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"I thought Ron and Jon were the same person and we just interspliced whichever we felt like" ~ TC, 6:54pm CST, 11/28/2017

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ITT: Good boys
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It's for the best that I don't answer that question, Maribel~

No one wants a demon fox.

I certainly won't be warming your bed, I'm afraid.


Mmm, it is… and there's something to be said about a cup of hot tea on a chilly winter's day, as well. It's mathematically superior to hot tea on most other days.


File: 1605579341017.jpg (480.15 KB,1000x1375)

Ohh, dangerous. She's really scary sometimes, isn't she ?

I tried…

Maribel sighs in DEFEAT. But then the tea thing

… Ah, it's because of the temperature difference, isn't it ?


File: 1605579876485.jpg (227.19 KB,850x1202)


Yuyuko's gonna have a giggle!

Fufu, it's always so adorable when you use math on strange things~

Yuyuko's going to lean over and stage whisper to Maribel!

When she only had two tails she once tried to come up with a mathematical equation for the perfect fried tofu!

…Oh, yes, Ran-chan can be quite dangerous if she wants to be! And not just dangerously cute, either!


File: 1605580943163.jpg (118.29 KB,707x1000)


Well, not entirely, but that is a significant factor! Well done, Maribel~

Ran is pleased when people follow her mathematics, even however tangentially.


Well, everything can be broken down into mathematics by a sufficiently advanced mind~

Nod, nod!

… ah… please don't tell such embarrassing stories about me, Yuyuko…


File: 1605581286025.jpg (249.08 KB,780x600)

That is dangerously cute !

Aha, I knew it !

Maribel is excited to be right about a math thing !

Whatever the rest is it's beyond me though.


File: 1605581455498.png (819.6 KB,800x900)

Aww…but I wanted to tell her about your adorable lisp!

Leaning in again!

She had simply the cutest lisp!


File: 1605581618130.png (326.29 KB,600x600)


Well, I could take you through the rest of the calculations if you like~

Don't, the last time you agreed to let Ran talk about math it was seven hours and a dozen chalkboards filled with numbers before she was satisfied Maribel really understood what the sum of 7 x 5 actually is.


Do not!

She did.



File: 1605582076115.png (117.97 KB,500x733)

… W-would you warm my bed in exchange ?
It would be a worthy sacrifice

Aww, that sounds adorable !
I wish I could've heard it.


File: 1605583720018.jpg (144.28 KB,850x716)

Yuyuko gives Maribel something approaching a serious look!

If you make that sort of offer, you better be prepared to take responsibility!


I won't let anybody toy with Ran-chan's feelings! Only I'm allowed to do that!


File: 1605584088130.jpg (230.03 KB,533x746)


Hmmm… well, let's not, then.



Yuyuko's getting a pat.

Easy, Yuyuko~


File: 1605584830722.jpg (286.38 KB,1400x1000)

It was worth the try.
I guess I'll have to make do with the fox plushies…

O-of course I'd take responsibility !
I'd even spend the rest of my life with her.

Wait did she just say that

… >_> …



File: 1605584899500.jpg (77.24 KB,670x635)

Oh my~

Yuyuko gives this due consideration.

Purple-eyed fox babies?



File: 1605585906815.png (5.39 MB,2508x3541)


At this, Ran lifts a hand up to her face and covers her mouth with her sleeve.

… oh my.


And a LOOK.

Mathematically impossible.


File: 1605586729823.png (276.48 KB,600x600)

Ah, that's…

Stop it you're gonna make her all red

I mean…

Maribel is about this ready to slip into a gap never to be seen again
She's frantically thinking real hard to come up with an attempt to save herself from embarrassing herself further


File: 1605586905882.jpg (127.12 KB,850x850)

Is it?

…I'm sure I could speak to that Lunarian doctor! I might not approve of her condition, but for Ran-chan's sake I'll do it!


But that does bring up other questions…


File: 1605587020937.png (521.99 KB,800x1285)


I suppose it was somewhat to be expected, but alas, it would never work out~

Laying on the tease!


That will be quite unnecessary! Let's leave crazed Lunarian medicines out of this, shall we?


File: 1605587534229.jpg (115.52 KB,1000x770)



Y'all ever see someone just heavily debating sinking into a hole in the floor


File: 1605587643083.jpg (40.84 KB,708x398)





File: 1605588503265.png (326.29 KB,600x600)


Ah, I'm afraid I can't allow that either. There will be no shriveling or dying today.

Ran nods sagely.


Absolutely. Not.


File: 1605589107150.png (527.63 KB,770x610)


Can I at least sink into a hole in the floor…

Maribel is trying really hard to avoid looking at either of these two bullies


File: 1605589185980.jpg (39.41 KB,708x398)

…But…baby Ran was so cute…

I wish cameras existed back then…


File: 1605589724121.jpg (470.81 KB,707x1000)


You could, but then you would miss out on dessert~



You'll have to settle with your memories, I'm afraid. I've no intention of becoming a baby again… nor making one, whatever the means!


