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"I thought Ron and Jon were the same person and we just interspliced whichever we felt like" ~ TC, 6:54pm CST, 11/28/2017

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Her "Zero?" What is that? Is that something that keeps her alive?
Browr incoming in 3…2…


File: 1604460680629.jpg (94.19 KB,627x900)


It's, uh… a plane. Little A6M Zero. It's kinda like… a security blanket, almost?


File: 1604460866444.png (535.07 KB,640x480)

…S-…Seriously? Like…like a toy one?


File: 1604461028695.jpg (202.64 KB,1238x1920)


It's toy sized, I dunno if it's actually a toy. See, with Abyssals, I generally don't like to get any closer than effective firing range, so I ain't exactly ever gotten a real good look at it.

You understand.


File: 1604461619612.png (425.99 KB,640x480)

Y-yes, of course.
So…if we find Hellfire's base and take back the Zero…


File: 1604461808183.jpg (220.75 KB,850x1191)


Then they're gonna be mad at HellFire. Powerful mad, if Re was tellin' me the truth. Mad enough to turn on 'em.


File: 1604461871022.png (478.92 KB,640x480)

Hmmm…Do you think they'd agree to a truce afterwards?


File: 1604461962542.jpg (272.55 KB,850x1201)


… a permanent one? I wouldn't hold my breath on that. They got a mighty grudge against humans for whatever reason.

But for a spell, maybe.


File: 1604462024130.png (432.79 KB,640x480)

At this level? I'll take it…What are the chances we could get Hellfire's base location from them?


File: 1604463267511.jpg (114.25 KB,850x1020)


Chances are kinda bad for that, I figure. Re said they were being watched.


File: 1604464133825.jpg (792.75 KB,589x1200)

…It wouldn't be that easy, would it? Regardless, thank you for the information, Iowa. Rest up, we'll need you back on the frontlines soon, I imagine.


File: 1604465272113.jpg (619.7 KB,850x1147)


Doggie do not bark.

You'd need a team of horses to keep me out of the fight for long, you can count on that!



File: 1604465746639-0.jpg (70.44 KB,1280x720)

File: 1604465746639-1.png (1.38 MB,1080x1260)

Doggie also salutes and makes his way out
Relena sighs and gives a sidelong look to Iowa. She is hella concerned


File: 1604469332423.jpg (1000.87 KB,1227x857)

Don't talk about hip thrusting in the mess hall!


File: 1604469446386.png (205.84 KB,462x768)


You're right! Lets go with Arado's idea of talking about them in your quarters~


File: 1604469615779.jpg (285.89 KB,480x640)

I feel I'm gonna regret this later…Fuck it.

Arado gets up.

Unless there's a problem, Seolla.


File: 1604470210348.png (27.42 KB,256x256)

Seolla chooses not to deck Arado this time
Look, thi-…This isn't about Arado!
I mean, it is, but…Look, th-…I don't want to talk about this right now!
She stands up and starts to storm off


File: 1604470371536.png (58.78 KB,386x389)

Dorothy watches as Seolla flounces away!

Ohh, maybe I went a bit too far…?

She's gonna give Arado a grin!

You better catch up with her!


File: 1604470702308.jpg (435.78 KB,680x400)

Arado sighs as Seolla storms away.

Yeah…I'm gonna deserve whatever beating she's about to give me.

See you around!

And Arado runs after Seolla.

Seolla! Wait up!


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File: 1604470829340-1.png (919.42 KB,1280x720)


Whirls around on her heel once she's in the hallways and out of the mess hall
What?! You want to embarrass me again?!…Sorry, that wasn't fair of me…She…She wanted me to…practice…things…Gave me some suggestions…but it's embarrassing to think about…


File: 1604470986036.jpg (595.34 KB,647x1000)

If Seolla's PER is really good and she's paying attention, she might notice a slight shimmer in the air as a cloaked Dorothy steps up behind Arado!
She's going to whisper in his ear!

Tell her she doesn't need practice to be beautiful!


File: 1604471166629.jpg (362.51 KB,452x651)

Look Seolla…I don't know what she suggested you do. But you're beautiful the way you are.

If you're not comfortable with what she's suggesting, you don't have to do it.

Arado will smile at her.


File: 1604471264945.jpg (120.12 KB,640x480)

She blushin'. That worked a bit


File: 1604471345439.png (340.46 KB,894x894)

Arado's gonna get shoved (not hard, but firmly,) toward Seolla!


File: 1604471588643.jpg (647.44 KB,1378x2248)

Arado hugs Seolla when he gets shoved into her.

Guess I'm not getting beat up tonight…That was close.


File: 1604472051050.png (892.64 KB,1280x720)

Ah! Wha-, y-you dope, is this really the time?!
She says as she settles into the hug. Fuckin' tsundere is the worst archetype, I swear


File: 1604472133343.jpg (12.89 KB,300x240)

This is an adorable moment! Dorothy's gonna take some time to appreciate it!


File: 1604472420311.jpg (589.68 KB,768x1024)

He'll then whisper to her.

Should we go elsewhere then?

I'll have to thank Dorothy later…Avoided a disaster right there.


File: 1604472466050.jpg (135.94 KB,520x527)

D-don't just…


File: 1604472566562.jpg (392.88 KB,752x900)


Dorothy's totally gonna slap Arado on the ass at this point.


File: 1604472790703.jpg (263.22 KB,600x600)

Arado totally wasn't expecting that and almost jumps up in surprise.

Okay…I'm not a 100% safe yet…

He'll wrap an arm around her shoulders and start walking back to their room.


File: 1604473217836.jpg (582.89 KB,1369x1609)


Grumbles as they make their way, because she's the undereable tsun
MIIIIGHT wanna fade there


File: 1604473399262.png (33.53 KB,759x408)


Dorothy is SORELY tempted to follow…but rules are rules, and she has bills to pay, dammit!
She'll go bother Kokonoe instead.


File: 1604473496959.jpg (366.94 KB,1526x1408)

Fade works.


File: 1604487639344.png (1.23 MB,1032x1457)

Time to piss off Olga
I just summoned another Servant
And look, it shows in who I summoned


File: 1604488176199.gif (3.09 MB,320x180)


The lights flash, they spin, and then a woman appears from the ether, showcasing her smooth, soft, pale skin and shapely body.

Nnnn…oh my, who summons me? Servant, Mata Hari, Assassin, at your service, nice to meet you, Master…

She's going to give her hips an exotic shake, the bells jangling softly as she saunters over to Ritsuka!


File: 1604488780155.jpg (107.5 KB,805x1200)

This just got sweaty
Um…N-nice to meet you, too. Ah…so you're probably expecting a Grail War, huh?


File: 1604489453735.png (1.18 MB,960x1200)


Mata Hari saunters even closer, until she's within arms reach of Ritsuka!

Nnnnn, well, of course, I'm a Servant, after all~

She winks at Ritsuka!

I'm afraid I'm not much use in a direct fight, though…bur if you need intelligence, I'm your woman~


File: 1604489629435.jpg (996.37 KB,1833x2414)

Well, right, you're a spy and an Assassin. A-anyway, don't worry about any of that. There's no war or anything here.
I wonder if the Director will be mad…Wait, did she say…
Oh, uh…I'll explain, though. I mean, I don't know if you're familiar with Chaldea or anything like that…


File: 1604489885211.jpg (611.46 KB,732x1010)


I'm not, but please, feel free to teach me.

Mata Hari looks around, a little bit in awe.

No war, and you've managed to summon me into a nice location…I think I'm gonna like this, already~


File: 1604490295861.png (338.25 KB,830x820)

Oh, uh…we-well…so this is a world called Leyang, it's not on Earth at all, and it's kind of this world nexus world where everyone comes together from different worlds, times, and dimensions and kinda lives together. We're with Chaldea, an organization dedicated to sort of policing Servant- and magical-related issues in the city of Dramaville. I-I'm Ritsuka.


File: 1604499852755.png (463.09 KB,956x537)

Olga is going over the artifact stock and pauses as she notices general resources missing

She snaps a pen in half


File: 1604503570035.jpg (347.71 KB,850x1015)


It wasn't me!

