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"I thought Ron and Jon were the same person and we just interspliced whichever we felt like" ~ TC, 6:54pm CST, 11/28/2017

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ITT: Vengeance for a price.


File: 1604082810498.png (261.32 KB,544x577)

Yeah well, falling outta the sky hurts a bit too, but that's never stopped me before.

Vivace that doesn't make it better.


File: 1604088488668.png (100.65 KB,277x313)

Meanwhile, at the Moriya shrine!

Lets see…Christmas is two months away, and there's the winter festival before that…then the new year festival, we'll definitely have to do something for when it starts snowing…

Sanae rubs her temples!

Ah…miss Umeko, come back and save me ;-;



Sorry Umeko is off on VACATION.

She'll be back sometime three years from now.

Regardless, hey, are there any bells or wind chimes hanging up around the shrine?

It might explain what that ringing is!


File: 1604088682321.jpg (243.95 KB,1295x906)

saaaaaaaave meeeeeeee from scheduling hell!

There are! Sanae will glance up as this ringing occurs!

Hmm…I should probably take those down for the season too…



Ringing CONTINUES, then!

… but then suddenly stops as Sanae looks up. She may notice a very brief little bit of pink disappearing around whatever thing the bells are hanging from, though!

It almost looked like a tail of some kind, but she only got a glimpse of it for less than a second.


File: 1604089308265.png (166.36 KB,330x493)

A youkai?


Sanae will stand up and cautiously begin to move in the direction of the noise/tail action!


File: 1604089322462.jpg (121 KB,530x718)

That doesn't make it better!
Noses don't grow back!



The direction of the tail action ('cause the ringing suddenly stopped) would lead her around the… whatever the hell it was she has the bells hung up on. Let's say one of those silly shrine gate things?

But when she gets around to the other side of it, there's nothing there!

There IS a noise on what is now the opposite side, though. It sounds almost like laughter! Muffled, though.


File: 1604089523243.png (848.26 KB,1666x1180)

How do you know, you ever lost a nose ?
'Cause I've never lost mine.


File: 1604089532627.png (1.92 MB,2489x3495)


Sanae is about to BLAST THE SHIT out of this laughter with MIRACLES…but then a thought occurs to her!




The laughter stops! Maggie? Who's Maggie?

… Sanae may feel now like there are eyes on the back of her head!


File: 1604089713148.jpg (116.2 KB,630x770)

No, but I know how fleshy structures work!
Ozma shakes her head!
Why are all dragons like this!
My point is you should be trying to not die!


File: 1604089924838.png (952.04 KB,1000x1270)

But I am trying not to die !
And seeing I'm still alive, I think I'm doing a great job at it.
She nods confidently !


File: 1604089955270.jpg (2.02 MB,2000x1500)


Well, if it was Maggie there would probably be illusions too, right…?

So it must be a youkai!

Sanae spins around and launches a blast of danmaku stars!


File: 1604090228811.jpg (67.4 KB,485x617)

That's not…
She stops casting fire to message her head



Well, she doesn't see anything behind her… other than another quick flash of pink as whatever it was darts out of her vision and out of the way of those danmaku stars!

But something rather curious will happen. Her danmaku will get about a dozen feet from her in whatever pattern she was launching them in before they all suddenly FREEZE in place!

If she looks closely, she will notice a faint pink aura of some kind of energy surrounding them. Presumably, that is what's responsible for halting their movement.


File: 1604090450458.png (133.67 KB,299x403)


Well, THAT hasn't ever happened before!
I mean, relatively speaking. Sakuya does it all the time, but she freezes everything!


File: 1604090699312.png (102.81 KB,350x340)


A few moments later, her mysterious pink adversary will reveal itself!

This adorable little thing will float out from behind the post of the shrine gate thingy it was hiding behind! Seemingly paying Sanae no mind at all, it will float over to the frozen danmaku.


It then starts flitting around the various frozen stars! It looks at one, floats around it to get a look from a few angles, then moves on to another one.

Mew, mewmew!

It seems to rather approve of their glowy appearance!


File: 1604090784423.png (1.29 MB,1528x1080)

What ? Oh…
You stopped doing the thing.


File: 1604090916818.png (116.4 KB,550x550)


Sanae is briefly stunned!

Oh. My. Gods.

She breaks into a HUGE SMILE!

You're Mew!


File: 1604091012773.jpg (92.79 KB,517x705)

No! Stay awake!
Fire 1 :@
How do you lose heat so fast…
Ozma sighs thinking


File: 1604091030108.jpg (122.99 KB,500x500)



At the mention of it's name, Mew turns around to face Sanae! Well, eventually. It spins around in a circle five or six times, seemingly for the fun of it, before finally stopping while facing Sanae.

Curious headtilt! Sanae can almost SEE the 'you know me?' question in it's eyes.


File: 1604091224620.jpg (156.92 KB,700x900)

You-…you're…um…You're really famous where I'm from! I had a stuffed animal version of you and I even-

Sanae pauses, rethinking "I waited in line for four hours one day to get you."

…I even liked you more than Pikachu :D


File: 1604091455108.jpg (693.39 KB,1000x700)


Rethinking it is probably almost the same thing as saying it out loud to Mew! Mew doesn't take offense though, so it's okay.

In fact, Mew floats closer to Sanae, getting right up in the priestess' face and peering intently right into her eyes!


This lasts only a moment or two, and then Mew does a little flip in the air and zips off into the shrine!


File: 1604091586975.jpg (86.71 KB,500x534)

She's trying to be polite ;-;
Sanae will stare back 'cause this is definitely a load of nostalgia for her! And also pretty awesome!
And then zoom!

Eh-? H-Hey, wait a second!

Sanae gives chase!


File: 1604091838118.png (553.78 KB,450x650)


Sanae probably flies almost as fast as Mew, so she will enter the shrine hot on Mew's tail.

Mew mew!

Mew hustles on over to a drawer and, using those ADORABLE little paws, pulls a drawer open. A quick scan of what's inside, and then Mew opens the next one. And the next!

Assuming Sanae doesn't interfere with Mew's search, the little legendary will repeat this process with a few different storage containers before finding something of interest.


It's… a sheet of paper! Some of the paper she uses for making paper charms and such. Mew grabs it and excitedly zips over to Sanae, presenting it to her with some urgency.

Mew! Mew!


File: 1604091995236.jpg (67.94 KB,700x600)

Sanae won't interfere! It's kind of strange to watch and adorable pokemon tear through your stuff!

…Eh? You want a charm? I can do that! But what for?


File: 1604092199876.png (4.09 MB,2700x3182)


This appears to have been the wrong answer, because now Mew moves down to Sanae's hand and presses the paper into her fingers. Better take hold of it because then Mew is OFF again!

A similar search will repeat, and then Mew comes back with… some ink! An inkpad? An ink stone? Who knows! I don't know what Sanae keeps on hand.


File: 1604092417283.png (87.07 KB,300x300)

Sanae is increasingly puzzled!

I have a pen in the desk over there, if you want me to write something…?


File: 1604092642126.png (3.43 MB,1974x2326)


That doesn't seem to be what Mew's after. She wanted the ink you'd use for a brush, and that's what she found! Hopefully before making a COMPLETE mess of Sanae's personal organization.

But having found it, Mew proceeds to dip her little front paws in the ink, and then holds up those hands to inspect that they are, in fact, properly covered with black ink.

And then… Mew presses those paws to the paper! Leaving two little prints.


Seemingly satisfied at last, Mew gestures to the paper for Sanae. Congratulations, Sanae has acquired one (1) authentic Mew autograph.


File: 1604092647597.png (261.32 KB,544x577)

Duh, it's cold.
I haven't even had enough coffee either.

'Enough' coffee here meaning a constant supply.


File: 1604092819556-0.png (382.46 KB,600x600)

File: 1604092819556-1.png (307.77 KB,580x505)


Sanae stares for a second at this autograph!

