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"I thought Ron and Jon were the same person and we just interspliced whichever we felt like" ~ TC, 6:54pm CST, 11/28/2017

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Hey, HR. Look at me.



File: 1604841356544.png (380.56 KB,386x762)


Oh, don't worry, I'm sure you'll find it. After all, you've got Travis.

She yawns and stretches out, laying her head down onto her front paws


File: 1604841534770.png (962.13 KB,1000x1108)

You've a strange sense of humor, Jeane. Travis is fun, not comfort…At least…it depends.


File: 1604841700346.jpg (173.62 KB,280x700)


Jeane gives Lulu a non-committal shrug before Travis walks in. He's gonna smile at the sight of the both of them curled together

Seems like she's really taken to you.


File: 1604842959603.jpg (662.78 KB,1072x1107)

I am good with cats.
This is what she's wearing. Was she wearing it before Travis came in? Probably not. She is now
Though I find that…perhaps I'm not as good at managing certain things as I would hope…I have come face-to-face with my thoughts of mortality lately. More…I was brought face-to-face with mortality.


File: 1604843035119.png (153.36 KB,385x288)


What? Really?

Travis is gonna try and take a seat near Lulu, raising an eyebrow in concern

…what's up?


File: 1604843996179.gif (12.1 KB,300x300)

A regular at the Black Butterfly appears to be what happens when the void stares back. She…introduced me to such an experience when I told her I lacked a reason to live. Well…let's just say I have acknowledged that I do indeed have reason.


File: 1604844137840.jpg (152.71 KB,975x975)



Travis is going to scooch a bit closer and attempt to hug Lulubell around the shoulder.

…I'm glad you realized that.


File: 1604844247357.jpg (476.46 KB,894x1166)

Hm…You think you didn't count, don't you?


File: 1604844513521.jpg (74.8 KB,800x581)


…yeah. Which is kinda silly, but still.



File: 1604845046219.jpg (495.78 KB,1224x890)

You didn't…You are a source of happiness for me, Mr. Touchdown. You are he who I have chosen as someone to give my heart to. But you were not a reason to live…Were not. I…was not looking for a reason to live. I had given up, as it were…I would assume you know why, but you are a buffoon, after all.
Her voice is as flat as ever so it's hard to tell if she means that affectionately


File: 1604845398531.jpg (44.72 KB,500x300)


Oh, I suppose I could guess at a few reasons…but there's no real reason to dwell on that, right?

Travis is gonna try and hug her a little closer.


File: 1604845741513.jpg (562.33 KB,800x891)

Dwelling is all I was willing to do about it, Mr. Touchdown. That was my error. My folly.
Leans a bit on this here TARVIS
Do not die, Mr. Touchdown. It is very unpleasant.


File: 1604845921661.jpg (59.97 KB,640x480)


It's been a close thing a few times. But I try my best not to die, that's for sure.

Travis rubs her shoulder affectionately.


File: 1604846172756.jpg (296.56 KB,685x841)

…Hm…It is also very educational, for the record. You learn who you are better than you knew. But regardless, don't do it. I do have reason to live. I had the will but not the meaning. Now that I have both, I imagine I will be around for some time.


File: 1604881688573.png (14.81 MB,2160x3840)

Zana, likewise, has a certain look on her face, one that seems to imply that if Merilda wanted to drag her back to the bedroom she'd be there in a heartbeat. Though along with that, there is a little bit of concern in her eyes.

I'm sorry if that was too much.

There's sincerity in her words, she doesn't want to make Merilda uncomfortable or scare her away. On the contrary it would seem she left a lasting impression, and one that Zana wants to be careful to try to keep around…


… She's got a point you know, you're hardly one to talk about not wearing ourselves out.
But speaking of your impeccable crafts…
I bet Ozma knows exactly where she's going with this one.


File: 1604881921810.png (116.4 KB,550x550)



This catches Sanae off guard! She can accept that this isn't a dream at this point!


Sanae is holding her hands up in the air like she's not quite sure what to do with them! Meloetta's getting a suitably shocked look since Anubis is out of range.


File: 1604882528123-0.png (30.28 KB,272x272)

File: 1604882528123-1.jpg (120.36 KB,592x800)

Anubis takes a suitably long and uncomfortable (for Sanae) moment before he realizes where his hands are. As a result, he practically launches himself backwards as he releases Sanae, likely bashing the back of his head into a door frame. Stunned, he is defenseless as Meloetta floats over and bops him on the head with all the force of a butterfly's wingflap


File: 1604882673792.png (221.01 KB,600x450)

Sanae is gonna take a moment here.

She might be making an 'awawawa' noise.


File: 1604883478869-0.jpg (133.21 KB,1200x598)

File: 1604883478869-1.gif (140.8 KB,245x118)

File: 1604883478869-2.png (1.99 MB,1280x720)

Should have used this pic earlier
Anubis, totally fucking flustered as well, tries to bail and runs into the OTHER side of the doorframe and hits the ground hard
Meloetta baps him again


File: 1604883643594.png (382.46 KB,600x600)

Look. I didn't see it that time.
ANYWAY, Sanae's gonna pull herself together!

Ah-…um, it's alright, Anubis! I know it was an accident! Um…are you OK?

She's gonna gently secure this here Meloetta and give her some reassuring headpats!


File: 1604884374050-0.png (200.24 KB,270x386)

File: 1604884374050-1.png (736.72 KB,1280x720)

Hope you're ready for the usual string of BULLSHIT GIBBERISH from Anubis as per usual in response

Meloetta will enjoy these headpats


File: 1604884543125.jpg (218.79 KB,480x640)

Have a few blinks!

Eh? I understood that! You said-

wait a sec!

Further blushing is going to happen at this point!


File: 1604884982187-0.jpg (51.54 KB,282x419)

File: 1604884982187-1.png (1.69 MB,1280x720)

And Anubis is going to shake the cobwebs out of his head
…What…did you say?
Meloetta remains oblivious
Meloetta: Lome?


File: 1604885928076.jpg (153.72 KB,644x644)

I understood you! You didn't just say 'barabara' and 'kaa'!

Meloetta may be subjected to a degree of unintentional MARSHMALLOW HELL due to Sanae's excitement!


File: 1604886101583-0.png (259.59 KB,500x304)

File: 1604886101583-1.jpg (31.38 KB,400x240)

I…understand you…
Anubis's features spread into a great big smile
I understand you! And you understand me?!

Meloetta is so confused and shrugs from her marshmallowy hell


File: 1604886198998.jpg (143.26 KB,850x1020)

Yeah! Is that a normal thing? Is it because you hit your head?



File: 1604886519413-0.png (106.04 KB,500x304)

File: 1604886519413-1.png (1.68 MB,1280x720)

I don't…think so…Ah…I think, um…
Points at Meloetta
I think she can't breathe.
She can't


File: 1604886638730.jpg (141.43 KB,541x439)

Ah! Melo!

Meloetta is held up!

Are you alright! D:



File: 1604886831675-0.jpg (108.18 KB,540x361)

File: 1604886831675-1.jpg (112.37 KB,960x544)

Meloetta waves a tiny arm to say she's okay
Anubis: What…is she, anyway?


File: 1604887026896.jpg (67.94 KB,700x600)

Ah, what a relief! I'm sorry, Melo!

Melo gets a quick hug before Sanae relocates her to a shoulder! Then she speaks to Anubis!

Melo's a pokemon! Um…it's kind of hard to explain what that is…I wonder Travis has an original gameboy I could show you…


File: 1604887145329-0.png (509.51 KB,750x840)

File: 1604887145329-1.png (736.72 KB,1280x720)

Meloetta will take this shoulder perching with grace and elegance. While also glaring daggers at this strange, gibberish-speaking molester
He doesn't get it
I've…I've never been able to understand anyone here besides Bastet.


File: 1604887356002.jpg (63.56 KB,850x638)

Pat pat! No kill dog boy.

I was really surprised to not be able to understand you when we met! Normally I have no trouble at all understanding gods…


File: 1604887523742-0.jpg (430.58 KB,1200x1013)

File: 1604887523742-1.png (954.79 KB,1280x720)

Pats are good
I don't normally talk to people…I stay away. I shut them out of my heart. I think…I think I might have let you in.


File: 1604887664391.jpg (862.68 KB,1000x849)


The blush returns! But Sanae maintains a smile this time!

Well…I'm glad! You seem like a really nice person! I'm sure if Kanako-sama and Suwako-sama were here, they would like you too!

Bro they'd be demanding children already.