This time.


File: 1604548526603.png (963.68 KB,1024x1214)


Ritsuka, hmmmm…what a lovely name to suit my new, lovely Master~

Mata Hari will, lightly touch Ritsuka's chin to turn her head from side to side, lightly 'hm'ing at her features.

Delightful~ Well, Master, if there's no Grail War, what am I here for, then?


File: 1604552722496.jpg (298.34 KB,1175x1280)

Uh…well, since you're an Assassin, you can help keep tabs on where there might be trouble brewing. You know?


File: 1604553237483.jpg (357.92 KB,1024x1448)


Information gathering, then? Ah, well, I can do that, no sweat.

Mata Hari leeeaaans close to Ritsuka, her voice dropping lower

And should we find ourselves with a bit of spare time, perhaps I could…entertain my Master?


File: 1604553715395-0.jpg (266.14 KB,1000x1013)

File: 1604553715395-1.jpg (129.21 KB,800x800)

In a GREAT example of self-control, Ritsuka puts her hands on Mata Hari's shoulders and pushes her back gently
Eheh…I-I mean we should…probably not do that without getting to know each other, right?


File: 1604553847972-0.jpg (94.08 KB,1280x720)

File: 1604553847972-1.jpg (98.71 KB,1280x720)

Konata cheekily eats a chocolate cornet at her student
Sooo, what game are you up to now? Are you in the 16-bit era yet?


File: 1604553910897.jpg (833.83 KB,700x1000)


All right…well, I'm an open book, Master. Please, read me at your leisure~

Oh, she's CLEARLY enjoying this. To punctuate her statement, she gives a saucy shake of her hips to jingle the bells and ornaments hanging there


File: 1604554140116.jpg (1.89 MB,1736x2383)

I mean, I guess I've already met YOU but…
Ah, r-right, but…well, I mean…
Y-you know…I mean, you don't know me yet, right?


File: 1604554190716.jpg (89.7 KB,1280x720)

Phos will watch this consumption with the usual look of fascinated horror.

…Huh? Oh, yeah! Travis has an SNES we've been playing on! I've been getting pretty good at F-Zero! :D


File: 1604554372975.jpg (110.02 KB,1280x720)

Don't get attached. When you start getting a craving for a new one, that's when the drought begins.
But the first one's real good.


File: 1604554516028.jpg (162.25 KB,1280x720)



It was pretty hard at first.


File: 1604554598143.jpg (57.37 KB,500x732)


Hnnnn…can't say I do, sorry! I mean…I'm getting a sense of deja vu for some reason, but…

She places a hand to her chin, looking a little vexed.



File: 1604554622055.jpg (108.42 KB,1280x720)

Oh yeah, totally. It's supposed to simulate really high speeds and all the dangers that come with it and stuff. Besides actual g-forces.


File: 1604554661951.png (392.42 KB,627x885)

Ah, no, I just mean that, um…you should…get to know me. So we can be friends, right?


File: 1604554700107.jpg (91.15 KB,1280x720)

Mmm…humans come up with some crazy things…we never really did anything like that.

…I mean, besides fighting lunarians. But that wasn't really for fun.


File: 1604554890919.jpg (114.57 KB,1280x720)

Well, for a lotta worlds, this stuff's just fantasy. Things we can't ever really do. So let's just pretend and enjoy it that way! You know what I mean?


File: 1604554988210.jpg (139.92 KB,1280x720)

…You could do it here, though.

I bet somebody like Kokonoe could make one of those F-zero cars really easily. Like on her lunch break.


File: 1604555094413.jpg (123.92 KB,1280x720)

Eheheh. Yeah, this place has got all kinds of crazy stuff to it. But the people that made these games didn't live in this world, you know? Also, I'm small. Being in an F-Zero racer would probably make me small enough to fit in a paper bag.


File: 1604555225943.jpg (101.89 KB,1280x720)

…Oh right. You're squishy.

Although I guess it'd probably vibrate me to pieces so it's basically the same thing in the end.


File: 1604555963858.jpg (110.26 KB,1280x720)

I am very squishy. Well, comparatively. Here's to living vicariously through video games!


File: 1604556104495.jpg (95.04 KB,1280x720)

Heheh…Oh! Right! Hey! I convinced Antarc to come try out some games! We've gotta find something super fun!


File: 1604556262719.png (1.1 MB,1280x720)

Antarc? Is that your friend? The cold one?


File: 1604556320387.jpg (99.77 KB,1280x720)

Yeah! They're kinda grumpy and a bit of a sword maniac…


File: 1604556406375.jpg (126.78 KB,1280x720)

Well there's a lot of good sword-play games out there…hmm…Do they like fantasy swords or real swords? Or all kinds of swords?


File: 1604556493506.jpg (119.79 KB,1280x720)

Mmm…Antarc was the one who watched over us during winter, 'cause normally antarctite is liquid, but it gets harder as it gets colder! So probably real swords…maybe some kinda vr thing?


File: 1604556775079.jpg (150.33 KB,1280x720)

Oh hey, yeah…I need to meet this Antarc before I get a real idea, though.


File: 1604556883688.jpg (100.25 KB,1280x720)

Yeah…they can be kind of abrupt at first…but they're actually pretty nice! You've just gotta learn to read their mood!


File: 1604557025582.png (1.39 MB,1280x720)

Hmm…Shouldn't be too hard.
If Konata was bad at reading moods, she wouldn't be able to tease Kagami as well as she did
Konata will probably tease Antarc
But for now, you wanna do some 1v1 in F-Zero…
And then she states a letter more dramatically than anyone has ever stated a single letter in the history of language


File: 1604557163581.jpg (105.16 KB,1280x720)

…What's the X for?



File: 1604557351994.jpg (121.6 KB,1280x720)

Because people don't know how to spell "Extreme." You wanna play or what?


File: 1604557419860.jpg (90.47 KB,1280x720)

…Extreme, huh?

…Alright, yeah! Lets do it!


File: 1604557490762.jpg (130.28 KB,1280x720)

And we can fade to N64 graphics blowing Phos's mind out of its socket


File: 1604565037970.jpg (759.86 KB,707x1000)


Hmmmm, I guess I don't, Master…

She's going to sigh, then find the nearest chair and sit down, her eyes shining with expectation

All right, Master, what would you like to tell me today?


File: 1604565386561.jpg (182.32 KB,1007x1002)

Well, um…Well, I'm not sure where to start, but…instead of just telling you stories, why don't we just hang out together for a while!


File: 1604570054265.png (963.68 KB,1024x1214)


If you insiiiiist…

Mata Hari gives Ritsuka the most coquettish of grins as she shifts her sitting stance slightly

I assume there's something we can do to 'hang out' here?


File: 1604571562035.png (934.12 KB,900x1200)

Well, why don't we take a walk and get something to eat?! Or go shopping! There's a lot we can do, I'm sure of it!


File: 1604572480176.jpg (968.82 KB,1920x2152)


Shopping, huh? I bet there's a lot of beautiful clothing we can try on, then.

She's going to loosely tug at Ristuka's uniform

Then again…this isn't too bad, I must say.

She's very obviously eying Ritsuka…


File: 1604572671480.jpg (903.29 KB,900x1350)

I-it's just the standard Chaldea uniform!
A-anyway, let's go, then! Eheh…I guess I should say this, it's a pleasure to meet you, Mata Hari!
Great biggo smile-o


File: 1604573660204.jpg (610.11 KB,720x1084)


You'll have to tell me a bit more about what the heck is going on here. I'm just a little bit confused about a lack of a Grail War, even if it is nice that I won't have to fight for one.

She sighs a bit!

I wouldn't be very helpful in a fight.


File: 1604573820455.jpg (42.55 KB,522x716)

Aw, c'mon! If you were to get paired up with an offensive-type Master, you'd be a great team!…Ah, but, um…well, this world doesn't have a grail. Or anything like one, either.
But, well…it works in some kind of mysterious way that allows Servants to be here as basically familiars.


