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"I thought Ron and Jon were the same person and we just interspliced whichever we felt like" ~ TC, 6:54pm CST, 11/28/2017

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His concern is obvious
What do you get back?


File: 1603827865224.jpg (89.58 KB,942x543)

Sure. What's on your mind?


File: 1603828066094.jpg (79.65 KB,375x818)

Why are the robots… Human shaped?
It doesn't seem very efficient.
So far the only answer I've gotten is 'it looks cool', which… I mean yeah, but that seems like a strange way to build a military.


File: 1603828315351.png (2.44 MB,1200x1678)

….I actually don't know. They've always been designed this way.

From what I know, they used to be even bigger. Some of them being nearly 40 meters tall.


File: 1603828342375.jpg (196.63 KB,850x1168)

I'm stronger'n most people, damn fast and it takes a lot to put me down for good.

Steve gets a flat look.

It might not be a good prospect long term, but I ain't gonna waste time lyin' around.

Plus, I figure with an organization like yours, Texas'll show up sooner or later. This seems like her kinda thing.


File: 1603828572259.jpg (6.45 KB,169x298)

She looks pretty surprised at this
That's… too big. How do you even perform maintenance on that effectively?


File: 1603828759579.jpg (32.3 KB,640x480)

I know what you mean. I was pretty surprised when I found out about it.

…It was way before my time though.


File: 1603828793244.png (1.78 MB,1920x816)

Guess I'm lucky that the only thing my upgrade cost me was my wardrobe…Texas?


File: 1603828937483.png (1.09 MB,825x1568)

Another operator. We used to work together, but she got all straight laced and proper.

Pointy-toothed grin for Steve!

You'll like her.


File: 1603829111064.png (1.36 MB,1920x816)

You sound pretty confident of that. I hope you're right, should she show up. We can use all the help we can get. There any way to extend your lifespan?


File: 1603829163951.jpg (48.98 KB,600x600)

I wonder if one of them will end up here some day… It'd be interesting to see at the very least. And it's not like time seems to matter much to when stuff ends up here.


File: 1603829227115.jpg (134.45 KB,850x850)

The pink haired cat lady's workin' on a treatment. I ain't a doctor, so I could only give her rough details…but she strikes me as pretty capable.

I told her about Texas too~


File: 1603829316552.jpg (246.06 KB,950x1000)

I don't know…I read that the pilots were….special to say the least.

Don't know if I'd want them around.


File: 1603829396960.jpg (6.45 KB,169x298)

I guess stuff like that isn't gonna just show up without a pilot huh.
Cinder shrugs
Ah well, not like I don't have enough mechanic work here as is.


File: 1603830418295.png (1.38 MB,1920x816)

Well, hoping for the best result for you, of course. You seem pretty fond of this Texas of yours.


File: 1603830665963.jpg (125.22 KB,850x601)

We went through a lot together.

Maybe she'll tell you about it~


File: 1603830788097.jpg (50.09 KB,640x480)

Yeah, we have a decent number of mechs so you won't get bored anytime soon.

I believe we have a simulator as well if you want to give it a shot.


File: 1603831017064.jpg (229.17 KB,1024x1515)

Yep, and plenty of attacks to keep me needing to fix 'em.


File: 1603831122335.png (2.97 MB,1920x1080)

I'll take your word for it. Well, once we have a headquarters up and running, we should be good to go. In the meantime, I want you to stay vigilant. You're an Avenger. That means you're always on the clock.


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Should be easy what with my current quarters bein' a tree in the park.

I'll definitely keep an eye out for any old ladies gettin' mugged, though :D


File: 1603831498365.jpg (174.18 KB,1115x844)

A machine that simulates what it's like to pilot a mech.


File: 1603831547793.jpg (93.47 KB,1024x1461)

Oh neat. I might give it a try,but I don't think I'll be very good.


File: 1603831651904.png (561.48 KB,692x905)

Trust me, most people aren't good the first time they try.


File: 1603831835320.jpg (21.38 KB,448x540)

She nods
Yeah, that's a fair point. Guess you never get good at anything if you don't try.
Well when I get time between repair jobs I'll give it a shot.


File: 1603832093392.png (1.79 MB,1920x816)

You haven't gotten shelter from the town?


File: 1603832202619.jpg (240.84 KB,421x600)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.


File: 1603832296173.jpg (184.02 KB,850x1201)

…That's a thing here?

Lappland seems genuinely surprised!


File: 1603832345029.png (1.82 MB,1920x816)

…Y-yeah. You can get hooked up with shelter for work. And…well, you're working now, so…


File: 1603832442839.jpg (111.7 KB,1280x1053)

Thanks, I will. And if you need anything fixed, come find me, I'll be here somewhere probably.


File: 1603832451127.jpg (146.9 KB,850x1105)

Well gosh, ain't this just the sweetest place on Terra! Hah!


You're a real stand up guy, Steve :D


File: 1603832517170.png (1.19 MB,1920x816)

Well it's technically not Terra. But thanks.


File: 1603832595728.jpg (134.45 KB,850x850)

It's an expression~

But I guess 'Leyang' works too.



File: 1603832646642.png (1.44 MB,1920x816)

We can probs fade so I stop delaying AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Good sess ilu


File: 1603833653426.jpg (37.93 KB,640x480)

Uso nods.

Will do!

And fade to mech talk.


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>>All y'all
Hey, at least one direct hit in Re's face !

Navy and crew assume Iowa plans for what's about to happen when she and Re get back inside the effective range of their 16" guns. You go girl, they believe in you.

The guns are locked and loaded, but for this turn they keep up the pressure with the smaller secondaries. Get a bit further away will ya ?


File: 1603851525777.jpg (133.49 KB,850x782)

You have blown up the abyssal fighters. Now they can never go home to their wives and children.
Fortunately there's six more of them swooping in to replace the ones that got blown up!

>Big tiddy shipfu

I JuSt WaNt tO Be FRieNDsss :D

Straight line might not be a good idea!
There's a BOOM from behind as Re launches a volley in your direction!

Just don't hit Iowa. Friendly fire is rude!
Re's not gonna let this go without a fight either, though. There's another spread of torpedoes headed toward Missouri! And more of those bombers swooping in!


File: 1603851907671.jpg (178.81 KB,1024x818)

Man the only way I have to deal with bad things is murder.
Dex will opt to ignore the incoming fleet and swoop down towards the ship yelling and making boom
…Alone with my hellish hate
I'm bring a party with me, anyone wanna open fire in my general area?


File: 1603852099781.jpg (31.02 KB,512x288)

>>Wondie Wimmin

With a roll like that, Wonder Woman is very much able to headbutt the one fighter into the following one! There's an explosion and the two critically damaged fighters begin their long fall to the waters below.

… strangely enough, no more seem to be coming for her. There are several going PAST her, however… heading back towards where the Missouri and Iowa are doing battle, and towards where Dex seems to be flying.


Well, the bombers definitely aren't going at sonic speeds. The arrows sink into them and are followed shortly by explosions, debris raining down from where there were once two bombers.

But Song, too, will likely notice that the remaining aircraft seem to be returning from whence they came…


File: 1603852293912.png (2.27 MB,1163x1700)

Was it something I said?
Wondie will fly off in the direction those several are going, punching one or two as she gets close to them


File: 1603852808227.png (2.82 MB,1569x2104)


Hell yeah, TEAMWORK baby!

Iowa's gonna have to remember to blow some kisses at these sailors after the battle.


Uh… shit, evasive action might have been a good idea, huh?


Direct hit! Thankfully Iowa's made of some tough stuff, so she's able to tank that hit. Though it does almost throw her off her feet and send her tripping to the waters' surface… she manages to hold her feet though.

Ha… That all you got, darlin'!?

Iowa looks over her shoulder cockily as she tosses that taunt… only to notice how many planes are returning. And how many of them seem to be making a beeline towards her. And how many aren't simply returning to their abyssal princess to rearm, but are lining up for attack runs on her, bypassing even the Missouri.

Some distance away, NOH's eyes are locked on and following the shipgirl. 'Cause boy, do the abyssals want to see them shipgirls sunk.

… oh, shoot


File: 1603853088324.png (3.93 MB,1208x1892)

Song takes aim to shoot the aircraft down, but then decides not to fire.

Better to see where it's going first…

She'll fly after the remaining aircraft. Pretending she's struggling to keep up with it.


File: 1603853545533.png (541.82 KB,800x543)

Shit, evading torpedoes is gonna take priority over everything else. The ship's many AA guns are gonna try to take down the bombers. You've slowed down the 16" salvo !

idk can your party remove torpedoes ?

delet torpedoes :(


File: 1603853876767.jpg (119.11 KB,850x1208)

Re spares a glance at the cat, but since he's heading towards the ship now, she'll quickly focus on her main target once more!

Have a big ol' sharktooth grin!

MaYbe…SeE yOU on ThE BOttOm~

And Re fires another volley of shells! Which…miss? They do seem to be causing an awful lot of smoke, though! Enough to obscure Re and Iowa from prying eyes!

The bombers definitely seem to be making a concerted effort to FULL DISTRACT the ship! And the cat, if it's in proximity to the ship.


File: 1603855409284.jpg (450.78 KB,724x778)


It's odd, Wondie might realize. The fighters she catches up to for punching don't even try to evade her. None of the planes seem to even be paying attention to her.

