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"I thought Ron and Jon were the same person and we just interspliced whichever we felt like" ~ TC, 6:54pm CST, 11/28/2017

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There are no Rulers in this Great Grail War. One Ruler has not been summoned because this war will not affect the world, and another Ruler is already dead. There will be no new Rulers called.

This world is just a remnant, repeating over and over until a miracle is recreated and glory is achieved.

You have been called by Fafnir because you are the Master who restored the Human Order. Fafnir used the power of the Holy Grail to summon you in the form of a dream. Right now you are akin to a spiritual body. Your original self is still travelling in the Shadow Border.

You ask Fafnir for an explanation and he says it's a bit hard to explain. Fafnir: "…it's a bit too complicated… wait a bit, let me organize my thoughts, I'm gonna sort out an explanation…"

First he explains how you're currently in the Far Side of the world, where phantasmal species have come to rest. The Human Order envelops the planet like a cloth and establishes the world humanity lives in. If the Human Order is disrupted, phantasmal species may appear there. Guda: "So it's like… in the middle of a conversation, suddenly, wyverns." Fafnir: "Yup, yup, that's right."

Currently this place is in crisis because of the Greater Grail that Fafnir brought. It's damaged from a certain NP but Fafnir says it was fine until one day it suddenly broke. Fafnir: "Somehow, even though I didn't do anything, it broke." Guda: "That's what the culprit usually says."

Inside the Greater Grail, Holy Grail Wars have started up. Over 10,000 wars have been waged. The first battle had 2 Servants duking it out, the 567th had 4, and in the 2330th repetition they got to 7. Fafnir's control over the Greater Grail is also slipping. He thinks someone is interfering in order to get their hands on the Grail.

If the Grail goes out of control, it'd be troublesome. It was something entrusted to Fafnir to protect, and it'd also be troublesome for the beasts living here, and furthermore it might even affect the anchor of the Human Order, which would lead to the Texture of the world being damaged and the laws of physics being overturned, a world where the Age of Gods would be mixed in with the present.

Fafnir says that'd be a bad place where humans and magical beasts would harm each other. So he bows down to you, seeking for your help to save the world. When you agree to help his roar of thanks is so accidentally loud that there's nothing but ringing in your ears for moments afterwards. Fafnir: "??? …are you alright? Did anything happen?" Once you explain it to him he apologizes. He asks you to get on his back since he'll be bringing you into the inner world of the Greater Grail. It'll be his first flight in ten-odd years.

Section 1:

Inside the Greater Grail, it looks like Trifas has been recreated, as well as the Hanging Gardens. Fafnir blows up a golem and dragon tooth warrior army easily but you're swiftly attacked by Servants. He's struck out of the sky by Vasavi Shakti, falling together with you into the forest. His wings are crushed and he can't fly.

Fafnir explains that the Servants that attacked are more of imitations of Heroic Spirits. Fafnir: "If I'd to compare… yeah, they'd be closer to something like zombies or robots." They have the combat strength of a Servant but no emotions or reasoning whatsoever.

Fafnir is struck by Balmung and you're in a pinch. Chiron appears to help you out. Fafnir hands you over to Chiron and asks you to flee towards the castle. You're concerned about the dragon but Chiron tells you that another Servant will bail him out.

Section 2:

You run and hide at the castle. Chiron tells you that once day breaks, the enemies will retreat… or rather, vanish. It's something he noticed 734 rounds ago. Chiron pours you some pretty good coffee. He begins to fill in the details that Fafnir might've missed in his explanation.

Chiron explains that the Great Holy Grail War was supposed to have ended with Fafnir's victory. What is happening now is something of a recreation, or simulation. He and the other Servants were originally just thoughtless automatons mindlessly repeating battles over and over. Chiron has knowledge of himself as a Servant but he remembers nothing of the Great Holy Grail War. As for why he has his consciousness now, Chiron speculates that as administrator of the Greater Grail, Fafnir managed to get something done to fix his settings when he spawned.

Achilles returns and introduces himself, saying that he's the one who Paris killed by shooting in the heel. Guda: "…could you actually be a klutz?" Achilles: "There's no such thing!" Chiron laughs and says that you have quite the eye for people, agreeing that Achilles is actually unexpectedly clumsy.

In the courtyard, Fafnir is resting after being rescued by Achilles. He didn't expect the recreated Servants to be able to use their Noble Phantasms, and getting hit by Balmung was terrible thanks to the compatibility that weapon has against him.

Originally Fafnir wanted to give all 14 Servants sentience but he hesitated in creating thinking beings carelessly. His hesitation made the situation worsen, and granting Achilles as well as Chiron their own will was all that he could do. Although he can't do much with his wounds, he decides he will continue helping you out and creates an avatar (lit: terminal) to work with: Sieg.

For the time being the Fafnir body will sleep and rest while Sieg accompanies you. He apologizes again for causing you trouble. He's almost forgotten how to do a handshake properly and accidentally grips your hand too hard.

As night falls, you begin to hold a strategy meeting with Chiron. The centaur is not very optimistic about the odds. Sieg reveals all the true names of all the Servants. After thinking about it, Chiron says that you should give the command to start the meeting. Guda: "Uh… stand! Bow! Seat." Sieg and Achilles jump to do what you say, puzzled. Chiron then begins the lecture on "How to defeat all 12 Servants, Red and Black".

Achilles: "Didn't you say it was impossible just now?" Chiron: "Yeah, it's impossible to defeat twelve. So what should we do?" Sieg wonders if it's possible to take them all out with a Noble Phantasm but dismisses the idea just as quickly. Achilles suggests taking them down one by one. Chiron says that's close, but the enemy won't come nicely one by one in turns. You say three at a time, and Chiron smiles, saying that's the correct answer.

Chiron will hold back the remaining nine with Achilles. Achilles: "Eh." In the meantime, you and Sieg will take care of three enemies.

Sieg: "This is a bit reckless." Chiron: "No, it's entirely not reckless at all, not one bit." Achilles: "No no, no no no no no!" He thinks it's a bit much to ask him to hold back 9 Servants together with Chiron. Chiron already has a plan prepared, however, which is to retreat when the enemy is about to use their Noble Phantasms. Until nightfall, Sieg is to train to predict when a Noble Phantasm is about to be used.

Hearing this, Achilles is triggered with memories of his harsh training under Chiron. Achilles (8 years old) wanted the fastest way to become a hero and Chiron gave it to him. Chiron: "Evade my attacks for 24 hours." Achilles (8 years old): "Eh." And Chiron proceeded to fire a hundred arrows at Achilles in that cramped cave.