File: 1604599674383.jpg (550.92 KB,1900x2375)

>>The Black Butterfly
The ones on the bar I mean. Type-Venus is humming a cheerful tune while eating nuts.


File: 1604602401488.jpg (34.81 KB,512x512)

Not!Angels love my nuts
Hmm…You know, even if I don't let you drink when you come here, you certainly do enjoy your time here.


File: 1604603258326.png (1020.08 KB,1170x1170)

Well, you keep giving me these tasty things instead. Why won't you let me drink anyway ?

It's more accurate to say that she just takes them, but potato potáto


File: 1604605447482.png (115.61 KB,470x387)

Something about it just seems…immoral, so to speak. Are you…capable of imbibing alcohol?


File: 1604606188514.png (585.81 KB,1000x1000)

I don't know. I've never tried it, but everyone keeps saying it's bad for me.
Munch nut


File: 1604606539869.jpg (31.3 KB,704x396)

You've never even partaken?…Hm…Well, it is something of an actual poison, after all. When people say it can damage your brain, it's quite literal.


File: 1604607104919.jpg (551.95 KB,1900x2375)

No one ever lets me.
Anyway that's fine, I don't have a brain.

She may or may not even know what a brain is.


File: 1604607727589.png (1.03 MB,1280x720)

You d-…Wait…You don't?
This baffles the Tyki
I know that you're something of a construct, but…


File: 1604607878989.png (1 MB,992x1403)

I mean the only things I have are this dress, my guitar, and a whole bunch of flowers.

Don't spill water on her


File: 1604608141316.png (5.54 KB,250x350)

Tyki chuckles
My dear, the brain isn't something you own, it's a part of you.
He taps her on the forehead gently
Right in that silly head of yours.


File: 1604608656043.jpg (861.81 KB,1075x1518)


Her wings flutter a little in response to being booped !
Ohhhh I get it. So I have a brain then, right ?


File: 1604611386494.jpg (384.38 KB,656x928)

That is precious
You have a brain of your very own, my angelic friend.


File: 1604612537812.jpg (550.92 KB,1900x2375)

That's really cool !
But between the two of us…
She leeeeeeeeaaaaaaans in all secretive like
What is a brain anyway ?


File: 1604612735980.jpg (27.61 KB,704x396)

Tyki will seeeekritly answer
It's an organ in the body that does all the thinking. It's what sends the signals that move your body, too. Basically, it's your control center.


File: 1604613094313.png (1020.08 KB,1170x1170)


She totally gets it.
I think I understood some of those words.
She doesn't get it at all.


File: 1604613384808.png (1.11 MB,1280x720)

Have you ever had an idea? A thought?
He's not even being like sarcastic about that, he's being super genuine when he asks
That's your brain working.


File: 1604614181572.jpg (337.58 KB,1000x1000)

Oh yeah, I have those all the time.
She nods confidently !
Like when I decided to come here and put your nuts in my mouth.


File: 1604614925731.jpg (59.53 KB,1280x720)

…You sweet angel.
Wait a minute
Aren't you, ah…thirsty, though?


File: 1604615433885.jpg (403.42 KB,650x1024)


Not really. Should I be ?


File: 1604615688018.png (115.61 KB,470x387)


Looks down at his salty nuts that have been largely consumed by this SWEET, PURE, INNOCENT CHILD
…Maybe a little bit by now…


File: 1604616287005.png (1.12 MB,992x1403)

Why's that ?
Genuine question ! She doesn't know anything about this salt thing.


File: 1604616376004.png (46.58 KB,480x640)

Ah, it's…one of the seasonings of those nuts is something that tends to make people quite thirsty is all…And you just went through the entire bowl…


File: 1604616559884.jpg (330.01 KB,595x839)

I did ?
She looks down at the bowl only to be hit with an immediate sense of disappointment making her wings all droopy !
Aw, it's empty…


File: 1604616897413.gif (7.65 KB,208x153)

…Well yes, you ate them all…Wow.


File: 1604617266160.jpg (329.79 KB,768x1024)

… But I still want more of them.

She looooooks over to the left at another bowl. Then back to Tyki all secretive like.
Hey could you look away for a moment ?
I bet I'd get in trouble if you see this.


File: 1604617443005.jpg (89.62 KB,500x500)

…Hm…Tough call.
Pretends to think hard on it
Buuuut, I'll let it slide this time. Go for it.


File: 1604617729808.jpg (551.95 KB,1900x2375)

Oh, alrighty.
She sneeeeeaaaaakily swaps the empty bowl out for the full one !
V/V proceeds to put a nut in her mouth.


File: 1604617798959.jpg (41.42 KB,500x638)

You're just far too charming, my dear.
Nose boop
You may have as much of my nuts as you'd like.


File: 1604619042994.jpg (122.48 KB,938x1200)

I've almost never been called charming before.
Her wings flutter again at the nose boop !
Can I have all of them ?


File: 1604619132775.png (921.44 KB,1286x1112)

You may finish that bowl. After that, I'm cutting you off for the day. There's no way that much is healthy.


File: 1604619545704.jpg (403.42 KB,650x1024)

I'm basically a healthy expert and I'm pretty sure it's fine.
She's just saying that to get more nut. She doesn't understand the concept of what's healthy and what isn't.


File: 1604620094445.gif (1.39 MB,450x330)


The dulcet tones of opera can be heard coming from a quiet spot in the city park, pouring from a boombox that looks a few decades old. Next to it, an artist is hard at work, splashing paint across a canvas a good bit bigger than she is while her foot taps to the orchestral beat. Brow furrowed as she looks over her work, she makes a few corrective slaps of paint over something, and immediately looks pleased with it.


File: 1604627081271.jpg (179.88 KB,650x917)

There's a THUMP as somebody lands behind you! It's a Sanae!
She's going to take this opportunity to look around and NOTICE this painting/opera combo!

Oh…hello there!


File: 1604632106153-0.png (207.63 KB,637x825)

File: 1604632106153-1.jpg (68.2 KB,960x960)

Adeleine doesn't immediately turn to face Sanae, entrenched in the touch ups she's applying to her canvas. Eventually, she gives a rather firm tap to the painting, and as if magic, the colors begin to shift and move on their own accord.
From the surface, a fully animated frog suddenly bounces out to the ground, one as big as an overfed pug might be. It takes one look at Sanae before its cheeks puff up and it bounces away, which Adeleine regards with a nod of her head.
The last one I made came out way too square-ish. I'm glad changing my mood music helped.
…oh, and hello.


File: 1604632545364.jpg (358.91 KB,572x750)



No sooner does that frog make it's exit than does someone want a closer look at this canvas it came from! It's Mew, and she is excitedly moving around the canvas, tapping here and there as though trying to find out where that frog came from!

Mew mew! Mew!


File: 1604632685525.jpg (323.89 KB,850x945)


How adorable!

Sanae desires to pet this frog…but alas, it departs!

Aww…Eh? Oh, well, it was really cute either way! :D

Ah, Mew! You shouldn't touch the canvas!


File: 1604633648695.png (294.98 KB,1200x1000)

Flying pink things are not an uncommon occurrence in Adeleine's life by any means, so seeing Mew hovering around the now empty easel doesn't faze her.
It's empty now. I have to paint more if I want it to come to life.
There's a pause, and then without looking away from Mew, she slowly dips her brush into the pink on her palette.
Stay still for a second.

If you thought that was good, wait until you see this.
The rough outline of a Mew begins to take form from her painting.
There are so many things to paint here. Weird, cool things, and weird, cool people. I can't wait to see what I can make.
…oh, I'm Adeleine.


File: 1604634063298.jpg (628.82 KB,1024x1024)



I mean.

Mew mew!

Mew insistently points off in the direction the frog went, as if to be like 'DID YOU SEE THAT THO!?



Mew turns around in the air to look at Adeleine and tilts her head at this request to hold still.

You may as well ask water not to be wet for all the good it does, because as soon as this silly paint girl starts painting, Mew is gonna fly over behind her head to try and look over her shoulder, to see what she's doing!