They're all streaming towards the naval battle taking place by the docks with seemingly single minded purpose.

This is good news for Wonder Woman though because it means she's not under attack and is more or less free to pick off whatever ones she can catch.


It's a similar deal for Song. The planes she's following don't seem to notice or care whether she's pretending to struggle.

How odd!


File: 1603855566763.jpg (130.42 KB,1162x826)

Dex crashes into the water between the torpedo and the ship
Now under water, he sends a shock wave of red light at the torpedoes heading towards him, which is hot enough to cut through steel
You owe me meow mix if I don't drown here.
Apparently I am ignoring you!


File: 1603855689859.jpg (520.17 KB,1500x1038)

Well, I gotta see what the party is all about.
Wondie will pick up her speed and plow straight through to where the ships seem to be congregating, not bothering to hit any of the stragglers this time.


File: 1603856224760.jpg (77.05 KB,960x544)


I can't!

And even if I could I got my own problems to worry about.


Iowa can't help but cringe as she hears the guns go off, anticipating another big hit to add to the blast and burn marks already on her back.

But then they… miss!


She's gonna have a quick look around.

Smoke shells?


It's okay 'cause I am dumb and have been ignoring you too.

Please understand.


Blinded as she is by the smoke surrounding her, she isn't really able to get an effective defense against all these abyssal aircraft coming in… and they seem not terribly bothered by the smoke at all! Or at least they had marked well her course and speed before losing sight of her.

Either way, there will be a buzzing of aircraft moments before a squadron of dive bombers barrel through the smoke, and moments later, Iowa is covered in explosions as their payloads are dropped!

Then her feet get taken out from under her (thankfully not OFF of her) by several torpedoes that were released.

Everyone outside the smoke will only see flashes from inside the smoke cloud as these detonations go off, and probably have plenty of distance so they don't have to hear her screaming, but inside the smoke Iowa finds herself in a pretty desperate situation as her gears buoyancy suddenly gives out, and she's left splashing desperately in the water to try and stay afloat. It's a battle she is quickly losing, however.


Hey, you get to see the bombers go into this smoke cloud, and the torpedo planes send their torpedos into it!

And then the flashes and booms.

Do you REALLY wanna fly into a smoke cloud completely blind though?


File: 1603856407588.jpg (1.42 MB,1500x2054)

Song will notice that…She'll also notice Wonder Woman flying in front of her.

Hmm…Guess I don't have to pretend.

Song will fly at full speed towards the final destination. Still won't be able to catch up to her though.


File: 1603858113709.jpg (151.88 KB,400x302)

Dice rollRolled 3d20: 4, 18, 10 = 32

They've got the ship pretty distracted alright, but the Missouri moves back in position to take aim with her 16" guns.
Aiming at such a small target inside a cloud of smoke ain't easy, but hopefully they won't hit Iowa.

You're getting so much meow mix you have no idea

Oh no !
Don't die


File: 1603858555077-0.png (353.38 KB,400x564)

File: 1603858555077-1.jpg (117.48 KB,850x850)

The torpedoes explode in a rather satisfying arc around the ship! Good job, Dex, you're the hero!

Well, it looks like one turret got a solid hit on Re despite the smoke! On the other hand, that 4 probably wound up contributing to Iowa's situation!
Either way, Re's in good enough condition to vanish into the cloud of smoke and steam!

Things are looking tough for Iowa! With her gear damaged, blinded by the smokescreen, things might seem hopeless! Especially when a cold, clammy grip seizes her under the shoulders and…pulls her up!

Not much…time, shipgirl…you awake?

It's a Re! Holding her up above the water! If she's dazed Iowa's gonna get a none-too-gentle smack in the face to get her to focus!


File: 1603858990850-0.jpg (391.1 KB,1128x1040)

File: 1603858990850-1.jpg (82.02 KB,625x313)

Man I am an amazon, the god of war, the spirit of truth, and too good at love to be a Star Sapphire. Of course I'm going in blind.
Without even slight hesitation Wondie flies into the cloud of smoke, still managing to deflect any bullets that happen to come her way dispute loss of vision, as she makes her way to the source of the scream.
Any chance you got dark vision or some kind of tracking arrow?
Yay I blewed up some dangers! However the constant being shot and vomiting blood and now being caught up in some explosions is starting to catch up with Dex.. He surfaces in the water and… just kind of floats there. If anyone gets close to him he's breathing, but it's rough. The power ring is keeping him from breathing in water tho, so that's a plus!

Wondie is wooshing around the smoke fighting off some of the ships and hasn't made it to the source of the screaming yet


File: 1603859802734.png (1.9 MB,1200x1440)

No such thing sadly.

I can't see anything past that cloud…

But she'll see Wonder Woman go straight in without a care in the world.


Song will stop outside the cloud.

Hopefully she can find whatever's generating this smoke…


File: 1603860086285.png (688.26 KB,700x1050)


Iowa is hoisted out of the water! She isn't dazed or anything like that, but she's probably too busy coughing up some sea water to really respond to Re in a timely manner, so SMACK it is!


And now she's fixing gazes with Re! She's too injured really to even lift up her arms and try to fight off this abyssal battleship, and her gear is well and truly useless for the moment without repairs.

She's completely helpless.

She knows she's completely helpless.

She still manages to give Re a glare, showing no fear in the face of apparent imminent death!

What're you waitin' for, then? You wanna gloat? Waitin' to hear me beg? Well, forget it and just finish this already!



File: 1603860230119.jpg (283.58 KB,2500x2500)

Re will GRIN.

Not…yet, shipgirl.

Iowa gets a LEER. Re might not be intent on killing her just yet, but she's definitely enjoying this moment.

The princesss…wanted to let you know…they have…hostage. Her Zero. She's really angry…more angry at them…than you. Understand?


File: 1603860430113.jpg (198.35 KB,542x542)


Iowa seems a little taken aback by this… and maybe a little scared, it's hard not to be in this situation. She's sure not just a quivering mess, though!

Wha… what's that got to do with anythin'? You…


… you askin' for… for some kinda help?

She sounds like she can't believe this.


File: 1603860589960.png (878.44 KB,700x679)

Call it…truce, shipgirl.

Princess…wants her zero back…

…They watch us…too closely. You get it…we might help you…for a little while.

Even…sunken ships…understand honor. We remember being…like you.


File: 1603860883220.png (590.75 KB,643x970)


I only got so many pictures of a battle damaged Iowa, and I'm saving one of them.


… a truce, huh? With you lot?

It's damn obvious she doesn't trust Re as far as she can throw her… and Iowa's a big girl, but throwing Re is not a prospect she would really want to try!

And Iowa really isn't in a situation to tell her to fuck off, anyways.

… truce, then. We'll… see what happens. But I'm liable as anythin' to sink as soon as ya put me down.

The princess had to make it look real, y'know.

Not that she didn't REALLY enjoy putting a hurt on a shipgirl.


File: 1603861215498.png (441.06 KB,470x836)

We have…to take orders…but…do what we can.

Re seems to echo Iowa's feelings! She really does want to sink this shipgirl! She lets out a barely audible giggle as Iowa mentions sinking.

Not…today, shipgirl. Maybe…someday you can join…us…

With that, Re (rather abruptly,) drops Iowa and begins to sink herself! Right as her head reaches water level, she imparts some final words!

I'll see you…on that day.

And with that she's gone! And Iowa is left alone, slowly sinking…until something unpleasantly metallic presses into her back. That's definitely the snout of Re's tail, keeping her just above the surface!
This is probably unsettling as FUCK.


File: 1603861590258.jpg (138.35 KB,1075x1518)


Iowa wants to say something along the lines of how she'll never be joining the Abyssals. 'Cause seriously, fuck you guys.

But she's been dropped and is again more worried about staying afloat. At least, until that tail touches her back.

You are correct, this is EXTREMELY UNSETTLING. But there's not much she can do about it.

Thankfully, the smoke is starting to clear…


File: 1603861696559.jpg (392.09 KB,753x709)


It is at this point, just as the smoke starts to clear, that the Abyssal fighters and bombers remaining begin once more to withdraw. They are all flying out to the NOH to land and be recovered… at least, as many of them as are left, anyways.

As the smoke starts to clear, Wonder Woman will start to get some more visibility to notice this! She might also see Iowa seemingly 'floating' in the water, though with some kind of dark shape underneath her probably.


File: 1603862811800.jpg (69.42 KB,803x578)

With the enemy ships retreating, it's time to rescue you guys !

The Missouri slowly and carefully approaches Dex, throwing a ladder for him to climb up as she gets near. If Dex climbs aboard she'll proceed towards Iowa !


File: 1603863155298-0.jpg (534.8 KB,1920x1357)

File: 1603863155298-1.jpg (153.5 KB,700x914)

With the smoke clearing and the opposing forces retreating, Wondie will fly down to the shipgirl in the water, and call up to this flying archer
Nice shots, by the way.
Dex will weakly climb up the ladder, limping a bit! Once he reaches the top he will shake the water off his fur. How does his fur get wet, but the ring aura protects from the vacuum of space? DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT
>Knocked out girl
Amazon lady's got ya
>Dark Shape
I'm watching you


File: 1603863608989.jpg (4.02 MB,3541x5016)

Song will fly down next to Wonder Woman.

Thank you. You were pretty good yourself.

The name's Song. What about you?