Achilles remembered that Chiron said: "It's okay, it'll be fine! If you change the trajectory of ten out of a hundred arrows, you'll naturally avoid all of them! With your god-like speed it's not impossible! And see, the arrowhead is not attached, so if it hits it'll just hurt a lot, that's all! Eh? You don't want the quickest course, you want to do it steadily? I see… I see…. Well, I'm more suited to teaching in that style after all, and this type of education is a bit unsavoury. But for the sake of situations where there's not much time, let's polish this teaching method too."

Achilles: "…Don't die… don't die, okay…?" Sieg: "…Ah, of course. I'll overcome (the next night too)." You feel like there's some misunderstanding present.

You go to rest and have a strange dream of the Servants killing each other over and over. When you wake up, Sieg just about collapses from training with Chiron. Chiron goes to prepare the barrier that'll isolate your three targets from the other nine.

Sieg seems happy watching the master and student interact, since they were on opposite sides in the actual Grail War. You ask for his story and he tells you of his background as a homunculus. Sieg: "Eh? You think homunculi are all snowmen-like enemies?"

When night falls that's the signal for the fight to begin. Chiron creates the barrier. Achilles feels a bit awkward fighting alongside his teacher but Chiron assures Achilles that the Rider has more experience in actual combat. On your end, you find your three targets: Shakespeare, Avicebron and Jack.


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Section 3:

You defeat Jack, Avicebron and Shakespeare just as the dawn comes. Sieg is concerned if the next night might have some different surprises in store, and Achilles calls him pessimistic.

Achilles says that since the Greater Grail belongs to Sieg, he can just destroy it if necessary. Sieg says that he can't. Chiron drags Achilles off to re-deploy the barrier just in case anything happens, while you and Sieg return to the castle to rest.

You have a strange dream again in your sleep. First you hear the Servant speaking their lines, then there is the word "Captured", and then a brief introduction of the Servant before finally ending with their name.

"Mo…ther…mother, mother…!" Captured. The Killer in the Misty Night, the Woman-slayer, Murderous Serial-Killer, young girl, composite body of evil spirits, class Assassin, high ranking Presence Concealment, adept at torture. Jack the Ripper.

"I'm counting on you, Keter Malkuth! If it is you, then this land will… it will surely, surely be where Paradise can be built! The world, humanity, my people, save them!" Captured. Kabbalist, Golem Master, Foundation Maker, Philosopher, Class Caster, the poet who reigns over the stone giants. Avicebron.

"Yes, in truth, I am absurdly terrible at combat magecraft. But you, gods, will give us some faults to make us men." Captured. The World's Finest Literatist, Artist, Playwright, Emperor of Tales, Class Caster, the author who remains unyielding by not fighting. William Shakespeare.

The three Saint Graphs above are registered into something.

The dream ends and Jack wakes you up, asking if you're her mother (Master). Jack: "Even if you're not, it's okay! Because you're like a mother!" It seems that you were the one who called her. Sieg rushes into the room to inform you that Shakespeare and Avicebron have also appeared in the courtyard.

Shakespeare is being positively annoying as usual, while Avicebron notes that it's only the three that you defeated who have been revived with their consciousness. Introductions are exchanged.

Jack reveals that she's Jack the Ripper. Shakespeare: "What!?" Achilles: "Hah!?" Chiron: "This is surprising." Sieg: "…Yeah, it's pretty shocking if you think about it rationally."

Their reactions make Jack sad. Jack "Mother, it's embarrassing. Everyone's staring at me…"You tell Jack to come to your side. Sieg remarks that the little assassin seems to have gotten quite attached to you. Avicebron gets the show back on the road by asking Chiron to explain the current situation.

Things seem hopeful now that you might be able to get more Servants under your control by defeating them. Shakespeare is concerned because he and Avicebron are not very suited for fighting, but Chiron reassures him that you and Sieg, who understand their characteristics well, will give suitable directions.

Jack asks you what should be done next. Guda: "Firstly, keep watch over Shakespeare so that he doesn't play truant." Sieg: "Definitely. Though in my case, it's so that he doesn't do anything unnecessary and make things worse." Shakespeare: "My heart hurts at the lack of trust from these two!"

Avicebron wonders just what Shakespeare did before. Meanwhile, Jack notices that Sieg seems to be avoiding her and asks why. Sieg says that he had seen her past, and he felt it was sorrowful. Jack says that those are memories and feelings of others, so Sieg has no connection to it and has no need to feel sad about it. Sieg: "I do have a connection… I couldn't save you, that's what I thought." Jack: "But aren't we here because we were saved?"

The conversation continues as Jack figures out they were defeated and killed in the Great Holy Grail War. Since the story is going to be long, Sieg instead talks with her about something else. Jack: If it's not about doctors or Londons, anything is fine!" Sieg: "Got it. Uh, then… yeah, let's talk about cooking." The two talk for some time until you tell them it's about time for the next battle.

Night falls and Chiron says that the strategy will be similar to the previous battle. Lure away three to be defeated while he defends against the rest. This time, Chiron tells Achilles to go with you. Chiron will have Avicebron's golems to support him instead. Chiron: "As for Shakespeare… that's right, just stand by the side and cast strengthening enchantments to make yourself amused." Guda: "Is that really okay!?" Shakespeare gleefully says that he'll accompany you because it'll be interesting then.

Jack wants to come with you but Chiron needs her on the defense, so you persuade Jack to stay. Meanwhile, Achilles acknowledges you are an excellent Master and swears his loyalty to you. Achilles: "There's no need to do anything in particular. You just need to walk the path that you believe in. As you do so, I'll be your outrider."

You ask him if he knows the Amazoness Queen. Achilles instantly freezes up and the mood turns awkward, as Sieg observes. Sieg himself seems happy that he has the chance to fight alongside Achilles, as they didn't get the chance to interact in the Great Holy Grail War. Still, he's being pessimistic. It was a good thing you managed to get the three defeated Servants as your allies, but Sieg doubts things will play out the same tonight. Achilles admits that he has a similar feeling and that this night will be harder.

Shakespeare: "Please, hold my fine literary works close to you and venture forth!" Sieg: "It feels like I should be wondering if this is really going to be effective…" With that, you head out and battle the three enemies for tonight: Atalante, Frankenstein and Spartacus.


Section 4:

Achilles finds it weird that he was damaged by the enemy even though only those of divine blood may harm him. Sieg says that they can't rule out Atalante and Spartacus perhaps having inherited some divinity in an obscure fashion, but there is no way Frankenstein could have divine blood.

