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"I thought Ron and Jon were the same person and we just interspliced whichever we felt like" ~ TC, 6:54pm CST, 11/28/2017

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Notes on the 7 Masrers of Pt 2:


Additional stuff:

>The enemy forces are called Oпpичники.

>During the breakdown of the CHALDEAS, the last of the emergency messages stated that no other celestial body aside from the Earth could at present be observed.
>Kotomine was apparently aware of their arrival in advance, even though Gordorf's forces were not.
>This puts him as a potential collaborator to Koyanskaya.
>He specifically states that he has a problem with Heroic Spirits, because the matters of this world should be decided by the living.
>The weird alien-looking girl is just sadly observing Chaldea's destruction.
>The suitcase that da Vinci and Holmes prepared is a backup log of the Saint Graphs that Chaldea has thus far summoned.
>When clarifying, da Vinci states that it can be thought of as a physical manifestation of the karmic bond (縁, en) to the Servants that Guda has summoned.

>pink director set us up

>kirei taunts you about how everything you did will be undone
>anastacia came to save your ass and warnes fatso about being used and Kirei not being from the church
>fatso tries to get your ass out of chaldea and save you
>too late, hunters come after your ass
>anastacia stalls them
>you get out with the help of mashu
>battle some hunters
>chaldea is a slaughter house
>confronts kirei
>A team has been set out to wipe humanity's future
>kirei kills da vinci
>she and holmes bails you out somehow with their servant powers
>you need to get your servants and shit sorted out ASAP to save humanity again
>You end up saving Goldorff
>Holmes stole some mcguffin that can teleport and timetravel and the tank is basically a Delorean




…this message. To all humanity, we are sending this message.
>From now, this planet will be reborn anew, changed into a new world.
>The civilization of humanity was not right. Our growth was incorrect.
>Thusly, I have judged. We will rebel against all of human history thus far— against the Pan-Human History.
>Once more, the world will be filled with Mystery not of Man. This planet will reclaim the era of the gods.
>For that reason, gods have descended from a distant sky. Seven new leaders have been selected, to be as seeds.
>These leaders shall recreate the planet. And the most outstanding of these “Apocryphal Leaders” shall renew this world.
>None that live in the Pan-Human History may participate in this battle. They will not be allowed to spectate either.

>The root of dreams has fallen. The tree of genesis fills the land.

>From now on, all works undertaken by old humanity will be frozen.
>The accounting of your crimes will be settled with this treatment.
>The Pan-Human History will end with the year 2017.
>My name is Wodime. Kirschtaria Wodime.
>As representative of the seven Crypters, I hereby send a message to the remnants of Chaldea— no.
>To you, who have become the last remaining members of old humanity. —The history of this planet, we will be its inheritors.
>The transmission ends.


>Kirschtaria-san…? That voice did sound like >Kirschtaria-san, but…


>That was Kirschtaria Wodime!?
>A-Team’s leader, that youngster I tried to protect… why's he acting so high and mighty…!?


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>Chaldea Staff:
>Are those meteorites—-!? No, but we didn’t get any report from Panama, did we!?
>There were no confirmations of objects large enough to not burn up in the atmosphere!
>And what’s with that trajectory of descent anyway!? Just how are they dropping straight down like that!?


>It is out of the common sense of humanity, then.
>Then they cannot be asteroids that have flown here from the farflung reaches of space. They are not space debris either.
>If so, it can only be something from fiction. Invaders from outer space, for example


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>Ooh, it bounced! Was that tremor from leaving the slope!?
>It was as you said. Mr. Gordolf has an interest in driving, I presume!
>Y-Yeah. Although it’s nothing to be proud of, I’ve participated in amateur races.
>Sponsor, me. Driver, me. Team strategist, me. I was just like Musik of the Phoenix-

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