File: 1603864972445.jpg (425.5 KB,827x827)


Thank god please hurry.


Thank GOD.

As Wondie grabs Iowa, the dark shape underneath her that is Re is going to suddenly recede into the water!

At roughly the same time, off in the distance, NOH finishes recalling what's left of her planes and slowly sinks into the water. She's goooooone!

Thank ya kindly… uh… fancy flying lady. My gear ain't gonna let me float in the state it's in.

Looks like the Missouri's comin' over to get us, though.


Wow just completely ignore me I see how it is.

… how many flying girls are there?


File: 1603865486835.jpg (707.19 KB,649x1005)

Does Dex like fish ? He's being offered fish by the captain herself.
Thanks, kitty. You did well out there.

Well now that you're outta the water and Wondie's got you they can hurry a bit !
The big ship speeds up to go and meet y'all.

You're NPC or something now ig


File: 1603866036216-0.jpg (103.69 KB,529x720)

File: 1603866036216-1.jpg (71.9 KB,547x448)

Diana. Pleasure to meet you.
Well at least two of us, I guess. I don't know if anyone else with flight is here. Are you going to be alright?
You are picked up by STRONG AMAZOIAN ARMS and flown to the deck of the Missouri
Dex does like fish. He will sniff it a bit to make sure it smells safe to eat, and then he will nom
Thank… you.
The voice is coming from his tail and sounds somewhat demonic.

Wondie will float above the deck, earning a bit of a glare from dex, who watches her carefully while nomming his fish.
Permission to come aboard, Captain?
She's salute but she's kinda carrying someone. Also she is pretty much wearing an american flag, so Nacy and Ohio will probably pick up on that.


File: 1603868781702.jpg (117.22 KB,734x1000)


Hey she's flying me over! Isn't that nice of her?

Yeah… what she said.

The permission to come aboard thing.


File: 1603870000904.jpg (119.14 KB,480x598)

Navy looks a bit surprised at this cat speaking from his tail ! But she smiles at him.
Oh, you can talk too. Can I get you anything else as thanks for your efforts ?

Then she looks up to Wondie and Iowa. Not knowing the extent of Iowa's injuries, she's got a couple burly men making their way to them with a stretcher.

Yes, of course ! Permission granted, let's get you all whatever medical attention you need, and sooner rather than later.


File: 1603913662617-0.jpeg (26.84 KB,245x350)

File: 1603913662617-1.png (1.16 MB,664x938)

MEANWHILE, at some kind of AVENGERS TRAINING SESSION, a rare Nefertari has appeared! She usually doesn't show 'cause training for a servant seems a bit silly.
Today, however, she's off to one side working on what appears to be a number of small charms.
She occasionally glances up as the new kid on the team destroys a target in especially violent fashion. Lappland appears to be…almost annoyed with this whole exercise?


File: 1603913876161.png (2.22 MB,2366x1972)


Well, what's EITHER OF THEM gonna think when they see good ol' Deku practicing a FLYING KICK?

'Cause he is practicing the one kick on some kind of tech-y training dummy with a light that turns on when he hits it.

And he's practicing that same flying kick again.

And again.



File: 1603914047109.png (735.79 KB,707x1000)

What does Deku think when one of Lappland's weird protractor-swords skewers the dummy RIGHT THROUGH THE HEAD and pins it to the nearest wall right as he lines up his next kick?


File: 1603914141706.jpg (113.32 KB,1280x720)


Gee, I don't know!

Probably something a little bit like…


Surprise and shock! He's gonna turn slowly and follow the direction that sword just came from right over to Lappland!

…. erm…


File: 1603914279814.jpg (423.69 KB,800x800)

Deku receives a cheerful wave and a toothy grin!

So~rry! Ran out of targets :D


File: 1603914470196.jpg (12.81 KB,205x257)


… that's… fine! That's fine. I don't mind sharing.

You're, uh… the new person Captain America told me about, huh?


File: 1603914642267.jpg (134.45 KB,850x850)

That's right. Call me Lappland.

She'll approach and…offer a hand!

I'm a bit of a lone wolf, but I'll try to remember your face in case we're on assignment together :D


File: 1603914739134.jpg (25.64 KB,328x362)


Lappland, huh? I'm Deku.

Yeah he's giving out his HERO NAME because it's habit.

Remember my face?


File: 1603914858225.jpg (221.63 KB,850x1063)

That's fine! Lappland doesn't ever use her real name :D

You work alone for long enough, you tend to forget things like that.


Another human, huh?


File: 1603914974453.jpg (39.4 KB,425x408)


Used to working alone? I guess that's not uncommon…

Do I need an adult? I feel like I need an adult.

W-well, yeah.


File: 1603915090851.jpg (115.57 KB,850x976)

Just be sure to stay out of the splash zone :D


That's something I've gotta get used to here too. No ears and no tail…y'know, that makes it really hard to read your expressions!


File: 1603915295217.png (345.92 KB,640x480)

Mylene Farina Jenius. Bassist, vocalist, teenage girl. And currently bored out of her wits and lying on the grass in the park, muttering about how she never gets to sortie


File: 1603915431846.jpg (9.42 KB,149x192)


I'll… be sure to do that!

Oh god, she's one of THOSE fighters. This realization is dawning on Deku.

I'm sure you'll get the hang of it sooner or later. Humans are pretty expressive, even without ears and a tail like you have.

I'm guessing you come from somewhere where everyone is like you?


File: 1603915672509.jpg (180.94 KB,850x1202)

She just likes jokes! Lappland is a good girl!

Hmmm, I'm getting good at expressions like 'dawning realization and panic'

She's enjoying this!

Yup! I'm a Lupo, but there were a few others…some I've even seen here :D


File: 1603915737837.png (1.96 MB,1920x1080)

Sho is also in the park. He'll be walking aimlessly until he sees Mylene. He'll walk up to her.

Hey! What's up?

He totally didn't notice her not being happy about not being deployed.


File: 1603915871153.jpg (17.66 KB,360x247)

Ah? Oh. Hey, Sho.
She sits up on the grass and pats the grass off of her hair and back
Nothing much. Kinda wish Fire Bomber would get sortied during these attacks more. I know it's not the same as back home where we were singing to drive off Protodeviln, but…you know, it might do some good.


File: 1603916013562.jpg (21.07 KB,190x408)


Those are probably good emotions to learn how to read.


So, you… uh…

He's gona eye her SWORDS.

You don't use swords like anyone else I've seen before.


File: 1603916272335.jpg (233.41 KB,850x1193)

Hey, relaaaaaax. We're on the same team :D

Lappland is going to yank the sword she threw at the dummy out of its FACE.

Damn right! I've got my own style. Suit's me, though…and its more fun than the stodgy old fencing stuff a lot of people do!


File: 1603916391731.jpg (25.01 KB,216x458)


It's hard to relax after seeing how she fights…

As long as it works for you. It's important for people to find their own style and be comfortable with it. I had to learn that the hard way.


File: 1603916463394.png (1.93 MB,1920x1080)

Wow rude.

Sho sits next to Mylene.

You guys got mechs?


File: 1603916565436.jpg (130.51 KB,850x1203)

And your style's…flying kicks to the chest until they give up? :D


File: 1603916705844.png (353.34 KB,640x480)

It was a joke omg
Hm? Oh yes. We have personalized Valkyries sitting in GGG. They're equipped with standard defenses and sound boosters but very little in the way of actual weaponry. If any.


File: 1603916763326.jpg (21.63 KB,424x205)


Well, not just that. I was practicing that particular move so that I could do it without needing to think when I try to use it in an actual fight.

It's like that Bruce Lee quote that Kick Fury, a pro hero from my world, used to use. "I don't fear the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks one time, but I do fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times."


File: 1603916940914.png (3.07 MB,1920x1080)

Is Sho gonna have to choke a bitch?

Sound boosters? Like giant speakers?

That sounds ridiculous.


File: 1603917010368.jpg (196.63 KB,850x1168)

Hah! I guess that's a good approach to take!

So what do you do besides flying kicks? You ain't using any weapons that I can see.


File: 1603917058274.png (365.26 KB,640x480)

…In space? Are you crazy?
It amplifies the effects of our singing. Which…got pretty different from what you'd expect in our conflicts.


File: 1603917208354.png (1.58 MB,1920x1080)

Sho is gonna have to choke a bitch.

You guys fought in space?

The more you know…


File: 1603917288587.jpg (77.35 KB,640x480)

"Fought" isn't really the best way to describe it. We sang. Anyway, didn't I tell you? We were part of the Macross 7 megaroad. Oh jeez, I really haven't told you anything about where I'm from, have I?


File: 1603917325873.jpg (15.47 KB,208x212)


Well, no, I don't use any weapons like what you have. But my boots are made to enhance the power of my kicks and help take the shock of the hits off of my legs, and I can use my gauntlets for… um… well, 'wind blasts', I guess is the simplest way to put it.

Weapons aren't my style. I want to be a hero someday who saves everyone with just my own two hands.

I don't have any pictures of Deku with the gear he just mentioned, though.


File: 1603917373746.png (1.92 MB,1920x1080)

Sho chuckles a bit.

You totally didn't… Other than being part of a band.


File: 1603917533257.jpg (146.9 KB,850x1105)

C'mon, put on the weird rabbit costume. You know you want to.

Ohhh, that's definitely an ambitious goal~

So you're just gonna punch people's swords out of the way?