Achilles, Avicebron and Jack join you, having succeeded in their mission. Sieg is glad that everyone is fine. Jack: "Nope. I don't think it's everyone, Mr. Administrator." Chiron shouts that you should rush back to the castle. Shakespeare is not here. You run back to the castle.

Shakespeare: "DID YOU THINK I WAS DEAD!!" Laughing, he welcomes you back. Chiron says everyone, including him, feels relieved that Shakespeare is alright.

Jack: "「If he died, the castle's defenses must be reconsidered」, is what you told me. right?"

Avicebron: "「We'll be stabbed in the back so Master must be protected」, is what you said, yes."

Chiron laughs it off and says he was only talking in hypotheticals.

You are doubtful about Shakespeare's identity, which leads him off on a tangent where he outlines a tale about him being snatched away during the battle, bound and then possessed by a dark aura.

Chiron says that Shakespeare should stay close from now on and not wander off. Shakespeare: "Yes, professor, what'll happen if I wander off?" Chiron: "I would feel very bad. Even though but a transient existence, for the world-famous literatist to be turned into a pincushion would be…"

Back to the topic at hand, Chiron wonders if everything isn't going as the enemy has planned. The enemies are getting stronger and Jack says she might not win next time.

When you take your rest, again you dream of an introduction to the three Servants you have just defeated: Atalante, Spartacus and Frankenstein. Again, they have been "captured" and registered. There is a voice saying "It's not over, I won't let it be over, there's no way it'll be over."

When you wake up, Sieg has prepared a meal for two which he wants to have together with you. The food is good - Sieg had used his authority as administrator of the Grail to cook. As you eat, you tell Sieg about the world you came from. The Shadow Border, and a bleached white planet. Sieg: "…That world's also in trouble, huh. Don't worry, even if something happens… I'll use my authority as administrator of the Greater Grail and send you back to your original world. It'll just be like a slightly long dream."

You thank him. Sieg says it's the least he can do for getting you involved in this. He'd also like to hear more about where you're from, particularly before you became a Master. You bring up that he's speaking differently from when he was in dragon form. It's the first time he summoned a Master and he got a bit carried away about trying to behave properly for the occassion.

Sieg: "Why did I even say something like, 'O, Mortal One'. Remembering it now, that's seriously embarrassing…! Forget I ever said that. Please forget it, yeah."

There are sparks of electricity. Alarmed, you and Sieg rush out to the courtyard. There you see Fran angrily gesticulating at the motionless Fafnir. Being able to understand Fran, you explain to Sieg that the flower bed is Fran's. It looks like Sieg had parked Fafnir's body right on top of it. He can't move it right now, however. He apologizes to Fran and hopes she'll be fine with just shoving Fafnir into a corner as much as possible. Fran begins slowly pushing the immobile dragon aside.

Spartacus: "Umu. Speaking of which, a dragon is oppression—" Guda: "No, no oppression!"

Spartacus posits that he has come here to fight, and so the dragon must be a symbol of oppression, must it not? Fran says it isn't. Spartacus: "..It is not oppression? Then, I shall wait. It will surely oppress one day. On that day, I shall march forth, singing a song of victory. Until then… I will wait on this flower bed. Rebellion."

Spartacus falls asleep on the flower bed and you try to calm down the angry Fran. Since these two were summoned, Sieg says the third must also have come.

Inside the castle, Achilles is staring at Atalante. He says that his father had spoke often of her and she realizes that he is the son of Peleus. They and Chiron discuss the situation of battle for a bit, with Chiron saying that it is lucky Achilles is not on the other side because Chiron would have been the only one with divinity on your team.

Atalante: "Achilles, did you drag my corpse around with your chariot?" Achilles: "Course not! If I did that, I'd definitely be a Berserker!"

Atalante laughs and says it was a joke. Though her Saint Graph has no records of the Great Holy Grail War, since they were both on the Red team, Atalante guesses she was saying something silly.

Achilles: "Yeah, that's right. I've always wanted to meet you myself. My father often spoke of you." Atalante: "…Stop it, I'm getting embarrassed." Chiron: "It's good to be young…" Avicebron: "Age is meaningless for Servants, though… hm."

It seems that Avicebron has thought of something related to Shakespeare. Chiron asks if he's discovered proof that Shakespeare is a fake. Avicebron says it's something else. Shakespeare did indeed head to the castle. If it was not Shakespeare but another Servant at that time, you'd have been driven to destruction.

Chiron says that he'll make a suggestion to you regarding a plan for this. It's time to outwit the enemy's attempt to outwit you.

Night falls and the battle begins once more. Shakespeare sees you off. Avicebron says that the Casters no longer need to head to the front so they will stay put in the castle. Of course, his golems will still be at your service.

In the courtyard, Atalante fires her Noble Phantasm into the sky. An enemy Servant is there and it successfully evades all of her arrows. Sieg says that it must be Astolfo and his hippogriff. Atalante and Chiron move to intercept the Rider of Black.

Spartacus has also awoken. Spartacus: "Ah, oppressors! Finally, you have come to attack under the cover of darkness! Then naturally, I shall also defeat you! With my love! Let's go! Rebellion!"

Out in the fields Achilles and Chiron are preparing to fight when a barrier begins to spring up. Chiron recognizes it as his own - the enemy has learnt from his strategies and techniques and are attempting to divide and conquer you, just as you have been doing to them. He shouts out to you and Sieg.

It seems that Chiron has predicted the enemy would appear in the midst of the castle. Sieg asks Jack to report on how the enemies she've seen look like. Jack says that she saw two armored Sabers and a frilly Rider. There are also Shadow Servants gushing out. Guda: "How strong are they?" Jack: "They're not a big deal so it'll be A-okay! If you leave it to us, they'll be dissected, chop-chop!"

You'll protect the two Casters while handling the enemy attack. It's an ambush that has been foreseen, so Sieg says there shouldn't be anything to fear.


Jack and Fran high-five each other when Astolfo is beaten. Jack: "Yaay!"

Even though you've won, Sieg is unsteady on his feet. He says that his control over the Grail has dropped even further. Defeating the enemy Servants and recruiting them seem to have nothing to do with the rate at which his control is being eroded, it seems. Someone else is trying to get their hands on the grail.

Jack: "If they really want it that much then why don't we just give it to them? You're not a Servant, so there's no need to push yourself, right?"

