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"I thought Ron and Jon were the same person and we just interspliced whichever we felt like" ~ TC, 6:54pm CST, 11/28/2017

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Antarc looks at Blondie with a quirked eyebrow, and then looks back to Phos and makes a "go on" gesture.


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Kokonoe'd definitely do it.


File: 1604021818156.jpg (44.56 KB,631x347)

Oh. Well that's a shame… She must be super mean! Is she a villain?


File: 1604021883751.jpg (135.58 KB,850x601)

No, she's just a scientist.

Antarc has some HOT TAKES


File: 1604021966418.jpg (148.43 KB,1280x720)

She's not really 'super mean,' she just…uh, doesn't like being interrupted…

Yeah, like Alexi.


File: 1604022090466.jpg (55.55 KB,633x346)

Yeah but scientist is a job! What's her destiny like? Is she supposed to be like a mad scientist? Or is she one of those people who seem mean at first but then they're actually the hero?


File: 1604022229211.png (1.72 MB,1280x720)

I'd say she's more like Rutile.



File: 1604022338418.jpg (148.43 KB,1280x720)

You're using words weirdly again.

…Maybe both? The look she gets in her eyes kind of reminds me of Alexi sometimes.


File: 1604022447378.jpg (61.12 KB,634x347)

Yeah!! You know, the part of the story your parents did that you have to practice for and do yourself, so that the universe doesn't collapse!
I don't think I am…


File: 1604022723216.png (438.3 KB,800x1075)

Yes but Alexandrite is a very…specific sort of problem.



File: 1604022823606.jpg (100.25 KB,1280x720)

…You're definitely using weird words now.

I guess…


File: 1604022863723.jpg (56.5 KB,632x342)

Yeah, the people who made you! You're supposed to grow up to be like them and fill out their roll!
Do you guys not have parents?
Whaaaat? How so?


File: 1604023092328.png (1.52 MB,1280x720)

Oh, like Sensei and our jobs. I don't believe he ever thought to make use like him, or wanted us to be anything but happy and safe all things considered.
I've…not heard the term "parents" before.


File: 1604023192447.jpg (91.73 KB,1280x720)


Ah! I remember now! Kokonoe told me about this! She's talking about sexual reproduction! It's a thing humans and other animals do.

Phos is proud to have remembered this!


File: 1604023363949.jpg (56.27 KB,635x343)

Hmmm… Jobs might be your worlds version of destines maybe?
But either way parents look after you and care for you when your young and they're generally pretty great!
Yes! That's how you… Uhh make more animals and people!
Blondie will flush red a bit. >____>
Err, also love is important to that! Don't forget about love.


File: 1604023649111.png (143.23 KB,600x900)

Oh…yes that's right. Progenitors for animals and the like.

Sensei definitely sounds like our parent then. I don't think he had anything to do with our 'birth' though, outside of shaping our bodies.


File: 1604023844401.jpg (91.15 KB,1280x720)

Yeah, we don't do that. It's gross.

Mmm, I do kind of wonder what he would do if one of us called him ''dad." Do you think he knows about that kind of thing?


File: 1604024006881.jpg (55.83 KB,631x343)

You were born before you had a shape?
No it's not! It's a beautiful thing!
Err, wait, were you talking about love or reproduction?


File: 1604024098867.jpg (331.6 KB,850x1202)

Our bodies were "vaguely" humanoid, but Sensei polished us down to what you see now.

They were talking about reproduction.


File: 1604024361993.jpg (148.43 KB,1280x720)

Nodding at Antarc!

I don't really know about 'love.' I guess I love sensei, but he's not here…


File: 1604024553306.jpg (68.77 KB,631x342)

Oh, that's alright then! Yeah the other thing can be
She shakes her head
But love is great! It's like the best thing ever! Platonic love, family love, and romantic love are all great!
She may or may not have had Cupid as roommate for a few years…
Wait you don't love each other? Aren't you family?


File: 1604024782235.jpg (120.52 KB,850x850)

… That's…

Antarc DESPERATELY wracks brain for a way to say thing without making Phos super annoying

I 「care」 about Phosphophyllite.


File: 1604024899971.jpg (108.15 KB,1280x720)

Mmmm, I guess we're family…we've got the same 'father,' right?

Phos is totally going to take this chance to annoy Antarc.

Ehhhhh, you care about me? :D

Face related!


File: 1604025001410.png (263.6 KB,400x400)

Welll that's a start, I guess.
That usually makes you family!


File: 1604025324370.png (151.05 KB,421x600)

Obviously, someone has to watch out for an idiot like you.

We're "siblings" yes.


File: 1604025599196.jpg (108.97 KB,1280x720)

Antarc's so sweet~

Has Konata introduced Phos to the word 'tsundere' yet?