File: 1603917632970.jpg (313.4 KB,1075x819)

It's a lot to tell at once, though…Ah, jeez! There's so much to tell and I don't know where to start!


File: 1603917798001.png (1.31 MB,1920x1080)

Well, you don't have to tell me all at once…


File: 1603917800250.jpg (13.33 KB,216x293)



Well, it'd be better to just not put myself in a position where I have to. I haven't run into many people with swords, though.


File: 1603917903849.jpg (157.75 KB,850x1200)

Lappland would totally chase him if he wore that.

Or guns~?

Guns can be pretty nasty if you don't handle them right!


File: 1603918271351.jpg (9.43 KB,285x168)


Please don't.

Up to date, I've been quick enough to avoid anyone getting a good shot at me and my costume has some ballistic lining to help protect me… that doesn't mean I'm taking the threat lightly, though.

I'm not sure how much a sword would help me against a gun anyways…


File: 1603918404506.png (2.03 MB,778x1100)

Depends on how hard you can throw it :D

Lappland waves her sword at the dummy.

You must be pretty speedy then! How fast do you go?


File: 1603918496707.png (402.63 KB,640x480)

Yeah, but the problem there is that I don't even know where to start for crying out loud…


File: 1603918771608.png (1.4 MB,1920x1080)


Sho thinks for a moment.

Maybe start by explaining what the Macross 7 Megaroad is.


File: 1603919130064.jpg (6.96 KB,97x192)


Well, probably not fast enough to evade a bullet after it's shot at me, but definitely fast enough to make it hard for anyone to get a clear shot to begin with.


File: 1603919210266.jpg (107.7 KB,850x602)

Oh my god you're Green LLENN.
I mean

Seems like you've got a lot of fun abilities, Deku!

Hey, wanna help me try something out~?


File: 1603920028306.jpg (72.06 KB,640x480)

Ooh, that's important, yeah. The Macross Megaroads were ships that left from Earth to find new, inhabitable worlds for humanity to colonize after Earth kinda…wasn't…inhabitable…anymore…


File: 1603920142094.png (1.44 MB,1920x1080)

Huh? What happened to Earth?

Now I'm starting to see why she didn't know where to start.


File: 1603920224318.png (402.63 KB,640x480)

You might be starting to get why it was hard to find a starting point. But, um…well, it was the result of the war with the Zentradi, a race of aliens that were…well, basically giant humans. Which…there's kind of a reason for.
This is so complicated.


File: 1603922804268.jpg (7.13 KB,151x160)


Well, my Quirk lets me help people at least, I don't know about fun so much. I…

Oh that is a DANGEROUS question!

Um, sure. What is it you want to try?


File: 1603923728314.jpg (69.61 KB,850x506)

I want you to try to hit me as hard as you can :D


You've got some kind of physical power, right? Pretty sure that Steve guy wouldn't let a random kid in here just 'cause of heart and determination or whatever. I want to see your best shot!


File: 1603924132492.jpg (8.84 KB,156x193)


You want me to what?

He heard her, it's just like wat.

No way, that's way too dangerous!


File: 1603924283087.png (2.03 MB,778x1100)

C'mon! It'll be fun. Think of it like sparring :D

If you're afraid of hurtling little' ol' me, then just hit me half as hard as you can!

The idea of breaking your own bones with your stupid levels of strength doesn't really occur to her, of course.

Or whatever. I promise I won't cry :D


File: 1603924772839.jpg (28.45 KB,328x259)



He's REALLY not sure about this. But he's gonna take a stance, seems like he's getting ready for a straight punch!

Alright, if you're sure, but…

I definitely need to not hit her 'as hard as I can', though. For my own sake and hers…

That doesn't mean he isn't using his quirk, it's just that percentage of Full Cowl.

Here I go!

And… PAAAAANCH! To the stomach, he's not about to try and slug her in the face.


File: 1603925040743.jpg (137.35 KB,850x1255)

There we go! I love that expression!

As Deku launches his attack, Lappland whips out a sword and…rather gently taps him on top of the head! As the steel connects there's an…absence?
And that punch feels very normal all of the sudden! Lappland makes no effort to block it though, so unless Deku stumbles or otherwise freaks out, he'll get a satisfying OOF, although Lappland's got some pretty impressive abs to cushion the impact!


File: 1603925214093.jpg (17.62 KB,197x317)



There's no stumble, and Deku definitely has a pretty strong punch, even without his Quirk! But it's definitely not gonna be anything Lappland can't handle.

Deku looks… flabbergasted. He's staring at his hand as though his body just betrayed him.

What the hell!?


File: 1603925458352.jpg (443.34 KB,826x1169)

Heheh, it does work here! I was a bit worried for a while!

She grins a gives Deku a thumbs up!

Don't worry, it only lasts a second or so~


File: 1603925642688.png (369.09 KB,682x586)


Only a second or so…

Deku is gonna test this by aiming off in a direction away from ANYBODY and balling up his hand like he's going to flick someone on the forehead.

And flick his finger he does!

And this causes a HUGE burst of hurricane force wind. If Lappland had been hit by that even she would have been launched into a wall at a truly uncomfortable velocity!

As it is, some of the destroyed dummies get smashed to even smaller pieces against the wall.

Wow… it's like Eraser Head's quirk, but for a really short time and seems to need physical contact instead of just eye contact…


File: 1603925964870.jpg (134.45 KB,850x850)

Ohhhh, impressive!

Lappland taps the tip of her sword against the ground by way of applause! She doesn't seem overly worried 'cause…well, she's not terribly concerned with getting hurt!

Dunno who that is, but I like his handle. Spiritual Destruction keeps going as long as I keep hitting them, too. Fun, huh? :D


File: 1603926193592.jpg (14.42 KB,157x272)


So as long as you keep making contact, you keep their power subdued… that sounds really useful, actually.

Deku puts a hand to his chin and starts to MUTTER.

But does it need physical contact with the body or does it work if your attack gets parried or something? At that point it just comes down to how long can you keep their power subdued before getting the combo interrupted by them or their allies… it might make protecting you while you deal with a high priority target worthwhile, but only if…



File: 1603926467352.jpg (423.69 KB,800x800)

Lappland finds this science muttering amusing! Deku gets another chuckle!

You're really into that sorta thing, huh?

You know, I've had people break down and cry in the middle of a fight 'cause they can't use their special power that makes your blood explode or whatever. Those are definitely moments to treasure~


File: 1603927971543.jpg (16.9 KB,369x247)


Eh? Well… I spent a lot of time analyzing heroes and coming up with theories and stuff on how to effectively use Quirks, so… I guess so.

Oh boy, now she's talking about treasuring moments when people cry.

E-eheh… I'll, uh… take your word for it…

He clearly doesn't share her sentiment!


File: 1603928598103.jpg (443.34 KB,826x1169)

'Quirks,' huh? Good name.


Looks like we both got somethin' outta that, anyway! Thanks for bein' my guinea pig :D


File: 1603933132699.png (241.62 KB,400x400)

Song will land on the deck.

Thank you, but I'm fine. Please prioritize checking up on the others for now.


File: 1603933662067-0.jpg (11.78 KB,236x281)

File: 1603933662067-1.jpg (153.5 KB,700x914)

Dex will shake his cat head
=…No. Fish good.
He continues to watch the wonder woman!
Wondie will land on the deck as well, handing Iowa over to the big guys with the stretcher!
I heal fast, I'll be fine. Though I must admit, I'm used to blocking bullets, but the ones from these invaders packed a punch I'm not quite used to.
Shes got some minor damage, but she looks realativly unscathed. She will rub her bracers though, since that's where all the bullets went.


File: 1603933809358.jpg (17.91 KB,281x340)


It's… not my first time being a guinea pig for someone elses Quirk.



File: 1603933938891.jpg (102.26 KB,850x850)


Lappland is pretty discerning! She'll give Deku another grin that makes it look like she's about to go for the throat!

Hmmm…did you kick their ass?


File: 1603934033101.jpg (354.85 KB,827x1169)




Landing time, hooray!

Ah… thanks.

Moving clearly with some tenderness, she's gonna start reaching to try and shuck her ship gear! She's definitely in no state to be lugging this around.


Aw, shucks boys, this ain't nothin' that a long soak in the right kinda bath won't fix.

Haha repair baths, because… reasons. Also just a gentle reminder for the big burly men that this is (mostly) about how Iowa looks right about now.

Ha… kinda embarassing to ask, but you boys mind helping a gal get undressed?

She indicates the ship gear, which she's having some trouble removing, considering the damage to both her and said gear.


File: 1603934925607.jpg (135.19 KB,284x352)

Navy nods at Dex, and opts to let him do his watching !
Then to Song and Wondie both…

I'm glad you two are all right. Though if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask for it.

The boys seem almost too eager to help Iowa out of her gear, a few of them immediately springing up to help

… Save your misbehaviour for the bars on land, boys.



File: 1603936259633.jpg (6.42 MB,2894x4093)

Song will notice Wondie rub her bracers.

So that's how you block those bullets, huh?

Song will laugh a bit at Navy's reaction.

A drink would be nice.