Then it clicks! She's going to laugh!

Ah…t-thank you very much, Mew! I'll be sure to treasure this :D

Um…would you like to wash your hands off? The kitchen's right there.


File: 1604093009936.jpg (91.93 KB,428x679)

Yeah but you should be able to retain some heat with your clothes…
Maybe you need an upgrade in wardrobe.


File: 1604094064506.jpg (126.09 KB,800x1000)


Mew looks at her ink stained hands for a moment and then… zip!

Running water will soon be heard from the kitchen sink.


File: 1604094224204.jpg (275.87 KB,850x1063)

Good poggyman.
Sanae will wander in after her new pokefriend!

Have you been here a long time, Mew? I haven't seen you around the shrine before just now!


File: 1604094911425.png (877.17 KB,1666x1180)

Vivace squints judgingly at Ozma !
I don't know about that, that sounds expensive.


File: 1604095110525.jpg (71.21 KB,397x679)

I mean I could probably get something reasonably priced put together…. A portal heating system would up the price a lot, but I can least you get some more insulating clothes than the ones you're wear not


File: 1604097653530.png (1.22 MB,1500x1061)

Can't you just come make food for me so I can stay at home instead ?


File: 1604097915192.jpg (91.93 KB,428x679)

That would be even more expensive, a recurring service will run up a bigger debt then a one time purchase.


File: 1604098050629.png (1.74 MB,1008x807)


Mew is naturally at the sink and is rubbing her little paws together to get the ink off! At that question though she stops (and thankfully already has the ink gone) and turns to Sanae, doing a few little flips in the air.


Helpful answer!


File: 1604098303146.png (905.6 KB,1528x1080)

Fine, I guess I'm gonna have to part with some of my treasure.


File: 1604098446579.jpg (107.05 KB,494x652)

So what would you like: Just some outerwear, outerwear with a portable heat source, or a personal chef?


File: 1604098962273.png (607.21 KB,1000x1000)

How am I supposed to answer a question like that ?
I don't know how much you want for any of it.


File: 1604099231965.jpg (111.22 KB,514x697)

Well I ordered them from cheapest to most expensive.
She'll pull out a small notebook and do some math, and give prices for each. The personal cook is a recuring payment weekly and comes out to much more expensive than the others.


File: 1604100674300.png (618.48 KB,1200x750)

I'm too tired for this.
How about you just pick something from my hoard and take that as payment ?


File: 1604101104624.jpg (107.3 KB,491x685)

I mean, that could work, depending on what your horde is. Show me what you're willing to part with.


File: 1604101164122.jpg (323.89 KB,850x945)

Mmm, that's right…I keep forgetting you can't talk!

Ummmm…do you like mochi? :D


File: 1604102425259.png (1.05 MB,1528x1080)

Hope you're not afraid of heights.
Vivace goes to grab Ozma and take her under her arm… And, if Ozma doesn't run away, takes off !

That doesn't seem safe with a dragon that's liable to pass out in the sky if she gets cold…


File: 1604102580408.jpg (91.31 KB,413x715)

No, I'm alright with-ahh!
Ozma's gonna keep casting fire in the sky!
My waaagon!


File: 1604102817613.png (915.67 KB,600x800)


Mew's head tilts the other way!



File: 1604102863973.png (628.45 KB,632x1000)


Congratulations, by the time you return your wagon will have been claimed in the name of the great dragon Eri'cymarketianren!



File: 1604102916083.png (507.4 KB,1000x955)

Oh that's right !
She swoops back down to grab Ozma's wagon and bring it with them !
For what it's worth she's pretty good at flying when she's awake to fly.

If you hang on to the wagon I'm bringing you too.


File: 1604103036029.jpg (118.41 KB,657x715)

Hey leggo!
Thaaank you
Continuing to fire power the dargon with fire


File: 1604103071715.png (27.73 KB,234x243)

Sanae's gonna give this a think!

…Sweet, chewy, berries?


File: 1604103179009.jpg (231.48 KB,684x1000)


I wasn't planning to actually intrude on your guys' session so Eri had only just begun sniffing around the apparently abandoned wagon, and so Vivace comes to SNAG IT just before Eri can actually climb in.

HEY! I found that lair first!

She will stomp her feet in impotent rage as they fly away!


File: 1604103968088.png (1014.3 KB,1000x1412)


Keep it uuuuuup
At least until Vivace flies through an open window of the top floor of an otherwise abandoned building and lands in there. She puts Ozma and her wagon down !

Well, here we are. Just pick something, whatever.

There's piles and piles of dungeon loot from the high level dungeons strewn about. Precious metals, armour, weapons, garbage, you name it. It's a worse mess than Zana's living room was before Ozma.
But she does have a heat lamp, despite the fact that it's already very warm in there.


File: 1604104276298.jpg (119.96 KB,530x698)

Oh wow, you've sure got a lot of stuff…
Ozma will poke around, primarily looking for gems and rare metals
Are all dragons so… disorganized? Cuz my room mate's house looked a lot like this before I moved in.
If you need help cataloging or organizing things I'd be happy to help.


File: 1604104412224.png (1.22 MB,1000x848)



That was considerably more excited. And now she's orbiting Sanae's head!


File: 1604105070317.png (261.32 KB,544x577)

What's that supposed to mean ? I've got everything right here.

She'll probably find something worthwhile easily. Vivace doesn't really care what she brings home, she just hoards stuff. Except for obviously worthless items like leather knives made of leather.


File: 1604105337002-0.jpg (63.16 KB,400x589)

File: 1604105337002-1.jpg (181.55 KB,639x621)

File: 1604105337002-2.jpg (65.55 KB,750x1200)

You know what I should do? I should post one of those other people I have. Seeing as Jon is off in adventure land he won't be hogging the spotlight for a while! So who's doing what?

Lirum is strolling through town. Nothing to see here, just a Tiefling lady walkin along with a giant spider.
Oh yeah, there a giant spider with glowing spots following close behind her. She appears (as far as the particularly perceptive can tell) rather nervous, but that'll happen when you're a spider and you're in the open.

There is also a Somsnosa hanging out in the park with a few burritos that she's happily munching on. She's been popping up in town more. Maybe she's gotten over her loss the previous year? Whatever the case she's here, and she's chillin.


File: 1604105784935.jpg (167.56 KB,1280x726)

She'll get her self a hunk of some exotic metal and a few tiny gems
Okay, I'll get to work on your heat source and clothes!
She'll head to her cart and pull out a few things to help her, like her alchemist stuff and weaver stuff!


File: 1604106628974.png (434.72 KB,600x800)

This spider has attracted the attention of a 5'2" (in heels) girl with a parasol to keep the sun off her skin!
She'll wave to the spidor!
Hello there miss Spider! I've not seen many of you guys around dis vorld!
She has a very stereotypical transilvanian accent


File: 1604107179297.jpg (136.17 KB,840x591)

The big spood will stop and turn her large body to face this smol vamp! Incapable of speech, she responds as best she can by chittering and waving one of her forearms in return.

"See? What'd I tell you? People around here aren't gonna be bothered by you at all."

The spood turns back to the Tiefling and chitters happily.

"Her name is Kistral by the way."


File: 1604107445535.jpg (109.52 KB,854x480)

It's nice to meet you Kistral!
I'm Draculaura, but you can call me Lala for short.
I'm afraid I never learned spider in school. All the spiders I knew back home spoke English.
She'll turn to the Tiefling
Vell, I don't know that's true so much. Most of the normies here seem to be fine vith most things, but some are pretty judgmental.


File: 1604108625862.jpg (181.68 KB,1106x592)

Kistral faces the smol again and chitters more. Communication is not her strong suit, but one might assume she understands what Drac has to say.

"Never heard of a spider speaking, but i'll believe anything is possible. You kinda have to guess and gauge her reaction when there isn't any dirt for her to write in."

