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"I thought Ron and Jon were the same person and we just interspliced whichever we felt like" ~ TC, 6:54pm CST, 11/28/2017

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Start it off right. With ASS


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Late night in Chaldea, specifically in the room of the local Master, Fujimaru Ritsuka, the lone girl (so far as she can tell) takes a moment to herself. Lying in bed in the middle of the night while wide awake leaves…few options, really. Which is why she reaches down below the covers, slips her hand into her pajama pants, and lightly begins to touch herself
There's no shortage of material to think about. Ritsuka does famously have an affinity for most every Servant she's ever come across. The adorable Astolfo, the manly Fergus Mac Roich, the temptation of Scheherazade, and the intoxicating allure of…


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Ara ara…

The servant's voice is the very first indication she has that the oni is present. Likely she has been for some time, judging by how she has made herself quite comfortable by heaping cushions and pillows on the floor in the room, and she is lounging upon them with her ubiquitous sake dish in one hand and her bowl of succulent fruits in the other.

Her face is a mask of amusement as she peers at Ritsuka from over the rim of her sake dish in her comfortable little nest.

Touching thineself so in the dead of night… surely a restful sleep would be more in order? Fufufu…


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Probably shoulda used this for the first pic but too late now
Ah?! W-wait, n-…
Ritsuka's protests get caught in her throat as she catches sight of the alluring oni. The timing could not have BEEN more (un?)fortunate given the current object of Ritsuka's self-treatment. Still, no one wants to be caught with their pants down
W-wait, I c-…I can explain!


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Just to clarify the earlier 'she's been here a while', PRESENCE CONCEALMENT, BITCH.

Ohh~? Thou can explain thyself… what need might thou have to explain thyself to a mere servant such as I?

Even as she refers to herself as a 'mere servant', her tone is just dripping with smugness and surety, the way a lion might talk to a mouse it's just caught as it's meal. It makes the actual meaning of her words quite meaningless… she knows Ritsuka will feel she needs to explain herself anyways.

Doesn't mean she isn't going to lay it on even more.

Twas merely surprising to mineself that thou would settle so for such self gratification… after all, thy desires are quite clearly known to all who are beholden to thee~


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Presence concealment is a powerful thing
Indeed, Ritsuka is COMPELLED to try to explain herself right down to the moment that the oni says to her that her desires are "quite clearly known to all." At which point, the Master freezes. This was…not what she wanted to hear. Ever. That she was that obvious about her "attractions."
…Whe-…When you say "all," you mean…


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Were she a little less flustered, she might take into account that Shuten might just be exaggerating… and maybe she actually is.

In the here and now, though, that's neither here nor there.

Surely none but the dullest of thy servants would not know, Master. My meaning is nothing less than that, fufu~…

She tips the sake dish back for a drink after laying that on her.


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Ritsuka whines. On the one hand, her Servants knowing she likes ALL of them is more than a little embarrassing. On the other hand…
…W-well, how do…you feel about my…um…feelings?
In for a penny, right?


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Hmmm~? Ah… thy voice is so quiet and faint from all the way over there…

Gee, I wonder just what her intentions might be saying something like that?

But thy whining voice… ahh, like music to mine ears~



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Ritsuka tries to suppress another whine as Shuten teases the CRAP out of her from across the room. Failing that, she crawls across the bed, almost as though a scampering puppy, as she gets closer to the Servant so her voice can reach better
W-well, are you…um…are you interested in my…um…interest?


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Naturally, Shuten won't answer this so easily for Ritsuka. But she WILL continue to enjoy teasing her poor, in-over-her-head-even-if-she-doesn't-realize-it master.

Ahh… thy words are still unclear… mayhap after a drink?

Shuten says this while lightly lifting her sake dish, and then… she tips the thing back towards her own mouth, draining what's left in it. It wasn't very much.

Was she just teasing Ritsuka with the offer of a drink?

Ritsuka won't have long to wonder that, because the now empty dish gets set down to one side of Shuten. And with that hand now freed, she reaches out and grabs Ritsuka by the hair.

None too gently, it might be worth noting.

But likely that won't be of much concern for but a second or two. Just long enough for Shuten to use that handhold to pull Ritsuka towards herself, and right into a rather brazen kiss.

And this is no tender, chaste kiss from the Oni. No, her tongue immediately presses against Ritsuka's lips, demanding entry, all but forcing it's way into her Masters' mouth so that she might give Ritsuka the promised drink in rather intimate manner.


File: 1603102171403.jpg (1.56 MB,1367x2047)

Ritsuka is easily pulled forward by the very strong oni and just as immediately becomes putty in her hands. The young Master opens her mouth readily, almost the moment she feels Shuten's tongue pushing against her lips, and grants her immediate access and quickly drinks the alcoholic beverage "forced" upon her. A series of whimpers and moans barely manage to make it out of Ritsuka's throat as she is easily made into Shuten-Douji's plaything with a simple alcoholic kiss. It may be Shuten's natural allure or her Demonic Fruit skill, but whatever the case is, Ritsuka has fallen hard


File: 1603103048384.jpg (590.88 KB,1785x2500)


Fortunately for Ritsuka, the sake being passed from Shuten's mouth and into her own is relatively ordinary sake, at least in terms of potency… quite sufficient to bring a flush to her cheeks and blur her senses somewhat. Though whether that's the liquors fault, or the rather saucy way it's being delivered is anyone's guess…

Shuten-douji holds that kiss, and a tight fistful of Ritsuka's hair, for far longer than is necessary to ensure her master has drank all of the offered liquor. Finally, however, the oni will withdraw, her tongue dancing over Ritsuka's lips until the last moment.

Ahhh… it seems thy words are much more clear now, Master.


File: 1603103415020.jpg (87.8 KB,815x1181)

Even as Shuten pulls away, Ritsuka is trying to recapture the oni's lips, wanting this intoxicating kiss to go on as long as possible, even pulling slightly at the grip on her hair to no avail. Once the oni speaks, though, Ritsuka can do little more than nod and, of course, speak
Ah…G-good…But I think…I think you answered it…already…haaa…
Ritsuka manages to catch her breath as she tries to get a grip on the situation. Not control, as she knows better than to try to wrench control out of the MUCH stronger girl's hands, but just an understanding of everything would be a big help
Ah…um…did you want to…join me? On the bed?
If Ritsuka had the wherewithall to curse herself for asking such a doofy question, and so awkwardly, she would


File: 1603104051367.jpg (96.42 KB,570x801)


Indeed, pulling at the grip on her hair is a completely futile endeavor… she would pull the hair out of her head before Shuten's arm budged so much as an inch without her deciding to let it. Still, the urgency with which she tries is rather pleasing to Shuten, and the Oni licks her lips in a sultry manner.

Thy bed? Whyever for? Is not mine little spot here comfortable enough for thee?

It is a rather cozy little spot with the pillows, and even a few blankets, softening the floor. Plus, with Shuten reclined comfortably on the pillows, it might give some sort of an impression of a queen or courtesan relaxing among her harem…

Or maybe Shuten just likes the idea of bucking tradition and ignoring the bed.


