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"I thought Ron and Jon were the same person and we just interspliced whichever we felt like" ~ TC, 6:54pm CST, 11/28/2017

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Well…as long as you also do your job…Y-you know, because we've all gotta carry our weight, right?


File: 1604756088064.jpg (403.42 KB,650x1024)

V/V takes a moment to come up with her master plan.
What iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiif…

What if I just tell you I'm thirsty ?


File: 1604756291067.png (1.03 MB,1280x720)

…No dice.


File: 1604756438052.jpg (759.86 KB,707x1000)


Oh, Master, don't you worry, I'll be more than ready to do my job…and, of course, do anything else you require of me, hee~

She's gonna give Ritsuka the biggest WONK

Geez, Master, I hope you were ready to summon like me. Or did you just pick my catalyst up at random, hmmmm?


File: 1604756623850.png (2.51 MB,1415x2660)

I didn't use a catalyst, though…A-Anyway, let's go then! I just need a moment to change and we can go shopping!


File: 1604756685531.jpg (582.41 KB,868x1224)

I was so sure that would work.


File: 1604756830302.jpg (370.75 KB,2040x2807)


I'll be waiting, then~

Mata Hari is going to flop into a comfy chair and kick her legs up


File: 1604756875950.png (97.3 KB,480x640)

Tyki chuckles as he pats this not!angel on the head
There there. Maybe next time.


File: 1604757153172.png (303.67 KB,600x707)

And we can probs fade to SHOPPING and SEXUAL TENSION


File: 1604790107478.png (5.31 MB,1080x1920)

>>The morning after the date
At this point it's likely more afternoon than morning.
But Zana finally walks out of her bedroom wearing… Not this, but a t-shirt and panties.

Moooorning, Ozma.

She yawns and stretches, but she seems happy !


File: 1604790670654.jpg (75.83 KB,1280x726)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 2

Ozma has made lunch for the the sluts and herself. Nice fresh veggie soup and some toasted sandwiches!
It's almost 3 pm, Zana.


File: 1604802702659.jpg (281.66 KB,850x800)


Merilda totters on out of the room just a few moments later. She's got her robe on, and has her hood pulled waaaaaay over her head, as though trying to hide her face!

Her cheeks are still quite visible though, and oh man are they redder than whatever tomatos might have gone into the soup and/or sandwiches!


File: 1604803907450.png (4.08 MB,1080x1920)

That's basically morning, but whatever that is it smells great.

Having probably already kissed Merilda good morning wherever she might have wanted it, Zana opts not to comment on the redness of her cheeks.
Or her still acting all shy after last night.
At least not in front of Ozma.


File: 1604806077875.jpg (82.11 KB,1280x726)

Well when you're up screaming till 6 am, I guess that's true. Side note: My sound proofing idea didn't work as well as I'd hoped.
She shrugs and ladles out some soup for Zana and Merilda, before taking the sandwiches off the griddle.
Vegetable soup and roast beef sandwiches mad from the left overs from the other night. I figured you two might need some replenishment.
Ozma will smile at the priestess
Good morning Merilda. There's some potions in the fridge if you're feeling overly… drained.


File: 1604806780113.jpg (70.92 KB,500x500)


Oh there was SOME kind of good morning kissing alright.

And then Merilda prayed.

She prayed SO HARD.


Oh man Merilda seems like she just wants to disappear right now!

Good morning, Ozma. I hope we… ah…

A heavy moment of quiet from her!

… didn't… overly disturb you.

A little shake of her head at the offer of potions, though!


File: 1604807692582.png (3.93 MB,1080x1920)

Well, what can I say ? Merilda is nothing short of incredible~

Zana takes a seat at the soup table !

… But if I knew you didn't have earplugs I might've offered to pay for a night at a hotel for you.

~~Disappear into my bedroom I'll be right behind you~~
I mean

Don't worry too much about her.
Zana smiles at Merilda !
Next time I'll just make sure she won't have to stay at home through the night.
And shoots her a flirtatious wink.


File: 1604807923711.jpg (88.72 KB,1280x726)

Oh no more than usual. I had lots of stuff to get done anyway.
Ozma hands the white mage a plate with a sandwich and a bowl of soup on it, and then sits down at the table with her own plate
Meh, hotels get iffy about me working on my crafts all night. It wasn't too bad. Besides, now I know the decibel for that set of of sound proofers. I'll just work on a a stronger one for next time.


File: 1604810205378.jpg (143.18 KB,900x770)


Oh god don't embarrass her MORE

I… ah…


Also slight nod.

Oh my.


Merilda is gonna accept this plate and join Ozma at the table!

Thank you. I, ah…

… no more than usual?


File: 1604811212779.png (13.87 MB,2160x3840)

Oh come on, I'm usually not that loud.
Though… I guess you did have those sound proofing things.

That slight nod makes Zana a happy lizard !
She leans in to whisper, trying to be at least somewhat stealthy for Merilda's sake… However futile it may be.
Tonight ?


File: 1604811417606.jpg (129.42 KB,1280x720)

It's worked for my entire career and it ain't about to stop working. I ain't gonna knock it.


File: 1604811736178.jpg (71.22 KB,420x593)

Guess we'll have to agree to disagree on this…


File: 1604811838396.jpg (86.97 KB,1280x720)

Marvelous shrugs
Can't really say it ain't worked, though. It's gotten me out of a buncha scrapes in my time. All of 'em, in fact.


