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Dolljoints and boatlights
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"I thought Ron and Jon were the same person and we just interspliced whichever we felt like" ~ TC, 6:54pm CST, 11/28/2017

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Hey, HR. Look at me.

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Not everyone's as experienced or well-equipped as the next. But you're right about getting to him sooner. I just…hope it's enough.


File: 1605280359583.jpg (1.34 MB,1060x1500)

It certainly won't be enough to keep him from coming back.
We kill him, he gets better, and then we can do it all over again.

Come on then, the more time we waste the more people he'll murder in the meantime.

Let's go HUNTING


File: 1605280418433.png (259.54 KB,400x600)


H-how would I know!?

Still trying to pretend to be chaste, isn't it cute?



… ah… well, my friend Gylda has a chocobo. But it's the only one I've seen in this world…


File: 1605280702334.jpeg (47.5 KB,400x600)

Are you sure he's out and about right now, though?


File: 1605280999607.png (4.15 MB,1920x1080)

You could get one that's not as unruly as Dinner.

Positively ADORABLE
And making Zana want to misbehave, she can't help but giggle at Merilda's reaction.
Aha, ah~… At this rate I might have to go back to bed after breakfast.
Of course her eyes are practically screaming 'join me' as she looks at Merilda. Oh no


File: 1605281078529.jpg (706.55 KB,1510x2297)

I'm as sure as I can be.
Would you rather wait for a report of a murder ?


File: 1605281192767.jpg (82.11 KB,1280x726)

I'd be hard pressed to find one that's as unruly as Dinner…
Well Zana's got Dinner. But yeah now that I think about it I haven't actually seen another one around…


File: 1605281495926.jpg (323.62 KB,597x800)



Erm… well, if you exerted yourself that much, it may not be a bad idea…

She's still on the fence though.

… wait, Dinner?


She named her chocobo Dinner?


File: 1605282221540.png (9.94 MB,3840x2160)

Mhmm, maybe I'll even… Exert myself enough to sleep again.

She's doing her best to resist all these temptations, even if only to give Merilda some breathing room.

Then Zana nods !

Dinner. A name that rightfully strikes fear into his enemies.
No one messes with Dinner.


File: 1605282585399.jpg (232.63 KB,1150x900)

….You have a point. Let's go.


File: 1605282987997.jpg (85.32 KB,1280x726)

I assumed it was because he was your emergency rations… Well you learn something new every day.


File: 1605283531643.png (323.84 KB,793x1025)


Oh god don't tempt!

I was thinking the same as Ozma… that's a relief, though. Chocobo's are too cute to eat.


File: 1605283981536.png (14.81 MB,2160x3840)

Zana lightly bonks Ozma with the book she used earlier !
Despite all his flaws, I could never eat my lovely companion !

At least…
She gives Merilda a tempting look and a horny smile !
Not him, and not in that sense.


File: 1605284022172-0.jpg (191.81 KB,900x675)

File: 1605284022172-1.jpg (58.37 KB,401x605)

Yay a beautiful fall forest adventure! Upon nearing the area of the cabin Jason was last seen out, Alice will probably notice someone put up a sign. It is a good sign and you should probably do what it says.


File: 1605285119812.jpg (155.23 KB,390x520)

Arado is doing some window shopping in downtown Dramaville.

Hmmm…I wonder what she would like as a present.

As Arado keeps looking at the windows, he doesn't have any idea what to buy.

…This isn't good.


File: 1605285321597.png (906.91 KB,1280x720)

And passing by is some SCHMUCK who just wanted to get some fud. But he's distracted. By this OTHER SCHMUCK
Hah? What ain't good?
I'mma bullshit and say that Arado was lookin' at a stuffed animal store. Because he's shopping for someone else, so it's possible, shut the fuck up. Anyway, Okuyasu takes a gander himself
Dumbass! Of course it isn't good! You're a guy, aren't ya?! Guys don't play with stuffed animals!


File: 1605285647513.jpg (339.11 KB,1983x1024)

Arado looks at Okuyasu.

Y'know what…You're right. A guy shouldn't be buying stuffed animals for himse-

Wait! This isn't for me, you idiot!


File: 1605285752049.png (219.17 KB,600x480)

Stupid sign @:
… Would anyone listen to a sign like that ?
If you ask me, it only makes me want to go further in.

And they shall press on !


File: 1605285776063-0.png (758.95 KB,1280x720)

File: 1605285776063-1.png (1.39 MB,1280x720)

Eh?! O-oh…Ah, w-well, that's di-DON'T CALL ME AN IDIOT, IDIOT!


File: 1605285838376.jpeg (183.59 KB,510x766)

Well, considering that we have business here…But honestly, it's a good idea for anyone else to leave as soon as they can.


File: 1605285938258.png (26.35 KB,256x256)

I'll call you an idiot if you're acting like an idiot. Idiot!

Who are you anyway?


File: 1605285938599.jpg (116.2 KB,630x770)

I mean sheep and pigs are pretty cute to. Doesn't mean they aren't tasty.
Ahhh. It's not that far fetched…


File: 1605286134947-0.png (1012.38 KB,1280x720)

File: 1605286134947-1.png (1.03 MB,1280x720)

Look, how'n the hell am I supposed to know it ain't for you?! You were just starin' in there sayin' it wasn't good! I'm Nijimura Okuyasu, s-…Uh…
Counts on his hands
…Tenth grade student at Dramaville High!


File: 1605286255033.jpg (133.13 KB,577x814)

It should be obvious! No guy would be caught dead buying one of those for himself!