File: 1604889076884.jpg (104.22 KB,1280x726)

I juuuust made you new sheets!
>White Mage
Yeah, but they suffer more if I'm too busy sleeping to make them. Once the quality starts to dip I take a nap at my desk!


File: 1604889896436.png (383.15 KB,506x700)

Fuckin' better
Are those your friends?
Meloetta is just kinda kicking her feet as she listens in on this weirdo speaking gibberish and Sanae talking to him like she understands. 'Cause she do


File: 1604889990797.png (622.89 KB,590x948)

They're my gods! Although they aren't here…but they're really important to me…I guess you could say they're like my parents!


File: 1604890226097.jpg (130.58 KB,480x272)

Ah…I only met a few gods from other pantheons…
lol Kamigami no Asobi
But not them.


File: 1604890330725.png (606.76 KB,700x700)

Mm…in my world not many people believed in gods anymore…that's why we went to Gensokyo-…ah, but that's a whole different story!


File: 1604890832472.jpg (30.96 KB,640x426)

I'll listen.
He will, too


File: 1604891804114.jpg (851.57 KB,2048x2048)

Outside one of the dungeons, WHICH ONE I DON'T KNOW, Mewtwo awaits the arrival of his two dungeon-diving partners for the day. He's not normally used to dungeon-diving but he was not about to turn down an invitation from one of his VERY FEW friends. And so he waits for the gym leaders patiently, pondering the weather outside


File: 1604892007578.jpg (112.73 KB,600x600)

Well, in my world if gods don't have any believers, they…die, I suppose is the word. Kanako-sama heard about Gensokyo, a place where youkai and gods and other things that can't live in the modern world could go…

…So we went! It was actually really fun! I met some really nice people and learned a lot about exterminating youkai :D


File: 1604892310609.png (181.06 KB,540x520)

Mewtwo will likely smell them before he sees them, but Viola will be more or less pushing Erika along to the dungeon.
I know I know, I'm excited too. I just wanted to close my eyes for a bit under that tree…
Okay okay, I'm going…


File: 1604892813461.jpg (130.03 KB,640x1136)

Exterminating youkai? Is that something you do?
What's a youkai?


File: 1604892944136.png (622.89 KB,590x948)

Youkai are scary monsters that try to eat humans!

…Although not all of them are like that…

…I don't exterminate the good ones! Like miss Shameimaru. She's the crow tengu that brings the newspaper :D


File: 1604893100434.jpg (68.79 KB,394x576)

Ooooh…I try to avoid her.
She probably has a whole gallery of this fuckboy


File: 1604893141489.jpg (359.64 KB,1260x1200)

Sabrina and Alakazam arrive shortly after, and whatever catty telepathic conversation they appear to be having stops as they wave to the others.
Ready to begin?

She's accustomed enough to the smell to ignore it, thankfully. Watching her friend be carried along by her Pokemon gets a wry grin out of her.
Hopefully we can get you back in time to finish your nap.


File: 1604893292324.jpg (67.94 KB,700x600)

She can be a bit…um, intimidating, but she's not a bad person. She likes to drink a lot too! I'm sure you'd be friends :D


File: 1604893902629.jpg (241.58 KB,800x582)

This is true
Good tidings. Are you well this day? Aside from your…exhaustion.

Mewtwo is having the HARDEST TIME making eye contact but he nods
As ever. This is something of a new experience for me, though. I will…try to keep myself in check.
This isn't supposed to be a leisurely walk in the park for Erika and Sabrina, after all, and it would be if he took point


File: 1604894160149-0.png (81.6 KB,850x850)

File: 1604894160149-1.jpg (595.49 KB,1000x647)

Oh I'm doing well.
Viola will roll her beady eyes and wave away the exhaustion comment
Via Vial Plume…
*She's always exhausted…
Erika will yawwwwwn and stretch, and pat Viola
Oh I'm sure we will. There's always time for nap after all.
She smiles! Viola will wave at Alakazam, since their both more or less their trainers main Pokemon they probably know each other pretty well


File: 1604894497638.jpg (65.38 KB,538x720)

Ah…You noticed, huh?


File: 1604894630111.jpg (143.26 KB,850x1020)

Sanae LAFF

You definitely drink a lot, Anubis! But that's fine, gods are like that! :D


File: 1604894736651.png (462.5 KB,600x600)

Alcohol tastes good, it's not my fault!
He's laughing, too, though
He's in good spirits (lol) because HE CAN TALK TO SOMEONE FINALLY
Besides Bastet, ilu nee-san


File: 1604894739746.jpg (17.61 KB,300x228)


I'm definitely glad to hear that.

Travis is gonna continue to HUG this girl close

So. Figure out any immediate plans for the future?


File: 1604894885351.jpg (10.01 KB,240x320)

…I want to eat ice cream and watch an action movie.


File: 1604895123347.jpg (425.21 KB,1000x805)

Well, even if I can understand you now, you're welcome to the shrine's sake! That's what it's for!

Sanae is pleased to be able to talk to Anubis as well! Maybe at some point she'll figure out that she should try to take him on a date!


File: 1604895132655.jpg (86.39 KB,939x1080)

The avoidance is noted, and Sabrina becomes concerned. For the time being though, she snorts, and pats the head of her stuffy looking partner.
I appreciate that, but don't expect us to be pushovers.

Meditation comes in many forms, I suppose. It's nice to see you again.
Alakazam visibly brightens a bit as he waves back. Other Pokemon have been a somewhat rare sight here, so he's especially happy to see one he's familiar with.


File: 1604895308779.png (122.48 KB,500x332)

Anubis would spend the entire time on a date hiding from and/or hissing at strangers
Ah…I might…have been sneaking it anyway.


File: 1604895408110.png (313.33 KB,586x587)

dammit anubis

Sanae waves a hand!

As long as you don't drink it all! Be sure to leave some for the other gods!


File: 1604895529903.jpg (38.18 KB,418x460)


Cookie dough, or peanut butter chunk?

Travis GRINS

And we talking John Wick 3, or 1917?



File: 1604895600734.jpg (789.24 KB,2048x2048)

Mewtwo smirks at Viola's comments
Well…do try not to nap in the dungeon.

You need not worry about my perception of your strength. If I thought you were mere damsels, I would not be hanging back, as it were. I look forward to seeing you in action.
The end of his sentence seems to hover in the air for a bit and Mewtwo seems to mentally retracts a bit
Yup, he's being shy and self-conscious


File: 1604895648621.jpg (62.42 KB,500x499)

Now that I know I'm allowed…
Oh no what have you done


File: 1604895698162.png (606.76 KB,700x700)

…Please don't get drunk in front of guests though…


File: 1604895754579.jpg (17.92 KB,400x297)

…Mr. Touchdown, you underestimate me again. And why are you suggesting a third film when I've yet to see the first? As ever, you buffoon.
Though she criticizes and mocks Travis, she smiles


File: 1604895792845.jpg (30.96 KB,640x426)

…I wasn't going to…
Has done so before
But mostly around Bastet


File: 1604896054873.png (144.34 KB,491x541)


I thought you would have already seen the first two.

He's gonna look over at her and also smile.

…You know, it's rare when I see you smile. You should try it a little more.


File: 1604896089082.png (380.93 KB,500x715)

Have a quick smile!

Well, now that we can talk there's a lot more than alcohol I can share with you! You can join us for movie nights! And festivals! And we can go to the arcade :D


File: 1604896161143.jpg (45.46 KB,400x333)

I smile when I feel like smiling, Mr. Touchdown. If I were to smile on a whim, it would make each one less valuable. Enjoy them for the fleeting glimpses that they are.


File: 1604896213531.jpg (229.51 KB,710x950)

Aaaaand he seems hesitant
…I don't know if I'm quite…ready to be among people…


File: 1604896350930.jpeg (185.01 KB,426x550)

Oh…right! I'm sorry! Mmm…would just one person be alright? Serena's been around the shrine for a while now, I'm sure you've seen her! She's really nice, and so are her pokemon!



File: 1604896365976-0.png (8.25 MB,2508x3541)

File: 1604896365976-1.png (203.7 KB,619x599)

That's what I keep trying to tell people.
She glances at Viola, then back
It's always nice to see you too Sabby~
Oh don't worry, Viola wouldn't let me if I tried.
Shall we begin?
Viola is super ready!


File: 1604896528650.png (3.86 KB,133x123)



Travis is gonna use his free hand to mop his forehead. He wasn't ready for this!