Sieg: "There was a Servant who wanted to fulfil their wish with this Greater Grail. And I was the one who stopped that from happening. So… yeah, I have to take responsibility here."

Jack doesn't really understand it, but she pities Sieg and says that his life must be terrible. Sieg isn't that fussed. For him, it was short but fun.

As usual, you get the dream and introductions to the newly defeated Servants. Someone says: "Three left. Only a little more to go, just a little more."

Meanwhile, Sieg is reminiscing. His vigil was lonely. He had no idea if he would be in solitude for ten years, a thousand years, or ten thousand years. He wanted someone to talk to. Homunculus, human, Servant, anyone would do. Anything could be talked about. That wish was fulfilled surprisingly easily. He knows everything that happened to the Servants gathered here during the Great Holy Grail War, including how they died. But he won't speak of it. There's no need to do so. It's just that they have all been reset, as if this was the first day of that battle. And so, when Astolfo greets him as if it's their first time meeting, he feels a bit sad about it.

You and Sieg meet the three new arrivals - Astolfo, Siegfried and Mordred - in the courtyard. Sieg explains what is going on. Siegfried is quick to offer his help, but Mordred says she can't get up the enthusiasm for it if there's not going to be a Holy Grail War.

Achilles: "That's fine, it doesn't really matter whether we have one more Saber along."

Mordred: "…Hah? You spoiling for a fight?"

Achilles: "See, you get it after all, don't you! We've got our hands full just dealing with this situation that's worsening day by day. If you aren't gonna fight, just leave."

The two pissed Servants are about to throw down when Fran hits them both on the head. If they fight in the courtyard they'll mess up the flowers. Mordred suggests taking the fight outside but Achilles is no longer in the mood.

Chiron: "It's the best when fellow heroes are getting along so well."

Mordred & Achilles: "We don't!"

Chiron says that when they fight alongside one another they'll inevitably get along better. In fact, they will be forced to. As a change of topic, Mordred asks Sieg how his rate of control is going along, and if there have been any changes. Sieg: "It's not changed…. it's eroding away without any problems." Guda: "That's a problem though!?"

Mordred says there's no choice but to go on the attack. Of course, the target can only be the floating gardens. Chiron says the enemy will be concentrating their twelve Servants there for a defensive battle.

Atalante asks if you could not head towards the garden's location during the day so that you'll infiltrate it instantly when night falls and it reappears. Avicebron reveals that at Chiron's request, he'd sent out a flying golem to that spot. When night came, it was forcibly relocated. He suggests that the opponent has been considering what strategies your side would take, and is coming up with ways to counter them.

Though Sieg has reached it before, it was a combination of efforts requiring a plane, Astolfo's hippogriff and its evasion, as well as a Ruler's defensive spells to reduce the bombardment. This time, although you have Achilles's chariot and Astolfo's hippogriff, it will still be a difficult fortress to assault. The enemy will be defending with all their might.

Chiron determines that busting through the front is your best bet. Sieg can somehow fly his main body after recuperating for the past days, but if the enemy activate their Noble Phantasms he's going down. Especially if it's Balmung. He makes a point of Balmung being extremely bad for him. Siegfried: "…My apologies. It seems that my self on the other side has caused you some trouble."

Fran tells Siegfried (with Mordred translating) not to mind it. Still, Chiron says Fafnir's power is needed to break through. Sieg is scared but says he will take responsibility for delivering them to the Hanging Gardens. Chiron has no intentions of letting Sieg do all the heavy lifting. Achilles and Astolfo can fly with their rides.

Shakespeare: "Then I shall stay— ah, that would be bad. I would probably be killed by a dragon tooth soldier or something." He then says he'll get to work on writing some poems praising heroes, which might increase their luck. And in fact he does get to work immediately, shouting about his burning creator's soul.

Avicebron says he'll have flying golems deploy in front of Fafnir as a shield. He'll make them out of the castle walls. Atalante wonders if she should just intercept enemies with her bow. Sieg brings up her other Noble Phantasm. The Pelt of Calydon will allow her to fly. Atalante says that she must have been incredibly pressured by the Great Holy Grail War if she even brought out that Noble Phantasm to try and win it.

Jack asks you if she can use her mist. It can envelop targets selectively, which reminds Sieg of what happened back in the Great War. Jack will go along with you on Fafnir's back and use the mist defensively. Avicebron and Shakespeare will also be on Fafnir.

Mordred asks Fran to team up with her, so the two of them will stay on the ground. Fran doesn't seem convinced. Mordred: "Don't be so cautious! I've got a brilliant plan, you know, a really brilliant one!"

Chiron asks Mordred if she has any lore or legends of flying in the sky. She has none, but Mordred says she'll manage. Mordred: "I just need to get there, right? Then I just need to blast into the sky. Like, say, a rocket!" Guda: "That means… you'll explode…" Mordred: "Hell no!"

As for Chiron himself, he'll ride with Achilles. Siegfried goes with Astolfo. Achilles then invites Spartacus on the chariot too.

Spartacus: "NO."

Achilles: "Why!?"

Spartacus: "It stinks of oppression. I understand the target destination and will arrive by my own means. There is nothing impossible for this Spartacus. I will smash through even the great obstacle of my target being in the sky."

Sieg: "Please calm down. Spartacus, even as a Servant you have no Noble Phantasm or skills that will let you fly."

Spartacus: "There is nothing impossible in this world. As surely as there are birds soaring through the sky, so too is this not impossible for mankind. To head to the garden, I shall become a bird. Yes, an elegant little bird that flaps in the sky… SHINING STEEL SPIRIT!"

Guda: "You're not going to fly with that sort of cry!"

Atalante says that Spartacus isn't going to turn into a bird overnight and that thinking so is very disrespectful to birds. She suggests using a rope to climb up to the Hanging Gardens with his muscle power.

Spartacus: "…….that's not oppression…."

Mordred: "I've got no clue at all what this guy defines as oppression!"

Chiron: "So with this, everyone has their means to get onboard the Hanging Gardens."

Spartacus: "Umu."

Chiron: "…Probably."

You assure Chiron that it'll be alright. Spartacus will show off his prided and trusted muscle power.

With that out of the way, Chiron says that the three new arrivals should train with you to make sure they can get used to linking up you in battle. He'll advise from the sides. Mordred is unwilling to train but Chiron manages to persuade her to do so. He says that she has enough skill not to need training, but there is a beauty in coordinating in a real battle. Sieg is amazed at how Chiron managed to convince Mordred.