File: 1603936951379-0.jpg (372.75 KB,750x1000)

File: 1603936951379-1.jpg (179.82 KB,913x397)

She nods
Yes. When Athena and Hephaestus work together, they create some fairly useful items. It's a shame they don't do it more often.
Well if you have any information on those attackers, I wouldn't mind hearing about it.
She looks at Dex and smiles, but doesn't say anything to him.
Wondie will smile at this display


File: 1603942082458.jpg (165.68 KB,1181x1748)


Oh my, she's got HELPING HANDS!

Appreciate it, boys~!


Woh! Watch the hands there, darlin'!

No doubt she will shortly be divested of her ship gear, and freed from it's weight, she seems able to at least move around on her own. Albeit a bit gingerly.

Someone's gonna have to insist to get her on the stretcher, though, this much is clear.


I could sure go for a good sweet tea right about now…


YOU wanted to help undress her, didn't you?


File: 1603942112205.jpg (37.17 KB,650x278)


Well, most of them were actually on the same team as me…


File: 1603942228218.jpg (196.63 KB,850x1168)

The question stands.

You gotta be the ALPHA MALE, Deku!


File: 1603943004838.jpg (427.27 KB,736x895)

The sailor getting too handsy with Iowa gets bonked by Navy's sheathed sabre !

You heard the lady. Drinks, now.

Navy glares at him as he runs off with a quick "a-aye cap'n" :|

Afraid I don't have any, besides their munitions being awfully similar to those of a battleship.

… And you can hardly stand. At least lay down until we can get you your bath.


File: 1603943203809.jpg (17.36 KB,182x322)


Well, no! There were circumstances, see, and…

No, I didn't.


File: 1603943298586.jpg (115.57 KB,850x976)


…Well, I guess it doesn't really matter here! Still~


File: 1603943701559.jpg (282.94 KB,750x726)

Athena? She exists in your world as well?

I was thinking about something with more of a punch than just tea…

She'll look at Navy.

What drinks do you have here?


File: 1603943788459.png (3.11 MB,1920x1080)

Sho nods.

Sounds like it.

He'll smile at her.

What happened after that war?


File: 1603943866669.jpg (216.63 KB,662x936)

Yeah… I was under the impression that attacks of that caliber were due to the size of battle ships, but I suppose the found a way to shrink them down…
You should probably lie down, sister.
Indeed. All the Gods seemed to exist in my world, though I am most familiar with the Greek ones. Are you a follower or someone they screwed over? Or both… Lots of people are both.


File: 1603944496419.png (372.14 KB,640x480)

Humanity made peace with the Zentradi through song, if you'll believe it. Which is how mama and papa met. I'm half-human and half-Zentradi.


File: 1603944561064.jpg (121.29 KB,737x1200)


Iowa rolls her eyes a little in that 'you sound like my mom' kind of way.

But she's gonna gingerly ease herself onto that stretcher!

Aye aye, ma'am.





Iowa clearly thinks there's something odd about that! But she's curious more than incredulous.

IN ANY CASE Iowa is going to settle in and wind up getting lethargic and quiet! 'Cause this fight took a lot out of her.

Also because my brain is slowly catching on fire.

Please understand.


File: 1603944656015.png (1.96 MB,1920x1080)

Sho nods.

…For that to happen, they must've found a way for Zentradis to become human sized.

So if your units are equipped with those pods. That means you must've been fighting enemies that could be defeated through song again. Right?


File: 1603944790824.jpg (48.24 KB,400x400)

Kind of? I'll introduce you to Sivil sometime.


File: 1603945343337.png (385.5 KB,600x800)

The Athena from my world wasn't really a diety…She was a guardian primal beast.

I've never met her personally, but I heard she was really powerful.


File: 1603945504568.jpg (1.62 MB,2508x3359)

Oh, one of them is here? I suppose you're on friendly terms now….



File: 1603945570115.png (429.41 KB,640x480)

Oh yeah, Sivil's great…Though…her species has been kind of dwindled a bit…


File: 1603945778177.png (1.4 MB,1920x1080)

Oh…er…Guess I know what subject not to bring up then.


File: 1603946132875.png (79.07 KB,256x256)

Eheh…Probably for the best…


File: 1603946176850.png (1.48 MB,1920x1080)

Hm? Is something the matter?


File: 1603946188286-0.png (267.4 KB,600x600)

File: 1603946188286-1.jpg (926.94 KB,842x1000)

File: 1603946188286-2.png (149.06 KB,603x600)

>Big Meowth
As the battle ends and the fighters retreat, Erika and her Pokemon are keeping their eyes out for any stragglers. The coconut tree will smile as they seem pleased with the results
Exeggu Ex! Tauuur!
They're leaving! Yaaaay!
The giant pine tree seems less excited by this, but she will let up on the localized hail storm, allowing the snow to stop falling
Boma…. Abomasnow snow ab.
For now… Don't like that they escaped.
Meanwhile Erika Will smile at her pokemon
Good Job girls! This wasn't a normal fight, but I knew I could count on you two!
She'll then look at mewtwo and smile
And thank you for your help friend.


File: 1603946400161.jpg (72.71 KB,640x480)

Well, there wasn't that many of them in the first place is the thing…


File: 1603946491291.png (1.46 MB,1920x1080)


This is awkward….


File: 1603946575712.jpg (86.12 KB,507x500)

Mewtwo looks to Abby for a sec
We're not here to kill. We're just protecting others.
And then Erika
…And thank you as well…I will help you get home, if you'd like.


File: 1603946662007.png (306.9 KB,640x480)

It'll be alright. They're long-lived. And Sivil's happy, really.


File: 1603947291213.png (1.51 MB,1920x1080)

As long as she's happy, that's what really matters…

Anyway, I'm sure Fire Bomber will get it's chance to shine on the battlefield at some point.


File: 1603947608824-0.png (77.36 KB,342x192)

File: 1603947608824-1.jpg (69.64 KB,500x706)

File: 1603947608824-2.png (536.63 KB,800x450)

Abby will shake her head and disagree
Boma snow. Aboma bom.Abomasnow bom.
*In normal battle. This was not normal. They tried to kill my charges.
Coco will but in with their minds to try and break some tension!
Hey come on, don't be so serious! We won and people are safe! We think that's a win no matter what!
Erika will smile at mewtwo
Ah thank you, that would be very nice. I was given a small apartment by the city It's… Welll it's somewhere in the city.
Erika is bad at directions!


File: 1603947999413.jpg (54.29 KB,583x611)

I just…hope we can put an end to it, too…


File: 1603948342629.png (1.23 MB,1920x1080)

Sho looks up at the sky.

Trust me…When we find wherever they're hiding, we'll be able to do so.

And fade to talking about hopes and dreams I guess.


File: 1603948403379.jpg (1.01 MB,2894x4093)

…I see…I suppose rather than take you there, I will escort you, then.
Exhales a bit and hovers up next to Erika
Are you hurt?


File: 1603948925590-0.png (766.98 KB,784x588)

File: 1603948925590-1.png (155.63 KB,639x599)

File: 1603948925590-2.jpeg (1011.26 KB,1200x1000)

Try it binch, you ain't the only one knows shadow ball
Erika shakes her head
No no, I'm pretty good at staying out of physical danger in a battle.
She will look around for a second before starting in a direction! Meanwhile Coco will chatter away in mewtwos brain!
So you're Mewtwo right? That's neat! We've only ever met Zapdos back in Kanto as far as super powerful pokemon go!


File: 1603949694202.png (866.21 KB,1024x1024)

That is good. I do not want to lose a friend so soon after making one…
And this CHATTY Coco who's actually pretty cool it's okay to be chatty
That's…neat? That I'm Mewtwo?


File: 1603950031910-0.png (274.33 KB,800x450)

File: 1603950031910-1.jpg (70.81 KB,432x600)

File: 1603950031910-2.jpg (69.64 KB,500x706)

No, but I know Wood Hammer, and I can smash it right into your meat cylinder.
Don't worry, I don't plan to be lost so easily. So you mentioned you've been in this world for a long time, right?
Coco Nods! All three of her heads!
Yep! Super neat! You're rare and powerful! We don't think we know of any other pokemon that there's just one of! There are soooo many Exeggutors! Heck, even if it were just us, that's three!


File: 1603950670640.png (1.37 MB,1280x690)

For quite some time, yes. I've seen…quite a few things come and go in this world…for better or for worse.
And Coco again
I see…In a sense, it could be good or bad. It's…a bit lonely, though.


File: 1603951060592-0.png (69.31 KB,200x150)

File: 1603951060592-1.jpg (121 KB,420x600)

And attacks like this… Am I to believe that they are frequent?
You didn't seemed surprised it was happening.
The Eggs frown!
Oh no! Sorry, We didn't think of that… We can't even imagine what that's like, we've always had at least each other. Being only one things must be difficult… We were just thinking of rare from a positive way of looking at it.


File: 1603951724009.png (471.11 KB,640x480)

They are…semi-frequent. More often than they should be happening.
Back to Coco
Don't worry. It's really not all that bad, even if it is somewhat lonely.


File: 1603952089320-0.jpg (94.25 KB,810x536)

File: 1603952089320-1.jpg (83.78 KB,431x600)

That is a shame… I suppose we will have to work to be prepared for more fights like this then. Though if they're always so… inorganic, I fear it will mostly be up to these two. My more toxic plants wouldn't do much to those small ships.
Coco are still frowning @:
Well we'll try to make sure you don't get too lonely! We'll try to make a point to visit when we're not resting or in training!