File: 1604634330892.png (622.89 KB,590x948)

Oh! You can make copies of individuals?


Yeah! There's a lot of different things here, that's for sure!

I'm Sanae! It's nice to meet you, Adeleine!

I did see it! That was really neat, huh?

If Mew doesn't dodge, Sanae will gently take her paw and guide her back over to where Adeleine can see her and the canvas at the same time!

You have to stay over here or she won't be able to finish!


File: 1604634583819.jpg (95.35 KB,848x468)


…I see~

Still doesn't see


File: 1604634685477.jpg (178.26 KB,1698x2048)

Might be panicking. Not that anyone could visibly tell
Information…kinda…Internet lets you connect…kinda.


File: 1604634846987.jpg (107 KB,845x468)

Oh…I don't think we get that up at my house, though. It's quite remote~


File: 1604634907628-0.png (55.65 KB,420x420)

File: 1604634907628-1.gif (1.97 MB,430x285)

It's okay, she's got the mental image she wants anyway. More and more the shape her painting is taking on becomes obvious, until she again taps her easel, and it begins to take life. Out springs a Mew nearly identical to the real one, save for the black circles it has for eyes. It floats around Adeleine playfully much like the one it's meant to be imitating, but when it starts to look like it's giggling, no noise comes out. The artist's satisfaction wanes just a little bit when she realizes this.
Alas, such are the limitations of a visual art. No more could I ask a painting to speak than a fish to breathe air…
Whose pretentious art lit has this kid been reading

I can make anything my imagination can come up with.
A quick doodle of an apple is painted next, and it falls out into her waiting palm. Taking a bite out of it even proves it to be edible.
Nice to meet you, too.
Stop talking with your mouth full Adeleine


File: 1604634940649.jpg (423.73 KB,580x800)

…Know someone. Take a look when sound system gets delivered.

Aaron nods. It's a slight movement, as most of his are, but at least he's not panicking anymore


File: 1604635149340.jpg (98.81 KB,850x471)

Oh, that would be lovely!


I'll have to have Youmu make something nice for lunch…do you have a favorite lunch food? :D


File: 1604635208428.jpg (267.34 KB,1200x1000)


You assume you can just TOUCH Mew like that.

Each time Sanae happens to reach out at her, Mew floats off to the side a little to get a different viewing angle! And another and another.

Elusive little thing, even when she's pretending not to be!


Oh man this is SUPER RAD.

Mew is going to gasp with surprise!


And then she is all over this painted Mew! Figuratively speaking, of course. She does some kind of aerial ballet around the replica, zipping this way and that, clearly very excited!

Mew! Meeeew!


File: 1604635378186.jpg (275.87 KB,850x1063)

Really? Wow! That's a really amazing ability!


Mm…Another Mew! Isn't that exciting? :D


File: 1604635476848.jpg (644.67 KB,1500x1915)


That's…unfortunate, to be sure
Also this picture's fucked, they should be dead


File: 1604635589742.jpg (227.19 KB,850x1202)

No…? That's no good at all! We must go out and find something you like, then!


File: 1604635669490.png (344.78 KB,614x750)

Behold, a SABER.

She is near to one of the various edges of the Emiya households' bounded fields, seemingly standing watch. More or less in exactly this pose, as it would happen to be.

Only, y'know, apparently propping her hands up on nothing.


File: 1604635937459.jpg (250.92 KB,633x858)

Aaron shakes his head
Like food. Don't have a favorite.

Oh, not unfortunate. He just likes everything that isn't octo-MREs


File: 1604636002935.png (305.38 KB,907x1261)

The copy doesn't seem to have any of the original's psychic abilities aside from floating, if only because Adeleine isn't aware of them, but it still happily flips and zooms around with her.
I'm glad you like it so much! You're a very interesting thing to pai-HEY
The copy Mew has stolen Adeleine's hat, and when she misses at grabbing it back, she stomps her little foot.

It's really fun! Even if some of them get a little cheeky sometimes…


File: 1604636031526.jpg (183.76 KB,850x845)

Everybody should have a food they love more than anything else! That makes life worth living! :D


File: 1604636055281.png (842.43 KB,1280x720)

Is it because of Invisible Air?
I bet it's because of Invisible Air
I know things
I have arrived with a cup of tea. Not one of the fancy ones and not with the whole pot, it's more disposable cup because Illyasviel might sic Berserker on me if I brought out one of the nice ones
I know it's not exactly "cold" but it's colder than it has been. Warm yourself.


File: 1604636123679.jpg (503.23 KB,720x1280)

…Thought there was a lot that made life worth living…


File: 1604636222134.png (256.11 KB,656x633)

Is there? Sorry, sometimes I forget that sort of thing! That's the trouble with being dead~


File: 1604636230392.png (255.98 KB,652x704)



That would seem to be an affirmative.

An enthusiastic affirmative!

Though the copy's silence is a little worrying.


Oh, THAT'S gonna get Mew curling up and doing some lazy backward rolls in the air while giggling all the while.

Keep away is a fun game sometimes!


File: 1604636385199.jpg (138.55 KB,850x1240)

Cheeky? Do they have the personality of the thing you copy?

Sanae watches these paint-mew antics!

Oh my…

Do you think you could get her hat, Mew?


File: 1604636445288.jpg (312.38 KB,1810x4096)

…Don't look dead…

Aaron has yet to see a real dead body.


File: 1604636539719.jpg (472.53 KB,645x891)

Mm, but I can do spooky things…like this!

She backs right through the wall! Spooky!


File: 1604636624358.png (564.69 KB,1000x1581)

I'm not saying Aaron's scared…
But when she comes back through the wall, he's two aisles away


File: 1604636680177.jpg (296.68 KB,850x1383)

Don't worry~

I'm a nice ghost! :D

This is only slightly a lie.


File: 1604636729305.jpg (527.06 KB,825x1378)

…How nice?



File: 1604636743398.jpg (68.39 KB,566x800)


… Winter will be upon is in full before long.

That seems to be her agreeing that it isn't exactly toasty warm. Without argument, she will turn to EMIYA and accept that tea.

My thanks… though I cannot help but notice that this is a somewhat unusual gesture coming from you to me.


File: 1604636853278.jpg (472.53 KB,645x891)

I'm offering you a nice meal on top of paying you~

And I'm quite fond of music~! I certainly wouldn't harm a fellow lover of the arts~


File: 1604637359078.png (377.55 KB,600x588)

Hmm…Perhaps. I suppose we can put it as "you're no good to us dead."
If that makes you more comfortable with my acts of charity.


File: 1604637366154.jpg (493.14 KB,1100x824)

The painting goes on to dangle the hat above Adeleine like a toreador taunting a bull, but that seems to be the end of the little artist's patience. She taps the easel again and the copy Mew suddenly disappears, letting the beret fall back down onto Adeleine's head.
Hardy har har. Are you a fairy or something? You don't look much like Ribbon…

I can make a copy 'simple' if I just want it to do something for me, or I can make it 'complex', which means it acts exactly like what it's based on. If I make too many complex ones too quickly though, I get tired…


File: 1604637486486.png (1.24 MB,1160x1480)


He's still two aisles away, though
Still…work for two more hours.


File: 1604637505826.png (392.36 KB,612x818)


It does not, considering what I know of you and your ultimate intentions.


However, I will accept this act of kindness without subjecting you to undue questioning.

How generous of her. She will have a sip of this here tea and DIE OF THE POISON THAT'S IN IT.

I mean… nod her head gratefully.

… It's excellent.


File: 1604637577405.jpg (75.24 KB,700x700)

Ehhh…that's too bad!

Still, I guess I can wait! You can show me some more modern music, meanwhile! :D


File: 1604638008434.png (163.89 KB,390x574)

Bitch, I know.
I mean
It's fresh. At any rate, much as I still have a distaste for Emiya Shirou, I no longer actively seek to end his life, so long as he never comes to regret the path he takes. Until such a day comes, he's as much under my protection as anyone else. Speaking of which…


File: 1604638688665.png (144.76 KB,192x192)


This causes Mew to stop her flipping around and give Sanae a look. And then a curious headtilt. COULD she get the hat?