Y-yeah. Uhm. John Wick. Oh and…uh…

He's staaaaaaaring at Lulu right now, look like he's a bit flustered


File: 1604896659641.png (509.51 KB,750x840)

Meloetta looks up when she hears mention of a trainer. BUT SHE TRUSTS SANAE so she won't freak out and turn invisible and run away at the thought of someone trying to catch her
…I'll try.


File: 1604896714922.jpg (662.78 KB,1072x1107)

Speak your mind, Mr. Touchdown. Men with courage do not hold their tongues.


File: 1604896798856.jpg (56.63 KB,640x360)


You just went from cute to gorgeous in a matter of seconds, Lulu. It's uh…a little overwhelming, to say the least.


File: 1604896844686.jpg (301.28 KB,700x700)

Reassuring pats!

You don't have to…but I think you'd enjoy yourself! Super Miko Sentai is really fun :D


File: 1604896935007.jpg (35.53 KB,300x500)

Well…I am a shapeshifter.


File: 1604896977215.jpg (29 KB,300x170)

…Super what?


File: 1604897029594.jpg (497.93 KB,900x900)

…It'll be easier to show you :D


File: 1604897126477.png (297.95 KB,1000x1000)


…And now you're entirely cute again.


File: 1604897288185.jpg (1.05 MB,2294x3274)

…Oh…Alright then. Does it have to do with this Serena person?


File: 1604897331774.gif (43.62 KB,300x500)

I'm very good at my shapeshifting.


File: 1604897442547.jpg (399.82 KB,850x1200)

Well, she hasn't seen it either! So you'll both get to experience it together! :D


File: 1604897484241.png (383.15 KB,506x700)

So it's something to…watch?


File: 1604897575108.png (380.93 KB,500x715)

Yeah! It's a TV show!

We'll watch it together with snacks and drinks :D


File: 1604897602882.gif (146.1 KB,245x118)


That sounds fun! Okay!


File: 1604897629311.png (120.62 KB,259x299)



So, anything else you'd care to show off tonight?


File: 1604897691167.png (337.84 KB,615x868)

You unflip those eyes, mister
…That really depends on the quality of the movie and ice cream. Mr. Touchdown.


File: 1604897697729.png (179.46 KB,733x729)

Coming from you, I'm quite honored to hear that.
Sabrina catches onto his meekness soon enough, and while the temptation to bully him presents itself, she barely resists it. She does subtly blow him a quick kiss, though.

Well, all things must be enjoyed in moderation, but…
Her sheepish scolding peters off.
Yes, I think it would be a good time to start.


File: 1604897736589.jpg (862.68 KB,1000x849)

Great! :D

It's actually starting pretty soon…I should make popcorn!



File: 1604897783341.png (146 KB,348x503)


Then allow us to indulge in the time honored tradition of, oh, Netflix and Chill, shall we?

He's gonna raise his eyebrows at Lulu a few times.


File: 1604898201815.jpg (147.17 KB,600x800)

If you don't mind my say so, you do indeed appear to be trying.
Mewtwo looks to Viola and pauses for a moment
Please do your very best.

It's super effective
Even if she misses the subtle blush that results, she wouldn't miss the embarrassment (and joy) RADIATING off of him
Right. Let us proceed, then. I have…yet to be inside one of these places so this will be as much a new experience for me as it is the two of you.
And in he goes. After they start, of course


File: 1604898255225.png (282.25 KB,500x500)

Fade to FUN TIMES yes


File: 1604898310512.png (337.84 KB,615x868)

Sighs and rolls her eyes
Travis's immense nerd energy got him laid that night
Can probs fade there


File: 1604898849721.jpg (819.91 KB,1000x1500)

Well most things in moderation~
Girls and sleep aren't for moderation @:
We'll be fine, dear~
Erika heads inside! Viola a few steps ahead, watching for DAMGER


File: 1604900170482.png (79.82 KB,300x300)

Such power will be wielded responsibly in her hands
Between the lot of us, I'm certain there's nothing that can't be overcome.

I'll have to trust your judgement on that.
In the case of girls, Sabrina is in agreement. Following along behind her friend, she prepares herself mentally for what lies ahead.
What sort of thing should we be expecting in here, do you think?


File: 1604900884806.png (866.21 KB,1024x1024)

Monsters. And not of a friendly variety.
Mewtwo runs a hand along a nearby tree as they enter, wondering what sort of material he might be able to gather here
But as you said, we will be fine. I ask that you be aware, though, things here will not give up with a simple faint. According to a pamphlet I saw at the headquarters, it is kill or be killed.


File: 1604902084887-0.png (62.86 KB,319x284)

File: 1604902084887-1.jpg (67.89 KB,434x702)

Erika nods
We are prepared for that. They aren't thrilled about the idea, but they know the danger. And we need to learn to fight in that way in case of future invasions of the town.
Viola nods!
Via Plume plu, Vialplume.
It was this or hide when danger comes, and we don't want to do that.
From what I read it seems the creatures here range from Bandits, to Ogres to dangerious wild pok- err, animals. It seems like most of these 'animals' are what would qualify as 'normal' type back home. Deeper in I think their are more grass and poison creatures, as well as mushroom creatures that sounds like very angry parasects.


File: 1604980738557.jpg (522.08 KB,1400x1200)


And now a little shake of her head! This one not nearly so miniscule.

N-no, you're fine. I just…

mumble mumble going to have to pray for a week


At this, Merilda bangs her hand on the table. Lightly, at least, just enough to make a light thump.

A nap at your desk is hardly sufficient. I grant you, you're simply wonderful at taking care of your craft if what I saw on the way in here last night is any indication… but clearly you're you're a mite more poorly at taking care of yourself.


File: 1604984515081.png (13.87 MB,2160x3840)

Can't you repair them ?
Or come up with some kind of cut resistant silk ?

Zana lets out a sigh of relief !

Phew~ For a moment I was almost worried, I don't want to scare you away. Rather, I…

She pauses for a moment and smiles at Merilda ! Though less smugly flirtatious, and more… Sincere.

For you, I think I might be willing to sacrifice certain things to keep you coming back, if you'd need me to.

That would seem to be a compliment of the highest order.


File: 1604990870465.jpg (126.28 KB,1280x726)

Well the stuff is more important anyway. Besides maybe Lalafell function differently from humans with regard to need for sleep!
They do not.
I can repair them but they won't look quite as nice… And that's not how material works! I could make sheets out of something cut resistant but they'd be less soft…
I mean, spider silk is pretty strong, but it's hard to get that in the quantity we'd need.


File: 1605026099534.jpg (914.5 KB,780x1102)


Merilda takes one look at this smile, and she can tell the difference in sincerity, and she just about melts on the spot.

She reaches over and puts a hand on Zana's.

Don't change a thing. Not for my sake. You have a… strong personality, but that's a good thing. It's just going to take a little getting used to.


Why do I doubt that's true?

The skepticism is strong in this one!

… hmm… well, the magic forest has been known to contain giant spiders from time to time. Some of the adventurers guild hunters go after them to harvest giant spider silk and poison glands… I've had to cure quite a few of them of poison that the spiders offered in entirely the wrong way.

Haha getting bit by giant spiders sucks.

We could always go there for one of our forays…

Askance look at Ozma goes here.

As long as you're well rested beforehand.


File: 1605027746435.png (4.15 MB,1920x1080)

Zana tries to suppress giddy excitement over Merilda's hand on hers, but ultimately ends up sandwiching Merilda's hand between her own and holding perhaps a little too tight.

I mean I'd rather not set you up for heartache if you'd prefer keeping me all to yourself, but…

Enough words, Merilda can have another quick kiss right on her lips !

And then to Ozma
… You need just as much sleep as I do.

Anyway, the magic forest sounds good to me, I'm sure we can gather up a bunch of giant spider silk in no time.


File: 1605028312764.jpg (98.69 KB,1280x726)

I'll be as rested as I need to be.
She waves her hand dismissivly
Giant spider silk could work. Though it sounds like it could be a tough fight, my spells aren't that great at the best of times, and the fact that they're mostly poison based makes fighting poison creatures hard.
And Ms 'burn everything down' over here is likely to destroy the silk in combat if she's not careful…
How are your combat abilities?
Yeah but you also don't get much sleep, so I'm probably fine.


File: 1605029163233.jpg (168.38 KB,618x800)


Oh god don't make the white mages heart burst.

W-well… a woman of the cloth isn't supposed to get… involved anyways, so…

Silenced by that quick kiss! Zana can probably read between the lines of that flimsy excuse anyways, though. Sleeping around isn't something that's going to upset her.