File: 1603104740264.jpg (137.15 KB,855x1200)

Ritsuka studies the sight in front of her, Shuten-douji being the elegant boss that she is on the cozy pile of pillows. Another small noise passes through Ritsuka's lips as she slinks from her position and starts crawling her way towards Shuten
I mean…This works, too…
It's clear that it's not the location that matters to Ritsuka. After all, it won't change what's going to happen to her, to be sure. The Master/Servant dynamic is very clear on the battlefield and tasks given to Chaldea. When behind closed doors and in a more intimate setting, the definition changes just enough to match the current circumstances


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For all the love Madotsuki has for the autumn season, all the scenery and weather it has to bring, she's not that good at warding off the cold (for obvious reasons). Her poor face looks blotchy and red as she drags in the groceries for the week, and she doesn't even have the energy to put them all away before she begins shuffling into the living room like a frigid little zombie.
The thought that anyone else might be home slips her mind entirely. In an instant, her clothes are tugged off, until she's in nothing but a pair of black kneesocks tugged up as far as they'll go. A blanket draped over the couch is quickly thrown over her shoulders, and she hunkers beneath it with a sigh, waiting until the numbness leaves the tips of her fingers.


File: 1603414749736.jpg (171.37 KB,700x725)

She even missed her servant relaxing on the opposing end of the couch, her pants already unzipped in anticipation of what was to come in the book she was reading… But then, Mado walked in.
Medusa says nothing until Mado has her blanket draped over her.
Ah, Master… Wouldn't you rather let me warm you up ?


File: 1603415606721.png (446.09 KB,880x666)

It takes all of her strength to keep from leaping up beneath the blanket like a terrified cat, teeth gritted tightly together as she whirls around to look at her servant.
O-oh, you scared me-
Panic turns to embarrassment quickly, and her face goes red as a tomato. Some host she was, treating her companion to an accidental stripshow like an idiot…
Warm me up? I guess if you wanna crank up the heater that'd be nice, thank you…


File: 1603416967392.jpg (100.36 KB,550x625)

I'm sorry, it's already turned up. You were just out for too long…
Medusa puts her book down and shoots her master a warm smile as she hooks her fingers under the edge of her shirt, slowly dragging it up.
But you're welcome in my warm embrace…
She stops just shy of her boobs, gauging interest before going further.


File: 1603418300957.jpg (207.66 KB,800x1000)

Sorry about that, the lineup was long. Maybe the heat just hasn't hit me yet-
Mado very promptly falls quiet when Medusa lifts her sweater up, narrow eyes popping open wide as she looks up and down that smooth canvas of tummy. After a second she catches herself ogling, and she tries (poorly) to bring her eyes back up to her servant's.
Oh. That's…I mean, if you're alright with it.
Though she flusters like the disaster virgin she is, Mado does eventually wobble over to Medusa, leaning into her side with the blanket still loosely covering her.
ᴵ ᵈᶦᵈⁿ'ᵗ ᵗᵃᵏᵉ ʸᵒᵘ ᶠᵒʳ ᵗʰᵉ ᶜᵘᵈᵈˡᶦⁿᵍ ᵗʸᵖᵉ.


File: 1603419846644.png (432.27 KB,495x700)

I don't mind at all.
With that Medusa fully removes her sweater, exposing her large chest and the fact she was not wearing a bra.
As Mado wobbles over, Medusa reaches out to embrace her master. With one hand she guides Mado's head to her chest, adjusting the blanket to cover them both with the other to keep their shared body heat inside.
… Oh ?
Would you rather be chained up then?

She whispers softly. Medusa didn't take Madotsuki for that type, but if it's what she wants…


File: 1603421288037.jpg (37.98 KB,500x500)

Well…thanks, Rider. You're really…too nice to, ah…to…
Her voice disappears into the tit that her face is nudged into. Once the shock of warm tiddy wears off, she nuzzles her face deeper in, only stopping to look up at Rider and sputter at the offer of chains.
C-cuddling's fine for now, I think-!
But maybe next time
For now, she sinks back into the chest pocket, wrapping her arms around Medusa's lower back and sighing contently.


File: 1603422894724.jpg (148.49 KB,600x800)

World cold and hard.
Tiddy warm and soft.

Mado's flustered reaction gets a light chuckle out of Medusa.
Fufu… Perhaps next time then.
Perhaps. Despite the chuckle there's a sense of reassurance in Medusa's voice, the kind that says she'd do it for Mado more than herself. But only if she asks for it.
For now, let's just get comfortable…
She keeps her hand on her master's head softly stroking Madotsuki's hair, while she slowly rubs Mado's lower back with the other…


File: 1603424190059.jpg (377.25 KB,827x1169)

The poor girl's eyes are practically turning into spirals from the heat and adrenaline hitting her head all at once, practically steaming from the ears at the tender treatment. The stroking of her hair especially make her heart start to pound, and she briefly pulls herself straight up again, only hesitating for a moment before letting her blanket drop. With not much of a chest to speak of, and even her peachy hips not holding a candle to Medusa's, she can't help but feel a wee bit insecure.
I'm not quite as shapely as you, but…
Trailing off bashfully, she wisely chooses to plop her head back down into her servant's breasts again, this time taking one of her nipples between her lips.


File: 1603425885843.png (836.21 KB,1350x1900)

Madotsuki may be small in every measure compared to Medusa, but the view of her master's naked body is appreciated nonetheless. And as Mado gets a better view of her servant's face she can see she's not the only one with flushed cheeks.
Medusa takes this chance to reach up with both hands and fondle her master's petite chest.
Mm, don't worry your head about any of that. I'm…
She lets out a gasp as Mado takes her nipple between her lips…
Ah, I'm yours…
Taking her hands back off of Mado's chest, she instead goes to grab hold of one of Mado's hands, guiding it down to the edge of her partly exposed black lace panties…
With Mado's hand primed to explore Medusa's slippery and wet nether regions, she raises her hips and shimmies down her tight jeans.


File: 1603427583697.png (827.65 KB,588x932)

At least she isn't the only one. Mado swoons around the nub in her mouth as her own have hands trail across them for the first time, and if Medusa is slow enough, she might feel a steady 'thump-thump' coming from below.
All mine…?
All at once, she's helping her servant out of those jeans that ride up so high around her waist, this time with much less jittering. Whether she's getting more confident or she's just horny enough to look like it in the moment remains to be seen.
You're so beautiful. Part of me is jealous.
Not even bothering to move the lacier garment, her fingers immediately knead at what hides underneath. Mado pecks Medusa suddenly, testing the waters as she had earlier, and a wobbly smile slides across her face.
The rest of me is just happy I get to have you, though…


File: 1603429650892.jpg (187.69 KB,1130x1200)

All yours.
Medusa confirms, spreading those long legs of hers now that they're freed from her pants, one leg finding its way to the couch's back rest while she rests her other foot on the floor.
Yours to use, mm~…
She bucks her hips, grinding her ever so wet slit against Mado's fingers. Mado's pecking is reciprocated to say the least, as Medusa holds on to her master's head to push her into a passionate yet soft French kiss.
All the meanwhile her other hand makes its way to the folds between Mado's legs, stroking ever so teasingly at the top of her sex.