Astolfo goes first. Chiron asks Avicebron to make some training golems. At the end of the training, Chiron tells Astolfo that linking up will not only fill gaps in the defense but improve his strength in a charge, and that he'll now be aware of this in a real battle.

Siegfried goes next. The golems are to focus on Siegfried. The point of the training is to make snap judgments on whether one should defend, recover, evade or swap.

Mordred is last. She says it's troublesome so she'll just go wild. Chiron says it's fine if she does so, you'll just keep up with her. Mordred didn't expect that answer and asks if it's fine, to which Chiron says she's best just rampaging around like a Berserker. Chiron advises you to bring out the most firepower from Mordred and that she is the type who's strong in short fights.

At the end of the training you've grasped the strengths and specialties of the three Servants and can now direct them well. You'll be leaving this castle soon and may not return, so Chiron tells you to finish up whatever you want here as you can.

Fran is sad that she'll have to leave the flowers. Sieg suggests that she pick some to bring with her and she happily runs to do so.

Mordred: "She got a bit too excited, well…"

Sieg: "The two of you… seem to get along."

Mordred: "Huh? Ah, it's simple. We're alike after all."

Sieg doesn't get what she means, but Mordred tells him not to mind it. In return, she asks Sieg what relationship he has with Siegfried. He admits that there was a bit of a connection in the past but it's irrelevant now.

Siegfried asks to speak with Sieg. Mordred quietly leaves as to give them some alone time. He asks about his memories of the Great Holy Grail War, which Sieg speculates to be missing or sealed away by the culprit who is repeating this Grail War over and over. Since Sieg has memories of the war, Siegfried asks his next question. Siegfried: "Was I able to exist in a way that was like me?"

Sieg is unable to tell him the answer. Siegfried says that he was just curious, and that being summoned here in this way means all past hatreds and grudges have no more meaning. He will fight with all his strength. Still, he didn't expect the administrator to be Fafnir. Siegfried says that he would not want to fight it a second time. It was such a terrible fight that he can't remember what happened then. The only thing left from that fight was a strong feeling that he does not want to fight Fafnir again.

Remembering Orleans, you apologize to Siegfried. Siegfried doesn't get why but says you don't need to worry about it. Siegfried: "You are a Master, and thus a crystallization of the future. As long as you need it, I shall be pleased to lend you my strength."

Later, at the top of the castle walls, you explain to Sieg what happened in Orleans. That there Siegfried fought another Fafnir. Sieg tells you not to worry. Sieg: "It may be his true feelings that he does not want to fight Fafnir a second time, but… even so, I think that hero stood up bravely to fight, as if it was only natural. Time and again, he did so. Even more so if it was to save the Human Order. After all, he's a hero that would give his life to save a mere homunculus."

Sieg feels it's a bit complicated to put to words his feelings regarding the two contradicting wishes Siegfried had in wanting Sieg to live, and also wanting to fight again with Karna, with whom he had promised a rematch. You suggest guilt, and Sieg agrees. He feels guilty.

When Sieg became administrator he found out a lot of things. That Atalante's final opponent was Achilles. That Frankenstein was destroyed by Mordred. And that Siegfried gave his heart to Sieg so that the latter could live. Each and everyone of them had their wishes for the Grail, and Sieg feels that each of them had right wishes. However, he was the one to win the Grail in the end and he's been conflicted about it all this time. Whether or not his actions were right.

Sieg wonders what you would have done. Would you have accepted their wishes as being correct, or would you have done the same as he did. Or perhaps you would have chosen a path that he did not think of. You tell Sieg that you can't really say without being there yourself.

Sieg: "That's true. Hm… hm? It's strange. The problem's not resolved yet, but, I feel a bit lighter now.

Guda: "Perhaps you just needed someone to listen to you?"

Sieg feels that might be the case. There's still some time before you have to depart, so he asks if he can talk to you some more. You're glad to do so. This time, Sieg wants to hear all about the about the Servants around you. Of course, in a way that doesn't infringe on you or their privacy.

You talk to him about the puppet ninja Servant that isn't actually a robot (Sieg finds ninjas awesome), about the various Divine Spirits (Sieg is surprised at Artemis's personality and wonders if you can even win a fight using Orion if Orion's a little bear), about how heavy love from certain obsessive Servants can get (Sieg thought love was always a good thing and is surprised that love has a weight).

Sieg: "Pirate. Blackbeard. I understand that I can't reach an understanding of it."

At the end of your conversation, Sieg says that Chaldea is a really interesting place. You ask him to drop by and have some fun but he says that's impossible. It's not that it can't be done, but he has a role to administrate the Greater Grail. He'll go back to his long wait after this battle is over. That will not change. But he's happy that you're concerned for him. He was worried that you'd have been offended by your sudden summoning.

Sieg changes the topic, talking about the coming battle. Avicebron has made saddles so you don't need to worry about falling off. Even if you do, he's sure one of the Servants will save you. He tells you to believe in them.


Buoyant with victory, Mordred turns to you. Mordred: "Guda, your hand! Gimme your hand!"

You do as she says. Mordred grabs your hand and goes: "WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! Yahoo!" before running off. Sieg asks if your hand is alright. It seems to still be attached, so it's probably fine.

Spartacus finally arrives too, having climbed all the way up using a rope. Spartacus: "It is a rope fitting for rebellion." When you ask if he's able to fight, he replies: "Rebelling against oppression is my love and my strength!"

As predicted, even though dawn has come again, the Hanging Gardens have not disappeared. Sieg says Semiramis must have been defeated and respawned on your side. Semiramis herself has mostly gotten a grasp on what is going on.

Semiramis: "Administrator, it was your negligence that led to this situation… was it not?"

Sieg: "…That may be. The wish that remained in this Greater Grail could not be fulfilled, but it is something far more sublime than any wish. I didn't even think about touching it. I couldn't."

Semiramis: "That is why, then. That a mere human, a mere mage, a mere Master could have reached that place."

Chiron asks if Semiramis has already ascertained the identity of the enemy. She has. Even though she has no memories of the Great Holy Grail War, she has the Hanging Gardens. Analyzing the situation is easy for her.

Karna also joins the group, apologizing for causing you trouble. Siegfried tells him not to mind it, though he thinks it's a slight pity. Karna agrees, saying he'd have wanted a match with Siegfried.

Now that all 13 Servants have been revived, it is no longer morning nor night. Semiramis: "That man is awaiting us in front of the Greater Grail." The sole Master besides you in this world.