Ozma is getting a DISAPPROVING STARE. It's very kinda motherly. Also a little bit of 'don't make me get a sleep potion from Jessamine.'

Well… before I took up white magic, I spent some time as a monk. I still remember a thing or two from that, so… I suppose decent enough.


File: 1605030340871.png (14.81 MB,2160x3840)

We got plenty of sleep !

Making Merilda melt !

Aha, that's great ! I'm glad you won't mind~

Like an open book.

Still… You can get involved inside me anytime, anywhere you want.

There's that flirtatious look again.


File: 1605031565409.jpg (82.6 KB,1280x726)

Don't mom me I'm a adult and allowed to make bad decisions @:
Huh, wasn't expecting a physical class. That'll probably be handy.
Yeah, strenuous exercise will do that.
Ozma shrugs and then laughs

'Involved inside me'. Ahh, you have such a way with words.


File: 1605031827723.jpg (35.79 KB,400x448)


Hang on a second Merilda is trying to not choke on the spoonfull of soup she was in the middle of eating.

Zana's last remark is to blame for THAT.


File: 1605033259234.png (10.29 MB,2160x3840)

Was it subtle enough ? I thought it was kind—

Oh no !

Zana grabs the nearest magic book to cast 「Physick」 on Merilda !


File: 1605033812794.jpg (87.3 KB,1280x726)

It was as subtle as could be expected of you.
Ozma will hop up and go get a glass of water for Merilda


File: 1605070346581.png (2.24 MB,1920x816)

Not against her? Not sure I follow what you mean, I wasn't planning to pit you against each other.

…I think I'm starting to get a handle on your relationship. At least to a point.


File: 1605070482546.png (1.59 MB,2000x1188)


Lappland's 'cmooooon' is COMPLETELY IGNORED.



… look, man, Texas is a quiet girl.


File: 1605071049385.jpg (134.45 KB,850x850)

We're best buddies :D

Lappland's sardonic grin indicates that she is fully aware of how Texas feels about this statement.

Hmmm…maybe I'll still get a glimpse of the old Texas someday~

These hell guys seem pretty intense, y'know. You're not gonna be able to half-ass it :D


File: 1605071222121.png (2.77 MB,1920x816)

The "old" Texas?
Gives Texas a bit of a glance
Would you rather I don't ask?


File: 1605071777030.jpg (104.94 KB,1437x1013)


Texas doesn't react to Lappland's best buddies comment.

Other than to light another cigarette.

… we'll see about that. I haven't crossed blades with any of them yet.

I suppose I'll have to.


I would insist.

Have a stare. There's probably a hint of Natasha-esque danger in those eyes.


File: 1605072079580.jpg (196.63 KB,850x1168)

Lappland sighs.

It's not my story, and she won't tell it. Sometimes it just kills ya inside!

Well, we better be on the same team when you do go all out! I wanna see it!


File: 1605073054525.jpg (503.63 KB,1000x900)

Steve could probably fold Texas in half. But he backs off because he's a GOOD BOY, hands raised in a pacifying gesture
Then I won't. Just as long as it doesn't become something that keeps you from protecting others.

Is there a chance of you not being on the same team?


File: 1605073357082.jpg (6.46 MB,2000x3500)


I'm not concerned with what you want to see, Lappland.



Bitch you THINK.

It won't. You have my word on that.


File: 1605073598847.jpg (46.5 KB,531x647)

I mean like in the same squad! Make Texas the leader!

I bet you're eager to let go underneath that cold exterior!


File: 1605073996102.png (1.7 MB,1920x816)

That's all I need.

We're not really big enough for squads yet.


File: 1605074042394.jpg (1.6 MB,2480x2450)


I'm not.



I'm glad.



File: 1605074202362.jpg (443.34 KB,826x1169)

I guess…but when we have squads, Texas should lead one!

Sage nodding!

No Texas, don't take your pent up rage out on that poor doggo!

You a~r~e~


File: 1605074766195.png (2.26 MB,1920x1080)

Steve takes a moment to actually think about what Lappland's saying before turning to Texas
Do you have much in the way of leadership experience? When we are big enough to have squads, I could always use someone with those skills.


File: 1605075200014.jpg (373.98 KB,634x837)


Merilda's gonna wave her hand a little to settle these two down. Just a minor choke, nothing to worry about!

I'm fine, I'm fine…!


File: 1605075894349.png (12.74 MB,2160x3840)

I mean I was trying to be a little more subtle than saying she's one word from having me on my knees.
Does that make it better ?

Did that make it better ?
Are you sure ?
You seemed like you could use some help…


File: 1605076555510.jpg (347.38 KB,1000x1000)


That's enough out of you.



I… have some experience, yes.


Informal. Mostly.


File: 1605078193500.jpg (110.63 KB,850x804)


I'm just tryin' ta get you a bigger paycheck! You're some kinda fancy box-slinging leader in Penguin Logistics, right~?


File: 1605078741151.png (1.85 MB,1920x816)

We can nurture that into something more.
I'm about to take this lady under my wing, omg

Not this one


File: 1605079023623.jpg (93.56 KB,1280x726)

I would say those are of comparable suitableness.
Though please don't get on your knees in the kitchen.
For someone who screams as loud as you do, you sure are easily embarrassed.


File: 1605079446514.jpg (2.59 MB,1408x1995)


That would be the more formal experience.

Lappland knows what the INFORMAL experience is!


If the job needs doing, I'll do it.


You can count on that much.


File: 1605079532768.jpg (423.69 KB,800x800)

Oh, right, right you were talking about your other, much more exciting job.


File: 1605079601502.jpg (37.26 KB,500x248)


Oh god Merilda could just DIe right now.



Have you ever seen a white mage want to disappear as badly as this one does right now?

'Cause she's trying to shrink into her robes until there's nothing left.


File: 1605080288029.png (1.5 MB,1920x816)

Works for me. Glad I can count on you.

Leeeet's not start spilling stories that aren't ours to be spilled.


File: 1605080398511.png (10.48 MB,2160x3840)

Why not ?
She could lean against the counter, or bend over it, or…

Oh no don't die
Ah, sorry, sorry !
I didn't mean to embarrass you so much…


File: 1605080400065.jpg (2.8 MB,2894x4093)


Texas takes out a pocky stick… and then steps forward right quick, jabbing the end of it into Lappland's mouth.

That's enough out of you.


Hey didn't she move REALLY QUICK just now?


File: 1605080488724.jpg (443.34 KB,826x1169)

Lappland's grin only widens as she crunches that pocky with obvious relish!


File: 1605080698544.png (1.79 MB,1920x816)

Quick enough to make Steve do a doubletake, yeah
…Huh…You're pretty quick on your feet, huh?

Don't put relish on pocky that's gross


File: 1605081961318.jpg (82.11 KB,1280x726)

Because then I have have to sterilize the kitchen again.
You get giggled at @:


File: 1605108480429.jpg (284.8 KB,640x980)

Nagisa is on her way to school. Without Honoka? She's sick today, shut up, it's none of your business. ANYWAY, she's probably monologueing internally as she does at the beginning of like every episode
Which is probably why she almost steps in front of A FUCKING TRAIN AND DOESN'T SEE IT OH GOD OH FUCK


File: 1605108957204-0.png (1.49 MB,1280x720)

File: 1605108957204-1.png (1.67 MB,1280x720)


Dramaville has exactly one train station and it's set on the outside edge of town for travelling between Dramaville and Sternbild

Exactly where is she walking to school from to pass over a train track and not notice it

I suppose there are the tram cars and their rails but that's hardly a train

Wait, I mean…

Hey! Watch out!

Nagisa is gonna get the back of her jacket grabbed and she will be YANKED back away from this mysterious mid-city train!

She's gonna find herself then accosted by THIS GUY.

You gotta watch where you're walking! You coulda got flattened!


File: 1605109696549-0.jpg (76.51 KB,854x810)

File: 1605109696549-1.jpg (64.36 KB,640x480)

File: 1605109696549-2.jpg (67.42 KB,640x480)

File: 1605109696549-3.jpg (63.09 KB,640x480)

In a really embarrassing way, too…Ah!
She jumps back to her feet and bows repeatedly at Gentarou
Thank you so much! I'm so sorry for not looking where I was going!


File: 1605110263060-0.png (1.15 MB,1280x720)

File: 1605110263060-1.png (1.33 MB,1280x720)


What're you apoloogizin' to me for? It's your friends who woulda missed you, you know, it's them you ought to apologize to!