After what would have been too long a time in any other setting, Medusa finally breaks off the kiss to…
… However you please…


File: 1603494157378.jpg (436.5 KB,1392x1376)

How are her legs so long? Mado has to swivel her head to look all the way from one ankle to the other, and the thought of both locked around her skull was sorely tempting.
I'll take good care of you. Like you take care of me.
There isn't enough time to be embarrassed of that sappy line before she's smooching Medusa, her first real liplock. That along with the fingers probing into her bring her to a state of overstimulation, and her thighs get a whole lot wetter very quickly as she begins trembling against her servant, thoughts scrambled into a hot and indecipherable mess. By the time they part, Mado is twitching a bit, particularly at the last whisper Medusa makes to her.
Words don't come easy when you're sex drunk. She rocks her hips and forces herself further against Medusa's now sopping wet hand, clamping tightly around them.


File: 1603497680975.jpg (155.9 KB,680x1000)

The feathery light teasing touches at Madotsuki's outer lips quickly evolve to rubbing at the inner ones, Medusa's thumb working around her master's clit while the others spread Mado apart and tease at her sopping wet exposed entrance…

Words may not come easy, but at this point they're surely unnecessary. Medusa seems to think so, as she moves the hand that was on her master's head down to the nape of her neck to guide her into a position where Medusa can plant kisses on her neck, caressing Mado with her lips, tongue, and even a little bit of gentle teeth.

… Further down, teasing turns to penetration. First one careful finger, then a second, gently exploring Madotsuki as they bend and twist inside her in search of that special spot.


File: 1603499622600.png (3.52 MB,960x960)

The nape of her neck proves to be particularly sensitive, judging by the volume of the whine that those kisses and nips wring out of her, each one getting a squeeze around the fingers invading her below. It's a little difficult to reciprocate when you're being toyed with and played like an instrument under someone's expert touch, but her frantic squeezes around Medusa's hips and rear probably get the message across well enough.
Seems the special spot has been found. If Medusa could see her face, she'd see a pair of crossed eyes and red cheeks, but Mado thankfully gets to hide her embarrassment (this time) as she cums.
The couch squeaks a bit as the force behind her thrusts increases, and she doesn't stop until well into the haze of afterglow, sighing long and loud when at last she tires and crumbling a bit in her servant's arms.
Oh…oh, wow…


File: 1603502208128.jpg (124.09 KB,660x550)

As the force of Mado's thrusts increases, so too does the force behind Medusa's skillful fingers along with the intensity of her kisses and nibbles.
Following along her master's demands, Medusa only slows down once Mado is done riding out that first orgasm brought on by someone else. The rough rubbing of her thumb against Mado's clit devolving back to light and gentle stroking around around her outer perimeters while Medusa keeps her other two fingers almost still inside her master.
With her other arm holding Madotsuki close and caressing the nape of her neck as she melts on top of the servant, Medusa moves her own head back up to nibble softly at Madotsuki's ear and whisper…
You're beautiful… Madotsuki…


File: 1603504767224.png (392.93 KB,1105x1417)

The shudder that just being whispered to in that way is fitting of a former shut-in.
Thank you, Rider…
It takes her a minute to regain feeling in her wobbly legs, but she gradually lifts herself off of the fingers still strumming across her folds. As nice as it would be to be stroked and massaged until she blacks out in a cum-soaked heap, she's not about to let her lovely servant go without proper gratitude. Maintaining eye contact as she slides down the length of Medusa's body, she hooks her fingers beneath the band of the panties still covering her, tugging them down until enough room opens up to plant her face between those thighs.
Your turn.
She plants a peck onto Medusa, before letting her tongue get to work.


File: 1603507226414.jpg (258.5 KB,900x630)

With Mado lifting herself off of Medusa's fingers, the servant lets her hand slide across Mado's body, leaving a trail of her cum up to the breast that Medusa gives a quick squeeze before it's gone out of reach.
She licks and sucks the rest of the cum off her fingers while Madotsuki's face lands between Medusa's firm thighs in clear view of those positively soaked panties, Medusa raising her hips and bringing her legs closer together to let them be pulled off. The fabric clinging to her, seemingly trying to hold on with a string of that thick, creamy fluid as the panties are pulled away just enough to make room.
Mmm~… Oh, Mado…
Mado gets exactly what she wanted as Medusa locks her thighs around her head, crossing her calves along her back while she grinds her lips against Mado's, meanwhile sucking on her previously cumstained fingers and massaging her boob.


File: 1603509119316.png (263.16 KB,794x1210)

Heaven has been attained, and Mado is shamelessly delighted by the smooth grip of Medusa's legs. Air feels sparser in the pocket she's stuck in, but that only motivates her more to make sure her companion is seeing stars like she'd been.
She's an amateur and it shows at first, clumsily finding her bearings around the contours of Medusa's pussy and the tender space around it, but she gradually works up a rhythm to work by. Holding onto her servant's legs firmly, she nestles her face in deep, bumping her nose against the clit as she swirls her tongue around, and then dips into the passage. A hum every so often can be heard as she munches away, along with the occasional smack of her lips. Not the sweetest taste, she'll admit, but still nice in its own way…


File: 1603511408478.jpg (641.94 KB,1369x1119)

Though an amateur Mado may be, Medusa is already all riled up and easy to please. Really, she had been from before Madotsuki even walked in, but since then her horny levels have only increased.
Laboured breathing soon turns to gasping and moaning as Medusa's leglock tightens around her master, pushing her tighter against Medusa's throbbing pussy.
Only blissful noises make their way out of Medusa's mouth, but she reaches down to hold her master's hand, weaving her fingers in between Mado's…
Mmmhah, Ma-Mado— !
There she goes, arching her back, attempting to hold Mado's lips tightly against her own through shaking legs, her pussy seemingly trying to drown Madotsuki in orgasmic bliss until finally settling down in the afterglow.


File: 1603512553249.png (8.4 KB,270x371)

The moans are music to Mado's ears, and she doesn't stop until they start to peter off. Sweat, among other things, has soaked her face, and she takes the opportunity to wipe her cheeks dry once Medusa's grip loosens enough to pry her head free.
First time doing that. Seems like I did good, though…
Smooching Medusa's honey pot one last time, and then licking away the string of saliva and cum left dangling between them, the thoroughly tuckered out bedbug crawls back up on the couch, and back under her servant's arm, nuzzling up into the side of her boob.
You're really wonderful.
Poor girl sounds as exhausted as she is smitten with Rider.


File: 1603514019092.jpg (155.9 KB,680x1000)

All tuckered out as well, Medusa is breathing heavily, letting out one last gasp in response to that last smooch on her sensitive honey pot.
She takes Madotsuki in her arms, squeezing her into her boob and once more softly caressing her hair.
Thank you. You're lovely too…
She trails off, relaxing in their post coital bliss. Cleanup can wait, now it's time to just get comfortable.


File: 1603567312568.jpg (1018.34 KB,1133x1600)


Shuten visibly drinks in the sight before her. The sight of her so-called master crawling across the floor back towards her. A low noise escapes Shuten's throat, though Ritsuka can't be certain whether it is more of a purr, or a growl.

Likely, the difference makes little difference to her.