File: 1603952726125.png (1.34 MB,1280x720)

There are…various groups that the citizens of Leyang have somehow earned the ire of…Some more organic than others…Some more dead.
Thank you…I do appreciate having more friends…I do need to finish building my new home…


File: 1603952893578-0.png (490.64 KB,800x450)

File: 1603952893578-1.jpg (916.97 KB,975x1463)

Dead? Like ghost types? Well I guess Bella and Viola will get a chance to fight too.
We can help! We don't have arms, but we're pretty good psychically! And Abby's Big! She can help too!


File: 1603953387122.png (416.57 KB,640x480)

More in the way of zombies than ghosts. But there are also living ones. But…I would sooner they all just went away and left everyone in peace.
Mewtwo's a good boy
…And thank you, Coco. But I do need to procure the material first. I suspect I may need to make money and buy it at some point.


File: 1603953889278.png (400.93 KB,357x598)

That would indeed be preferable. But if they won't we'll have to protect the people here. In the mean time I think I'll look into this Dungeon Divers guild. Seems like a good way to train…
No problem! Once you get them just let Ms Erika know and we'll be over to help!
Abby will shoot Coco a glare as if she had just been informed she was volunteered for this job! But she's not protesting.


File: 1603954292677.png (250.54 KB,500x801)

Dungeons…I wonder. I'm not quite certain how else to procure the money required for materials. I am not…well-suited for a work environment.
Coco's a good girl
I will. Thank you again.


File: 1603954540105-0.png (245.81 KB,574x600)

File: 1603954540105-1.png (8.25 MB,2508x3541)

Open a psychic hotline
Gym Leader doesn't seem to be an occupation here, so I am in a similar boat. Maybe you would like to join us in this Dungeon venture? My Girls and I wouldn't mind the help of a powerful psychic.
The Eggs go :D :> (:
No Problem!


File: 1603955151559.png (866.21 KB,1024x1024)

…Thank you. I shall. Though, I believe we need to register ourselves and sign up.


File: 1603955381334-0.png (523.45 KB,1000x1007)

File: 1603955381334-1.jpg (50.11 KB,357x498)

I'll head over to signup in the morning. That fight did make me very tired
Erika Yaaaaaawn
Exeggu! Exegg!
You're always tired!
Erika will laugh
True enough, Coco…
They'll arrive in front of an apartment building


File: 1603955779236.jpg (19.2 KB,500x456)

Mewtwo pauses before extending a hand. For the shakin'
Please sleep well, Erika. And thank you.


File: 1603955935941.jpg (1.43 MB,1096x1400)

I will. Thank you as well, Mewtwo.
Hand shaaaake! Abby will tap Erika on the shoulder and she and coco will both go back in their balls, since they won't fit in the hallway without breaking something!


File: 1603955982389.png (1.34 MB,1280x720)



File: 1604007093240-0.jpg (314.69 KB,1251x770)

File: 1604007093240-1.jpg (32.1 KB,525x800)

Erika is taking a nap against a tree somewhere near the Dungeon Divers Guild! Meanwhile her Tangela is nearby, poking at stuff with her vines!


File: 1604008024859.jpg (98.58 KB,1280x720)

Phos returns semi-triumphantly from a hard day's work! It's tough being a gem on your own…even if you're not on your own. But Antarc's really grumpy all the time so it's kinda similar.
Phos shuts the door and will slump over to the bed. It's winter, so all those little inclusions that keep a gem going are getting tired!


Your door was unlocked! Did you lock it when you left this morning? Ah well probably nothing!
On an almost certainly unrelated note there's a human sized lump under the covers of your bed!


File: 1604008370493.jpg (100.25 KB,1280x720)



Phos is going to prod at the bed with the confidence of one who doesn't fear death!

You're in the wrong house or something.


File: 1604008434711.jpg (267.12 KB,1280x1382)

Down the path to the guild, a pair of (potentially) familiar faces pass by where Tangela is scuttling around. Sabrina's heard whispers of other trainers coming to this place, and aside from making a friend in a certain legendary Pokemon, she's been sorely lacking in any familiarity from home.
Alakazam notices Erika before Sabrina, and has to nudge her before she passes them to point it out. The gym leader brightens initially, before noticing that Erika is, of course, fast asleep.
Some things never change, I suppose…


File: 1604008528353.jpg (48.96 KB,634x340)

The lump shifts!
uuu… 5 more minutes please ms bear.
As it shifts, way too much very blonde hair will pop out from under the covers


File: 1604008685680-0.jpg (1.01 MB,1610x1528)

File: 1604008685680-1.png (643.38 KB,750x499)

The Tanglela runs up to the pair!, waving her vines!
She will use her vines to shake Erika awake!
Huh? Oh dear is it time to eat already….
The gym leader will sleepily blink her eyes open


File: 1604008705005.jpg (93.53 KB,1280x720)

…My name isn't bear…

Phos isn't really strong…but phosphophyllite is pretty dense! With the aid of physics, Phos is gonna pull those sheets off!


File: 1604008879124.jpg (54.9 KB,632x348)

Sheets are yanked! Revealing a teenage girl!
Hey you're not one of the bears!


File: 1604009084196.jpg (97.5 KB,1280x720)

And you're not Antarc. So why're you in my bed?

Phos is going to stare JUDGMENTALLY


File: 1604009304684.png (263.6 KB,400x400)

Is Antarc a bear?
She smiles!
Cuz I was lost and tired!
She nods, as if this is a good reason!


File: 1604009401051.jpg (111.07 KB,1280x720)

I don't even know what a bear is!

Don't break into people's houses just to have a nap! Even I know that!


File: 1604009412436.gif (75.77 KB,500x500)

Rise and shine.
The psychic duo are waiting when Erika opens her eyes, waving sheepishly.
It's nice to see you again.


File: 1604009559116.jpg (53.01 KB,634x344)

But I didn't break anything! I just opened the door and came in! It's not my fault locks like me!
She looks confused!
Wait you don't know what a bear is?


File: 1604009661222.jpg (82.67 KB,1280x720)

Is it an animal that breaks into people's houses and gets gross human skin flakes and oil all over your nice bed?


File: 1604009772603-0.jpg (196.18 KB,870x600)

File: 1604009772603-1.png (389.44 KB,1000x1000)

Erika will look up towards this speaker!
She hops up, displaying more energy and alertness then usual!
It's so great to see you!
Angela the Tangela will wave at them again


File: 1604010110749.jpg (61.12 KB,634x347)

No that's a Lockes! And my skin flakes are not gross! I am very hygienic!
She'll take off one of her earings and hold it up to the rock lady
Bears are these! But… Bigger! Like a lot bigger with claws and teeth! They make really good porridge!
Her earing is a little golden teddy bear. It's adorable!


File: 1604010290960.jpg (88.33 KB,1280x720)

I don't believe you.

Phos is going to inspect the bear!

…OK. There aren't any of those here.


File: 1604010563031.jpg (56.43 KB,634x347)

But I am!
Her eyes go wide and her mouth drops open at this horrific news!
NO BEARS?!?!?!?
Oh no, how can I fulfill my destiny with no bears?!


File: 1604010583368.png (92.67 KB,540x380)

Sabrina pulls Erika into a hug, being one of the few people she's really willing to get that close to.
I didn't realize anyone else had wound up in this place. You seem to be taking it well though…
The whiff of pollen that Erika and her team typically carry gets a sneeze out of Alakazam, but he otherwise seems friendly.
Have you seen anyone else from Kanto?


File: 1604010631595.jpg (116.2 KB,1280x720)


What kind of destiny requires bears? That's even weirder than sleeping in other people's houses.


File: 1604010944305-0.jpg (152.19 KB,900x885)

File: 1604010944305-1.png (9.45 MB,1761x2166)

I ended up here a few days ago. It's a bit of shock, but we don't always control our lives fully. At least this place seems mostly nice, except for the invasions.
Huuuuuuuuuuug. She nods her head
I met Mewtwo a few nights ago, that…. was quite a shock. Other than him, the only other's I've met have been a few pokemon and a trainer from other regions. No other gym leaders!
Angela will go into Erika's purse and grab some tissues with her vines, handing them to Alakazam!


File: 1604011044036.jpg (56.5 KB,632x342)

Mine! I'm supposed to break into their house and eat their porridge and sleep in their beds! Then they kick me out! That's the destiny of all Lockes!


File: 1604011262363.gif (5.25 MB,360x360)

…That's a dumb destiny. You should get a new one.


File: 1604011382004.jpg (75.51 KB,840x462)

You can't just get a new destiny silly! Trying to do that could break the very fabric of reality!


File: 1604011396705.png (1.57 MB,1280x720)

So at this point Antarc returns from a long day of helping build a bar and squints at this person in his and Phos' room.

They start to reach for their big ass saw sword.


File: 1604011502880.jpg (98.58 KB,1280x720)


Hey Antarc. This weirdo broke in and slept in my bed. Apparently she has to sleep with bears and she thought they were here for some reason.


File: 1604011668322.jpg (48.18 KB,627x346)

Well I wasn't trying to get my destiny done with here! I just appeared outside on the street and now I don't know where I am! But it's cold and I was tired so came in here! And I didn't break anything, I just unlocked your door and came in!
Ooh a kight! But without armor! You should get armor!