Her friends, does he mean to imply he's not-

But seein' as this makes us friends now, apology accepted!

Have a big ol' DOOFY ASS SMILE.


File: 1605110370900-0.jpg (73.09 KB,640x480)

File: 1605110370901-1.jpg (70.84 KB,640x480)

Eh?…Eh?…Are we friends? I don't know your n-AAAH! You're that guy, aren't you?! The one who's tryin'a make friends with everyone!
You think at this point he wouldn't have that reputation? Oh HELL naw


File: 1605110665081.png (1.52 MB,1280x720)


A lot of people might be worried when they hear they have some kind of reputation like that.

That's right!

A lot of people aren't Kisaragi FUCKING Gentarou, and he is nothing if not proudly accepting of such a reputation.

The name's Kisaragi Gentarou!


File: 1605111317491-0.jpg (74.8 KB,640x480)

File: 1605111317491-1.jpg (67.09 KB,640x480)

Yeah, that's definitely that guy then!
Oh no, she's completely freaked out, just look at the faces she's making, she wants nothing to do with a FUCKING WEIRDO like hi-oh never mind, she's smiling
Eheh…Funny way to meet you, though! I'm Misumi Nagisa! Thanks again for keeping me from getting hit!


File: 1605111438583.png (1.52 MB,1280x720)


Don't mention it! I can't exactly be your friend if you get squished flat!

Oh no, he's going for THE HANDSHAKE.


File: 1605111595267-0.jpg (64.54 KB,640x480)

File: 1605111595267-1.jpg (63.61 KB,640x480)

Nagisa's going to STOP HIM OH NO
Wait…Hang on…I-I've heard that you do this, but…I'd kinda rather not…I don't know the steps.
It's more meaningful if you know it before you just…you know, go for it, right?


File: 1605111777183.png (26.95 KB,364x239)


Handshake DENIED. But not like someone doesn't want to do the patented Kisaragi Gentarou friendship handshake.

Oh. Well, that's easy then. We'll go through it once real slow like first.

Out comes the hand AGAIN.

First you put 'er there.


File: 1605111889755.png (11.67 KB,300x400)

Ah, right right, a normal start!


File: 1605112000450.png (1.3 MB,1280x720)


Yeah, good so far! Then like this…

The second step, you know what it is.


File: 1605112126520.jpg (166.71 KB,600x741)

Eheh…Is it weird if I think this is kinda fun?


File: 1605112248142.png (320.26 KB,1037x575)


Heck no! Why should it be weird to make new friends?

And then you just…

Fist bump, pound, pound!

Just like that! The one and only official Kisaragi Gentarou friendship handshake!


File: 1605112358832.jpg (66.36 KB,640x480)

Well…I guess that makes us friends! I gotta introduce you to my friends now. I mean, you're trying to befriend everyone at school, right?


File: 1605112998700.png (1.42 MB,1280x720)


You got that right! I mean, you don't gotta introduce me if you don't want to, but it'd sure make things easier on me.


File: 1605113325417.jpg (62.36 KB,640x480)

Ah, c'mon, why should I be ashamed of a new friend! You don't hide your friends, you know? Especially ones that pull you out of the way of a tram!


File: 1605114575705.png (1.05 MB,1280x720)


I like your attitude! But I didn't mean hiding friends or anything like that. I was just thinking, "maybe she wants to make sure I'm a good buddy first"!


File: 1605114711183.jpg (233.79 KB,600x585)

Hmmm…I guess you're right. I don't know much about you other than you wanna be friends with everyone so you must be a pretty good guy…


File: 1605114883066.png (1.73 MB,1280x720)


I can tell you for sure that I'm a good guy! But that's the kinda thing that you gotta make your own decision on it.


File: 1605114941865.jpg (54.5 KB,640x480)

I guess…But what else can you tell me about you? Besides wanting to be friends, of course.


File: 1605199921757.jpg (70.92 KB,500x500)


Ya both get catched in this because!


She composes herself as well as she can, eyes closed, appearing all prim and proper as she has a sip of her soup. Except for how RED her cheeks are. They practically glow!



File: 1605201256340.png (4.15 MB,1920x1080)

But it's nothing I haven't had in my mouth.
Thankfully, there's a clearly joking tone in her voice as she says that. Hygiene is important !

Zana turns to Merilda with a smile and a certain lustful look in her eyes. One could easily tell that she's trying hard to resist the temptation to kiss the white mage in front of her. She mostly succeeds, but she can't help but let out a sultry giggle.

You're so adorable~

What were we talking about ?


File: 1605201550868.jpg (88.37 KB,1280x726)

What you choose to put in your mouth is totally fine and up to you. I however do want most of those things on or near my sandwiches.
Right. Forest expedition, spider silk, all that.
Are there any other dungeons either of you has a particular interest in?


File: 1605205943906.jpg (61.61 KB,464x650)


Man quit trying to make her cheeks do an imitation of one of Zana's Flare spells!

Um… dungeons, mainly…

… adorable? Really?


Well, not really. I don't have any vested interest in… well, any particular dungeon. Apart from none of the ones that are most likely to get us all killed.


File: 1605207140336.png (14.81 MB,2160x3840)

Well, I do clean up too.

Mhm !
The way you get all flustered, and… The way you…

Zana no
She cuts herself off, holding a hand up to cover her mouth while giving Merilda a coy look !

… You're special to me.


File: 1605207632639.jpg (89.58 KB,1280x726)

As long as you don't try to clean up by casting flare.
Yeah, I think we won't be doing that underwater… nightmare dimension one. Seems like a bad idea.

The wizard tower sounds like it'd be interesting, might find some neat magical things for potions or crafting. Though I think we'll need a fourth party member for that.


File: 1605208300905.jpg (79.45 KB,603x853)


… special?

Her heart just skipped a beat, pardon her.

I, erhm…


Oh goodie, a chance to change the subject again! Ozma you're a hero.

Most certainly not that one, no. And someone else to bolster our numbers for certain if we're to climb that tower, yes, I think you're right.


File: 1605209194910.png (12.74 MB,2160x3840)

Nodnod !

If not for her dark skin and scales hiding it somewhat, Zana's cheeks might even be visibly rosy too. What's likely more noticeable is the way she's shaking her leg under the table in an effort to distract herself from misbehaving too much.

Zana heard most of that !
Oh yeah, that one. We should just get someone to draw the monsters away from us first, though.


File: 1605209561581.jpg (82.6 KB,1280x726)

Yeah, I was hopping we could locate a knight or something. Someone big and armored and good at annoying monsters. I'm sure the guild's got at least a few of those.
In the meantime I think the three of us can handle the forest well enough on our own. Between my potions and you two's white magic we should be able to deal with any of the weird fungus and poisons and such, and those seem to be the biggest threats of the area.


File: 1605220294133.png (21.43 KB,600x600)

There is Jill
Look at Jill
She is looking at someone. Someone who she has not seen in a bit but has been somewhat worried about
Let's go say hi
Hey. You been doing okay?


File: 1605220678104.jpg (382.57 KB,700x845)

Probably much to Jill's dismay, Alice still looks like a crime scene, the oversized and bloodstained chef's knife she's holding doing exactly nothing to mitigate that fact.

Oh, good evening Jill. I've been doing quite fine thank you, but I cannot seem to find the monster I'm looking for.


File: 1605220761457.jpeg (281.91 KB,744x1052)

It is distressing, but since it looks pretty much like she did the last time, Jill lets it slide
…I'd say that's a good thing, considering the last time I had a personal demon to vanquish…What are you looking for? Maybe I could have the DVPD keep an eye out?


File: 1605221614298.jpg (657.51 KB,843x876)

A tall man in a mask and ragged clothes.
I've already slain him once, but I've been told he has a penchant for coming back from the dead.
Alice shakes her head !
We can't have that, the dead should rather stay dead.


File: 1605221746326.jpg (104.17 KB,600x800)

…Tell me about it…
I…have a history with zombies.


File: 1605221923282.jpg (706.55 KB,1510x2297)

I am telling you about it.
Alice is a master of the driest of dry humour.
I've killed him, and I intend to do it again until he stops returning to life.


File: 1605221993088.jpg (97.18 KB,461x630)

…Are you sure he came back?


File: 1605222248670.jpg (716.15 KB,1000x1400)

As sure as I can be.
Which admittedly isn't that sure.
I was told he came back by someone who seemed to know him quite well.


File: 1605222728062.jpg (375.02 KB,1527x1527)

…Great. So that's…a lot worse than what I'm used to.