That is the only verbal show Shuten makes to indicate her pleasure at the scene. A less verbal show is made to leave no doubt in Ritsuka's mind exactly what's on Shuten's mind, as the tight fitting body suit the oni wears to preserve what modesty she has slowly dissolves into motes of light, briefly bathing the oni's body in soft light before she is left clad only in the short kimono portion of her usual outfit.

Ritsuka will no doubt take acute notice of how the fading motes of light shines upon the area between Shuten's thighs, casting a glistening highlight upon the moisture clinging to her warm folds. No doubt a truly inviting sight…


File: 1603568251501.jpg (364.72 KB,1004x1417)

Very inviting, to be sure. Ritsuka, not wanting to leave Shuten-Douji alone in this particular state, is quick to sit back on folded legs as she pulls off her top, hastily, not nearly with the grace and elegance of the Servant that lays before her. Once disrobed of at least her upper garments, she crawls forward again to close the distance between their bodies and, with careful hands placed on the pale flesh of the oni's thighs, dips forward and places her tongue against the petite Servant's folds
One eager and slow lick. And another. And another. Slow, deliberate movements meant to pleasure Shuten and to savor her taste. Ritsuka feels almost as much delight as Shuten could at seeing her crawl. There's a certain…thrill to taking this action for Ritsuka. Like a drug she can't quit


File: 1603569942219.jpg (128.09 KB,1280x720)


Seeing exactly where her master plans on going, Shuten lifts one leg and moves it aside, giving more room for Ritsuka to access her. And then that tongue comes out, nestling against her glistening slit…


A soft sigh of pleasure works it's way out of her, and a delighted shiver runs through Shuten's petite body. She reaches a hand down between her legs and her fingers work their way into Ritsuka's hair. But rather than grabbing a harsh fistfull of those red locks, Shuten's fingers instead gently comb through them, her fingernails gently teasing her Master's scalp.


File: 1603570886032.jpg (1.56 MB,1367x2047)

Shuten's voice, even without the scent of alcohol attached, is intoxicating to Ritsuka. And with those fingers going through her hair, Ritsuka is definitely going on an adventure in mind as well as body
With fingers sinking into the soft flesh of the oni's thighs to get a bit more of a grip, Ritsuka starts to push her tongue past those soft lips before her as she starts to taste the inner walls of Shuten's snatch. Moaning herself as she does so, her voice causes a small rumble against her Servant's most sensitive parts


File: 1603572023941.jpg (2.58 MB,2150x3035)


As her nether lips are spread and Ritsuka's tongue caresses the tender pink flesh within, another pleasured sound forces it's way out of Shuten. No sigh is this, though, but a delighted moan. She lifts her sake dish, mysteriously refilled by a small exercise of her inherent abilities, and takes from it a small sip.

Ahhh… to sip fine liquor whilst being pleasured by mine Master…

Another tender moan as Ritsuka's own vocalization vibrates that tongue tantalizingly, and now she grabs a fistful of firey hair. Not harshly, but just enough to ensure Ritsuka knows that she won't be moving her head from between Shuten's heated thighs until the servant decides to let her.

Truly a decadent evening, this will be~


File: 1603573147935.jpg (170.84 KB,750x1058)

A small mewl escapes Ritsuka's mouth as her hair is grabbed again, though it does little to slow or stop the treatment she's giving to Shuten. In fact, she's likely spurred on further, her actions dedicated to pleasuring Shuten only taking on a more passionate form. One hand leaves Shuten's thigh to start rubbing lightly against Shuten's clitoris while her other hand trails down her own body to start pleasuring herself as she treats herself to Shuten-Douji's pussy


File: 1603857599970.png (962.62 KB,1000x1414)

It's cold tonight. A little colder than Mewtwo would like. So he decides to pop in on a friend. One who understands him on a level as of yet unseen by most others in this world, regardless of how much he's talked to or explained to them
Not for any fault of theirs
You know, 'cause she's psychic
Floating to the door he recalls to be hers, Mewtwo takes a moment to knock on the door before taking a step back and rubbing his arm in a pitiful attempt to warm himself
It is indeed quite cold


File: 1603858966780.jpg (213.46 KB,540x720)

The door opens to Sabrina's expectant face, as if she knew he'd arrive. Whether that's a product of psychic foresight or just because the wandering Pokemon usually sleeps over when it's cold, well, that's up to you to decide.
Evening, stranger. It looks chilly out there.


File: 1603859438731.png (866.21 KB,1024x1024)

It is quite cold, indeed.
Mewtwo switches arms. He's a common visitor on cold nights indeed but tonight feels…lonely. Empty to him
If it is quite alright, I should like to trouble you again.


File: 1603860376478.jpg (34.9 KB,677x658)

You would think by now that you'd just live here, all things considered. But yes, please, come in.
Ushering him in from the cold, Sabrina guides him into the living room, levitating pieces of wood up and dropping them into the already crackling fireplace. Most of her Pokemon are asleep in their Balls, but her Abra instead lounges in front of the hearth like a cat, rolling onto its back with a whiney little noise.
Would you like some tea, Mewtwo?


File: 1603860846942.jpg (49.24 KB,240x340)

I would delight in it, thank you.
And in he follows her. Mewtwo seeks more warmth than the temperature, and Sabrina can likely feel it. It was more that he sought the warmth of company, conversation, etc. Mewtwo seldom steps foot on the ground, often preferring floating, but he enjoys the feeling of the carpet beneath his feet
You've been well, I trust? You seem healthy.


File: 1603861474513.png (86.55 KB,540x600)

The goofy Buneary slippers on her feet are more visible when she returns with their steaming cups. Seeing her friend relaxing himself brightens her up a bit, and she beams as she hands him his drink.
I've been training more regularly. The little one needs structure. Otherwise though, I think I'm getting accustomed to this place. What of yourself?


File: 1603869720132.png (10.29 MB,2160x3840)

In continuation of their little cafe date, Zana has taken Merilda home !
Holding the white mage's hand, Zana takes her through a living room with more books and magic weapons on display than any reasonable person should have. But that's not where she plans to spend the night, instead going directly for her bedroom door.
But before opening it, she turns to Merilda with a lustful smile on her face and plants a quick cheeky kiss on her lips if she'll allow it.

So, Merilda… Sure about this ?


File: 1603870702564.jpg (89.89 KB,820x740)


Holding hands, how lewd!

But Merilda doesn't mind. She likely hasn't let go of Zana's since they left the cafe, though her head has been ducked and her cheeks have been burning… likewise since they left the cafe.

She hardly even looks around at the various weapons and the like which are on display as they enter the living room. Now in the comfort of privacy, she's no longer able to keep her eyes from following the base of Zana's tail. She looks up only as the au ra turns to face her, and that just in time for Zana's kiss to land right where she wanted it.

The white mage seems… extra flustered, to say the least. That quick kiss is enough to leave her mouth hanging slightly open, as though she were shocked by it. Perhaps offended, even.

She puts any fear of that to quick rest, as well as gives her enthusiastically affirmative answer, when she leans her head forward to press her lips to Zana's. This is no quick and cheeky kiss, but a deep, hungry, needy kiss.