She'll tug at her cloak and lean upon a nearby wall.

"That's why i'm taking her through town. I figure the more people see her with me the less likely someone'll give her a hard time. I don't have a spacious basement for her to live in anymore."

More chittering from Kistral. She liked that basement! It was very spacious and quite cozy.


File: 1604108899360.jpg (132.7 KB,728x716)

Lala nods
Yis. Alot of things that vere common in my vorld are strange here, and vise versa.
Vhy does she not have a basement to live in anymore?


File: 1604109330746.jpg (206.96 KB,1064x591)

"Because I know her from my world. One of the distinct disadvantages of being here as opposed to there is I no longer own a castle. The apartments around here are a bit of a downgrade."


File: 1604109536512.jpg (48.87 KB,1024x561)

Oh yeah, tell me about it. I miss having my castle too… And all my clothes and make up and stuff.
Can't you get her an apartment of her own? Maybe one vith a bigger door?


File: 1604110045231.jpg (106.39 KB,1680x1050)

"Yeah. Hells only know what all my people are doing without me. I'll be pretty disappointed if I they're not taking care of the place while i'm gone."

Been a few years too. They'd better not think i'm dead.

She (hmms)

"Now I hadn't thought of that… that'd need to be a pretty big door…"


File: 1604110293939.png (144.19 KB,315x286)

Vell I'm sure your people are taking care of it!
Lala smiles
True, but I'm sure someone here could at least modify an existing place for her. I mean she's sentient, right? She should have a nice place to live!
I mean a Vampire can get citizenship, why not a big spider?


File: 1604111266406.jpg (69.73 KB,620x591)

"I'm sure. I only recruited the best after all."

Best of the Best or you're not hired :@

"Yeah, I have to figure someone could. Whaddya say Kistral, do you want your own house?"

This is not an easy question for a spider with no grasp of the spoken world to answer, and as such shuffles in place a bit.

"Something to figure out. Either that I get a bigger place."


File: 1604111528783.png (206.61 KB,376x303)

Zat could verk too. I hope she gets a place to be happy.
Lala will now look over this semi-demon!
So vhat kind of monster are you? I'm a vampire, in case you couldn't tell!


File: 1604112155319.jpg (98.75 KB,906x593)

"Ooh, been a while since someone called me a monster. I'm a tiefling."

She will squint at this vamp when she says that's what she is.

"Is that right? It's hard for me to tell since the first vampires I ever met were green and had glowing red eyes."

Lirum's eyes glow but her's are pink. Yay demon genetics!


File: 1604112511598.png (1.13 MB,968x1080)

Tiefling? Dats a new one on me!
Oooh, I know some vamps like dat. They're the sort of nosferatu types.
I'm not one of them, I'm just a normal vampire. Or at least normal for home? I don't know vhat is normal here.
She'll smile wide, showing off her fangs!


File: 1604112740378.jpg (249.36 KB,1338x654)

"It's a new one for a lot of people. In short, demon blood goes a ways back in the family tree."

And who knows how far! She shrugs.

"Who's to say what's normal around here? I can't even say what a normal vampire is like where i'm from since every single one i've met has tried to kill me."

I'd imagine Lirums teeth are also pointy, but all of them are pointy.


File: 1604112976072.gif (571.6 KB,500x250)

Oooh! I've known some demons! Most of them were pretty nice.
Lala frowns
Oh no! I'm sorry my people vere mean to you. The whole… Blood thing drives some of them a bit crazy. That's vhy I vent Vegan!


File: 1604113247829.jpg (129.53 KB,1680x1050)

"In my experience the thinner the blood, the nicer. Better chances meeting a "nice" devil so long as you don't sign any contracts."

Drac's apologies are waved off.

"Ehh don't apologize for other people's actions. Especially when they're enthralled by an ancient being corrupted by the shadow weave… unless they were willing? It's not like they were interested in talking… and what's a vegan?"


File: 1604113491693.png (2.46 MB,1920x1080)

She doesn't understand a lot of those words! But she nods anyway
Ancient being, huh?
Oh! A vegan is someone who doesn't eat or use animal products! So I don't drink blood or vare leather or eat cheese or anything like dat!


File: 1604113844144.jpg (143.26 KB,850x1020)

I'll take that as a yes!

Sanae will retreive DELICIOUS MOCHI from the fridge!

It doesn't keep very well, but I got some for my other guests…

She offers up the tray!


File: 1604113959062.jpg (225.7 KB,1234x591)

"Yeah there's a story there, but I won't spring that on anyone without their consent. It's a lengthy one."

Lirum is understandably confused. She also looks down at her own clothing as her currently outfit is primarily snow leopard leather.

"Ah… how? Don't vampire's need blood? I won't question the other parts but I have to bite on that one."


File: 1604114340576.jpg (209.87 KB,571x864)

Vell I'm doing alright I think. I just eat lots of veggies and take my iron supplements! Is just as good!
It may or may not be just as good. She's a pretty weak vampire in canon. Lala will notice Lirum looking at her own outfit
Oh, I don't expect others to be vegan just because that's my lifestyle. My best freind and my boyfreind are both Verevolves, and boy do they love steak…
She sighs, missing her freinds


File: 1604114835114.jpg (136.17 KB,840x591)

"Huh… well if it works it works. You have to expect differences that go against the grain."

She wasn't worried about offending, just more consious about thhe fact most people around here don't wear as much leather as a rule. She doesn't care though.

"Werewolves eh? I met a pair of gnome werewolves once. I got a big box of bugs I gave to Kistral here."

She indicates to spood, who chitters very happily at the memory. That's how they became friends, and they were very tasty bugs.


File: 1604115041045.jpg (77.86 KB,511x649)

Lala nods
That's the monster vay! At least in vorld it vas. Differences make unlife more exciting!
She will then go full all smiles at the mention of gnome werewolves
Oooh I don't know any gnomes! Gnome verevolves sound totes adorable!
Vhy did they give you a box of bugs though?


File: 1604115606815.jpg (179.06 KB,1300x623)

"Ah… well… they didn't really give me the bugs. I kinda took them after they lured me and my friends into their home so they could eat us."

She rubs the back of her neck.

"They were kinda adorable up until that point ya know?"


File: 1604115831545.png (1.23 MB,768x1044)

Vow. Lots of Monsters in your world sound very mean…


File: 1604116341619.jpg (206.96 KB,1064x591)

"I mean… I always thought that's what a monster was? It seems like your world's playing opposite with everything I know based on what little i've heard."


File: 1604116714439.jpg (18.91 KB,325x303)

Monster is just a type of creature that's not human or like… fairy or elves? Those are more Ever Afters territory.
So in my world da Vampires and Verevolves and Zombies and mummies and all that are collectively known as monsters. But ve aren't really very different from humans. Some are jerks, but most are okay.
She shrugs
But I think maybe my vorld vas the veird one. I think your definition of monster is more common.


File: 1604118476249.jpg (69.73 KB,620x591)

"I'm not going to lie and say what you're describing sounds anything like what I'm familiar with. Elves are pretty common though."

Cheek scratch.

"But nah, your world is normal. Normal is always where you're from, and definitely not about this place or mine."


File: 1604118609351.jpg (132.7 KB,728x716)

Lala smiles
Awww, thanks. You're a very sweet part demon.


File: 1604119632482.jpg (124.23 KB,747x591)

"Naaaaah, i'm just sensible. Nothin sweet about this swamp girl."

Sweet isn't her style, she's just good like that.
And now we're fading to hanging out!


File: 1604203683992.jpg (112.07 KB,1920x1080)

Oh no !
A group of spooky scary skeletons is invading Dramaville's streets and harassing people !
Someone stop them !


File: 1604207883803.jpg (202.78 KB,600x770)

And here's an angry smoking man staring down these skellymans. They're just, like…harassing people…I mean, are they beating people up?…They're getting pointed at
Cut it out.