File: 1605223185796.jpg (414.43 KB,700x1070)

And yet not as bad as what I've dealt with in the past.
Nonetheless, should you see him, do not hesitate to kill him.


File: 1605231503853.jpeg (501.86 KB,1000x1400)

If I can kill him, you mean. So a mask and ragged clothes…I'll put in a report. In the meantime, how've you been? Aside from hunting.


File: 1605232861175.jpg (1.04 MB,1020x1500)

Well, I suppose it's either that or run.
He might fall if you separate his head from his spine.

Anyway, I've been quite fine, thank you. I found a friend who feeds on my nightmares.


File: 1605236375127.jpg (99.51 KB,850x601)

HEY LOOK, it's a SLEEPY GUN. G11 is currently conducting her favorite activity RIGHT OUTSIDE Kokonoe's lab. Maybe she had an appointment. Or maybe she just picked that particular spot for a nap. Maybe she just wanted to annoy HK.
Regardless, snoring is happening.


File: 1605236828479.jpg (1.12 MB,1654x2717)


well, she sure succeeded in annoying HK!

… ugh, really? Again?

G11 is gonna get nudged with a foot. Repeatedly.


File: 1605236929760.jpg (63.04 KB,850x947)


G11 waves vaguely in HKs direction without opening her eyes!


File: 1605237072867.png (1.22 MB,874x1819)


Now she's getting a kick!

A fairly gentle one.

Wake up! What're you doing napping here of all places?


File: 1605237214907.png (444.06 KB,634x805)



…Oh…it's HK…

A pause before she answers the question…JUST long enough to avoid another kick.

…'cause there's always coffee here.


File: 1605238102183.png (3.34 MB,3500x4500)


Then why are you sleeping here? Why not go in and get some coffee?


File: 1605238173538.jpg (200.01 KB,850x1193)

Coffee is for waking up. I wanted some nearby for when you found me.


File: 1605239394032.jpg (375.67 KB,1200x545)


… I'm not carrying you in there to get any.

That said, she DOES seem to be intending to carry G11, considering how she gets down to start trying to get the stupid sleepbot on her back.


File: 1605239577779.jpg (128.03 KB,850x845)

…If you're just going to carry me somewhere, why'd you wake me up?

G11 is mildly affronted at this waste of precious sleepytime!


File: 1605239752531.jpg (743.32 KB,1146x1040)


I wanted to make sure you weren't malfunctioning.

Also because G11 deserves the mild inconvenience as punishment.


File: 1605239841092.png (444.06 KB,634x805)



File: 1605239910684.png (1.24 MB,1300x1698)


Deal with it.

Heading back for the barracks!


File: 1605240030450.jpg (108.93 KB,850x638)

…I'm going back to sleep.

She's totally closing her eyes and snuggling into a more comfortable position!


File: 1605240735139.jpg (1.3 MB,2345x1200)


It's what you do best, after all.



File: 1605240849519.jpg (140.78 KB,850x1228)

…And making your buffer overflow.

Has possibly met Dorothy.


File: 1605242260320.jpg (597.01 KB,1050x1267)


Don't say such ridiculous things, sheesh…

TSUN. Mild tsun.


File: 1605242410362.jpg (136.67 KB,850x850)

Why else would you be hauling me to your room against my will?


…I guess I should scream or something.


File: 1605243292794.jpg (311.72 KB,800x504)


I'm not hauling you back to my room, I'm hauling you back to your room.

Grumble grumble.

If you start screaming or do anything else to embarrass me, I'll feed you a 9mm from my sidearm.


File: 1605243369685.jpg (116.96 KB,850x850)

…That's really nice. I'll be able to go to sleep once you're done ravishing me.


File: 1605243450052.png (2.55 MB,1000x1500)


I'm not going to ravish you!

Unfortunately, she shouted this as there was a side door opening from a staff meeting, and now G11 and HK are getting a lot of JUDGEMENTAL looks!

HK starts contemplating whether to murder G11 now, or wait until later.


File: 1605243552867.jpg (102.16 KB,850x568)

Somebody's gonna get chewed out by 45 later.


File: 1605243621025.jpg (1.2 MB,2480x3507)


Shut up and go to sleep already!

Now DOUBLE TIMING it to the barracks!


File: 1605243686107.jpg (132.72 KB,850x835)

I can't…you're being too rough.


File: 1605243890121.jpg (438.41 KB,710x1034)


I'll show you too rough if you don't can it already!

Oh look, the barracks! And G11's room. Once inside, HK is going to unceremoniously dump G11 on the FLOOR.


File: 1605243940196.jpg (133.75 KB,796x1127)


…That was really mean…


File: 1605244151549.jpg (486.13 KB,1280x737)


I don't want to hear it!

HK proceeds to… flop onto G11's bed and stuff her face in the pillow.

Guh… that was embarrassing…!


File: 1605244272232.jpg (63.04 KB,850x947)

…I'm not going all the way over there.

G11 has totally acquired a Goldymarg bodypillow cover. It's amazing.


File: 1605244381027.jpg (353.46 KB,1000x1144)


Good, I don't want you over here!

Grumble grumble.

Next time, I'm just leaving you there for Kokonoe to… to make you into a space heater or something!


File: 1605244547850.jpg (95.45 KB,850x1085)



File: 1605244615428.jpg (373.28 KB,800x1086)


I heard that!

HK lifts up her head from the pillow and glares at G11. She's all red in the face.

What's gotten into you today? I don't think it's my buffer that's overflowing!


File: 1605244683730.jpg (345.03 KB,850x1196)

Revenge for waking me up.


File: 1605261518560.jpeg (57.69 KB,700x875)

I…Oh…That's a good thing, right? That means you don't have them anymore when your friend eats them?


File: 1605269075722.jpg (183.72 KB,800x1116)

Cassie has given up on getting back home anytime soon, and has decided to go check out the local police station! She's chewing gum and wearing sunglasses inside.


File: 1605269342709.jpg (15.4 KB,640x480)

Look, I ain't any better
You're directed to the back once your business has been discerned towards a room filled to the brim with smoke
Unfortunately, the door on the office happens to indicate that it's the location of the chief of police, "DVPD Chief Smoker"


File: 1605270157609.png (407.75 KB,709x966)

Well that's something like home I guess…
Doors getting knocked on
Wonder if he's a ninja…


File: 1605270305099.jpg (16.1 KB,640x480)

As soon as the door opens, Cassie would discover that it is not mist, it is the thick smell of tobacco. She can likely barely make out the figure of the chief of police through the smoke, a jutte strapped to his back and wearing a jacket with the kanji for "JUSTICE" written on the back


File: 1605270911332.jpg (124.11 KB,1024x774)

She knows, she goes in holding her breath.
Yo. I'm looking for a job, and apparently you're the chief?
She looks around the office.


File: 1605271108430.jpg (1.46 MB,1536x1536)

It's a fairly standard office layout. Only thing that really stands out is a ship in a bottle that says "MARINES" across the sail on a shelf behind his chair
No. I'm not "apparently" the chief. I am the chief. The name's Smoker. Who are you, then?


File: 1605271637268.jpg (83.34 KB,1024x770)

Cassie Cage. Commander in the US Special Forces, Defender of Earth Realm and…. Stuck on this rock and sick of just waiting for invasions to happen so I can be useful.


File: 1605272450184.jpg (581.56 KB,4000x4000)

We're all stuck here, that part's a given.
Smoker studies Cassie for a bit before continuing
Defender of Earth Realm, huh? Big title there. Still, speaks volumes, doesn't it?


File: 1605273165047.jpg (121.54 KB,1024x1448)

Usually there's ways outta realms, but this place is… not like the others I've been to.
Cassie is in great shape, and seems fairly relaxed at the moment. She's probably a bit too young to be a Commander, but ya know… Killing a hell god gets your ranks up. She nods.
Long story about a fallen elder god, a bald jackass and bunch of demons. My squad and I were able to put a stop to 'em, and that's where that title comes from.


File: 1605273436422.jpg (525.6 KB,866x650)

So this ain't your first rodeo into another world, huh? Well, good to know this one sticks out.
How old are ya, Cage?


File: 1605273934280.jpg (187.52 KB,1024x1448)

No, travel between worlds was pretty normal back home. Not exactly open borders for vacationing, but enough that we were all aware of one another.
She chews her gum @:


File: 1605274031801.jpg (202.78 KB,600x770)

Ya look younger…Anyway, go talk to the receptionist out front. You're on the squad, 's far as I'm concerned. Just need it on paper.


