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"I thought Ron and Jon were the same person and we just interspliced whichever we felt like" ~ TC, 6:54pm CST, 11/28/2017

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>Enkidu's interlude was actually written by Narita, he made some twitter posts about it. Really hoping he does well in the future.
Also, Enkidu's interlude reveals a new NP: Age of Babylon. Not sure what it does exactly.
An anon on /fgog/ also translated a little bit of Enkidu's dialogue from this scene:

"… and once he's tired of walking this planet, he'll surely head for the far reaches of space someday"
Did you want to go with him? To space?
"…. I wonder. I am a system that lives with this planet."
"However, if there exists a person that would walk the stars with Gil, perhaps I would entrust them with some form of wish."
"May the fragments of the road Gil and I once walked, illuminate the ends of the skies they are headed for, if even a little"
Thats all I got
Enkidu's 2nd NP revealed
"Age of Babylon"

AoB is apparently Enkidu's brand of GoB. The attack he used on Gil in SF.

Nothing new, but there's probably more since Narita went out of his way to black it out.

>The interlude is you go back to Babylon with him after detecting a little bit of Tiamats mud left over which becomes Lahmus

>He talks about Gils CCC ending

>And then an evil Ishtar from the mud is created

>The beginning of the interlude is Enkidu playing with Lobo

>For Angra's interlude, he gives some details about what constitutes the character of an avenger (not the qualifications per say, but I wouldn't be so sure on that).

“You haven’t told anybody, yea? The definition of an avenger, how to distinguish one. Those born from hatred talks of love / showing pity to their neighbours at the end of their cruelty, those born from love talks of hatred / those who lived in happiness was ended in their betrayal. Avengers are usually divided into two areas. It is a difference between those that burns with hatred, and those that ridicules love.”

Here's the image that talks about the statements above, maybe can someone confirm if I got those statements correctly: https://imgur.com/EK8MhpW

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