File: 1604208239095.jpg (74.69 KB,500x500)

No that would be very mean of them if they went and beat people up.
They're trying to make it seem like they're going to though, and now they're coming RIGHT AT this guy !


File: 1604208828875.jpg (749.17 KB,1536x2172)

Smoker isn't sure how to handle this situation
'm I supposed to arrest 'em?
He's gonna pull out his fuckin' jutte anyway
'Cause I will if I gotta. Come at me, then.


File: 1604209213625.jpg (9.89 KB,268x268)

I don't think spooky scary skeletons care much about getting arrested, but knocking their skulls off their bodies might be something they can understand.
Anyway they're coming at Smoker with grabby hands to grab at him !


File: 1604209298572.jpg (2.43 MB,2048x3641)

You know what, they're skeletons. It's not like they have rights
So Smoker is indeed going to take his jutte and fuckin' whomp their skulls off their spines


File: 1604230785076.jpg (112.07 KB,1920x1080)

VERY rude, what did the skeletons ever do to him ?
Their skulls are whomped right off and their bones rattle to the ground in little piles, laying there for a moment before exploding in a cloud of confetti black and orange confetti.

Once the confetti clears, the skeletons have been replaced with little black bowls of wrapped halloween candy !


File: 1604251329588.png (53.32 KB,296x197)


Picks up one of these bowls to investigate
This is…different…Guess we have candy to distribute at the police station now though…
Looks around
Anyway, who's responsible for this?


File: 1604251854624.png (754.92 KB,800x800)


It ain't me this time


File: 1604252804632.png (277 KB,575x830)

You look around and see this guy aiming his arm cannon at you, what do you do ?
The husk shoots an explosive pumpkin at Smoker ! If it hits it'll explode in a cloud of smoke and it might sting a little, but it wouldn't seriously injure a normal human.


File: 1604253079376-0.png (99.08 KB,323x324)

File: 1604253079376-1.jpg (30.6 KB,640x480)

Smoker is a good cop and does not want collateral damage so he tanks that pumpkin shot instead of allowing it to go through him
Looks like candy's on the menu tonight!
Smoker's arm from shoulder to wrist turns into smoke as he launches his fist directly into the husk's FACE


File: 1604253545071.jpg (208.31 KB,700x700)

Congratulations, you've blown its FACE clean off !
It explodes and drops candy just like the skeletons.

Oh my~ You might be a little strong for these, don't you think ?

*Ozoi picks up a piece of candy and EATS IT, making an appearance in such a manner that one might be unsure as to whether she'd been there the whole time.


File: 1604253742304.jpg (202.78 KB,600x770)

Smoker, thankfully, does not punch big lady in the face as his fist and arm reform
So this is your doing? Next time, consider putting a sign on 'em that says "hit me." Could do ya a world'a good.
Walks over to one of these candy bowls and hands it to a passing trick-or-treater with a pat on the head
So this your idea of handin' out candy?


File: 1604254131579.png (655.23 KB,850x1200)

Ah-ah, they wouldn't be scary at all if the objective was too obvious.
There must be a 'trick' part to 'trick or treat', after all.

She raises a good pont with a smile on her face.


File: 1604254484435.jpg (1.46 MB,1536x1536)

…Hmm…Considerin' the kinda people populatin' this town, you might onto somethin'…Though someone did call the cops, which is why I'm here. It ain't gonna be everyone.


File: 1604255310271.png (155.31 KB,588x550)

Oh come now, people call the cops for everything.
A few spooky skeletons, mutilated corpses in a few back alleys…
Last year's little halloween prank. Fake corpses so lifelike it likely would have taken an autopsy to find out they weren't real.


File: 1604255513056.png (194.6 KB,400x400)

Dammit, that was you?! You know, you gave us a real hard time with those!


File: 1604256256000.png (44.95 KB,512x512)

Ozoi has a giggle at this !
Hmhm, what can I say ? I'm quite good at what I do. Some might even say that I'm the best~
It was rather entertaining to watch the investigation while it lasted, but I must acknowledge that a little prank shouldn't last forever.

Which is to imply, of course, that she could have used real corpses with no identity instead.


File: 1604257460367.jpg (2.13 MB,2320x1817)

At least we can close the case now. What's yer name, anyway?


File: 1604258821972.gif (19.94 KB,100x110)

I have many names, but you can call me Ozoi.
It is a pleasure to meet you, policeman~
She does a curtsy with blood dripping from her skirt !
gif related


File: 1604258985788.png (177.8 KB,562x289)

…You're really takin' the Halloween theme as far as you can, ain'tcha? Still, it's a name we can put to those fake corpses now. I'm Captain Smoker of the DVPD.


File: 1604259256024.jpg (208.31 KB,700x700)

Oh no, that's quite normal.
But I could take it further if you'd like. Perhaps a little puzzle box would do the trick…

Ozoi no


File: 1604260386320.png (53.32 KB,296x197)

Smoker puffs his cigars in thought
I think we'll pass on any puzzle boxes on Halloween. We don't need Halloween to become an actual creepfest.


File: 1604266892945.jpg (64.36 KB,550x730)

That is certainly for the best.
Ozoi nods in agreement !
Puzzle boxes do have a way of being quite unhealthy for those who open them.


File: 1604276414285.jpg (581.56 KB,4000x4000)

Let's keep 'em well away from here then. Keepin' the peace is hard enough with Hell Fire and those other bastards. Don't need people gettin' torn apart because of a puzzle.


File: 1604278595996.jpg (49.18 KB,501x741)

That's how it goes, the world can't always be peaceful~
Not to worry, the heroes of this one do an admirable job of balancing out the chaos.


File: 1604279435584.jpg (346.74 KB,620x620)

Heroes, huh?…I've seen my fair share of those. Wish some of 'em would pick up a badge, but…


File: 1604280460625.jpg (24.98 KB,360x360)

For better or worse some heroes work better as vigilantes. It's all the same in the end, at any rate.


File: 1604280536895.png (572.55 KB,600x800)

At any rate, back to business. How many'a these candy skeletons are around town? And are they gonna actually attack people or are they just overactive pinatas?


File: 1604282393323.png (152.61 KB,512x512)

Let's say I'm not out to cause serious harm.
But there are plenty more where they came from, more than enough for everyone.


File: 1604282835668.jpg (96.6 KB,700x700)

Smoker stares at Ozoi for a bit
Well, as long as they're just out scarin' people and providin' candy to people brave enough to fight back, I can't complain. It's a nice reward for some Halloween bravery for the kids…


File: 1604283489334.png (55.91 KB,384x384)

Now you're getting it~
Please do have fun with them.

With that she's gone ! But there's plenty of spooky scary skeletons and zombies around to punch.


File: 1604284110927.jpg (78.65 KB,481x680)

Aaron seems to have more of a spring in his step than usual. It's hard to keep up with him as he goes about his business at the music store. Ever since his HELLA STRESSFUL BUT LIBERATING public performance at Satsuki's party, he's been in higher spirits. But he has yet to perform publicly again…yet


File: 1604284673112.png (920.8 KB,841x1100)

So while Aaron here is restocking the shelves, he is interrupted quite suddenly! One moment her turns to grab some discs or records or whatever, and when he turns back around, a pink ghost lady is ALL UP in his business!



File: 1604284867374.jpg (3.43 MB,2756x2894)

Strange, was he that far away when you were looking at his back? Odd
…Need help?


File: 1604285299484.jpg (75.24 KB,700x700)

Mm! I'm looking for some music :D

How very nonspecific!


File: 1604285794451.jpg (60.6 KB,730x851)

What kind?


File: 1604285928177.jpg (407.22 KB,700x1300)

Wellllll, I don't suppose you have anything by Minamoto no Hiromasa?


File: 1604286037847.jpg (1.16 MB,2553x1915)

Doesn't sound familiar. What genre?