File: 1605274360398.jpg (36.13 KB,591x269)

Yeah, my skin care routine is a bitch but it's worth it.
She nods
Will do. Thanks, Chief.


File: 1605274748972.jpg (749.17 KB,1536x2172)

I ain't your chief yet, kid.
He takes a seat back at his desk, seeming to phase through it from one side to the other
'n one more thing. I run a straight ship here. Zero tolerance as far as crooked cops go. No one, not one person under my command gets away with takin' bribes, lookin' the other way, or hurtin' the innocent. I ain't sayin' you're about to, but I give everyone the same warning. Zero tolerance. You understand?


File: 1605275242358.jpg (1018.85 KB,853x1200)

They return when she's done, but she has given me a few good nights of sleep.
I suppose that's more than I can say I had before she came into my life.


File: 1605275265318.jpg (144.93 KB,1024x678)

She nods
Shame people need to be told that, but yeah I follow ya.


File: 1605275756755.jpeg (16.37 KB,272x692)

Net gain, at least, from the sound of it. Still, heck of a thing to be able to eat…By the way, I should probably ask, do you…want help with this undead guy?


File: 1605275801429.jpg (181.23 KB,640x520)


Hm… well, there is one person I know. As skilled a knight as ever I've known. Perhaps I could pay him a visit and ask about him coming along… or we all could.

She puts a finger to her chin.

… though his usual companion might be loathe to let him go without her… but I think Ozma is right, the forest shouldn't be too much trouble, so long as we stay out of the deeper portions of it.


File: 1605275945713.jpg (96.6 KB,700x700)

…Alright. Be careful out there. Look out for your fellow cops and don't stick your neck out too far. 'S far as DUDE goes, we just look out for the little guys against other little guys and herd civilians into the shelters in the case of bigger guys. Black Order, GGG, the navy…Ain't anyone more important than the other but we all got our place. I guess what I'm sayin' is do your job but don't start fightin' giant robots.


File: 1605276113895.jpg (2.55 MB,1420x2160)

Yes, it would be much appreciated.
The more the merrier, right ? Is that how it goes ?


File: 1605276259825.jpeg (157.7 KB,492x892)

That's certainly how the saying goes. We've got some competent people on the force so hopefully we don't end up…you know, dead.
Anyway, I'll put a notice out for him. Scraggy clothes and a mask, you said? Anything else we should know about? Methods, hangouts, any information you can give at all? Besides unkillable.


File: 1605276383917.jpg (413.5 KB,1920x1080)

Understood. Except for the part where one of the organizations is named Dude, and the Black Order is the name of a group of good guys.
She shakes her head
But yeah, rescue and protect, don't punch giants. I'm pretty much trained in one-on-one kombat and skirmishes against other… vaguely human sized things anyway. Biggest thing I can fight with confidence is about 8 feet tall, so I'm alright leaving the gaints robots to other people who know what they're doing.


File: 1605276490618.jpg (14.44 KB,165x220)



File: 1605276615656.jpg (906.28 KB,2344x1676)

I didn't name 'em. Alright, you go on 'n get in my files. We'll get you on payroll startin' Monday.


File: 1605276639458.png (24.43 MB,3840x2160)

Zana shakes her head at Ozma !
… Ozma, casting white magic with a black staff is a recipe for disaster, and a summoning grimoire isn't focused on restorative magics at all.

I guess I could bring a rapier, but red magic isn't that strong in either direction. If I gotta bring a whole arsenal, who'll carry it ?


File: 1605276933258.jpg (265.88 KB,500x1129)

Well I've never ended up dead before, and look where that's gotten me. Some cats would even claim that I am an unmitigated disaster.

Alice nods !
That's quite right. I found him out in the forest, and he would pick up anything he could use as a weapon.


File: 1605277043381.jpg (571.04 KB,1920x2400)

Fair enough. I'll go get that filled out then. Look forward to working here.
She nods, and turns to leave


File: 1605277073102.png (41.68 KB,340x494)


Remembers who she's talking to
Oh right, right, cats…So he's strong then. Probably won't just fall apart after a couple bullets then, huh?


File: 1605277277976.jpg (78.89 KB,640x873)

Is his companion also a warrior?
Yeah but I got an arcanists grimour that you could probably use better than me if everything falls apart.
I mean I could probably bring my wagon but that may slow us down.
What about Dinner?


File: 1605277286849.jpg (414.43 KB,700x1070)

No, I don't think he would.
He didn't fall apart when I removed his guts from his body.


File: 1605277645652.png (267.39 KB,1000x750)


Yes, I can fully agree on that. My dear friend Bryda once tried to cast Bolt 4 through a white magic staff…

Merilda clasps her hands together in a brief prayer. GUESS WHY.


Oh, no, she's… more of an alchemist…

She looks to Zana.

… I dare say Zana would get along with her tremendously.


File: 1605278011354.jpg (2.43 MB,2048x3641)

Sighs and grumbles to himself as he gets back to his paperwork
At least she ain't another teenager…
Cans feido. Thank you for session


File: 1605278214899.jpg (354.62 KB,1230x850)

…That's discouraging…
Well…as long as he doesn't pick up a rocket launcher or sprout tentacles, how bad can he be?


File: 1605278801829.png (10.97 MB,3840x2160)

Zana looks horrified at Merilda's first comment !
… Oh no…

Dinner would make it everyone's problem.
Besides, he's gotta carry the loot.
… And make it everyone's problem.

And then, Merilda's last comment catches her interest !
Oh ?
Is she as incredible as you ?


File: 1605278891118.png (688.51 KB,800x1066)

He's rather strong as well, but I take it monsters like that have a tendency to be so.
Anyway, I reckon it's best to go directly for the head.


File: 1605279193075.jpg (97.56 KB,1280x726)

So she's another hyper sexual person?
… Someday I'll meet someone who's not that.
Right… I really should get a Chocobo of my own. I used to rent one a lot back home, but I never actually had my own.


File: 1605279276472.jpg (147.73 KB,570x830)

Yeah…I just hope it doesn't all go south if the wrong officer runs into him…


File: 1605279967122.jpg (1018.85 KB,853x1200)

The 'wrong' officer ?

Then it sounds to me like it might be best if we get to him sooner rather than later.


File: 1605280041686.jpg (129.6 KB,600x910)

Not everyone's as experienced or well-equipped as the next. But you're right about getting to him sooner. I just…hope it's enough.


File: 1605280359583.jpg (1.34 MB,1060x1500)

It certainly won't be enough to keep him from coming back.
We kill him, he gets better, and then we can do it all over again.

Come on then, the more time we waste the more people he'll murder in the meantime.

Let's go HUNTING


File: 1605280418433.png (259.54 KB,400x600)


H-how would I know!?

Still trying to pretend to be chaste, isn't it cute?



… ah… well, my friend Gylda has a chocobo. But it's the only one I've seen in this world…


File: 1605280702334.jpeg (47.5 KB,400x600)

Are you sure he's out and about right now, though?


File: 1605280999607.png (4.15 MB,1920x1080)

You could get one that's not as unruly as Dinner.

Positively ADORABLE
And making Zana want to misbehave, she can't help but giggle at Merilda's reaction.
Aha, ah~… At this rate I might have to go back to bed after breakfast.
Of course her eyes are practically screaming 'join me' as she looks at Merilda. Oh no


File: 1605281078529.jpg (706.55 KB,1510x2297)

I'm as sure as I can be.
Would you rather wait for a report of a murder ?


File: 1605281192767.jpg (82.11 KB,1280x726)

I'd be hard pressed to find one that's as unruly as Dinner…
Well Zana's got Dinner. But yeah now that I think about it I haven't actually seen another one around…


File: 1605281495926.jpg (323.62 KB,597x800)



Erm… well, if you exerted yourself that much, it may not be a bad idea…

She's still on the fence though.

… wait, Dinner?


She named her chocobo Dinner?


File: 1605282221540.png (9.94 MB,3840x2160)

Mhmm, maybe I'll even… Exert myself enough to sleep again.

She's doing her best to resist all these temptations, even if only to give Merilda some breathing room.

Then Zana nods !

Dinner. A name that rightfully strikes fear into his enemies.
No one messes with Dinner.


File: 1605282585399.jpg (232.63 KB,1150x900)

….You have a point. Let's go.


File: 1605282987997.jpg (85.32 KB,1280x726)

I assumed it was because he was your emergency rations… Well you learn something new every day.