She's about to find out! Rolling up her proverbial sleeves, and…


And then the copy Mew disappears!


Mew is gonna flit about and look for where the impostor could possibly have vanished to! Aseleine's question gets COMPLETELY IGNORED.


File: 1604638704864.png (561.18 KB,1280x720)

A healthy expert, hmm?
One who didn't know what a brain was?


File: 1604638784532.jpg (61.79 KB,536x478)


You have stated as much… and yet, I somehow have difficulty accepting you fully at your word. It would not be the first time your words and your actions had been in direct opposition to one another.

She doesn't say it, but the 'and I will not be caught off guard by it again' is heavily implied.

… speaking of which?


File: 1604638786556.jpg (84.44 KB,536x750)


Starts leading her towards the Jazz and Blues sections


File: 1604638870159.png (735.09 KB,750x621)


Sanae starts at this Mew-vanishing!

I see…that's quite useful!

Well, thank you for trying at least :D

…Ah, she's curious about where your painting went!


File: 1604638893184.png (1020.08 KB,1170x1170)

Mhm yeah, totally.
What's my brain got to do with anything ?


File: 1604638904954.jpg (98.81 KB,850x471)

Shall we fade to MUSIC LISTENING?


File: 1604639530706.png (99.37 KB,400x467)

…not very talkative, are you.
Adeleine feels a tiny bit bad about making nu-Mew disappear, but…she also likes her hat.

It went back into my paint.
Adeleine begins to paint something else pink, but it looks a lot more round than Mew does.
Can't linger on one piece for too long, after all. You've got to keep on moving, keep on improving, keep on…schmoo-ving.
Is that a word?


File: 1604639857705.jpg (790.3 KB,1500x1200)


She's very curious!

But she's gonna float back on over to Sanae and hover by her head.

For what it's worth, at least, she doesn't seem sad that the other Mew is gone. She understands that it wasn't real, after all!

Hard not to when you can easily read minds and it doesn't HAVE a mind.



Mew mew!

Mew talks plenty!


It's not HER fault Adeleine can't understand any of it.

Mew mew!

None of this is a translation, of course, because who would be translating?


File: 1604640013483.jpg (143.26 KB,850x1020)

Mew is a pokemon! She can't speak, besides saying 'mew,' I mean…but she understands you! :D

Oh, I see…it recycles itself! That's handy! :D

…I think it's safe to say that she appreciates your work, though! :D


File: 1604641062563.gif (5.05 MB,1280x800)

Oh. Well, don't I feel silly now.

With the understanding of Mew's vocalizing, Adeleine bows her head.
Sorry about that. The language barrier made it a little hard to tell. You kind of remind me of someone, though.
When she finally finishes, a little blobby fellow pops out of the canvas, who unlike the last painting doesn't emote very much. Adeleine picks up it up and hugs it close, like a big stuffed animal.
This is Kirby. Or, a copy of him, anyhow.


File: 1604641168692.gif (1.3 KB,62x73)

That is…understandable. However, as it stands, even if I were after Emiya Shirou once more, he, too, is more use to me alive than dead right now. If for no other reason than that he is your Master. You see, Chloe and I have been talking, namely on the subject of the two Illyas.


File: 1604641232557.jpg (120.92 KB,500x522)

Why, a healthy brain is essential to our functioning. Shouldn't an "expert" know that?


File: 1604641351554.jpg (329.79 KB,768x1024)

Well yeah but I know that now.
You just told me, see ?


File: 1604641631599.jpg (766.87 KB,1920x1200)



Also sticking out a little paw.

Is she trying to do a thumbs up?

It's hard to tell.



Oh, THIS is interesting. Mew floats in reeeeal close to get a good look at this kirby replica!


File: 1604641676114.jpg (25.87 KB,704x396)

…That's not quite how expertise works…Or at all.


File: 1604641725703.png (91.46 KB,600x600)


I take that to mean, in truth, that you have been speaking with Chloe of the Illyasviel with which we are rather more familiar with.


File: 1604641855821.jpg (275.87 KB,850x1063)

Mmm, that's fine! Sometimes I have trouble guessing what she wants!

Smile smile!

I was just taking her to a cafe though! I wanted to show her this place that makes amazing parfaits :D


…ohmigosh he's so cute!

Sanae is patting this pink fluffball of doom right now


File: 1604641939358.png (1.47 MB,1240x1748)

Experwhatnow ?
Anyway, I might be an idiot but I'm really smart.


File: 1604641990646.png (173.63 KB,307x580)

Shakes his head, his face actually reflecting his somber mood
Illya of Chloe's world has been making attempts to befriend and open Illyasviel of ours. It is…draining Illyasviel's patience, so far as I can tell. I do not know how much longer she will keep Berserker at bay, a concern Chloe shares.


File: 1604642106775.jpg (12.85 KB,159x323)

ilu anyway
Come now, who's been calling you an idiot? You lack experience, not intelligence.


File: 1604642841536.png (160.74 KB,574x570)

There's a bit of sadness in the way she looks at the Kirby copy, but she shakes it off after a moment.
He doesn't speak the same way I do either, but I guess it's just easy to understand him. He's a very happy boy.

He's even cuter in person, my painting can only capture so much of it.
She misses him a lot
…parfaits? Would it be alright if I came along? I sort of skipped dinner to practice my painting, eheh…


File: 1604722529274.png (1.22 MB,1920x816)

Steve is feeling…fairly pleased as he leaves Dramaville's town hall, having made a report to Satsuki (and Isabelle, likely) that they have a decent amount of people in the Avengers now. Hey, maybe even enough for an HQ. Either way, he's stepping out, either accompanied by or to an awaiting Lappland
So far, so good.


File: 1604722681205.jpg (163.96 KB,850x1324)

Lappland is seated on the railing of the town halls staircase, idly eating a hot dog!


She wipes away a bit of relish!

Good! Did you get her to cave on the swimming pool? :D


File: 1604723218452.png (1.36 MB,1920x816)

For training purposes, Lappland. Not a recreational one. In other words, yes, but still.


File: 1604723399146.jpg (443.34 KB,826x1169)

Of course, of course. I'll be sure to put the grill somewhere the cameras won't see it.


…Got a site?


File: 1604723953882.png (2.14 MB,1920x816)

Yeah, right about there.
The empty lot behind DUDE HQ seemed like a good place to have it and I got the approval just now. If we need to expand, I don't think it'll be a problem.


File: 1604724069511.jpg (146.9 KB,850x1105)


Hmmm, in the middle of the city, huh? Prime real estate!

And if the phones are out the mayor can just run right over and tell us that the city's on fire :D


File: 1604724670112.png (1.19 MB,1920x816)

I think we'll notice by then. It seems like a good place for fast response, too. We'll be needing that.


File: 1604724785896.jpg (221.63 KB,850x1063)

Well, lets wander over'n have a look! You can give me the grand tour! I wanna know where my room's gonna be.


File: 1604724973294.png (1.44 MB,1920x816)

Sure, but considering we just left town hall, I'm not expecting much in the way of…well, any sort of progress. I don't think they'll even have a sign up.


File: 1604725129618.jpg (46.5 KB,531x647)

I dunno, seems like things around here move pretty fast when people want 'em to.


So, are we gonna get a big round table to sit at? With fancy swivel chairs? :D


File: 1604725571812.png (1.92 MB,1920x1080)

Well, it'd be funny to see, that's for sure. Anyway, yeah, we'll probably have some kind of gathering place. I don't know about a round table or swivel chairs but…Well, let's be honest, swivel chairs are pretty likely.


File: 1604725742113.jpg (134.45 KB,850x850)

OH LOOK WE ARE AT A CONSTRUCTION SITE. I assume there's already activity!

Tol'ja they work fast :D


…Shoulda put a swivel chair in my contract…


File: 1604725892087.png (1.41 MB,1920x816)

Stunned silence for a bit
It was less funny than I thought it would be…Wow…Anyway, is a chair really that important?