Needy, indeed. In her eagerness, she presses her body firmly against Zana's, and unless the au ra is quite steady on her feet she just might find her back being pushed up against her bedroom door with a thump!


File: 1603872545701.png (14.81 MB,2160x3840)

Thump. As if Zana wasn't easy enough to push around just for being as small and light as she is, Merilda's sudden eagerness takes her by surprise.


But she appreciates the answer. Zana is in no rush to break the kiss off as she eagerly reciprocates, parting her lips to get a taste of Merilda. Further down, she coils her smooth, firm tail around Merilda's thigh.

All the meanwhile, Zana's hands go on a journey down Merilda's dress. From her shoulders to her chest… That lovely chest, Zana takes a moment to feel up Merilda's boobs before moving further down to her waist, her butt, and finally the hemline of her dress. She moves her hands underneath, hooking her thumbs on the dress to begin pulling it up little by little as her hands make a return trip, stopping to give Merilda's buttocks a squeeze on the way.


File: 1603873614041.jpg (56.29 KB,490x580)


It certainly doesn't help Zana's case that Merilda feels like a strong girl… surprisingly strong, considering her chosen job.

Zana will find Merilda's lips parting just a few scant moments before her own do, and the white mage's tongue will press into that opening, Merilda breathing out a light moan through her nose at the taste of the other girl. The tail curling about her leg sends a delighted shiver running through the mage…

Which is to say nothing of the shiver that courses through her as her breasts are fondled through the dress she wears… Merilda's own hands settle around Zana's waist and grip her firmly there, the mage too overwhelmed for the moment to dare think of allowing them to wander elsewhere. She parts the kiss for the simple need to take a breath when Zana's hands pass over her rump the first time, and a moment later she breathes out a few short words.

God, forgive me…

She doesn't object as the dress is pulled up, exposing her toned ass. She seems almost as though she couldn't object if she wanted… she has the demeanor of someone who has been too long starved for this sort of touch. An impression that may be reinforced by the urgent tone of her next utterance, only a single word…



File: 1603875716284.png (9.94 MB,3840x2160)

Zana is certainly no stranger to being strong for one's chosen job, although contrary to Merilda her clothing makes no attempt to hide her own well toned muscles. Nonetheless, Merilda's apparent strength indeed comes as a delightful surprise, only turning her on further.

Zana moans softly against Merilda's tongue, letting out a sigh once Merilda removes her lips from her own.

Ah~… I didn't think you'd be quite so eager.

She reaches back to open the door to the dragon's lair behind her, stepping inside as she lets her tail slowly unwind from Merilda's thigh… The smooth spikes on the end lightly brushing against Merilda's crotch when she gets far enough to finally let go.

Zana's bedroom is fairly ordinary: A golden stripper pole attached by a sculpture of Bahamut's head at the ceiling to one side, a couch to the other, a door leading to a bathroom…
But front and center is a bed large enough to host an orgy with a headboard shaped like dragon wings. It's got silken sheets, more than enough pillows, and…

Either Zana was fully expecting to bring Merilda home, or she normally sleeps with rose petals strewn about. Not to mention the lit candles…

With her back turned to Merilda, Zana looks over her shoulder as she unbuckles her skirt's belt and undoes the little clasp keeping her top from falling, letting them both drop to the floor, leaving her wearing nothing but a skimpy lace thong.


File: 1603910364584.png (1.15 MB,1280x690)

He takes the drink, oblong fingers brushing slightly against Sabrina's slender digits. He tries to pay it no mind as he telepathically responds while sipping the tea
I've been…hm…Well, I've been healthy, as it were. I would still like to find a place to build my new abode. I've yet to even so much as acquire the material for it, though…In addition, I've…hm…No, it's not important.


File: 1603913979944.png (112.96 KB,500x415)

Guess that's a 'no' on the offer to stay. Sabrina isn't fazed, though.
Building a home isn't easy, especially not on your own. There are services in town you could turn to for help, if you need it.
With how stubborn he is, she doubts he will, but it's an option nonetheless. Her head cocks at his hesitance.
What isn't important?


File: 1603914773056.jpg (416.09 KB,480x640)

Mewtwo had thought it was more a joke and less an actual offer. Because he may very well be a mindreader but he opted out of doing so out of courtesy
If Sabrina were to outright offer him, he would not give up on building an abode
He'd just invite Sabrina into it as well
Indeed. Especially considering I am hoping to make it sizeable.
He gives Sabrina a glance over the rim of his cup as he takes a sip
I should like company at times, after all.
And he addresses the "what isn't important" question as he looks away slightly
I've become unusually aware of my…solitude, as it were.


File: 1603915800963.png (74.36 KB,540x380)

Two psychic mind readers, dancing around reading each others thoughts out of respect for one another. What a picture.
Goodness, I hope you'll be able to fit me somewhere into that guest list.
Watching an uber powerful creature a good deal larger than you shift and squirm through an admittance of loneliness is an amusing sight to behold. Sabrina doesn't snicker, though, and nods at her friend kindly.
I understand. I'm still quite new to making friends myself, really. For whatever it's worth, I am here for you.


File: 1603916163295.jpg (156.17 KB,700x612)

Ya, right?
It is, at present, a short list. But you are at the top.
Mewtwo, had he known of Sabrina's restraint, would appreciate it so much holy shit
…Hm…Yes, you have been for some time now…
He steps a big closer to her, a step that is somehow more symbolic than a simple closing of physical distance
I should like to thank you for that…


File: 1603917453729.png (45.52 KB,540x540)

I'm honored.
Between finishing her tea and opening her eyes again, Mewtwo's come a lot closer, and something about that gets her stomach twisted into excited knots.
There's nothing to thank me for. I should like to help those I care about.


File: 1603918468465.jpg (197.75 KB,621x597)

Mewtwo can sense that excitement. He practically mirrors it. His tail swishes behind himself, as though a physical indication of his awareness of the tension in the room that seemed like an innocent meeting at first
Indeed…But in that case…perhaps there is another way you can help me, then…


File: 1603931788812.jpg (247.34 KB,1510x1750)


Merilda has no response for Zana's remark of her eagerness. Her mouth works a little as she tries feebly to think of some defense for her actions, but no sound comes out. Who can blame her, though?

The tail brushing against her crotch, if it's sensitive enough to feel such a sensation as moisture, will find Merilda's panties to be positively soaked already. Little droplets of Merilda's excitement are already beginning to roll down her inner thighs, though that fine a detail likely goes unnoticed for the moment…

I… ah…

She slips right in behind Zana and closes the door, before turning to take in the details of the room. Though the exact details are largely meaningless to her at the moment compared to the beauty that's disrobing in front of her. The white mage who normally struggles to keep her baser urges fully in check is hardly recognizable in her expression… the hungry look in her eyes as she traces Zana's form with her gaze, the way her mouth hangs ever so slightly open as the sight takes her breath away, certainly would look out of place on her.

Not that Zana's likely to mind, and not that Merilda even has enough of her higher faculties working to consider the difference in her demeanor.

The look over her shoulder will afford Zana some warning of Merilda coming up behind her. Her arms go around the sexy au ra and pulls her in tight, one hand going to Zana's toned stomach to pull her in tight and close. The other hand rather shamelessly comes to rest on one of Zana's breasts, giving it a firm squeeze, luxuriating in the feeling as it gives and deforms under her fingers.