File: 1605283531643.png (323.84 KB,793x1025)


Oh god don't tempt!

I was thinking the same as Ozma… that's a relief, though. Chocobo's are too cute to eat.


File: 1605283981536.png (14.81 MB,2160x3840)

Zana lightly bonks Ozma with the book she used earlier !
Despite all his flaws, I could never eat my lovely companion !

At least…
She gives Merilda a tempting look and a horny smile !
Not him, and not in that sense.


File: 1605284022172-0.jpg (191.81 KB,900x675)

File: 1605284022172-1.jpg (58.37 KB,401x605)

Yay a beautiful fall forest adventure! Upon nearing the area of the cabin Jason was last seen out, Alice will probably notice someone put up a sign. It is a good sign and you should probably do what it says.


File: 1605285119812.jpg (155.23 KB,390x520)

Arado is doing some window shopping in downtown Dramaville.

Hmmm…I wonder what she would like as a present.

As Arado keeps looking at the windows, he doesn't have any idea what to buy.

…This isn't good.


File: 1605285321597.png (906.91 KB,1280x720)

And passing by is some SCHMUCK who just wanted to get some fud. But he's distracted. By this OTHER SCHMUCK
Hah? What ain't good?
I'mma bullshit and say that Arado was lookin' at a stuffed animal store. Because he's shopping for someone else, so it's possible, shut the fuck up. Anyway, Okuyasu takes a gander himself
Dumbass! Of course it isn't good! You're a guy, aren't ya?! Guys don't play with stuffed animals!


File: 1605285647513.jpg (339.11 KB,1983x1024)

Arado looks at Okuyasu.

Y'know what…You're right. A guy shouldn't be buying stuffed animals for himse-

Wait! This isn't for me, you idiot!


File: 1605285752049.png (219.17 KB,600x480)

Stupid sign @:
… Would anyone listen to a sign like that ?
If you ask me, it only makes me want to go further in.

And they shall press on !


File: 1605285776063-0.png (758.95 KB,1280x720)

File: 1605285776063-1.png (1.39 MB,1280x720)

Eh?! O-oh…Ah, w-well, that's di-DON'T CALL ME AN IDIOT, IDIOT!


File: 1605285838376.jpeg (183.59 KB,510x766)

Well, considering that we have business here…But honestly, it's a good idea for anyone else to leave as soon as they can.


File: 1605285938258.png (26.35 KB,256x256)

I'll call you an idiot if you're acting like an idiot. Idiot!

Who are you anyway?


File: 1605285938599.jpg (116.2 KB,630x770)

I mean sheep and pigs are pretty cute to. Doesn't mean they aren't tasty.
Ahhh. It's not that far fetched…


File: 1605286134947-0.png (1012.38 KB,1280x720)

File: 1605286134947-1.png (1.03 MB,1280x720)

Look, how'n the hell am I supposed to know it ain't for you?! You were just starin' in there sayin' it wasn't good! I'm Nijimura Okuyasu, s-…Uh…
Counts on his hands
…Tenth grade student at Dramaville High!


File: 1605286255033.jpg (133.13 KB,577x814)

It should be obvious! No guy would be caught dead buying one of those for himself!

…How many times did you flunk on your way there?


File: 1605286335279.jpg (325.93 KB,1200x630)

Smart and/or sane people listen to the sign, that's who.
The cabin has been rebuilt by someone, but it there doesn't seem to be anyone home.
This not idiot/crazy person is correct. These woods are aren't a great place to be

So anyway! There's a big lake with a dock and a canoe in it! There's also a path leading deeper into the woods, and a small cabin on the lake


File: 1605286466594.jpg (414.43 KB,700x1070)

If they can slay the monster I'd rather they stay here, really.

Alice is both smart and quite sane !
… Last time I was here, that cabin was left in ruins.



File: 1605287065921.png (735.39 KB,1280x720)

I feel shamed by these two but fuck it
Oi, punk, don't just make funna someone you don't even know! I ain't never been held back in my life, I'll have ya know!
By some miracle


File: 1605287237716.jpg (110.56 KB,826x750)

Arado just raises an eyebrow.



Figured you were held back at least twice with how you had to count on your hands like that.


File: 1605287274513.jpeg (33.92 KB,472x472)

…You ever get the feeling you're being watched?
Draws her pistol and holds it with PROPER TRIGGER DISCIPLINE

Well, yeah, but I'm guessing most people can't…
Looks over at the cabin
Someone put it back together, apparently.


File: 1605287369962.png (877.02 KB,1280x720)

HEY! I just forgot, you ass! It could happen to anyone! And fine, even if you ain't lookin' for one for you, who are you lookin' for one for?! And also, ain't it shitty to ask for someone's name without sayin' yer own?!


File: 1605287505134.jpg (87.99 KB,400x355)

The name's Arado. PT Pilot for GGG.

And this is for my…



File: 1605287561544.png (848.22 KB,1280x720)

Eh? What was that? Speak up!


File: 1605287623423.png (22.84 KB,256x256)

It's for my girlfriend. Got it?

He's clearly embarassed to say that word to a random stranger.


File: 1605287687099.jpg (325.93 KB,1200x630)

Spooky. Well, if you think construction is spooky. And yeah you are both probably being watched. But by whaaaaaaat and from wheeeeeeeeere?


File: 1605287798155-0.png (1.22 MB,1280x720)

File: 1605287798155-1.png (1.39 MB,1280x720)

…Oh…Well, that would make more sense, huh? Hmmm…THEN WHAT AIN'T GOOD ABOUT IT, RETARD?! Chicks like that kinda crap!


File: 1605287866027.jpg (730.43 KB,768x1024)



File: 1605287890901.jpg (320.08 KB,1556x2048)

More often than not. But yes, I do believe we're being watched.
That cabin is where she first met Jason. Maybe she can lure him out by going inside it, she figures.
So Alice goes for it !


File: 1605287949476.png (1.4 MB,1280x720)

Th'hell?! Why not?! Ain't she your girl?!


File: 1605288010082.png (2.2 MB,1920x1080)

She would like all of those, but I don't know which one she'd prefer!


File: 1605288035156.jpeg (501.86 KB,1000x1400)

How the fuck should I know?!

Hold on, Alice…Let me go first…
She's gonna walk up to the side of the door and slowly turn the knob/handle/whatever to try and make a silent entrance


File: 1605288277660.png (755.67 KB,1280x720)

…D'ah, jeez, that's a good point…Hmm…
There's a real simple solution to this
Well, it's not like you can just ask her…
Getting colder
Maybe buy all of 'em?
Nah, that's just super expensive. Y'might need to just look fer somethin' else.
Heat death of the universe


File: 1605288557580.jpg (12.59 KB,278x181)

:o Silent entrance achieved! The inside is what someone trying to sell the house would call 'rustic'. The main room has a fireplace, a old couch and some logs piled up on the side. To the east there's a book shelf full of… well, junk. Just a lot of weird useless looking crap!. To the north there's a small hallway with doors on either side, do the west there's a kitchen, which doesn't have it's own door! There's also a trap door on the floor in the kitchen.

You should both roll some kind of die tho :o


File: 1605288583835.png (2.56 MB,1920x1080)

…This guy is a moron.

Yeah…What about no?


File: 1605288698217.jpg (103.48 KB,313x622)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 19

If you insist.

We're sneaky beaky !
It is certainly a lot cleaner than last time.
To be fair last time it was a ruin. It makes a lot of sense if you think about it.


File: 1605288738814.jpg (378.26 KB,780x906)


Y-you've… oh…


So is the somewhat telltale shifting.


They're… different, though. They don't have the same personality that chocobos do.


File: 1605288848500.png (735.39 KB,1280x720)

Well then wadda you suggest?!


File: 1605288942458.jpg (501.72 KB,700x856)

Arado looks at the stuffed animals again and…

I'll take the big bear one.

For some reason, I think she'd like that one.


File: 1605288960508.jpeg (501.86 KB,1000x1400)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 10


Quite so
Also this pic again because SNEAKY JILL
How bad was it last time?


File: 1605289083625.png (994.42 KB,1280x720)

Hmmm…Well, girls do like teddy bears, right? Hmmm…
Okuyasu knows literally nothing about girls aside from WANT WOMAN


File: 1605289277027.jpg (104.57 KB,640x428)

Alice will hear a sound coming from the basement! A very light shuffling. Also that perception check will allow her to notice that the light switch in the kitchen has two switches on it :o
Alice will not hear anything! But she will start to notice quite a bad smell emanating from the kitchen.

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