With Semiramis and Karna "captured", the voice speaks again. "Altogether thirteen Servants. Their completely recreated data is now in hand… the Great Holy Grail War can now restart. Calculating the amount of battles required to forcibly stop the Greater Grail's wish and intervene— ah, it will be soon."

In front of the Greater Grail, Darnic waits. He has taken over about 87% of the core, which is sufficient for his wish to be granted.

Darnic: "But… but, but, but! I am not able to speak that wish! Damn… you… do you still resist…!"

Semiramis: "Of course. Originally, you would not even be granted an audience, no matter how many decades you claimed to have possessed it. After all, it is the great work of a mage far above your caliber. It is already fine. Vlad III's… imitation."

Semiramis explains that the one standing before you now is not a Servant, but at the same time he is also Vlad III. Sieg remembers Darnic as the one who desired the Grail the most, next to a certain priest. He tells of Darnic's betrayal of Vlad in order to claim the Grail. Darnic laughs.

Darnic: "Save for the extra class, the heroes of that time are all lined up before me now! And! There's that homunculus, the one that took the Greater Grail away from me, from humanity!" He laments the pain and his fading sense of self. However, with this, the reenactment is complete.

Sieg: "…Do you still seek the Greater Grail even when your ego is broken?"

Darnic: "Someone like you would never understand. No, those with the countenance of a hero will never be able to understand. Your personalities are backed up by strength, after all. I worked so hard, so desperately I trained myself to death in magecraft, I even racked my brains so much I could die! While trembling in fear I extended my lifespan, cast myself into the Holy Grail War, mobilized the army and dyed my hands with betrayal! I am different from the Three Houses who have drowned in indolence and lost sight of their objectives! That is I, who desires this Greater Grail, who hopes for it more than anyone else!

Sieg: "…regardless, the mage called Darnic is already dead. What is talking right now, in this place, is nothing more than Darnic's 'left-behind wish'." Sieg continues talking about how Darnic used his Command Spells to fuse himself with Vlad III after the latter was turned into a vampire. But before Darnic could reach the Grail, he was defeated by a certain priest, a Master from the Red faction. That would usually be the end of it. When a Servant dies, they turn into pure magical energy and are absorbed by the Greater Grail. However, that did not happen for Darnic, as he was a human, after all.

That was one of the reasons. The other reason was that Darnic had extended his lifespan by fusing with the souls of babies. He's neither human nor Servant at this point. Just a living thing that moves purely to win the Holy Grail. Sieg reveals that the broken Greater Grail would not be able to reach the Root through activating the Third Magic. He tells Darnic to give up. His dream is already over.

Darnic is still indignant, saying that he already has control over 87% of the Greater Grail's core systems. Rather than being like Sieg, passively waiting for someone who may not come, he'll use it more effectively.

Avicebron: "Using it effectively, what a strange thing to say. What do you hope to do when you are already dead…?"

Darnic: "It doesn't matter whether I'm dead or alive. I seek the Greater Grail, and will rule over it. That is my true wish…!"

It seems he is already something that could be called a vengeful spirit. At this point, Darnic offers a deal that he thinks would be beneficial.

Darnic: "As long as I control the Greater Grail— You will not die nor will you disappear. If a second life is not possible then you will be granted a third. But if this Great Holy Grail War ends, in other words, if I am defeated, you will all vanish. Choose. Who will be the more fitting administrator for the Grail? No, let me get straight to the point. Will you desire a third life, or will you vanish without even remaining behind in anyone's memory! I promise. I swear on the name of Yggdmillenia. I will surely free you from the Greater Grail, and incarnate you in flesh!"

After that, Darnic is fine with them doing as they wish. Whether they want to pursue their dreams or whether they want to wander at their leisure, it is all fine with him. It has nothing to do with him anymore. He had no desire to order Servants around in the first place.

Guda: "What should we do!?"

Sieg: "I… don't have any right to compel them. I am just an administrator. Even though they are recreations, as long as they each exist with their own personalities… I cannot order them to die.

Achilles: "…Hey, Sieg. You're… the tiringly pessimistic type, aren't you."

Sieg: "What."

Achilles addresses Darnic directly and rejects the offer brusquely. When Darnic asks why, Achilles replies that it's simple. It's just not a heroic thing to do.

Achilles: "Life is something that you run. Even if you fall on the way, it doesn't change that fact that you ran. No matter whether I'm recreated or whether I'm a Servant, as long as I am myself— I'm not gonna behave in an unheroic way.

Mordred: "…geh. To think I'd agree with this carrot-looking guy!"

Achilles: "CARROT!?"

Mordred: "Between the two, I'm more in the unscrupulous camp, but… well, that side's no good. The methods are way too disgusting. So, is the great and mighty Empress going to go back to being an enemy?"

Semiramis: "Fool. If someone attempts to force and threaten me, I would swiftly put them to death."

Siegfried: "…That's right. I will not accept that proposal. I am the same as Achilles. I have a past life, and I do not wish to live in a way that shames my past. Karna should agree with this too."

Karna: "One may try for everlasting life as they wish, but unfortunately, I have no particular interest in such a thing. I am a man who died after doing what I had to do. Then, after death, I should lend my powers to those who have something they have to do."

Avicebron: "I concur. Trust has been placed in my properly summoned self. I cannot go along with your words."

Atalante: "I cannot simply follow you. If you are dissatisfied, prove your way is right by winning."

Astolfo: "I'm on this side, of course! Though perhaps I should follow along since I'm "Black"… yeah, that side's no good after all. I can't overlook it as a hero."

Shakespeare: "As the old adage goes, let the end try the man. I humbly beg your pardon for being on this side! Well, though it may be interesting for a hero fall to evil, there's nothing particularly interesting in watching me do the same!"

Fran: "Uu. (shaking head)."

Spartacus: "? Oppression should be destroyed."

Jack: "Hm… it's bad after all. You're a proper mage. So we really really hate you! B-But Mother is different! He's a sucky mage after all!"

Guda: "Sorry for being an amateur!"

Jack: "That's why we love you!"

Chiron: "…And there you have it, Sir Darnic. We are not mere pawns for your convenience, but living beings with self-consciousness and an ego. Even though our existences are merely recreations, no, precisely because of that— our dignity as heroes cannot be destroyed."

Darnic does not seem to be surprised at how things turned out. If the Servants aren't going to follow him, then he will continue the battle, just as they wished for. He connects to something he calls the Pseudo Greater Grail.

Sieg: "It can't be… he recreated the Greater Grail within the Greater Grail!?"