Aaron begins to shuffle through a nearby stack of vinyls just in case


File: 1604286288731.jpg (186.49 KB,850x1360)


Well, I suppose he would count as classical! He was court musician to Emperor Murakami~


File: 1604286921142.jpg (41.32 KB,800x454)

Felli is currently enjoying the fact that she got to skip Halloween and didn't have to wear her maid outfit by popular demand. She is, however, currently inspecting a belly dancer outfit on the streets of Not-Egypt.
Mostly it seems to be causing her to be depressed.



File: 1604286960267.jpg (209.98 KB,1166x750)

Were Aaron capable of being more expressive, this is most certainly the expression he'd have now


File: 1604287346511.jpg (227.19 KB,850x1202)

He was the emperor of Japan…oh, about a thousand years ago :D


File: 1604287728213.jpg (124.13 KB,869x643)

Aaron pauses before gently lowering the vinyl stack back into place
We don't have that far back.


File: 1604287811201.jpg (472.53 KB,645x891)

Oh? That's alright~

What's popular these days, then? :D

This appears to be a genuine, if slightly clueless, question.


File: 1604287828320.png (3.26 MB,1920x1080)


Was she checking out the belly dancer outfit because she was waiting for Umeko who insisted Felli stay RIGHT HERE before suddenly zipping off?

I bet it was, 'cause that's a thing Umeko did.

But now…

Hey Felli~!

That was drawn out, like 'fellliiiiiii~', but that looked too silly to write.

Then I did it anyways.

ANYWAYS hey Umeko's voice is trying to get her attention, it seems!

When she turns 'cause she's GONNA she might see Umeko wearing an outfit not all THAT different from the one she was just looking at. She's striking a pose! Pretend the background in the picture is a not-Egyptian street.

Do you think Jon will like it~?


File: 1604288030814.png (21.07 KB,131x137)


Felli's gonna take a second or two here.

…I think so. Yes. Very much so.


File: 1604288775503.jpg (569.23 KB,2507x3541)


I only bothered to get the one picture of Umeko in that outfit.

You hesitated there.

She takes a moment to look down at herself.

Is it too much?


File: 1604289006959.jpg (197.3 KB,800x800)

Aaron seems to consider this question for a moment
Not about popular. About what you like.

He pats his chest a couple times
Makes it feel good here.


File: 1604289009176.jpg (41.32 KB,800x454)

I was taking a moment to be jealous.

Felli makes a placating gesture!

Are you going to learn to dance like they do here too?


File: 1604289215844.jpg (209.73 KB,1058x1472)




… why?

She's a little more focused on the source of Felli's jealousy, but she manages after a moment to answer that latter question.

I mean… maybe? I doubt I'd be as good as they are. At least anytime soon.


File: 1604289360455.jpg (107 KB,845x468)

Mmm, but I don't have much experience with modern music, you see!

Smile smile!

So I thought I would start with what's popular, and try different things from there! :D


File: 1604289500583.png (11.86 KB,98x110)

You pull that outfit off quite well. I don't think I could.

…Hmm. I don't think Jon would mind if you're not perfect at it.


File: 1604289711044.jpg (566.42 KB,1003x1417)


Oh… pff.

Umeko is gonna walk on over to Felli and put an arm around her shoulders.

First off, jealousy is when you're afraid someone is going to take what you have. Envy is when you want what someone else has. What you're feeling is more like envy.

Wait, what? Since when did this dumb fox know things?

And secondly, I bet you'd look every bit as good in this as I do. If not even better.

… oh no… as she says this, she's starting to try and guide Felli into the shop.


File: 1604289845034.jpg (47.28 KB,800x454)

Umeko was Homer this whole time?

I was using the term colloquia-



She does not want to go through that door!


File: 1604290021559.png (1.28 MB,1000x1200)


Drat, you noticed where I got that from.

C'mon! You'll look great!



File: 1604290086468.jpg (40.99 KB,800x454)

I don't have the right complexion.

And I don't dance.


File: 1604290127805.png (262.9 KB,600x750)


Your complexion is fine! Pale is very fetching!


And neither do I! We can learn together.


File: 1604290244139.jpg (35.76 KB,704x400)

Felli has braced herself against the doorframe!

It's not my color!


File: 1604290416042.png (2.53 MB,1600x2000)


Nice get.

They come in different colors! They have pink! Pink would look GREAT on you!

Umeko is gonna brace her back against Felli's and REALLY try to shove her in now! She's not taking no for an answer!


File: 1604290569223.jpg (39.08 KB,704x400)

That's a whole lotta weed
I mean

With this shove, Felli's hand slips and she goes FLYING into the shop. Umeko has now killed Felli. Or at least concussed her…in the silly anime fashion not the IRL brain damage way.


File: 1604290621784.png (154.96 KB,630x560)


Look it's okay 'cause Umeko wasn't expecting that.


And she lands right on top of Felli in comical fashion!


File: 1604290761701.png (6.01 KB,297x300)

…You should warn Jon that the metal bits of that outfit are rather sharp. This is actually quite uncomfortable.


File: 1604290857952.jpg (125.38 KB,752x1062)


Noted. Ow.

She's gonna climb off of Felli and take a moment to rub her head, before holding a hand out to help Felli up.

But hey, you're inside! Let's get you fitted.


File: 1604291036470-0.jpg (36.77 KB,704x400)

File: 1604291036470-1.jpg (37.15 KB,704x400)

…You're really going to insist on this?




File: 1604291236687.jpg (277.97 KB,1600x2300)


Well, why WOULDN'T I insist on this? You'll look good, and what's more important, we'll get to blow Jon's mind right out of his head together.

She puts a hand on Felli's shoulder again.

But more seriously, if you really don't want to, then we don't have to. I thought you were just… playing hard to get about it, so to speak. I know that's not really what that means, but it's the only way I could think of it.


File: 1604291327915.jpg (362.48 KB,800x655)

Aaron pauses for a moment then starts walking off. But he gestures for Yuyuko to follow, of course. He's not a butthead


File: 1604291363508.jpg (42.92 KB,704x400)

You almost killed me getting me in here. Just take me to the shopkeeper or whatever they have here.

Felli is TSUNNING.


File: 1604291476263.jpg (89.59 KB,844x470)

Yuyuko's gonna float along and CHAT.

I mostly enjoy poetry, but Youmu mentioned that they have ways to make music now that don't require musicians! It's been terribly difficult to get performers to come to my residence, so I asked around for the best music store in town and people sent me here! :D


File: 1604291604737.jpg (312.38 KB,1810x4096)

Aaron's ears turn slightly red and his pace quickens. It would appear he was happy to hear that
At any rate, he eventually makes it to a section with classical Japanese music, including some Toko drums and all that good shit
…Might not be what you're looking for…but could be close enough.

He points off to the side a bit
Demo station. If you need it.


File: 1604291653843.png (760.21 KB,898x1252)


I only slightly almost killed you getting you in here. Besides, it's your own fault for resisting!

She's gonna lead Felli RIGHT on over to this here clothier!

Here she is!

A pat on Felli's shoulder.

I may have already paid for the fitting and the outfit, so don't you worry about a thing~


File: 1604291741948.jpg (280.48 KB,850x944)

Ohh, these look quite exciting!

Yuyuko is going to pick up a few cases and inspect them carefully!

How do you get the music out of them? :D


File: 1604291822796.jpg (35.09 KB,704x400)

…Devious fox.

Felli sighs resignedly and gestures to the proprietor to do the thing!


File: 1604292290617.jpg (209.73 KB,1058x1472)


Naturally, Umeko will wait patiently as Felli gets felt up measured by an older lady!


File: 1604292585489.png (1.35 MB,1240x1658)

A little stunned for a sec
Record player at home? CD player?


File: 1604292758082.png (3.12 MB,1920x1080)

A Felli reappears!