File: 1605590289547.jpg (249.08 KB,780x600)

Ahh, I think…

For a moment she almost seems to weigh the pros and cons of staying for dessert

I'll just-

But then a hole opened up in the floor under her


File: 1605590406756.jpg (95.35 KB,848x468)

But I can't show miss Maribel my memories :<

Ah, you can't go yet! You haven't had desert!


File: 1605590801203.png (384.06 KB,671x760)


Of course, if you stay I might also deign to let you pet one of my tails~


Hold that thought.


File: 1605591183561.jpg (345.22 KB,1412x1000)


But that works
Maribel doesn't come back out of the same hole, but she does come back out of one behind Ran and proceeds to immediately bury her face and as much of the rest of herself as she can manage in Ran's tails

She's not as good at math as Ran is, give her a break


File: 1605591257528.jpg (37.28 KB,708x398)

I taught you well.

Look, Yuyuko has priorities.

Oh my~


File: 1605591771608.jpg (542.93 KB,1000x1278)


Ran will fluff out her tails as they are ASSAULTED. But she otherwise doesn't protest.

That's rather more than one, you know.


Yuyuko is getting a 'works every time' look.


File: 1605627272322.jpg (162.88 KB,1280x720)

It's Recess
Which means it's the obligated time to hang out with friends and continue to worry about unified waifu not having magic
But it's also getting to be that time of year where one thinks about…things…

I wonder when it'll start snowing.


File: 1605627605474.png (1.4 MB,1280x720)

Bitch, I can do that lacey shit, too
Probably before too long. We're in the weather for it.
Shivers a bit
Good thing American schools don't have uniforms…


File: 1605627796395.jpg (131.38 KB,1280x720)

I didn't cap enough winter pictures of Towa, RIP

Agreed, it's nice to be able to wear something warmer right now!


File: 1605628532056.jpg (1.04 MB,1000x1250)

I've only capped up to ep 10 like a dingbat
But I'm posting
Thinks on it for a bit
Speaking of warmer things, you haven't told HaruHaru, have you?


File: 1605628795938.jpg (112.26 KB,1280x720)


Told her what?
This could mean a lot of things right now


File: 1605629397026.jpg (206.98 KB,1525x2048)

Hmm…Safe to assume you haven't, then…That's fine, I haven't, either.
Crosses her legs under the table and plops her chin into one hand
It's harder than I thought, you know? Being honest usually just flows for me. But…


File: 1605629653205.jpg (106.01 KB,1280x720)

Ah that…yeah it's a heavy subject to have to actually say. I expect even for a charismatic and amazing person like you it gets caught up inside, unable to get out.


File: 1605630241967.png (1.31 MB,1280x720)

Oh stop.
Gives Towa a very light shoulder shove
…It's hard, though. Sometimes it's hard to even think about…much less talk about.


File: 1605630727065.jpg (96.79 KB,1280x720)

Come now, you love it.

Towa looks off towards the middle distance

Yes…but at least in a month's time we'll have the perfect chance, huh?


File: 1605631234367.png (817.03 KB,1280x720)

Eh?…You mean Christmas?


File: 1605631294949.jpg (86.85 KB,1280x720)

Of course! A deadline is always a good motivator, no?


File: 1605631415775.png (655.25 KB,1280x720)

Deadlines are one thing, but setting the scene is more important, I think…But it might help, I guess. Letting her know that powers or no powers, she's important to us.


File: 1605631771531.jpg (136.67 KB,1280x720)

Towa nods, that's the most important thing to her as well

Maybe we'll even get lucky and someone will defeat Wolzard by then.


File: 1605632707739.jpg (457.16 KB,1920x1536)

Heh…It would be a good Christmas gift, huh?


File: 1605633184156.jpg (127.32 KB,1280x720)

Definitely, It would certainly be a miracle like in those movies!


File: 1605633356691.png (819.35 KB,1280x720)

…We can't count on luck or miracles, though. We have to make this happen with our own two hands.


File: 1605633497466.jpg (92.93 KB,1280x720)

…Then I suspect it is a miracle we will have to make happen ourselves at some point.


File: 1605633737861.png (1.16 MB,1280x720)

Yeah…But while I think it'd be better if we did it sooner, think of how much worse HaruHaru would feel if we got careless or hasty and ended up losing our magic or worse.


File: 1605634429586.jpg (90.91 KB,1280x720)

She'd feel pretty bad, I cannot deny…though I've been thinking about this on and off, arguing with myself.

Surely…he can't take all of us?
But then even that's being irresponsible.


File: 1605634552488.png (1.11 MB,1280x720)

The fact of the matter is that we don't know if he can. We may not have seen him at his full strength yet.
I don't like it…I kind of wish he was on our side, to be honest.


File: 1605634723716.jpg (106.21 KB,1280x720)

I've seen him turn into a giant centaur during some of those battles. I don't know how prepared we are for that…

A noble idea, especially given my own circumstances. However, even if that were something to desire, we'd have to find a way to break him away from evil.


File: 1605637717575.jpg (345.03 KB,1600x1200)

Oh no, that comment from Ran only makes Maribel hold the tails tighter.
With her voice all muffled up by tails she mumbles something about disappearing and emotional support tails.

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