…How many times did you flunk on your way there?


File: 1605286335279.jpg (325.93 KB,1200x630)

Smart and/or sane people listen to the sign, that's who.
The cabin has been rebuilt by someone, but it there doesn't seem to be anyone home.
This not idiot/crazy person is correct. These woods are aren't a great place to be

So anyway! There's a big lake with a dock and a canoe in it! There's also a path leading deeper into the woods, and a small cabin on the lake


File: 1605286466594.jpg (414.43 KB,700x1070)

If they can slay the monster I'd rather they stay here, really.

Alice is both smart and quite sane !
… Last time I was here, that cabin was left in ruins.



File: 1605287065921.png (735.39 KB,1280x720)

I feel shamed by these two but fuck it
Oi, punk, don't just make funna someone you don't even know! I ain't never been held back in my life, I'll have ya know!
By some miracle


File: 1605287237716.jpg (110.56 KB,826x750)

Arado just raises an eyebrow.



Figured you were held back at least twice with how you had to count on your hands like that.


File: 1605287274513.jpeg (33.92 KB,472x472)

…You ever get the feeling you're being watched?
Draws her pistol and holds it with PROPER TRIGGER DISCIPLINE

Well, yeah, but I'm guessing most people can't…
Looks over at the cabin
Someone put it back together, apparently.


File: 1605287369962.png (877.02 KB,1280x720)

HEY! I just forgot, you ass! It could happen to anyone! And fine, even if you ain't lookin' for one for you, who are you lookin' for one for?! And also, ain't it shitty to ask for someone's name without sayin' yer own?!


File: 1605287505134.jpg (87.99 KB,400x355)

The name's Arado. PT Pilot for GGG.

And this is for my…



File: 1605287561544.png (848.22 KB,1280x720)

Eh? What was that? Speak up!


File: 1605287623423.png (22.84 KB,256x256)

It's for my girlfriend. Got it?

He's clearly embarassed to say that word to a random stranger.


File: 1605287687099.jpg (325.93 KB,1200x630)

Spooky. Well, if you think construction is spooky. And yeah you are both probably being watched. But by whaaaaaaat and from wheeeeeeeeere?


File: 1605287798155-0.png (1.22 MB,1280x720)

File: 1605287798155-1.png (1.39 MB,1280x720)

…Oh…Well, that would make more sense, huh? Hmmm…THEN WHAT AIN'T GOOD ABOUT IT, RETARD?! Chicks like that kinda crap!


File: 1605287866027.jpg (730.43 KB,768x1024)



File: 1605287890901.jpg (320.08 KB,1556x2048)

More often than not. But yes, I do believe we're being watched.
That cabin is where she first met Jason. Maybe she can lure him out by going inside it, she figures.
So Alice goes for it !


File: 1605287949476.png (1.4 MB,1280x720)

Th'hell?! Why not?! Ain't she your girl?!


File: 1605288010082.png (2.2 MB,1920x1080)

She would like all of those, but I don't know which one she'd prefer!


File: 1605288035156.jpeg (501.86 KB,1000x1400)

How the fuck should I know?!

Hold on, Alice…Let me go first…
She's gonna walk up to the side of the door and slowly turn the knob/handle/whatever to try and make a silent entrance


File: 1605288277660.png (755.67 KB,1280x720)

…D'ah, jeez, that's a good point…Hmm…
There's a real simple solution to this
Well, it's not like you can just ask her…
Getting colder
Maybe buy all of 'em?
Nah, that's just super expensive. Y'might need to just look fer somethin' else.
Heat death of the universe


File: 1605288557580.jpg (12.59 KB,278x181)

:o Silent entrance achieved! The inside is what someone trying to sell the house would call 'rustic'. The main room has a fireplace, a old couch and some logs piled up on the side. To the east there's a book shelf full of… well, junk. Just a lot of weird useless looking crap!. To the north there's a small hallway with doors on either side, do the west there's a kitchen, which doesn't have it's own door! There's also a trap door on the floor in the kitchen.

You should both roll some kind of die tho :o


File: 1605288583835.png (2.56 MB,1920x1080)

…This guy is a moron.

Yeah…What about no?


File: 1605288698217.jpg (103.48 KB,313x622)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 19

If you insist.

We're sneaky beaky !
It is certainly a lot cleaner than last time.
To be fair last time it was a ruin. It makes a lot of sense if you think about it.


File: 1605288738814.jpg (378.26 KB,780x906)


Y-you've… oh…


So is the somewhat telltale shifting.


They're… different, though. They don't have the same personality that chocobos do.


File: 1605288848500.png (735.39 KB,1280x720)

Well then wadda you suggest?!


File: 1605288942458.jpg (501.72 KB,700x856)

Arado looks at the stuffed animals again and…

I'll take the big bear one.

For some reason, I think she'd like that one.


File: 1605288960508.jpeg (501.86 KB,1000x1400)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 10


Quite so
Also this pic again because SNEAKY JILL
How bad was it last time?


File: 1605289083625.png (994.42 KB,1280x720)

Hmmm…Well, girls do like teddy bears, right? Hmmm…
Okuyasu knows literally nothing about girls aside from WANT WOMAN


File: 1605289277027.jpg (104.57 KB,640x428)

Alice will hear a sound coming from the basement! A very light shuffling. Also that perception check will allow her to notice that the light switch in the kitchen has two switches on it :o
Alice will not hear anything! But she will start to notice quite a bad smell emanating from the kitchen.

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