Either way, Phos is definitely hamming it up!


File: 1604025689914.jpg (49.48 KB,636x341)

Awwww! You're an adorable family of gems!
Blondie may or may not be getting pictures of this adorable event.


File: 1604025979880.jpg (171.92 KB,850x1407)

Antarc makes a long annoyed groaning noise, before walking past them, starting to unpeel their clothes as they goes.

I'm going to bed, get her out of here before tomorrow.

He steps into what is clearly the bathroom, closes the doors and then…yeah there's a sloshing sound Phos recognizes of them getting in the tub.


File: 1604026292784.jpg (99.77 KB,1280x720)

have some PHOS GIGGLES

Phos will continue to LEER as Antarc departs.

Shall we fade to Blondie getting the low down on drama town?


File: 1604026421791.jpg (64.45 KB,631x346)

Blondie will watch this stripper wander into the bathroom with keen BUT PURLY JOURNALISTIC interest.
Uhh… Does he sleep in a bathtub? Is that a gem thing?
Fade works


File: 1604039052341.png (1.05 MB,1528x1080)

>>Somewhere in public
It may not be fully cold winter yet, but Vivace is already dressed for it.
… It doesn't help her much, as she seems to have fallen asleep somewhere she probably shouldn't sleep.


File: 1604039332905.jpg (144.1 KB,634x690)

She's getting lightly shook awake @:


File: 1604039723718.png (762.48 KB,738x1000)

Rude @:
She's pretty cold, she might be dead.
At least it could seem that way until her wing twitches a bit.


File: 1604040112177.jpg (97.98 KB,509x552)

Ozma will go into her wagon and dig out a vial of something! She'll hold it under the dragons nose! It is a VERY powerful full on peppermint smell! It'll clear out her sinuses and probably also wake her up


File: 1604041029371.png (1.29 MB,1528x1080)

Mnnn… Wha ?

She groggily opens her eyes ! She doesn't move much otherwise.


File: 1604041389577.jpg (105.95 KB,477x689)

Have a small potato wave
Hello ma'am. Are you alright, you seem very cold…


File: 1604042302271.png (762.48 KB,738x1000)

Five more months…
She's probably fine, she just needs some heat.


File: 1604042533286.jpg (114.63 KB,517x693)

I don't think you can sleep here for 5 months. You're already super cold, I imagine winter will actually freeze you…
Ozma will thooooooonk
The she'll cast fire 1 one NEAR dragon but not on her.


File: 1604043424560.png (1.22 MB,1500x1061)

As if on cue she spreads her wings to suck up the heat ! It doesn't take long for her to perk up some.

Ah… Hey, keep doing that, that's nice.


File: 1604043741539.jpg (74.81 KB,416x588)

Uh… Sure, I guess I can.
She will continue to cast fire 1! She wasn't a black mage for very long, she just wanted the low level spells.
So you're like some kind of heat vampire Dragon?


File: 1604044280065.png (1.16 MB,1525x1080)

She does a sit and a stretch !

Mmmnope, just a dragon. What do you mean heat vampire ?


File: 1604044431753.jpg (114.63 KB,517x693)

Well you're sort of absorbing heat and being revived by it…
She shrugs.
Well you seem a bit better now, but why were you so… cold? It's not that cold out.


File: 1604046827932.png (1.49 MB,1528x1080)

Counter-shrug !
I didn't think bein' cold blooded would make me a vampire. But that's why I'm not as warm as you, can't help it.


File: 1604046964164.jpg (91.31 KB,413x715)

Vampires are cold blooded too!
But how come you're sleeping outside and not in a warm house?


File: 1604047987647.png (1.29 MB,1528x1080)

Uh-huh, but vampires don't breathe fire.
Anyway I was on my way home, and…
I gueeeeess I must have fallen asleep.
She says with a tone that seems to imply it happens a lot.


File: 1604048288187.jpg (112.55 KB,617x757)

Well that's not good! It's dangerous to fall asleep outside! Especially if your cold blooded, with winter coming up…


File: 1604048533899.png (618.48 KB,1200x750)

She looks at Ozma like she just said something dumb @:

What am I supposed to do, stay at home under the heat lamp ?


File: 1604048633118.jpg (83.73 KB,375x694)

I mean you should probably have a portable heat source at least. What if you pass out cuz it's cold and then it snows and you get buried in snow!


File: 1604048908095.png (3.13 MB,2000x1415)

Then it melts eventually !
I'm pretty tough, I'd probably be fine.

She would not be fine at all.


File: 1604049037725.jpg (70.67 KB,420x655)

But frostbite hurts, you could seriously hurt yourself! I don't know if your scaled parts can get frost bite, but you've got a pretty fleshy face! What if you get frostbite on your face and your nose falls off!

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