File: 1604011969099.jpg (89.95 KB,540x750)

It's been some months for me. The invasions were a bit of a surprise-
Sabrina blinks.
Oh. I didn't realize you knew him. He's quite a solitary fellow, most times…
She'll have to bully him for that later.
I suppose I should be glad that more weren't trapped here. Still, I've missed you quite a bit, I'll admit.
Alakazam levitates the tissue from Angela's grip, and then gingerly pets her cute little head as a show of gratitude.


File: 1604012005804.jpg (124.28 KB,850x1072)

Why would she think there's bears in this kind of place?

I'm no knight, but I will happily defend my home from someone who breaks and enters.


File: 1604012113907.jpg (103.25 KB,1280x720)

That's breaking in!

…You appeared on the street?



I don't know…

Phos feels a little bad now!

But it sounds like she's…uh, y'know. New.


File: 1604012304718-0.jpg (217.6 KB,990x1402)

File: 1604012304718-1.jpg (32.23 KB,512x512)

I've missed you toooo~ You're the one I'd prefer to be stranded with the most out of all the gym leaders.
Even though it has only been like a week for her
He is, but I managed to convince him to let me and my pokemon go to his house when he gets it built.
Angela will hop up in joy after these headpats!


File: 1604012412327.jpg (94.54 KB,845x466)

No it's just entering! Breaking requires something to break!
Geeze you guys are so stubborn! It's like talking to rocks…
She tilts her head!


File: 1604012812195.png (151.05 KB,421x600)

There is very few people I would excuse coming into our home to take a nap just because they are new, and none of them are human…but…I'll hold off on subduing her.

Antarc put the sword away.

You're in another world that has a habit of dimensional kidnapping, is the long and short of it. Welcome to Leyang…Dramaville specifically.




And then Antarc Antarc'd

You should do it a little more delicately, Antarc! Now she's gonna cry or something.


File: 1604013224218.png (37.15 KB,500x250)

I feel the same way about you…don't tell Janine that, though.
It's not often that Sabrina flusters, but Erika's flattery gets her a little red in the face.
It's nice to see him making friends. He's a kind soul, even if he's lonely.


File: 1604013250728-0.jpg (54.02 KB,632x345)

File: 1604013250728-1.jpg (48.18 KB,627x346)

Frown :(
Dimensional kidnapping? Another World? Hmmm…..
She then pulls out a Mirror pad and starts typing notes! She shifts from sad to determined!
Dramaville, Leyang…
Do we know who's responsible for the kidnapping or why? Do portals to other worlds work here? Have you heard of Ever After or Wonderland? How long have you two been here? Who's investigating ways out? Who names a town Dramaville anyway?


File: 1604013428851.jpg (244.33 KB,950x650)

Well it's hard to be lonely when Bella's around, you know how she is.
That is Erika's Bellossom. She babby and all about making friends.
So what have you been up to since arriving? Gym Leader doesn't seem to be a job here, so I've been looking into this Dungeon Diving thing…


File: 1604013521250.png (1.25 MB,810x980)

What's the point in being delicate? Besides she seems to be handling it well.

Antarc gestures

As for the questions, I think the world just does that, I don't think so, Yes in books, close to a year now for myself, I don't know if anyone's looking for a way out, humans.


File: 1604013675128.jpg (105.16 KB,1280x720)

I guess she is…


…I think Kokonoe's trying to find a way out…but I wouldn't bother her.


File: 1604013838234.jpg (45.9 KB,633x342)

She will furiously jot down all these answers
Thanks, that'll help my investigation!
Hmmm… So if no one's found a way out I guess I'm stuck here for the time being…
So you're not human? Are you guys like Elves or faeries?
Why not? That seems like a good person to bother!

Ooh! I should Introduce myself! I'm Blondie Lockes, daughter of Goldielockes! I'm from Ever After


File: 1604014383560.png (1.46 MB,1280x720)

We're gems.

That's why their hair and eyes is all fuckin shiny and semi-translucent


File: 1604014504195.jpg (41.21 KB,648x770)

I haven't had a lot to do besides training, I'll admit. Ennui is beginning to take hold of me.
Meditation can only soothe boredom so much…
Perhaps I could also look in on this, "Dungeon Diving" business with you. If you'd have me, that is.


File: 1604014646666.jpg (81.88 KB,1280x720)


Phos shudders.

Rock tumbler…

…Uh, but yeah…I'm Phos. That's Antarc.


File: 1604015108275.jpg (292.3 KB,688x808)

Oh I'd love to have you my dear~
Erika smiles and Sabrina gets another big hug!
It'll be very exciting, I'm sure! And probably useful to get my pokemon used to battling more than just other pokemon.


File: 1604015212650.jpg (45.9 KB,633x342)

Oh wow! Gems in Ever After never spoke! Boy I bet guys frustrate Dragons, don't you?
She beams
Well it's nice to me you both!


File: 1604015863587.jpg (1.13 MB,998x1775)

My team and I could use more pressure to train against as well. You'll have to show us the ropes.
Thoughts of
girls pretty
go through Sabrina's mind as she's hugged again, but she manages to catch herself before she looks too zoned out in front of her friend.

But that can wait. You mentioned that you were hungry earlier, if you wanted to go get something to eat…
Alakazam makes a scoffing noise behind her, evidently keen to his trainer's behavior, and Sabrina telekinetically yanks his mustache as revenge.
Quiet, you


File: 1604015940464.jpg (380.42 KB,850x1776)

I've yet to encounter a dragon…


File: 1604016099726.jpg (98.25 KB,1280x720)

Oh, there's definitely dragons! I went by the guild the other day and there's a big reward for one!


File: 1604016104170.png (8.25 MB,2508x3541)

Ah yes, lets get us some lunch. I promised Angela something spicy for lunch, and I'd love to share a meal with you~
And we can fade to them going off for fewds


File: 1604016247316.jpg (55.29 KB,631x343)

Ah I see… So they must be rare here… This world's got an interesting distribution of things it seems…
She is still tapping away notes
Some kind of heroes guild to help keep villains at bay?


File: 1604017058547.jpg (93.29 KB,850x1356)

No, it's more like an explorer's guild.


File: 1604017787712.jpg (103.61 KB,1280x720)

nod nod!

It's really cool, though! I wanna join someday! :D


File: 1604017960033.jpg (75.46 KB,635x347)

Aren't most explorers also heroes? I don't think I know any stories about a villain who explores….
You're an adventurer gem? That's cool!


File: 1604018329047.png (1.61 MB,1280x720)

I wouldn't say a person who just goes into holes in the ground for kicks is a hero. Besides, obviously villains explore things, where do they get all their evil treasures and resources?

Antarc points at Phos like an annoyed older sibling

And you're not joining unless Kokonoe can find a way to keep you from breaking into a million pieces.


File: 1604018403136.jpg (107.44 KB,1280x720)

Well…I want to be, but-




File: 1604018608364.jpg (50.57 KB,632x346)

Hmmm… Well all the villains I know at my school inherited their Treasures.
She shrugs
How villains get their stuff and why is never really all that important to the stories, so I guess maybe the explore in their off time?
Ooooh you're like Humphrey! That egg head was always falling apart.
Maybe you just need really strong glue?
Or all the kings horses and men?


File: 1604018791737.png (1.21 MB,1280x720)

It's not really about glue. Phosphophyllite is a naturally weaker stone. Even when they're glued back together this dunce just breaks again over-exerting themselves.


File: 1604018864327.jpg (93.45 KB,1280x720)

Mmmgh…I just need some kind of fancy armor or something to hold me together!


File: 1604019212178.jpg (55.29 KB,631x343)

Hmmm… Maybe like a super padded suit of armor. Or maybe just something that doesn't let shattered pieces move? If you break but all your pieces stay together can you still move?


File: 1604019311554.png (165.85 KB,763x794)

I…hadn't thought about that kind of thing? Seems strange to think about.

Personally I think there's some kind of stone Phos could probably combine with somehow, but we haven't found it yet.


File: 1604019788150.jpg (94.11 KB,1280x720)

If they're broken I can't move them…

Kokonoe could probably do something like that…but I don't want to bother her more…

Combining with other stones…I'm not some giant robot from one of Travis' shows!


File: 1604020107224.jpg (89.99 KB,843x462)

You can combine with other stones?
Neat! Maybe one of the gems from that dragon's horde would work?
Ah darn, so much for that idea.
Why do you seem so scared of this Kokonoe lady?


File: 1604020384241.jpg (233.35 KB,850x1105)

You literally had different legs when I saw you before I came here. It's not outside the realm of possibility for a weirdo like you.

They can, that's not really my game. Replacing parts of myself would effect my memories.

They're scared of the rock tumbler.


File: 1604020456754.jpg (130.1 KB,1280x720)

The rock tumbler.

You're scared of the rock tumbler too! Any sensible person would be!


File: 1604020529979.jpg (62.28 KB,630x346)

Rock Tumbler?


File: 1604021049210.jpg (222.9 KB,850x1254)

I'm not scared because I don't bother her and need to be fixed every day.

Looks to Blondie
Yes. A giant rock tumbler.


File: 1604021121492.jpg (82.67 KB,1280x720)

You're definitely scared. Although you'd probably just melt and reform afterward.


File: 1604021386289.jpg (72.46 KB,631x345)

Ohhhh, I see. But does she actually mean it or is it just a threat because you bother her sometimes? Because sometimes mama bear would threaten to maul me, but I know she never would!