Semiramis calls it too reckless and likens it to attempting to forcefully create a mirrored parallel world. Darnic is fine with that, however: "What else is a mage, if they do not at least traverse such recklessness and absurdity?"

Sieg: "Even if that wish is not right, you, who have always wished for it all this time, may be right. However— I will not accept it. Your wish did not come true after all. As the administrator of the Greater Grail, I will defeat you here!"


Mordred complains about the number of Servants that the enemy is producing, and Chiron says that it's probably so that the enemy can exploit class advantages by using all seven classes. Still, if they can do that, so can you. Chiron asks you and Sieg to pick the fitting class and method of attack to deal with the enemy.

Semiramis gives you permission to wreck the place since these Gardens aren't really her Gardens. Avicebron quickly goes: "Then I won't hold back and turn the walls into golems." Guda: "Please don't do that to the floor!"

Mordred is confused and needs Fran to explain to her that all she needs to do is just wreck stuff.

Atalante: "You, did you need the Berserker to explain that to you?"

Mordred: "Shut up, exhibitionist (strong)!"

Atalante: "Wha…!" Atalante quickly undoes the Calydon transformation, denying that she's one.

Siegfried: "It is a battle where there is no good or evil, and furthermore we are imperfect Servants… however, there are no perfect humans in the first place. Instead of lamenting our inadequacies, let us choose to live and fight right here, in this place!"

Siegfried's words get Sieg thinking about his duties. The Servants all bear the duties of being a hero. They are recreations which carry their own pride. A Servant without such pride is nothing more than a shadow.

Sieg: "Yeah, Guda. Please give me your orders. This battle is the final one. It is probably our last chance to fight together. I feel a bit reluctant, but let's wake from this dream."

Section 9:

After the battle, Darnic is still stubbornly clinging on, reluctant to give up. He shouts that it is not over, but someone tells him that it is.

???: "No, it is over. Dreams end, men die, and heroes fall into slumber. Kazikli Bey."

Darnic is stabbed with a stake. He is in disbelief that Vlad was recreated, as he sealed Vlad away and ensured there was nothing but a puppet moving off combat data.

Darnic: "You could not have been resurrected as a Servant capable of thought… it should have been impossible, Lancer!"

Vlad: "It is only logical for there to be a chink in the armor after thousands and tens of thousands of battles. Everyone, you have done well. Your battles have called me here, though I arrive just as one of the Servants who will crush Darnic Preston Yggdmillenia."

Darnic: "Lancerrrr…!"

Vlad: "The rage has passed, that modest ambition, crushed. That should be the same for you too, is it not? There is naught left to do but resign. Rather, you must resign. If you do not do so, one cannot march forward. Your thoughts and dreams can no longer lead anywhere. Darnic, my Master and hated enemy."

Darnic realizes that Vlad has kept his memories. Perhaps it is because he was taken over by Darnic back then. However, Vlad states that isn't the reason he is fighting Darnic now.

Vlad: "I stand against you not for vengeance, not out of anger. It is my duty as a hero— my mercy as the Servant that you summoned."

Darnic: "Mercy…? What prattle that is, Lancer! You've forgotten your hate!? There is no way you can let go of your hate for me, who trampled all over your pride as a hero!"

Vlad: "Then let me ask you this. Will you die while resenting me for having defeated you?

Darnic: "…What…?"

Vlad: "Do you still not understand, Darnic? I do not hate you. Even if there is anger, that is only a momentary passion. We embrace our dreams, chase it, with neither being able to let go of that habit. Struggling desperately even if one has given up on one's dream somewhere in their hearts, that is something disrespectful. Of course, it is not a mark of respect to a third party. Towards the ambitions that we bear, the dreams that we have— we must be fully honest and sincere."

Vlad can't change his past of terror and blood. That is why they are the remains of a dream. He says that even if the administrator doesn't understand it, he has come to understand it.

Vlad: "Your research, hard work, betrayal and plots till now— all of those are surely not something to be ashamed of. That is why it is the end. It would be insincere to your dream if you did not let it end here. Even if you compromise and pick up a dream that has already fallen to earth, it will no longer shine."

Darnic: "…Ah, damn it… It's… because I summoned you… Lancer… Vlad III… if you say that… my dream is beautiful… then that is already fine… ah… I can finally stop walking… I am tired… this is too much for an old man… in the first place… a dirtied and broken dream… cannot be repaired…"

Darnic disappears and it's all over. Vlad says that he has something to tell Sieg. Not as a hero, but as a human. Vlad: "Humanity will come, they will certainly come. And even if the Greater Grail is no more, they will certainly reach True Magic. In any event, a great ending awaits you. Sleep well in that knowledge."

Vlad bids you farewell and leaves. The Gardens are beginning to crumble, so Semiramis starts up a spell to transport you to the ground. Semiramis: "I will spend the last of my time together with this garden. If you get in the way, I'll just shorten your already brief lifespan even further."

Mordred: "….."

Semiramis: "…did you think I'd get what you said no matter how low you whisper it, you idiot? Forced Transportation!"

Mordred: "I-I didn't say anything!"

You think she said something about a bug but Semiramis tells you to forget it and promptly sends everyone off. Once she is alone, she wonders why the Hanging Gardens was built for the Great Holy Grail War. Semiramis: "For what reason… or for whom…? …heh. Well, whatever…"

Back on the ground, Mordred starts shouting about that "stink bug woman". Guda: "That's mean."

Mordred: "…oh well. It's done, it's done! So, Chaldea guy! Ah, will I also be over there? If I am, then take care of me! Use me as intensely as you want! See ya!"

Fran salutes you, and you return the salute. She smiles, and both she and Mordred disappear. Guda: "She was like a storm…"

Spartacus: "Oppression has been crushed. The mage's dream now vanishes here. That means my role in this land is already over. Let's set forth. To the next land of oppression! …Farewell!"

Atalante: "Good grief. A lot of things happened, but we did what we had to do. Swift-running brat. You— no, I'll leave you for later. I'm going first."

Achilles: "Eh, you're already going!?"

Atalante says that partings should be brief and that reunions are where there should be rejoicement. She says goodbye and leaves.

Shakespeare: "Sigh…. there wasn't enough tragedy."

Sieg: "Isn't that a good thing?"

Shakespeare: "A great tragedy is necessary as spice for a happy ending! …well, the last moments of that mage, Darnic, were beautiful, so I'll settle for that. He did not give up even when his dreams were crushed, and recreated us to continue his wish. He truly lived as an honest human, and I, who am already dead, do have some envy about that…"

Avicebron: "For you to live honestly."