File: 1604726295686.jpg (115.57 KB,850x976)

Look, if I'm gonna be miss goodgirl save-the-day hero, I've gotta have an office to match!

Further grinning!

Ah, hey! That brings back some memories! A trench digger! :D

Why would a trench digger be nostalgic? Well, she didn't tell cap about her time with the mafia for a reason!

Lappland's gonna wander over that way!


File: 1604726708242.png (1 MB,1920x816)

Follows behind her with a sigh
And you are planning to be a goodgirl save-the-day hero, right? Because lines like that are a little concerning.



That's right WALK AWAY.


Cap might not get so much as two steps (because god DAMMIT PH what's the point of distracting Lappland if he's gonna just follow right behind her) before he hears a footstep behind him.

Mr. Rogers?


File: 1604726835391.jpg (245.54 KB,850x1205)

Of course, of course!




File: 1604727149807.jpg (149.3 KB,1280x720)

A pirate walks into a bar and calls for a menu
There is no joke
This is a hungry pirate


File: 1604727186073.png (1.79 MB,1920x816)

Steve stops in his tracks and turns to this voice and accompanying footsteps
That's me. Can I help you?


File: 1604727269638.jpg (107.78 KB,1200x1452)




He will be faced by A GIRL.

A girl who has wolf ears.

And is chewing some pocky.

And holding a CLIPBOARD at him.

Sign here. For construction supplies.




File: 1604727510590.jpg (102.87 KB,372x772)

Gally is at the bar, a glass of whisky in front of her as the Captain sits down next to her.

Lucky you, the kitchen isn't gonna stay open much longer.


File: 1604727678113.jpg (140.24 KB,850x1116)


However, Lappland has been distracted from her nostalgia by…a smell!

Sniff sniff



File: 1604727881531.jpg (396.82 KB,1000x563)

I've got really good timing in most things.
You a regular?


File: 1604727958601.png (1.79 MB,1920x816)

Huh…Looks kinda like Lappland. I'm sure it's a coincidence.
Sure thing. Thanks for your quick work, by the way.
Gives the ol' John Hancock
Pleasure to be working with you, by the way.


File: 1604728206260.jpg (71.94 KB,400x573)

Gally nods as she picks up her glass.

Yep. I also perform here from time to time.


File: 1604728214754.jpg (2.75 MB,1617x2371)


I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about.

Who are you again.

If Lappland is smelling Texas, that means Texas is upwind of her. Which is my excuse for why Texas isn't noticing Lappland right away based on the smell.

Also there's some hunky construction guy standing between them rn.


That pen is SMOOTH. Also Steve, being the observant guy he is, might notice Texas' driving company name badge.


She takes the clipboard back!

I'm just the driver, sir… won't be working with me very much.

… but likewise, all the same.


File: 1604728363264.jpg (130.51 KB,850x1203)

Yeah that guys being pushed rather unceremoniously out of the way!
Lappland approaches and stands a little bit behind Steve, off to one side. Just out of easy sword range, in fact!

Hey there Texas! Long time no see!


File: 1604728559148.jpg (110.24 KB,1280x720)

Perform, huh? If y'don't mind my sayso, you look more like someone who does jobs than makes performances.


File: 1604728684041.jpg (503.63 KB,1000x900)

Thanks, Ms…Texas, is it? Isn't that-…

Good thing she didn't try pushing Steve. Not that he'd retaliate, it just wouldn't be nearly as easy
…This the Texas you told me about?


File: 1604728761047.jpg (103.44 KB,796x682)


Oh man, good thing you're just outside of easy sword range, because Texas gives a twitch that just screams there was about to be a sword! A reflexive move, really.

… Lappland.


… if that's all…



File: 1604728942555.png (2.03 MB,778x1100)

Yup! It's pretty shocking to run into her here of all places! :D

Lappland's grin says "DO IT"

Are you still doing delivery? Boooooring.

You should talk to this guy! He's setting up some kinda fancy hero outfit. You'll be able to do what you do best…for a good cause :D


File: 1604729078661.jpg (549.73 KB,1200x675)

Heh, I was what you could call a "bounty hunter" back home before I started learning how to play music.

So you're not too far off.


File: 1604729179119.png (1.78 MB,1920x816)

Hold on…Word is that you're the kind of person who's a bit more…


…willing to help out around here…We could use someone like that.


File: 1604729363734.jpg (68.9 KB,1280x720)

No kiddin'? So what is it that you play?


File: 1604729515874.jpg (613.52 KB,1600x960)


Trying to bait me?



… hm…

Less sus.

… tell me more.


File: 1604729641476.jpg (423.69 KB,800x800)


If you wanna show this guy what you can do~

She leans over and whispers theatrically to Steve!

She's the one that gave me this scar!

Lappland indicates her eye!


File: 1604729655648.jpg (5 MB,2139x3056)

I can play the piano/synth and sing at the same time. I was famous at the bar back home before…well…


File: 1604729744113.png (1 MB,1920x816)

Well, it's basically what Ms. Lappland here said. I'm putting together a team. Leyang's mightiest heroes, you could say, to put their lives and everything else on the line to protect the citizens of this world. This is to be our headquarters, actually.

…And why did she give you that scar, exactly?


File: 1604733085735.png (2.6 MB,1500x1650)


You just want to fight.

Texas sounds like she might not mind kicking Lappland's ass, but she doesn't want to give her the satisfaction!


… I don't mind lending my skills to the right cause, but I won't fight for a cause that isn't worth it.

She's kinda repeating what he just insinuated, yeah, buuuuut…


File: 1604733336379.jpg (115.57 KB,850x976)

We had a difference of opinion with regard to our previous employers~

I'll fight you any day, Texas~

Lappland glances over at Steve!

You should see her sword, it's something else!

This is said in a highly suggestive tone, but Steve willl probably get the impression that she really is talking about a sword.
Also her tail is wagging.


File: 1604733688491.jpg (74.33 KB,1280x720)

Heh…Before you showed up here, right? This world's funny like that, ain't it?


File: 1604733845448.png (252.63 KB,600x800)

Before half the city I lived in got destroyed…Probably more, I don't exactly remember.

Gally sighs as she drinks some of her whisky.

I got dragged into this world years after that happened.


File: 1604733946745.png (1.19 MB,1920x816)

The peace and safety of the citizens of Leyang sounds like it's worth it to me. That's why I'm willing to give my all to do it.

That's not just a difference of opinion, I have to say. I'd say nearly slicing out someone's eye goes a bit beyond that.


File: 1604734059908.jpg (3.92 MB,2400x3000)


Texas knows Lappland is actually talking about her sword.

She's still not amused!


… it was a strenuous difference of opinion.


File: 1604734150966.png (327.92 KB,530x1480)

…And just like that, it ain't so funny. Sounds rough, though.


File: 1604734291231.jpg (190.17 KB,850x1177)

We lupo tend to be direct about that sort of thing :3

Lappland jangles something in one of her pockets!
Texas, of course, knows that it's her collection of bloodstained badges bearing the crests and names of their former bosses.


File: 1604734383914.jpg (525.84 KB,1904x1868)

It's the world I was in. Good times rarely lasted.

She'll look at the Captain.

What about your world? How was it?


File: 1604734431370-0.png (1.99 MB,1920x816)

File: 1604734431370-1.png (2.1 MB,1920x816)

I know Steve's not in his CA garb right now, but I NEED this sigh

Getting kind of worried here. Still, Ms. Texas, if you're interested in protecting innocent lives and all that comes with it, I'd be happy to have you on-board.


File: 1604734545255.jpg (126.62 KB,1280x720)

Heh. Destroyed by the Zangyack. Least, I think it was. Don't remember a whole lot about bein' on solid ground as a kid. Mostly just goin' from planet to planet tryin'a make a name for myself. But…Earth was nice.


File: 1604734697508.jpg (1.52 MB,1471x2882)


Oh, Texas KNOWS.

But all Lappland is getting in response to that jangle is a stare.

A particularly icy one.