…what do you think?


File: 1604292859053.jpg (128.57 KB,1056x1664)


There's going to be a handful of seconds of STARING.

… Jon's gonna like it. A lot. Like, a whole lot.


File: 1604292875931.jpg (107 KB,845x468)

This is the face of polite incomprehension!
The adorable head tilt is thrown in free of charge!


File: 1604292983192.png (386.67 KB,1280x721)

Felli is going to turn a shade that ALMOST matches the outfit!


Fidgeting is happening!


File: 1604293030845.png (311.8 KB,600x720)


Well, no, I didn't have to. But I did! Deal with it.


File: 1604293137636.png (316.29 KB,712x425)




File: 1604294054813.jpg (191.87 KB,1100x733)

…What's your price range?


File: 1604294172924.png (2.99 MB,2220x3000)


Yet again, Umeko's putting an arm around Felli.

She's been a lot more touchy-feely ever since… y'know, snogging her.

Don't mention it. I figured you would look good in it… and yowza, I was right.

We make a hell of a pair here!


File: 1604294186067.jpg (75.24 KB,700x700)

Ah, let me see…

Yuyuko reaches into a sleeve and produces a couple of gold coins. There's easily a couple of ounces in each one.

Will these be enough? :D

There's like $4,000 worth of gold there.


File: 1604294287990.png (51.29 KB,133x266)

Felli doesn't object to this…although she doesn't react much outwardly either. But that's how she is with Jon, too!

…I'm glad we came back. This place is much nicer without the walk through the desert.

Felli is going to fiddle with some of the various baubles on her outfit!


File: 1604294416978.jpg (81.73 KB,794x1101)

Boutta make my manager make me supervisor
Sound system. Only thing in the store we do delivery for.


File: 1604294603043.png (707.73 KB,600x791)

That sounds wonderful! I'll leave the details to you, alright~?

I live in the residence to the east of town…have you seen it? The one with all the cherry trees :D


File: 1604294905503.png (1.69 MB,1400x1980)


Oh, yeah! This place is great when you can just get a drink anytime you want.

As Felli fiddles with those baubles, Umeko will reach right over and fiddle with them right after Felli is done.

Don't leave them out of place, silly.


File: 1604295086467.png (21.07 KB,131x137)

I wasn't planning to.



…A drink sounds good, though.

…Not an alcoholic one.


File: 1604295218485.png (513.42 KB,600x848)


Yeah. No alcohol. No more hangovers. Or awkward conversations from hangovers.

Nod, nod.

Something fruity, I think.

… wanna wear these out, turn some heads? =D


File: 1604295251817.jpg (96.12 KB,750x750)

Aaron nods
Real nice…in Spring.


File: 1604295293942.png (53.4 KB,169x159)

I don't think I'm ready to wear this in front of strangers.


File: 1604295575771.jpg (87.58 KB,850x454)

Isn't it~?

Well, I'll be sure to get Youmu to help you bring everything up! It's quite a walk from the gate to the house, you see :D


File: 1604295689014.png (1.21 MB,941x1200)


Yeah, me neither. I wouldn't even have come outside to get you if I didn't need to… you know, get you.

Umeko is gonna head right back into a dressing room to, you know, put on her normal clothes again and package up the dancers outfit.


File: 1604295720616.png (287.4 KB,544x900)

Should be fine…Name?


File: 1604295796272.jpg (32.17 KB,704x400)

When Umeko emerges, she'll find Felli already dressed and giving her an APPRAISING look.

…I bet you would fit into one of my maid outfits. They gave me two when I worked at the cafe.


File: 1604295875634.png (253.9 KB,454x462)

Yuyuko Saigyouji~


File: 1604295932518.jpg (178.26 KB,1698x2048)

Mn…Still need you to pay, though…Might wanna choose some music.


File: 1604295981588.jpg (1.48 MB,1435x2000)


… you dress quick when you want to.


A maid outfit? Me? I dunno…


File: 1604296051648.jpg (131.82 KB,699x903)

Hmm…you seem like a knowledgeable young man…perhaps you could put together a general selection for me? A little bit of everything, you might say!


File: 1604296083953.gif (11.2 KB,120x120)

It's happening.


File: 1604296172830.jpg (2.11 MB,1668x1976)

Aaron seems a little surprised at this suggestion but nods


File: 1604296255369.jpg (371.09 KB,749x768)

It will be fun to catch up on things! Fufu, modern technology is quite exciting :D


File: 1604296383271.jpg (652.03 KB,1000x730)

Aaron pauses to absorb that sentence for a sec
Might…want internet connection.


File: 1604296443163.jpg (194.4 KB,850x580)

Oh? But what would I need a net for? :D


File: 1604296523973.jpg (504.66 KB,600x800)


… is this revenge? I feel like this is revenge.


File: 1604296596075.jpg (47.28 KB,800x454)


Satsuki makes me wear that maid outfit every year for Halloween. Now you get to do it too.


File: 1604296657585.png (1.81 MB,1330x1950)


And if I refuse?

She's teasing, of course, but she wants to hear the response.


File: 1604296812308.png (427.28 KB,552x620)

I'll make the adjustments by force.


File: 1604296930484.png (1.38 MB,1300x2000)


I'm faster than you.


File: 1604297013338.jpg (41.32 KB,800x454)

That doesn't matter if I know where you're going.

Also I'll tell Jon. He will help me in this.


File: 1604297131101.png (1.02 MB,1294x2000)


… dammit, he will, too.


File: 1604297269295.jpg (31.13 KB,528x396)


I'll tell him where you're especially ticklish, too.


File: 1604297352437.png (580 KB,750x1000)


You haven't been in the room to know where I'm especially tickl-

She shuts up with a QUICKNESS.



File: 1604297439504.png (95.46 KB,385x302)

Trying not to think about something is pretty much the same as thinking about it.

Despite remaining deadpan, Felli looks VERY SMUG right now.


File: 1604297775584.png (1.54 MB,2321x2082)

This requires much more dialogue than I am capable of in one sitting
…Um…Not that.


File: 1604297839946.jpg (212.87 KB,850x580)

Not for music…?

Head tilt again!


File: 1604298076019.jpg (81.73 KB,794x1101)

Internet's…different. Hard to explain…

Internet…helps with music, though.


File: 1604298126950.jpg (37.28 KB,708x398)

I see…

She doesn't see.


File: 1604298300322.png (1.75 MB,1400x2200)


Gah! Get out of my head, vile temptress!


File: 1604298422546.jpg (40.99 KB,800x454)


…Want to send Jon pictures of the outfits? I wonder if his phone works out there…


File: 1604298535122.jpg (91.53 KB,700x980)


Hmph. Psychic powers suck sometimes. I'm gonna think of some really catchy jingle and get it stuck in your head.


Hmm… would it be more fun to wait for him to get home and surprise him, or make him squirm over it 'cause he has to wait to get a look at them with us in them…

Heck yeah I want to send him pictures.


File: 1604298696196.jpg (41.32 KB,800x454)

Devious fox.

Felli nods in approval!



File: 1604362253073.jpg (197.3 KB,800x800)


…Can get music…off the internet…


File: 1604362403482.png (248.65 KB,769x1024)

Killua hops off his skateboard as he arrives at his destination.

Never thought I'd end up here someday…

Killua sighs as he picks up his skateboard and walks towards the Dungeon Divers Guild HQ's entrance.

Can't be that hard to register…

He opens the door and walks inside.


File: 1604362470643.png (226.45 KB,504x600)


A woman sitting behind the counter is pointing!

How old are you?


File: 1604362746418.jpg (63.43 KB,1280x720)

…Isn't she the one that…

I'm 15.


File: 1604363040634.jpg (45.83 KB,283x283)

She eyes this Killua, and nods.

Sounds good. Not sure why, but you s.. look kind of familiar. What can I do for you?