Guda: "That's an amusing joke!"

Shakespeare isn't surprised at your bullying. Avicebron prepares to say his goodbyes too. He addresses you directly.

Avicebron: "I may meet you one day, or perhaps we have already met. That is what I felt… I really am speaking of unusual matters for me."

Shakespeare: "Well then, everyone, this is our time of parting! Therefore, since brevity is the soul of wit, and tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes! Quota fulfilled! So long!"

Avicebron: "Seriously…"

The two of them disappear. Next is Karna.

Karna: "Now then, I'll be departing. There's no need for words."

Guda: "We get along so well that no more words are necessary?"

Karna: "…my mind… is it so easily read…?"

Karna disappears.

Jack: "Aah, so this is goodbye, Mother."

Sieg: "It… must be lonely."

Jack: "No? Mother has formed a bond with us after all. Even if we are not in Chaldea— we're sure that that the other we will be given warmth. If so, don't you think that's good, Mr. Administrator?"

Sieg understands and thanks Jack for her help. She says that if he wants to pay back the debt, he should let her kill him.

Jack: "Just kidding. It was a lie. We don't know what happened, we don't remember what happened. That's why there's nothing to forgive, nothing unforgivable. We just play because we were born. Bye bye, Mr. Administrator! Mm, maybe we'll meet again?"

After she is gone, Sieg remarks that Jack's an assassin that continues to wander because she does not know of that woman. Next is Astolfo, who asks Sieg outright if the administrator's been avoiding him. Sieg admits that might be the case.

Astolfo: "I see. But, it's not because you hate me, right?"

Sieg: "There's no reason for me to hate you, right?"

Astolfo: "Y-You answered a question with a question! I see, I see. That means, you're just being shy!"

Sieg: "…Well, that might be it. It's a bit embarrassing to reunite with someone you parted with once when they have no memory of it."

Astolfo: "…I see. That me was unchangingly me, I hope?"

Sieg: "Of course. I was saved countless times. You were a Servant I was proud of."

Astolfo: "…Thank you. Well then, let's meet again!"

After Astolfo is Siegfried: "It is about time that I depart. Sir Administrator. If you had been that evil dragon— I may have been able to talk to it. In that case, I would not have bathed in dragon's blood."

Guda: "But—"

Siegfried: "Yes. Without my undying body, I might have just been a nameless hero who fell in the wilds."

Sieg: "That isn't so. Even without bathing in the blood of a dragon, you carry Balmung— you would have become a hero nonetheless."

Siegfried: "…Thank you. Thank you for fighting alongside me, and also for these thoughts."

Siegfried goes, leaving Achilles and Chiron. Achilles says it's about time they go too. Chiron says that is has been an unexpectedly fun experience.

Chiron: "Although it was just for a few days, and this battle will likely not remain in the world's records. I would be pleased if at least Guda alone keeps these memories."

Guda: "I won't forget."

Chiron: "Then we will have formed a bond. When I am summoned, I will plan a full course of classes in your spare time— just how many are taking up the role of your teacher right now?"

You tell him the number, and Chiron gets interested in fighting over theories of education. He vanishes, leaving just Achilles.

Achilles says that for once he's not waiting for the next fight. He feels satisfied. There wasn't any hatred, and since there are no civilians, there was no massacre.

Achilles: "And also, there's no Hector."

Guda: "You hate him after all?"

Achilles: "I don't particularly hate him? Even if he was summoned over in Chaldea, I'll get along with him…. ah, hm. Somehow, do your best, and look forward…. no, that's not what I wanna say. If I'm together with you, I'll have more enjoyable fights, that's it. If you ever find yourself in trouble in Greece, just call for me. No matter when or where, I'll run to your side. Thank you…. it was really a good fight."

Achilles disappears. Sieg tells you that the world's going to disappear too and the Greater Grail has returned to a stable condition. Sieg: "Lend me your hand. We're returning to the original world."

Sieg turns back into Fafnir and flies off, back to the Reverse Side of the World. With this, he can now wait in peace.

Guda: "Who are you waiting for?"

Fafnir: "That's… a secret."

Guda: "I see."

Fafnir: "I should be frank with you about everything, but—"

Guda: "It's fine."

Fafnir: "Is it really?"

Guda: "There are things kept secret even between friends."

Fafnir: "Friends…? …I see. That is the relationship we have. I thought the closest approximation of it would be perpetrator (me) and victim (you) though…

Guda: "That's far from it!?"

Fafnir: "So you'd call me a friend… this is a precious memory. And with this I've gained another precious thing. There's nothing I can gift to you in return. Even though there are heroes who would give their lives to save others just because they were there. I am truly sorry for that.

Guda: "Nah, it's alright. I had fun."

Fafnir: "Fun— huh. Guda's really the positive sort. I'm… Hm? Ah, so that's it. I had fun too. How strange. Even though I was really heated up in battle… there will probably be more difficulties ahead of you on your journey. Though it may be a hassle to you, I'd like to be of a little help on that journey. As the administrator of the Greater Grail, I'll use the "terminal" I made earlier."

Guda: "Sieg?"

Sieg: Although the functions as a terminal still remain, the connection to the main body will be cut off. My power as Fafnir can only be manifested for a brief moment…. but if you are alright with that, then. I wish to help you to the best of my ability, you who call me friend.

The terminal joins you. Fafnir says that with this, there's nothing left for him to worry about. You ask him if he's going to stay here waiting for whoever it is.

Fafnir: "Yeah. Even if it's a hundred years, or a thousand years, or even ten thousand years. Waiting is not painful. That's because I know the visit will come one day. It's someone I believe will come, after all— Goodbye, and farewell. One who calls me friend. Even if it was brief, these memories are as precious to me as jewels. I will treasure them forever from now on."

Guda: "Goodbye, Sieg."

He bids you goodbye too, hoping that his terminal can be of help.

Fafnir thinks. There is no unease in his vigil. In fact, his strong belief has now turned to certainty. It was a brief meeting and a brief parting, but it was not painful. Although the parting is sad, there is also joy. The short days spent with you were filled with hope towards humanity, after all. He believes that you will be able endure and choose to fight no matter what comes. He doesn't think it beautiful, but it is certainly not ugly.

Fafnir can no longer track the terminal he made. That Sieg was summoned as a Servant to fight for you, so from now on he will walk a different path from Fafnir. All Fafnir wishes for is that Sieg can support his Master even a little, on his difficult journey. He entrusts his body to sleep, wondering when he will awaken next. He sleeps, waiting for the future.

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