She has nothing to say about this, though. Not out loud, at least. Her tail is curled in a slight way that shows some particularly hostile feelings, though!


With deliberate motions, Texas reaches up to her mouth as though to grab her pocky stick and finish it… but she's already finished it. So she reaches down and pulls out another stick.

THIS one is a cigarette, though, which she proceeds to light and take a long draw from before letting the smoke out slowly. Her eyes don't leave Lappland as she does this.

… I can at least handle any driving you need until my sword is needed.

… was that a 'yes'?


File: 1604734878341.jpg (418.95 KB,1112x1452)

Destroyed homeworld, huh?

Not what I was expecting from him…

How do you like being stuck on solid ground now?


File: 1604734927395.jpg (102.86 KB,850x694)

There's nothing to worry about! Everything's just peachy-keen between us now :D

Lappland's huge 'come and do something about it' grin remains as she speaks to Steve!

And even if she doesn't like me much these days…we work together real well.

Lappland points at the cigarette!

You know those things're bad for you.


File: 1604735222636.png (1.65 MB,1920x1080)

…That sounds…yes-ish. But, uh…yeah, thank you.

…It really doesn't feel that way.


File: 1604735353909-0.jpg (128.11 KB,1280x720)

File: 1604735353909-1.jpg (134.15 KB,1280x720)

I ain't stuck.
Points his thumb outside to indicate a GIANT RED ANCHOR parked outside as the food that he ordered at some point WHATEVER arrives


File: 1604735377250.jpg (940.71 KB,2480x1786)


The remark of the cigarettes bring bad for her elicit a particularly pointed drag from said cigarette and a slow exhalation of the smoke from it.

So are you.


… let's go with yes-ish.

I look forward to working with you.

I'll tolerate working with her.


File: 1604735564647.jpg (158.67 KB,850x935)

Alright, maybe 'peachy keen' is an exaggeration…functional? :D

If Kal'tsit was here I'd definitely be telling on you.


File: 1604735647802.jpg (62.97 KB,467x600)

She'll look at the giant red anchor outside then back at him.

…Your spaceship has an anchor?


File: 1604735815113.png (2.14 MB,1920x816)

…I'll take it.
Offers a hand
I look forward to working with you, Ms. Texas. Seeing what you can do will come later.

That seems like a stretch in and of itself, Ms. Lappland.


File: 1604735893283-0.jpg (110.81 KB,1280x720)

File: 1604735893283-1.jpg (112.6 KB,1280x720)

It makes sense if you see the damn thing.
If she goes outside and takes a look, she will see that it is, in fact, a whole-ass galleon in the sky


File: 1604736042988.jpg (79.07 KB,678x1315)

From the sound of it, the damn thing wouldn't make sense…

She'll drink more of her whisky.

This world can be weird at times….


File: 1604736084598.jpg (1.2 MB,2067x2067)



Look, Texas doesn't talk much to begin with.




… not against her.


File: 1604736212027.jpg (73.11 KB,850x475)

Lappland chuckles!

Just point us at someplace you don't want any baddies and we can show you what we can do.

Aww, Texas! C'mooon!


File: 1604737692265.jpg (53.92 KB,1280x720)

Why's that, huh? Never seen a flying galleon before?


File: 1604737956893.jpg (137.92 KB,1125x1500)

I've only seen images of regular galleons. The thought of one flying through space sounds highly inefficient.


File: 1604753322532.jpg (1.7 MB,1748x1996)

I've been, duh. No one else on this planet has called me an idiot for some reason.
It almost sounds like she thinks it's some kind of compliment.
But then she eats a nut.


File: 1604753552931.png (158.83 KB,304x733)

You don't truly think so little of yourself, do you? An idiot is someone who believes they are smart when they are truly stupid. You are simple and inexperienced but you know you have limitations. At least, you seem to. Considering you call yourself an idiot.


File: 1604753924189.png (1 MB,992x1403)

Yeah, but doesn't that sound just like me ?
I mean I just told you I'm a healthy expert to get more nuts.
She's emptying the bowl, oh no


File: 1604754266861.jpg (57.83 KB,600x338)

Hm…True enough. I suppose that does make you something of an idiot. But you're just so charming that I can't help but let you get away with it. That's still your last bowl, though. I can only provide so many nuts.


File: 1604754547009.jpg (1.24 MB,1228x1736)

Aw, but they taste wonderful…


File: 1604754928218.jpg (183.13 KB,600x900)

You'll make yourself sick if you have so many. Then again, I'm not sure if you can get sick. You don't get thirsty, after all.


File: 1604755151579.png (1020.08 KB,1170x1170)

I wouldn't know, I've never tried to get sick.
How do you do it ?
She has no idea what being sick entails.


File: 1604755209808.jpg (99.63 KB,397x420)

Well eating too many unhealthy things will make your stomach hurt because of indigestion. So that's part of being sick.


File: 1604755314953.jpg (453.83 KB,1200x829)


Hmmm…that's a bit odd isn't it? But, ah, really I suppose it doesn't really matter. I'm just here to enjoy myself now~


File: 1604755452730.png (1 MB,992x1403)

Well then these must be really healthy, 'cause my stomach doesn't hurt at all.


File: 1604755730275.png (1.07 MB,1280x720)

Well that might just be you.
And then a VERY light flick to DUMMY's forehead
Two bowls is enough. They're free for you but not for me, you know. I still have to pay for those. And you don't even experience the part of those that they're there for.


File: 1604755911321.png (392.42 KB,627x885)

Well…as long as you also do your job…Y-you know, because we've all gotta carry our weight, right?


File: 1604756088064.jpg (403.42 KB,650x1024)

V/V takes a moment to come up with her master plan.
What iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiif…

What if I just tell you I'm thirsty ?


File: 1604756291067.png (1.03 MB,1280x720)

…No dice.


File: 1604756438052.jpg (759.86 KB,707x1000)


Oh, Master, don't you worry, I'll be more than ready to do my job…and, of course, do anything else you require of me, hee~

She's gonna give Ritsuka the biggest WONK

Geez, Master, I hope you were ready to summon like me. Or did you just pick my catalyst up at random, hmmmm?


File: 1604756623850.png (2.51 MB,1415x2660)

I didn't use a catalyst, though…A-Anyway, let's go then! I just need a moment to change and we can go shopping!


File: 1604756685531.jpg (582.41 KB,868x1224)

I was so sure that would work.


File: 1604756830302.jpg (370.75 KB,2040x2807)


I'll be waiting, then~

Mata Hari is going to flop into a comfy chair and kick her legs up


File: 1604756875950.png (97.3 KB,480x640)

Tyki chuckles as he pats this not!angel on the head
There there. Maybe next time.


File: 1604757153172.png (303.67 KB,600x707)

And we can probs fade to SHOPPING and SEXUAL TENSION


File: 1604790107478.png (5.31 MB,1080x1920)

>>The morning after the date
At this point it's likely more afternoon than morning.
But Zana finally walks out of her bedroom wearing… Not this, but a t-shirt and panties.

Moooorning, Ozma.

She yawns and stretches, but she seems happy !


File: 1604790670654.jpg (75.83 KB,1280x726)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 2

Ozma has made lunch for the the sluts and herself. Nice fresh veggie soup and some toasted sandwiches!
It's almost 3 pm, Zana.


File: 1604802702659.jpg (281.66 KB,850x800)


Merilda totters on out of the room just a few moments later. She's got her robe on, and has her hood pulled waaaaaay over her head, as though trying to hide her face!

Her cheeks are still quite visible though, and oh man are they redder than whatever tomatos might have gone into the soup and/or sandwiches!


File: 1604803907450.png (4.08 MB,1080x1920)

That's basically morning, but whatever that is it smells great.

Having probably already kissed Merilda good morning wherever she might have wanted it, Zana opts not to comment on the redness of her cheeks.
Or her still acting all shy after last night.
At least not in front of Ozma.