File: 1603931989927.png (109.19 KB,540x540)

Intimacy is not something Sabrina is very experienced in, and even the jittering that Mewtwo's warm voice cause leave her as confused as she is eager. Is she looking too far into this? Would it be okay if she wasn't? Does she even know what 'this' is?
Second guessing jumbles her thoughts together into a knotted cacophony, but she pushes them to the back of her mind with a long, quiet breath, edging ever so slightly closer to the legendary creature and leveling his stare with one of her own.
Tell me what you need, Mewtwo.


File: 1603934592948.png (11.2 MB,2160x3840)

The moist sensation against her tail and subsequent wet shimmer on the tip of it as she looks back at Merilda would bring a lustful smile to Zana's face if there wasn't already one.
Instead she lets out a delighted giggle as she brings that part of her tail up to her mouth to eagerly lick it off, making sure to make a show of it for Merilda as that shimmer of wetness dances in the light before it's gone.

Mmm~… Oh !

Once more momentarily surprised by Merilda's sudden assertiveness, Zana gasps as she's suddenly pulled in.

I've completely misjudged you, haven't I ?

She puts her own hand on top of Merilda's on her stomach, sliding it down along those tight abs to the lacy fabric still decorating Zana's sopping wet pussy. Her other hand finds its way over her shoulder to Merilda's cheek to pull her in…

… I like it.

… For another passionate, hungry kiss, while Zana's tail serves to gently rub along her current lover's inner thighs.


File: 1603936339097.jpeg (174.13 KB,645x910)


Merilda's face could not possibly be more flushed and red than it currently is… if it could, seeing Zana lick that bit of sweet wetness off of the tip fo her tail like that would certainly have done it.

Merilda's breath is hot and heavy on the side of Zana's cheek and neck as the white mage wantonly fondles that lovely breast. A faint shiver once more works it's way through Merilda's body, her voice breathy and quiet as she tries to explain herself in response to those first words out of Zana's mouth.

I… I wasn't always a good woman, Zana. I, ah… I'm slipping, I shou- Mmf…!

She talked right through Zana's admission of approval, and is silenced only by that sudden kiss placed upon her lips. It elicits a tender moan from the mage as she hotly reciprocates, allowing her hand to be slid downward. She needs no further prompting, two fingers gently pressing in against the fabric to tease at the sensitive folds hidden beneath. Touching through the sheer lace satisfies her for only the barest few moments, and after those moments pass Merilda slides her hand upward again. But only just enough to slip those fingers down again, but this time working their way underneath the panties.

When her fingers once more tease those folds, they do it much more directly, her index and middle fingers spreading those wet folds and sliding against the pink inner flesh within. Merilda's body tightens up a little, and then relaxes again with another hefty moan once Zana's tail teases across her inner thighs and the thin trails of wetness decorating them.


File: 1603938412893.png (13.78 MB,2160x3840)

Moaning softly under Merilda's touch, Zana rocks her hips grinding that soft, wet flesh against Merilda's fingers. She keeps her lips locked with Merilda's, hungrily lapping away at her tongue as if she can't get enough of her taste.
Meanwhile her tail slowly, teasingly moves further up until it's pressing gently against Merilda's panties, rubbing at the folds that lie beneath.

After more than a few moments she breaks off their kiss. She couldn't stay like this forever. She wants more, and she's pretty sure Merilda does too.

Mm, no… You're good, Merilda. So very good…

Zana takes a hold of Merilda's wrist to drag her hand out of her panties. She brings that hand up to her face and takes Merilda's fingers in her mouth, eagerly sucking them clean right in front of Merilda's eyes.
This goes on for what may seem like an eternity, but once satisfied she once again presses her lips to Merilda's and opens up, now offering a taste of what's going on between her legs in the mix…


File: 1603943992783.png (1.39 MB,768x1024)

Mewtwo pauses. How does he answer that question? It's…not the easiest question to answer, to himself nor to her. What is it, exactly, that he needs? Well, at this exact moment? Perhaps the answer is simpler than he thought. He raises a hand from his side and gently slides it along the young psychic's jawline as he tilts her head upwards gently while lowering his own head. There's a sense of danger to what he's doing. Of lines not meant to be crossed, of predator(?) and prey(?). And yet…
At this moment…You.


File: 1603948269776.png (1.04 MB,1000x1000)

The digits that trace along the line of Sabrina's chin are alien in shape and texture, but the gesture itself is undeniably human, and animal magnetism draws her head along with the motion.
It's a rare sight for Sabrina's face to be reddening, cherish it. Her fingers go to curl around his arm, but a little snore comes from the Abra still snoozing on the rug, something that frazzles her further. Keep it together, she chides herself…
I wouldn't want to wake the little one. Perhaps we should, ehm, go to the bedroom.


File: 1603949238921.jpg (625.41 KB,1085x1500)

Mewtwo pauses, his eyes close slowly as he inwardly curses. He's not disappointed that they have to move, of course, more that he's upset with himself for his…haste. However, this does give him a certain…opportunity. He opens his eyes and nods at Sabrina before swiftly scooping her up into his surprisingly strong though spindly arms and princess carrying her to her bedroom


File: 1603950261681.jpg (359.64 KB,1260x1200)

Few besides her own Pokemon have ever had to gall to scoop her up so effortlessly, let alone in a princess carry. Far from uncomfortable though, Sabrina falls quiet in Mewtwo's arms, using her psychic to turn the doorknob as they float on through. The decorations are sparse, but the furnishing is all high quality, including the big circular bed at the head of the room.
…thank you, for that.
She quickly coughs, trying her best to sound authoritative as she's hoisted around.
I don't do this sort of thing casually, however. If you're not looking to properly court, I'll have to decline.


File: 1603952783770.jpg (156.17 KB,700x612)

Mewtwo's tail swishes slightly behind him as he gently lowers Sabrina onto the bed. What a situation to be presented with. It's not an accusation on Sabrina's part nor does it feel like one. Rather, it feels like a promise. An offer. A chance
Mewtwo does not shy from it
I do not plan to build my new abode for myself alone…Stay with me.


File: 1603954365238.png (61.7 KB,500x500)


Those fingers don't remain content for long to just tease between those folds… Merilda, indeed, wants more. So after only a few moments of rubbing up and down that wetness, those two fingers will locate the tight hole nestled between Zana's thighs and slip inside. There's a very faint but audible squish as Zana's tail teases against Merilda's absolutely sodden panties, and elicits a sharp intake of breath as it sends a jolt of pleasure through her like electricity.

When the kiss is parted, Merilda is already panting for breath as though she'd just run a mile, her body feeling so very hot and needy.

Hhhnn… God… Zana…

That would seem to be a compliment.

Merilda's fingers had just started to move, pumping in and out at a steady pace, when Zana pulls her hand away again. Merilda, at first, lets out a plaintive whine… but Zana's intent quickly becomes apparent and instead the blonde woman watches with rapt attention as Zana suckles upon those fingers. The sight, and the sensation on her fingers, is enough to make Merilda's knees shake, along with the rest of her body.

