated time to hang out with friends and continue to worry about unified waifu not having magic
But it's also getting to be that time of year where one thinks about…things…

I wonder when it'll start snowing.


File: 1605627605474.png (1.4 MB,1280x720)

Bitch, I can do that lacey shit, too
Probably before too long. We're in the weather for it.
Shivers a bit
Good thing American schools don't have uniforms…


File: 1605627796395.jpg (131.38 KB,1280x720)

I didn't cap enough winter pictures of Towa, RIP

Agreed, it's nice to be able to wear something warmer right now!


File: 1605628532056.jpg (1.04 MB,1000x1250)

I've only capped up to ep 10 like a dingbat
But I'm posting
Thinks on it for a bit
Speaking of warmer things, you haven't told HaruHaru, have you?


File: 1605628795938.jpg (112.26 KB,1280x720)


Told her what?
This could mean a lot of things right now


File: 1605629397026.jpg (206.98 KB,1525x2048)

Hmm…Safe to assume you haven't, then…That's fine, I haven't, either.
Crosses her legs under the table and plops her chin into one hand
It's harder than I thought, you know? Being honest usually just flows for me. But…


File: 1605629653205.jpg (106.01 KB,1280x720)

Ah that…yeah it's a heavy subject to have to actually say. I expect even for a charismatic and amazing person like you it gets caught up inside, unable to get out.


File: 1605630241967.png (1.31 MB,1280x720)

Oh stop.
Gives Towa a very light shoulder shove
…It's hard, though. Sometimes it's hard to even think about…much less talk about.


File: 1605630727065.jpg (96.79 KB,1280x720)

Come now, you love it.

Towa looks off towards the middle distance

Yes…but at least in a month's time we'll have the perfect chance, huh?


File: 1605631234367.png (817.03 KB,1280x720)

Eh?…You mean Christmas?


File: 1605631294949.jpg (86.85 KB,1280x720)

Of course! A deadline is always a good motivator, no?


File: 1605631415775.png (655.25 KB,1280x720)

Deadlines are one thing, but setting the scene is more important, I think…But it might help, I guess. Letting her know that powers or no powers, she's important to us.


File: 1605631771531.jpg (136.67 KB,1280x720)

Towa nods, that's the most important thing to her as well

Maybe we'll even get lucky and someone will defeat Wolzard by then.


File: 1605632707739.jpg (457.16 KB,1920x1536)

Heh…It would be a good Christmas gift, huh?


File: 1605633184156.jpg (127.32 KB,1280x720)

Definitely, It would certainly be a miracle like in those movies!


File: 1605633356691.png (819.35 KB,1280x720)

…We can't count on luck or miracles, though. We have to make this happen with our own two hands.


File: 1605633497466.jpg (92.93 KB,1280x720)

…Then I suspect it is a miracle we will have to make happen ourselves at some point.


File: 1605633737861.png (1.16 MB,1280x720)

Yeah…But while I think it'd be better if we did it sooner, think of how much worse HaruHaru would feel if we got careless or hasty and ended up losing our magic or worse.


File: 1605634429586.jpg (90.91 KB,1280x720)

She'd feel pretty bad, I cannot deny…though I've been thinking about this on and off, arguing with myself.

Surely…he can't take all of us?
But then even that's being irresponsible.


File: 1605634552488.png (1.11 MB,1280x720)

The fact of the matter is that we don't know if he can. We may not have seen him at his full strength yet.
I don't like it…I kind of wish he was on our side, to be honest.


File: 1605634723716.jpg (106.21 KB,1280x720)

I've seen him turn into a giant centaur during some of those battles. I don't know how prepared we are for that…

A noble idea, especially given my own circumstances. However, even if that were something to desire, we'd have to find a way to break him away from evil.


File: 1605637717575.jpg (345.03 KB,1600x1200)

Oh no, that comment from Ran only makes Maribel hold the tails tighter.
With her voice all muffled up by tails she mumbles something about disappearing and emotional support tails.

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