File: 1604806077875.jpg (82.11 KB,1280x726)

Well when you're up screaming till 6 am, I guess that's true. Side note: My sound proofing idea didn't work as well as I'd hoped.
She shrugs and ladles out some soup for Zana and Merilda, before taking the sandwiches off the griddle.
Vegetable soup and roast beef sandwiches mad from the left overs from the other night. I figured you two might need some replenishment.
Ozma will smile at the priestess
Good morning Merilda. There's some potions in the fridge if you're feeling overly… drained.


File: 1604806780113.jpg (70.92 KB,500x500)


Oh there was SOME kind of good morning kissing alright.

And then Merilda prayed.

She prayed SO HARD.


Oh man Merilda seems like she just wants to disappear right now!

Good morning, Ozma. I hope we… ah…

A heavy moment of quiet from her!

… didn't… overly disturb you.

A little shake of her head at the offer of potions, though!


File: 1604807692582.png (3.93 MB,1080x1920)

Well, what can I say ? Merilda is nothing short of incredible~

Zana takes a seat at the soup table !

… But if I knew you didn't have earplugs I might've offered to pay for a night at a hotel for you.

~~Disappear into my bedroom I'll be right behind you~~
I mean

Don't worry too much about her.
Zana smiles at Merilda !
Next time I'll just make sure she won't have to stay at home through the night.
And shoots her a flirtatious wink.


File: 1604807923711.jpg (88.72 KB,1280x726)

Oh no more than usual. I had lots of stuff to get done anyway.
Ozma hands the white mage a plate with a sandwich and a bowl of soup on it, and then sits down at the table with her own plate
Meh, hotels get iffy about me working on my crafts all night. It wasn't too bad. Besides, now I know the decibel for that set of of sound proofers. I'll just work on a a stronger one for next time.


File: 1604810205378.jpg (143.18 KB,900x770)


Oh god don't embarrass her MORE

I… ah…


Also slight nod.

Oh my.


Merilda is gonna accept this plate and join Ozma at the table!

Thank you. I, ah…

… no more than usual?


File: 1604811212779.png (13.87 MB,2160x3840)

Oh come on, I'm usually not that loud.
Though… I guess you did have those sound proofing things.

That slight nod makes Zana a happy lizard !
She leans in to whisper, trying to be at least somewhat stealthy for Merilda's sake… However futile it may be.
Tonight ?


File: 1604811417606.jpg (129.42 KB,1280x720)

It's worked for my entire career and it ain't about to stop working. I ain't gonna knock it.


File: 1604811736178.jpg (71.22 KB,420x593)

Guess we'll have to agree to disagree on this…


File: 1604811838396.jpg (86.97 KB,1280x720)

Marvelous shrugs
Can't really say it ain't worked, though. It's gotten me out of a buncha scrapes in my time. All of 'em, in fact.


File: 1604811971734.jpg (94.6 KB,460x623)

…Are all the spaceships back in your world based on old Earth ships?


File: 1604812105658.jpg (104.59 KB,1280x726)

I mean, maybe not to that degree but still tho.
Yeah, I don't sleep much anyway. Too much to do, and zana's always pretty loud so…


File: 1604812166210.jpg (149.3 KB,1280x720)

The Gokai Galleon's one of a kind, actually.
Seems very proud of his galleon


File: 1604812812632.jpg (258.99 KB,690x900)

There's some hope left…

Heh, you seem quite proud of it. It has to be able to do something special, right?


File: 1604812967832-0.jpg (101.43 KB,1280x720)

File: 1604812967832-1.jpg (74.29 KB,1280x720)

The fact that it's a battle-capable ship in space should be enough. But yeah, it can turn into a giant mecha.


File: 1604813403376-0.jpg (1.94 MB,2088x3056)

File: 1604813403376-1.jpg (67.45 KB,600x800)

…It can turn into a giant robot? That's much more impressive than a space-faring galleon.


File: 1604813616778.jpg (32.46 KB,500x281)

Listen, just 'cause you don't like how it looks means it ain't a handy vessel.


File: 1604814103195.jpg (920.73 KB,2088x3056)

Well, a giant robot will always be more impressive than a battleship. No matter the world.


File: 1604814141930.jpg (96.47 KB,1280x720)

…Ya got me there.


File: 1604814643378.jpg (48.76 KB,420x602)


Gally finishes her glass and slam it down on the bar

I'll have another!


File: 1604814672610.jpg (112.21 KB,1280x720)

And we can probs fade to DRONK and FUD


File: 1604815776325.jpg (37.26 KB,500x248)


Merilda makes a noise of UNRESTRAINED EMBARRASSMENT at that question.

… she also gives a tiny nod of her head.


You really should try to get proper sleep. It's rather important, you know…

… not that SHE got much sleep last night.


File: 1604816505706.png (12.74 MB,2160x3840)

Zana can barely contain her excitement over Merilda's response.
She almost visibly tries hard to restrain herself, not wanting to embarrass the poor white mage more than necessary…

But then she leans in further to give Merilda a quick cheeky peck on her lips before going back to her soup with a giggle.

Oh no


File: 1604816597431.jpg (88.37 KB,1280x726)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 19

Nah, if I need sleep I'll just take a nap at my work bench! You only really need about 4 hours of sleep a day if you get enough coffee.
Just try to not ware eachother out too much. We have dungeons to explore, remember.


File: 1604817379673.jpg (124.16 KB,778x1000)



Merilda is a bit taken aback and looks away from Zana following this for a few moments. Though she does glance back after that, a look on her face that hints that Merilda just might be resisting the urge to pray again.

Or to drag Zana back into the bedroom.


Oh, heavens… you really can't subsist on coffee instead of sleep. Eventually it will catch up with you, and then your health will suffer…


Not to mention the impeccable quality of your crafts, and wouldn't that be just the biggest shame?


File: 1604819786995.jpg (236.79 KB,850x850)

Hey, you know what? Sanae's had a long day. She's currently having a nap on the porch while it rains! It'll be too cold to do this soon, but for now it feels pretty nice!


File: 1604820218399.jpg (130.58 KB,480x272)

Pictures taken moments before disaster
Speaking of which, Anubis is squatting down next to Sanae and considering poking her cheek
To poke this creature or to seek her booze


File: 1604820392638.jpg (3.55 MB,3000x1875)

Sanae will roll over and proceed to snort. And mutter something about brooms.
This is adorable. Stop thinking about booze for a second and appreciate the privilege you have to witness this!


File: 1604821408237.jpg (112.37 KB,960x544)

Anubis is wondering about what the FUCK she could be dreaming of. But what is that shuffling about in SANAE'S SLEEVE
He's reaching to poooooke this Sanae


File: 1604821610057.jpg (246.36 KB,600x789)

She's dreaming about sweeping, 'cause it's what she does all day, NERD.


File: 1604822541593-0.jpg (23.3 KB,300x170)

File: 1604822541593-1.png (1.99 MB,1280x720)



File: 1604822637696.png (100.65 KB,277x313)


Sanae sits up blearily!



File: 1604823338946-0.png (536.42 KB,1280x720)

File: 1604823338946-1.jpg (23.3 KB,300x170)

Meloetta is chasing Anubis. MENACINGLY
And Anubis is trying VERY HARD to escape her adorable tiny form
What the fuck is this Benny Hill shit?


File: 1604823515588.png (606.76 KB,700x700)

…I must be dreaming…?

Sanae is going to watch this display in puzzled amusement!


File: 1604824217615-0.gif (587.45 KB,500x283)

File: 1604824217615-1.png (147.08 KB,471x446)

And swivels around so he's hiding behind her and Sanae is between him and Meloetta
Meloetta seems displeased


File: 1604838323548.jpg (588.83 KB,900x1040)

Meanwhile, at the Game Bin FUCK, someone has snuck into Travis's store and is petting Jeane. And if he tries to stop her, there will be HELL to pay
Speaking of Hell, you ever stare into the abyss?


File: 1604839569539.png (345.04 KB,386x762)


Getting petted

And then she talks

You know, you're one of the few other people I'll let pet me.


File: 1604839879035.gif (43.62 KB,300x500)

Yes, well, I do appreciate it. I need comfort these days…

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