And then the rejoined kiss, made all the sweeter by the flavor of Zana's excitement lingering on the dragoness' tongue. It only causes Merilda to lean more into the kiss, her tongue fervently sliding against Zana's and trying to gather up every last bit of the taste that she can.


File: 1603958054684.png (4 MB,1080x1920)

Letting out a few delightful soft moans while eagerly sharing her taste with Merilda, Zana turns around to properly face the white mage while keeping their lips pressed together as she does.

She puts both her hands on Merilda's boobs, taking a moment to tease at her nipples through the cloth before she once again slowly slides them down her body to find the hemline of her dress. She's in no rush, simultaneously teasing Merilda and savouring her taste mixed with Zana's own.

Her tail takes its time leaving Merilda's crotch, pressing against her panties for its whole length as it slides back behind Zana. Meanwhile, Zana's hands find their way up Merilda's dress, sliding up her asscheeks up to her lower back.
Perhaps to Merilda's delight they don't stay there for long. Zana works her fingers underneath the white mage's panties, giving her ass a firm yet delicate squeeze directly against the skin before she hooks her thumbs in the top of those panties to slowly slide them down over her cheeks and further down her thighs until she can no longer reach any further down.

Finally breaking the kiss the dragoness drops to her knees in front of Merilda, looking up at her with passion in her eyes as she slowly guides those panties all the way to the floor.

You're gorgeous, Merilda…


File: 1603991611017.jpg (102.37 KB,510x680)


Hopefully Zana turns the direction that lets Merilda keep her hand on the au ra's breast, because the white mage staunchly refuses to release it for the moment, still luxuriating in the feel of the soft boob in her hand. The grip on that soft mound of flesh tightens a little as her own breasts get fondled.

Her back arches and she comes dangerously close at several points of Zana's tail dragging along between her thighs, a trail of slick wetness being left all along the length. Her back's arching also serves to push her ass out against Zana's gripping hands.


That faint murmur forces it's way out of her throat as she feels her panties being lowered. They're of a plain design in sharp contrast to Zana's lacey underwear, decorated only with a small bow at the front. Merilda's excitement is made plain even before Zana gets them all the way down, as several strings of her juices connect her heated pussy to the groin of the undergarment. The strings are stretched and break as Zana sinks to her knees and brings the panties down to the floor, finally forcing Merilda to release Zana's boob. So instead, she gathers up the front of her dress and lifts it, giving Zana an unimpeded view (and route of access…) to Merilda's dripping slit.

Zana… please…


File: 1603994494481.png (10.11 MB,3840x2160)

Zana takes a moment to take in the sight of the metaphorical waterfall between Merilda's legs. She moves her hands back up towards those wonderfully toned buttcheeks, though not before lightly brushing a thumb against Merilda's sensitive slit.

Aha, so needy~

She had planned to give Merilda a slow, sensual night of comfortable foreplay before the main event, but seeing just how sopping wet the poor white mage is already she can't help but let out a delighted sultry giggle as she licks Merilda's honey from her thumb, making sure to keep eye contact with her as she does.

It may well seem like an eternity to Merilda given her current state, but Zana's hand soon returns to the cheek it was taking a slight detour from, joining her other hand in squeezing and caressing Merilda's ass. Spreading her cheeks, provocative fingers teasing at the crack between them…


Zana places a quick kiss on Merilda's venus mound.

I shouldn't keep you waiting too long…

And another kiss a bit further down at the top of her slit before she, at long last, puts her tongue to work. First a long, gentle lick for the length of Merilda's slit. Then pushing in between the folds to oh so eagerly work around her clit, letting out delighted moans as she luxuriates in the taste.


File: 1604008840336.jpg (215 KB,900x1390)

Goodness, asking so suddenly.
A nudge of psychic force from Sabrina brings Mewtwo closer to him, with their waists nearly touching. The coyness in her expression does well to hide the nervousness and inexperience she's currently grueling under mentally.
Mm…alright. I'll stay with you.
A little kissu is placed on the ball of Mewtwo's palm.


File: 1604061122844.png (271.1 KB,510x632)

Mewtwo is caught somewhat off-guard by this unexpected tug forward. For a moment, he forgets that he's in a position of power here. But Sabrina's hesitation and nerves emanating from her snap him back to reality. Not to mention the kiss on his palm causing a shiver to run up his spine that gives him a shot of adrenaline. One he has to suppress the consequences of with all of his might
But what's important right now is soothing his would-be housemate and lover. And so he makes a move to by placing a kiss of his own on the top of her head, being quite tall enough to do so fairly easily. It may be a somewhat unusual sight, this large feline Pokemon making as human a gesture as a kiss, but this act is not about appearance in any way
The hand upon which Sabrina placed a kiss of her own cups Sabrina's chin lightly and caresses her jawline, his thumb lightly trailing over her lower lip, before Mewtwo finally speaks
Thank you…Sabrina…Let it be known that this is no fling nor quickly-forgotten promise. Be with me…please…


File: 1604108085396.jpg (273.55 KB,1280x1280)

As long as it's no impediment on your independence. I know you value that.
Predictably, the bit of snout Mewtwo has makes the initial smooch she shares with him a bit of a puzzle, and she has to crane her head back and think for a moment before she can finally press their lips together. It only occurs to her then that she's getting intimate with a Pokemon, but any stigma she might get for that decision is far from her thoughts for the time being.
The oceans of width between their powers is something Sabrina is keenly aware of, but she has little intention to be made docile by it. The restraint she can sense him employing is almost exciting in fact, wondering just how far she can push before being overwhelmed by this legendary creature. Psychic force again pulls Mewtwo in, this time by the midsection, and the bed groans a bit under their combined weight. Chuckling under her breath, she twines her arms around Mewtwo's shoulders, idly running a finger up and down the cord connecting the back of his skull to his shoulders.


File: 1604110373674.jpg (113.81 KB,373x600)

Despite the fact that it JUST HAPPENED, AND that it puts him in something of an advantageous position, Mewtwo is still caught off-guard. The puzzled look on his face as he finds himself thrown about is…amusing. But it's quickly replaced by a half-lidded look of…somewhat delight, it would seem, as her fingertip slides along the cord of flesh. It would seem to be somewhat sensitive, as though the back of a cat's neck. Still, Mewtwo's quite aware of his position and he has quite the mind to take advantage of it. Dipping his head low, Mewtwo places another kiss upon Sabrina's person, this time on her neck. It's gentle and sincere, a gentle brushing of his lips against the tender flesh. It also gives Sabrina the opportunity to hear a low rumbling coming from Mewtwo, confirming a certain feline trait that may have been wondered about the Mew family of Pokemon
There is independence and there is solitude. I have chosen the latter for too long.


File: 1604112839103.png (698.29 KB,780x1100)

We're alike in that regard…
But this is no time to dwell on time spent isolated in a gym or a cave. All too easily, Sabrina spots the sensitive spot on her lover, and doesn't let up on her gentle assault, fingering up and down the length of the connection. Being nipped in response leaves her short of breath, but she still catches onto the noise he's making and can't help but let out a rather unladylike snort.
I didn't know you purred.
The hand rubbing at his cord moves to scratch behind his…ears? His anatomy is as confusing as it is fascinating to explore. She only indulges in her catty gesture for a moment longer before sitting up, nudging Mewtwo back just enough that she can begin wriggling out of her clothes.