She seems to have made some kind of decision.


File: 1604363364347.jpg (253.21 KB,600x800)

I'm here to register for the Guild.


File: 1604363513409.jpg (36.98 KB,300x469)

Oh, cool. Here are some forms.


What's your name kid? And why do you want to delve in the deeps, and surface levels in the case of like 3 of the existent dungeons?


File: 1604363641612.jpg (79.04 KB,1280x720)

Killua just looks at the forms.

I didn't think there'd be that much paperwork…

My name's Killua…I used to go to the dungeons and sell whatever I found there….And I need the money.


File: 1604364053410.jpg (218.73 KB,500x684)

She seems to have recognized the look.

Don't worry it's mostly just assorted protections, there are only like six questions that are actually relevant, but it's mostly just a lot of things that prevent us from taking advantage of Delvers, which I had put in just in case I ever get overthrown.

I'm Satsuki, by the way. Guild Master of the Dungeon Divers… I'm also the Mayor of Dramaville, but that's not as relevant here.


File: 1604364577036.jpg (80.24 KB,1280x720)

I knew you looked familiar…

Guess she's the type that likes to keep herself busy…

He'll take a form and read the questions on it.


File: 1604364818246.png (7.75 KB,100x100)

Eh? Usually people say I have very little presence… That's fine though, I guess that's a little different since I became the Mayor.

She nods to herself at that.

Let me know if you have any questions.


File: 1604365065450.jpg (59.23 KB,1280x720)

…What if I don't use weapons?


File: 1604365363411.gif (4.47 KB,150x200)

Like a hand to hand or a magic kind of thing?


File: 1604365462276.jpg (70.22 KB,1280x720)

You could say it's a mix of both.


File: 1604365766726.jpg (187.83 KB,600x700)

If you don't want or need any weapon type drops that's fine, you can just mark that, but for weird descriptions we can keep an eye out for rare useful things.


File: 1604366217172.jpg (535.89 KB,1050x1050)

Killua nods.

That works.

He'll fill out the form and it'll look something like this.

Name: Killua Zoldyck
Preferred Group Role: MAX DPS
Preferred Weapon Type: None
Preferred Armor Type: None
Preferred Group Size: Solo or 2
Special Resistances/Immunities: Poison, torture, etc
Can You Breathe Underwater: No
Most Advanced Dungeon Completed: Did them all already.

Anything Else You Think We Should Know: No


File: 1604367480202.jpg (63.71 KB,300x300)

All already…

If you can't breathe underwater, how did you get to the Sunken Temple of Bel'Shamaroth?

Much less survive his many tentacles and four-dimensional attacks?


File: 1604368307814.jpg (64.95 KB,1280x720)

….Oh…which one is that again?


File: 1604368869564.png (288.24 KB,696x598)

Hold on…

She produces a map, and points to the barely visible marking a little to the southwest of 3G.

Riiiiight here. It's basically at the bottom of the sea and is full of stuff that is difficult to describe with words that mean anything.


File: 1604368974252.jpg (62.77 KB,1280x720)

…Don't think that one was discovered yet back when I was dungeon diving.


File: 1604370360656.jpg (19.96 KB,402x347)

Oh no it's been around basically forever… I mean, not really publicized since without some way to cheat death it's an actual deathtrap.

…don't take it as a challenge, the death count isn't high on it, but that's because of inaccessibility and I suspect there may be something in there that just erases stuff from ever existing.

If this is a joke her delivery is horrible.


File: 1604370537518.jpg (71.95 KB,1280x720)

Well, that would explain why I never heard of it until now. I wasn't part of the guild back when I did dungeon diving so…


File: 1604370774164.png (34.22 KB,239x241)

How about… you just list the ones you've cleared and we'll just fill out the gaps.


File: 1604371307066.jpg (75.16 KB,1280x720)

Alright…I did…

Killua thinks.

The Happy Pony Fields, the grassy field, forest of magic and the cave of the killer bunny.

Oh right, I didn't do the tower. Heard that it's impossible to progress past a certain point and just never bothered.


File: 1604371425780.png (377.1 KB,704x996)

No poison swamp either… Maybe the twins would be good to show you around that one…

It should be fine.


File: 1604371554800.jpg (57.28 KB,1280x720)

So I'm in?


File: 1604371816596.jpg (15.43 KB,163x300)

What, yeah, we don't really turn anyone away unless they're huge jerks or kids.


File: 1604371964200.png (938.06 KB,1280x720)

What's the minimum age requirement to join anyway?


File: 1604372241955.jpg (41.17 KB,474x662)


Oh, um, it's subjective really. I just don't want to deal with any dead kids.


File: 1604372386120.jpg (96.4 KB,1280x720)


I'll get going then.

Have a nice evening!


File: 1604375315104.jpg (589.68 KB,768x1024)

Arado is currently in the GGG mess hall. He's eating a snack while watching a TV show on his tablet.

Hmm…This show's been getting stale over the last few episodes. Maybe I should start something else.


File: 1604376302536.jpg (252.62 KB,700x986)

Are you still watching that show?
Takes a seat next to Arado and sighs
You don't even like it.


File: 1604376409238.png (62.29 KB,317x408)

Hey Seolla! Look who just walked in! She doesn't seem to have noticed the nerds yet though.
Instead she seems to be chatting up the vending machine. This is GGG, so I can only assume it's a relative of Goldymarg.


File: 1604376672332.png (2.15 MB,1920x1080)

Well…It started off good, but now it's kinda bad. I'm just watching hoping it gets good again.

The episode ends a moment later. Arado will close his tablet.

So…How are you doing?


File: 1604376899233.png (892.64 KB,1280x720)

…Oh no…

Quick as a whip, Seolla ducks under the table and pops up on the opposite side, now seated opposite Arado
F-forget it. Just…just act casual.


File: 1604376977336.jpg (215.25 KB,850x1275)


She's purchased…a banana!


File: 1604377067859.png (2.57 MB,1920x1080)

Arado just frowns at this.

What's with her?

So…Yeah, I'm hoping it becomes good again. But I'm not really holding my breath.


File: 1604377205351.png (2.15 MB,1920x1080)

Oh no. Oh don't you dare. Don't you DARE!

Ah…R-right, I'm sure it's great…
She's very distracted, you can tell


File: 1604377382516.jpg (172.92 KB,850x894)

And Seolla's been noticed! C'mon, her hair gives her away!

Ah! Seolla! Hi~!



File: 1604377464384.png (2.53 MB,1920x1080)

Arado raises an eyebrow.

Seolla. What's the mat-

And then this happens.


Arado turns his head to see who's greeting his girlfriend.


File: 1604377594015.png (45.17 KB,300x300)

Her hair
Dammit! Well…at least she didn't do anything creepy with the banana…
H-hi, Dorothy…

And she lowers her voice to whisper at Arado
Say anything weird and our next training drill is going to have live rounds in my rifle.


File: 1604377731942.jpg (392.88 KB,752x900)

Ohhh, you must be Arado! Hi :D

She's holding it in a very suggestive manner!

How's it going? It's been a while! Have you been doing heroic giant robot pilot stuff? :D


File: 1604377893092.png (2.48 MB,1920x1080)

Arado stiffens when Seolla whispers to him.

She never threathens me even when I tease her about her boobs….This must be serious.

He then tries to act somewhat relaxed. Probably fails.

Y-Yeah, I'm Arado. N-Nice to meet you. Are you Seolla's friend?


File: 1604379181067.jpg (455.35 KB,570x800)

Ah…Kinda. We'll probably be sortied next time there's an attack…

This is Dorothy. She's a…well…


File: 1604379314694.png (62.29 KB,317x408)


Yeah! I've been helping her out with some things~



Friendly lilim?


Are you doing those exercises I showed you?


File: 1604379480074.jpg (193.25 KB,450x411)


He sees what she's doing to that banana…

Don't ask any weird questions. Don't ask any weird questions.