File: 1604811971734.jpg (94.6 KB,460x623)

…Are all the spaceships back in your world based on old Earth ships?


File: 1604812105658.jpg (104.59 KB,1280x726)

I mean, maybe not to that degree but still tho.
Yeah, I don't sleep much anyway. Too much to do, and zana's always pretty loud so…


File: 1604812166210.jpg (149.3 KB,1280x720)

The Gokai Galleon's one of a kind, actually.
Seems very proud of his galleon


File: 1604812812632.jpg (258.99 KB,690x900)

There's some hope left…

Heh, you seem quite proud of it. It has to be able to do something special, right?


File: 1604812967832-0.jpg (101.43 KB,1280x720)

File: 1604812967832-1.jpg (74.29 KB,1280x720)

The fact that it's a battle-capable ship in space should be enough. But yeah, it can turn into a giant mecha.


File: 1604813403376-0.jpg (1.94 MB,2088x3056)

File: 1604813403376-1.jpg (67.45 KB,600x800)

…It can turn into a giant robot? That's much more impressive than a space-faring galleon.


File: 1604813616778.jpg (32.46 KB,500x281)

Listen, just 'cause you don't like how it looks means it ain't a handy vessel.


File: 1604814103195.jpg (920.73 KB,2088x3056)

Well, a giant robot will always be more impressive than a battleship. No matter the world.


File: 1604814141930.jpg (96.47 KB,1280x720)

…Ya got me there.


File: 1604814643378.jpg (48.76 KB,420x602)


Gally finishes her glass and slam it down on the bar

I'll have another!


File: 1604814672610.jpg (112.21 KB,1280x720)

And we can probs fade to DRONK and FUD


File: 1604815776325.jpg (37.26 KB,500x248)


Merilda makes a noise of UNRESTRAINED EMBARRASSMENT at that question.

… she also gives a tiny nod of her head.


You really should try to get proper sleep. It's rather important, you know…

… not that SHE got much sleep last night.


File: 1604816505706.png (12.74 MB,2160x3840)

Zana can barely contain her excitement over Merilda's response.
She almost visibly tries hard to restrain herself, not wanting to embarrass the poor white mage more than necessary…

But then she leans in further to give Merilda a quick cheeky peck on her lips before going back to her soup with a giggle.

Oh no


File: 1604816597431.jpg (88.37 KB,1280x726)

Dice rollRolled 1d20: 19

Nah, if I need sleep I'll just take a nap at my work bench! You only really need about 4 hours of sleep a day if you get enough coffee.
Just try to not ware eachother out too much. We have dungeons to explore, remember.


File: 1604817379673.jpg (124.16 KB,778x1000)



Merilda is a bit taken aback and looks away from Zana following this for a few moments. Though she does glance back after that, a look on her face that hints that Merilda just might be resisting the urge to pray again.

Or to drag Zana back into the bedroom.


Oh, heavens… you really can't subsist on coffee instead of sleep. Eventually it will catch up with you, and then your health will suffer…


Not to mention the impeccable quality of your crafts, and wouldn't that be just the biggest shame?


File: 1604819786995.jpg (236.79 KB,850x850)

Hey, you know what? Sanae's had a long day. She's currently having a nap on the porch while it rains! It'll be too cold to do this soon, but for now it feels pretty nice!


File: 1604820218399.jpg (130.58 KB,480x272)

Pictures taken moments before disaster
Speaking of which, Anubis is squatting down next to Sanae and considering poking her cheek
To poke this creature or to seek her booze


File: 1604820392638.jpg (3.55 MB,3000x1875)

Sanae will roll over and proceed to snort. And mutter something about brooms.
This is adorable. Stop thinking about booze for a second and appreciate the privilege you have to witness this!


File: 1604821408237.jpg (112.37 KB,960x544)

Anubis is wondering about what the FUCK she could be dreaming of. But what is that shuffling about in SANAE'S SLEEVE
He's reaching to poooooke this Sanae


File: 1604821610057.jpg (246.36 KB,600x789)

She's dreaming about sweeping, 'cause it's what she does all day, NERD.


File: 1604822541593-0.jpg (23.3 KB,300x170)

File: 1604822541593-1.png (1.99 MB,1280x720)



File: 1604822637696.png (100.65 KB,277x313)


Sanae sits up blearily!



File: 1604823338946-0.png (536.42 KB,1280x720)

File: 1604823338946-1.jpg (23.3 KB,300x170)

Meloetta is chasing Anubis. MENACINGLY
And Anubis is trying VERY HARD to escape her adorable tiny form
What the fuck is this Benny Hill shit?


File: 1604823515588.png (606.76 KB,700x700)

…I must be dreaming…?

Sanae is going to watch this display in puzzled amusement!


File: 1604824217615-0.gif (587.45 KB,500x283)

File: 1604824217615-1.png (147.08 KB,471x446)

And swivels around so he's hiding behind her and Sanae is between him and Meloetta
Meloetta seems displeased


File: 1604838323548.jpg (588.83 KB,900x1040)

Meanwhile, at the Game Bin FUCK, someone has snuck into Travis's store and is petting Jeane. And if he tries to stop her, there will be HELL to pay
Speaking of Hell, you ever stare into the abyss?


File: 1604839569539.png (345.04 KB,386x762)


Getting petted

And then she talks

You know, you're one of the few other people I'll let pet me.


File: 1604839879035.gif (43.62 KB,300x500)

Yes, well, I do appreciate it. I need comfort these days…

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