File: 1604021580608.jpg (73.54 KB,850x1019)

Antarc looks at Blondie with a quirked eyebrow, and then looks back to Phos and makes a "go on" gesture.


File: 1604021649043.jpg (116.2 KB,1280x720)

Kokonoe'd definitely do it.


File: 1604021818156.jpg (44.56 KB,631x347)

Oh. Well that's a shame… She must be super mean! Is she a villain?


File: 1604021883751.jpg (135.58 KB,850x601)

No, she's just a scientist.

Antarc has some HOT TAKES


File: 1604021966418.jpg (148.43 KB,1280x720)

She's not really 'super mean,' she just…uh, doesn't like being interrupted…

Yeah, like Alexi.


File: 1604022090466.jpg (55.55 KB,633x346)

Yeah but scientist is a job! What's her destiny like? Is she supposed to be like a mad scientist? Or is she one of those people who seem mean at first but then they're actually the hero?


File: 1604022229211.png (1.72 MB,1280x720)

I'd say she's more like Rutile.



File: 1604022338418.jpg (148.43 KB,1280x720)

You're using words weirdly again.

…Maybe both? The look she gets in her eyes kind of reminds me of Alexi sometimes.


File: 1604022447378.jpg (61.12 KB,634x347)

Yeah!! You know, the part of the story your parents did that you have to practice for and do yourself, so that the universe doesn't collapse!
I don't think I am…


File: 1604022723216.png (438.3 KB,800x1075)

Yes but Alexandrite is a very…specific sort of problem.



File: 1604022823606.jpg (100.25 KB,1280x720)

…You're definitely using weird words now.

I guess…


File: 1604022863723.jpg (56.5 KB,632x342)

Yeah, the people who made you! You're supposed to grow up to be like them and fill out their roll!
Do you guys not have parents?
Whaaaat? How so?


File: 1604023092328.png (1.52 MB,1280x720)

Oh, like Sensei and our jobs. I don't believe he ever thought to make use like him, or wanted us to be anything but happy and safe all things considered.
I've…not heard the term "parents" before.


File: 1604023192447.jpg (91.73 KB,1280x720)


Ah! I remember now! Kokonoe told me about this! She's talking about sexual reproduction! It's a thing humans and other animals do.

Phos is proud to have remembered this!


File: 1604023363949.jpg (56.27 KB,635x343)

Hmmm… Jobs might be your worlds version of destines maybe?
But either way parents look after you and care for you when your young and they're generally pretty great!
Yes! That's how you… Uhh make more animals and people!
Blondie will flush red a bit. >____>
Err, also love is important to that! Don't forget about love.


File: 1604023649111.png (143.23 KB,600x900)

Oh…yes that's right. Progenitors for animals and the like.

Sensei definitely sounds like our parent then. I don't think he had anything to do with our 'birth' though, outside of shaping our bodies.


File: 1604023844401.jpg (91.15 KB,1280x720)

Yeah, we don't do that. It's gross.

Mmm, I do kind of wonder what he would do if one of us called him ''dad." Do you think he knows about that kind of thing?


File: 1604024006881.jpg (55.83 KB,631x343)

You were born before you had a shape?
No it's not! It's a beautiful thing!
Err, wait, were you talking about love or reproduction?


File: 1604024098867.jpg (331.6 KB,850x1202)

Our bodies were "vaguely" humanoid, but Sensei polished us down to what you see now.

They were talking about reproduction.


File: 1604024361993.jpg (148.43 KB,1280x720)

Nodding at Antarc!

I don't really know about 'love.' I guess I love sensei, but he's not here…


File: 1604024553306.jpg (68.77 KB,631x342)

Oh, that's alright then! Yeah the other thing can be
She shakes her head
But love is great! It's like the best thing ever! Platonic love, family love, and romantic love are all great!
She may or may not have had Cupid as roommate for a few years…
Wait you don't love each other? Aren't you family?


File: 1604024782235.jpg (120.52 KB,850x850)

… That's…

Antarc DESPERATELY wracks brain for a way to say thing without making Phos super annoying

I 「care」 about Phosphophyllite.


File: 1604024899971.jpg (108.15 KB,1280x720)

Mmmm, I guess we're family…we've got the same 'father,' right?

Phos is totally going to take this chance to annoy Antarc.

Ehhhhh, you care about me? :D

Face related!


File: 1604025001410.png (263.6 KB,400x400)

Welll that's a start, I guess.
That usually makes you family!


File: 1604025324370.png (151.05 KB,421x600)

Obviously, someone has to watch out for an idiot like you.

We're "siblings" yes.


File: 1604025599196.jpg (108.97 KB,1280x720)

Antarc's so sweet~

Has Konata introduced Phos to the word 'tsundere' yet?

Either way, Phos is definitely hamming it up!


File: 1604025689914.jpg (49.48 KB,636x341)

Awwww! You're an adorable family of gems!
Blondie may or may not be getting pictures of this adorable event.


File: 1604025979880.jpg (171.92 KB,850x1407)

Antarc makes a long annoyed groaning noise, before walking past them, starting to unpeel their clothes as they goes.

I'm going to bed, get her out of here before tomorrow.

He steps into what is clearly the bathroom, closes the doors and then…yeah there's a sloshing sound Phos recognizes of them getting in the tub.


File: 1604026292784.jpg (99.77 KB,1280x720)

have some PHOS GIGGLES

Phos will continue to LEER as Antarc departs.

Shall we fade to Blondie getting the low down on drama town?


File: 1604026421791.jpg (64.45 KB,631x346)

Blondie will watch this stripper wander into the bathroom with keen BUT PURLY JOURNALISTIC interest.
Uhh… Does he sleep in a bathtub? Is that a gem thing?
Fade works


File: 1604039052341.png (1.05 MB,1528x1080)

>>Somewhere in public
It may not be fully cold winter yet, but Vivace is already dressed for it.
… It doesn't help her much, as she seems to have fallen asleep somewhere she probably shouldn't sleep.


File: 1604039332905.jpg (144.1 KB,634x690)

She's getting lightly shook awake @:


File: 1604039723718.png (762.48 KB,738x1000)

Rude @:
She's pretty cold, she might be dead.
At least it could seem that way until her wing twitches a bit.


File: 1604040112177.jpg (97.98 KB,509x552)

Ozma will go into her wagon and dig out a vial of something! She'll hold it under the dragons nose! It is a VERY powerful full on peppermint smell! It'll clear out her sinuses and probably also wake her up


File: 1604041029371.png (1.29 MB,1528x1080)

Mnnn… Wha ?

She groggily opens her eyes ! She doesn't move much otherwise.


File: 1604041389577.jpg (105.95 KB,477x689)

Have a small potato wave
Hello ma'am. Are you alright, you seem very cold…


File: 1604042302271.png (762.48 KB,738x1000)

Five more months…
She's probably fine, she just needs some heat.


File: 1604042533286.jpg (114.63 KB,517x693)

I don't think you can sleep here for 5 months. You're already super cold, I imagine winter will actually freeze you…
Ozma will thooooooonk
The she'll cast fire 1 one NEAR dragon but not on her.


File: 1604043424560.png (1.22 MB,1500x1061)

As if on cue she spreads her wings to suck up the heat ! It doesn't take long for her to perk up some.

Ah… Hey, keep doing that, that's nice.


File: 1604043741539.jpg (74.81 KB,416x588)

Uh… Sure, I guess I can.
She will continue to cast fire 1! She wasn't a black mage for very long, she just wanted the low level spells.
So you're like some kind of heat vampire Dragon?


File: 1604044280065.png (1.16 MB,1525x1080)

She does a sit and a stretch !

Mmmnope, just a dragon. What do you mean heat vampire ?


File: 1604044431753.jpg (114.63 KB,517x693)

Well you're sort of absorbing heat and being revived by it…
She shrugs.
Well you seem a bit better now, but why were you so… cold? It's not that cold out.


File: 1604046827932.png (1.49 MB,1528x1080)

Counter-shrug !
I didn't think bein' cold blooded would make me a vampire. But that's why I'm not as warm as you, can't help it.


File: 1604046964164.jpg (91.31 KB,413x715)

Vampires are cold blooded too!
But how come you're sleeping outside and not in a warm house?


File: 1604047987647.png (1.29 MB,1528x1080)

Uh-huh, but vampires don't breathe fire.
Anyway I was on my way home, and…
I gueeeeess I must have fallen asleep.
She says with a tone that seems to imply it happens a lot.


File: 1604048288187.jpg (112.55 KB,617x757)

Well that's not good! It's dangerous to fall asleep outside! Especially if your cold blooded, with winter coming up…


File: 1604048533899.png (618.48 KB,1200x750)

She looks at Ozma like she just said something dumb @:

What am I supposed to do, stay at home under the heat lamp ?


File: 1604048633118.jpg (83.73 KB,375x694)

I mean you should probably have a portable heat source at least. What if you pass out cuz it's cold and then it snows and you get buried in snow!


File: 1604048908095.png (3.13 MB,2000x1415)

Then it melts eventually !
I'm pretty tough, I'd probably be fine.

She would not be fine at all.


File: 1604049037725.jpg (70.67 KB,420x655)

But frostbite hurts, you could seriously hurt yourself! I don't know if your scaled parts can get frost bite, but you've got a pretty fleshy face! What if you get frostbite on your face and your nose falls off!

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