What are you helping her out with?

Dammit Arado!


File: 1604379653144.png (27.21 KB,256x256)

D-don't ask me that so easily! Those are embarrassing, you know!
She isn't

Blushing like the heat of the sun is upon her


File: 1604379739151.jpg (595.34 KB,647x1000)

Secret girl things~




File: 1604379822091.png (26.93 KB,256x256)

Face totally related.

Okay…Forget I asked anything…


File: 1604380414238.png (2.59 MB,1920x1080)

Wh-what?! Sh-…You still can't ask things like that!



File: 1604381896835.jpg (112.73 KB,850x600)


Are you curious~?

They're just exercizes, Seolla~!

And the thigh one is really good cardio, too. That's important for humans!


File: 1604381983007.jpg (324.72 KB,800x600)

Arado mumbles to himself.

I never implied it was anything lewd…

Arado ponders what to reply to that question.

Live ammo….Seolla wouldn't actually do it, right?


File: 1604382593637.png (407.83 KB,446x640)

Th-they're still embarrassing! Trying to…they're just…

She probably wouldn't


File: 1604382712292.jpg (12.89 KB,300x240)


And they improve flexibility :D


File: 1604382880225.jpg (133.13 KB,577x814)

…Y'know what?

Actually, I kinda am. They could help me out too.


File: 1604383238573.png (27.21 KB,256x256)

Dorothy might wanna say something REALLY FUCKING FAST to pacify Seolla before Arado DIES


File: 1604383375180.png (156.87 KB,800x800)

Oho? An adventurous type, huh?

Well, the important thing is to get into the right mindset~

Why don't you demonstrate, Seolla~?

Pacifying Seolla by making her faint.


File: 1604383626340.jpg (51.38 KB,550x750)

I'm a dead man.

Demonstrate what?


File: 1604383740988.png (25.8 KB,256x256)

Much sputtering and stuttering goes here as Seolla tries and fails to answer Dorothy with further expletives that never come


File: 1604383831512.jpg (231.77 KB,850x1275)

Well, there's this thing you do with your hips, you see, it's kind of hard to explain though!


File: 1604384186040.jpg (123.51 KB,480x640)

Arado notices that Seolla is pretty much having a mental shutdown at the moment.

…Can you show us then?


File: 1604384255441.png (27.21 KB,256x256)



File: 1604384368009.png (340.46 KB,894x894)

You heard her! I'd be glad to show you somewhere private, though!

…But I guess Seola has dibs :D


File: 1604384436585.jpg (75.32 KB,600x692)


Arado just looks at Seolla.

I thought it wasn't anything lewd. So what's the problem?


File: 1604384700537.jpg (135.94 KB,520x527)

Internal shrieking
Seolla.exe has encountered an error and must reboot


File: 1604384786196.png (58.78 KB,386x389)

Unless she wants a group demonstration!

I can offer a special rate just for you two, since Seolla's a friend :D


File: 1604385040112.jpg (501.72 KB,700x856)

A special rate?

Well, if Seolla's too shy about everyone here seeing it. We could go to our quarters.


File: 1604385366945.png (26.22 KB,256x256)

Arado might ACTUALLY die
As is evident by Seolla reaching across the table to sock him in the jaw
It might comically knock him out of his seat but not do much more than that
YOU JERK! ばかばかば~か!!


File: 1604385484629.png (62.98 KB,330x406)

Doroth was not expecting this level of violence!

Oh…uh…Well, if that's the sort of thing you're into, I do have to add a surcharge for wear and tear!


File: 1604385721632.jpg (135.94 KB,864x838)

Arado fall off his seat.

O-Ouch. That hurt.

And no! I'm not into that!


File: 1604385997536.png (27.21 KB,256x256)




File: 1604386136688.jpg (202.92 KB,850x992)

Hmmm, really?

You should take the tastes of your partner into account, Seolla! That's important for a healthy relationship!


File: 1604386266635.jpg (533.25 KB,2541x1697)

Yeah! I hate it when Seolla hits me…Even though I deserve it half the time.


File: 1604387057992.png (27.42 KB,256x256)

May very well
Kill everyone in this room
It's not about that! I j-…f-…


File: 1604387193264.gif (377.48 KB,320x397)

Mmm, well, violence isn't the answer, that's for sure!

You should work on your communication skills as well as your hip thrusts!


File: 1604387388541.png (23.62 KB,256x256)

Arado stays silent.

Hip thrusts? What?


File: 1604456940903.jpg (810.44 KB,918x1440)

Hey, check it, Iowa's in a BATH.

'Cause Kancolle uses recovery baths for whatever fuckin' reason. That makes way more sense than an infirmary or something.

Fanservice, yo.

Anyways, she's idly lifting up a handful of water and then dumping it back into the bath, clearly impatient while waiting for something.


File: 1604457293250-0.jpg (17 KB,640x480)

File: 1604457293250-1.jpg (1.79 MB,1681x2094)

Relena's gonna be giving Iowa a shoulder massage. She's got a lot of weight on 'em, after all. But she'll have to stop instantly and stand up to salute when she sees Doggie Kruger walking in. Which Kruger will respond to in kind. He is DISTINCTLY avoiding looking at Iowa though kind of looking over her head
Doggie: You wanted to speak with me?


File: 1604457538789.jpg (45.08 KB,480x696)


I forgot to say it in the first post but Iowa being in a bikini or something seems kinda likely. As if Relena would let some dude in here to talk to a naked Iowa.

Gotta keep her all to herself I mean what.

Regardless, Iowa turns to look to the door as Doggie comes in!

Yeah, and I wanna word with whoever made it take so dang long to even get a message sent your way! I get the feelin' if it weren't for Relena I never woulda got a peep at you.

She has been VERY INSISTENT.


File: 1604457841504.png (538.73 KB,640x480)

You uncross that right now, that is CANON. Also she's got a bikini and all that but Doggie's a GOOD BOY WHO'S NOT LOOKING AT HER TATAS
My apologies for the delay. I came as soon as I heard you had crucial information. Is this confidential?
Glances at Relena, who is ready to step out should Iowa give the word


File: 1604458057011.png (323.67 KB,593x831)


Pretty sure the delay was all on account of no one botherin' to pass on a message! I know you ain't the type to just ignore somethin' like this.

'Cause Iowa is a good girl who has faith in her admiral commander.

Nah, ain't confidential, but maybe not something we wanna go shouting from the rooftops. It's about the Abyssals.


File: 1604458324612.jpg (69.99 KB,1280x720)

Understood. Abyssals…The creatures from your world that attacked the other day, correct? What is it?


File: 1604458776908.jpg (71.67 KB,500x678)


Well… I'm sure you read the reports. About how I was cut off from support for a spell by those smoke shells one of 'em fired off, Re we called 'er. Well, while we were in there, she had a little chat with me…

Iowa turns in the bath and leans over the edge of it a little. Which just so happens to put her bazongas VERY on display. Good luck averting your eyes.

You have to understand, that's real unusual from the get-go. Abyssals like her and shipgirls like me, you might say we don't get along very well. So the fact she had anything at all to say that wasn't some kind of threat or taunt is really strange.


File: 1604459005755.jpg (62.31 KB,1280x720)

A chat?
So they shoot first and second, then…I imagine she didn't just want to pull you aside for an afternoon chat.


File: 1604459232135.png (593.54 KB,885x1254)


Not at all. She told me something real interesting.

Apparently, they aren't working for HellFire because they want to.


File: 1604459375898.jpg (498.11 KB,645x480)

Hellfire has something on them, then? What could that be? They don't seem the types to be easily blackmailed. Or…blackmailed at all, given what you've said about them.


File: 1604459520164.png (1.54 MB,1000x1414)


Re mentioned something about them having the Princess' Zero.. the Princess was the carrier who kept her distance the whole fight.

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