File: 1604115905012.jpg (308.21 KB,1289x1776)

Mewtwo sits back, wondering if he should assist Sabrina in disrobing. He rather has enjoyed her various treatments, the ears, the cord, whatever else she may have in store. Arceus help her if she goes for the base of the tail, though. All the same, he chooses to allow her the comfort of removing her clothes at her own pace. It's not as though he's not enjoying the view, after all, as is made evident by certain reactions that Sabrina will have no trouble spotting


File: 1604118007855.jpg (477.52 KB,950x600)

The speculation of where he might be hiding his piece has admittedly been on her mind, but it becomes obvious enough once it stands up. With everything but her see-through tights taken off, she's given it quite a sight to twitch over, and she flicks its head gently to mask the nervousness she has at the thought of being filled with it.
Very flattering~.
Gingerly, her hand coils around him and begins to stroke, looking up at him (and subtly reading the general signals of his mind) to gauge his reactions to her touch.


File: 1604126991159.png (109.33 KB,600x450)

Mewtwo very nearly has a full-body twitch at being flicked. Of course, it's a fairly sensitive area, made all the more evident by the hissing noise as he breathes in through grit teeth. Before he can complain, though, Sabrina has already begun to touch him in a far more pleasing way. Any potential annoyance is quickly pushed aside by the delight felt as his psychic lover (that's a joke only for me) strokes him. Mewtwo is, however, not one to be outdone so easily. He finds convenience in having such long arms as he reaches forward to touch Sabrina as well, softly cupping a hand over her more private of parts. She is a sight to behold in her nude state, to be sure, but he doesn't just want to see her naked
He wants to see her in rapture


File: 1604250090016.jpg (187.15 KB,800x640)


So very needy, exactly as Zana described. That eye contact is almost too much, the delay as she cleans that slick juice from her thumb intolerable, forcing a rather unladylike whine from deep in Merilda's throat and breast. The hand resting on the mage's tight ass can plainly feel a faint tremor of need that runs through her body.

Please… I need it…!

That plaintive plea only serves to highlight the mage's overly horny state of mind at the moment. That first kiss makes Merilda's body shake again, makes her back arch suddenly. One of Merilda's hands goes to the back of Zana's head, combing her fingers into the au ra's hair as though to urge her to get started… and when the tongue begins to do it's divine work, the other hand comes up to Merilda's own face, the woman biting her knuckles as additional waves of pleasure shoot through her. Her folds spread easily for Zana's wet tongue, and Merilda's urgent moan of delight is only somewhat muffled by her knuckle.

It's clearly been far too long, judging by her disproportionately severe reactions to just those first tantalizing licks…


File: 1604255075983.png (992.64 KB,1953x1636)

Merilda's sweet moans are music to Zana's ears. The fingers combing through her hair are indeed encouraging as delighted moans escape her mouth while she methodically works her way around Merilda's pussy, closing her lips around the clit, wantonly sucking on it while her tongue flicks and twirls around it like Merilda's pleasure is the single most important thing in the world right now.

Which, if Zana's hands are any indication, it is. A teasing thumb rubs around Merilda's back door while her other hand slides up under Merilda's dress, working its way under her bra - if she's wearing one - to tenderly massage her breast and toy with her nipple, eagerly caressing it between two fingers.

All the meanwhile, the dragoness' tail coils its way up around the white mage's thigh, the tip of it soon enough reaching the entrance of her honey pot, prodding at it, pushing into that hungry hole…


File: 1604278819151.jpg (129.81 KB,984x655)



Merilda's teeth bite down even harder against her knuckle as she tries desperately to keep her voice down as the tongue continues it's wandering down there, Merilda's arousal making the oral muscle even wetter as her sweet honey drips out of her and flows over Zana's tongue. Feeling those lips close around her clit and that suckling that follows, to say nothing of the tongue dancing atop the fleshy nub, makes all pretenses of remaining quiet and reserved fly from Merilda's mind.

She opens her mouth and tilts her head back, a high pitched moan sounding out clearly in the room's still air. It makes her knees quake, almost threatening to topple the pleasured mage to the floor. The finger teasing her back hole causes her ass cheeks to tense up under Zana's hand, and Merilda's own hand soon goes to her chest to rest atop Zana's. To say her nipple is stiff would be an understatement, it seems almost as if it could be used to cut glass as Zana's fingers begin to tease there.

Then the tail…

As the tip pushes against her drenched hole, it will find that Merilda's tightness against it's own girth is the only resistance to it's entry, any part of it that touches Merilda's heated sex almost instantly slickened more than enough to go inside. That tightness only grows in pulses waves as the tail works it's way inside as the tight pussy clenches around the new invader.

Za… Zanaaaaahhh…!

She sounds like she's already close to climax, even though they've only just gotten started…


File: 1604282128724.jpg (234.85 KB,978x1280)

You're so sensitive.
She intends for it to come out in a teasing manner, but she sounds far more entranced by it than amused, watching just how little sensation it takes to get him arching and writhing. Up and down her hand goes, until she suddenly lets go, but the sensation around his member doesn't leave with it. A green tint coats it, as opposed to the blue color of his own psychic energy. Her head bobs up and down with the psionic stimulation she's applying, only interrupted from her hyperfocused stare when he reaches down to touch at her.
Wet already. Closing her thighs ever so slightly around his hand, she resumes her servicing, occasionally letting those ruby colored eyes of hers drift back up to look into his.


File: 1604282228111.png (10.11 MB,3840x2160)

Zana would encourage Merilda to let it all out if her mouth was free to speak. Instead her encouragement comes in the form of more vigorously doing what she does best.
Her tongue dances faster, harder, more directly against Merilda's throbbing nub as she sucks on it, only momentarily letting go for air.

She starts pistoning the tip of her tail inside the white mage, filling her out well and good with a girth well beyond what a pair of fingers could provide. Even bending a little, getting into all of Merilda's nooks and crannies despite not being quite as maneuverable or flexible as fingers would.

As Merilda's legs threaten to give, the hand on her ass seems almost reassuring as Zana grips her tighter, her thumb almost pushing into that tight back hole…


File: 1604283543306.png (836.18 KB,1386x1969)

Sabrina's gaze is met by Mewtwo's own purple eyes as he continues to touch and caress her intimate area. He's still uncertain, even at a time like this. His heartbeat is louder than his mind right now, metaphorically and literally. All the same, he doesn't stop. Even as he feels a shiver go up his back with every psychic stroke that Sabrina provides him
Finally he speaks again, though it is just her name. But the way that his voice in her mind, deep and slightly unsure, speaks of more than just his pleasure is telling. He wants to be closer to her. He wants her to hold him and to hold her in kind


File: 1604288409757.jpg (84.3 KB,320x360)

You're holding back.
Sabrina isn't bothering with words anymore, broadcasting her thoughts straight to his, an intimate channel that few can even share with her. If it's closeness he desires, she's all but goading him into taking it, evening peeking up to place a feather soft smooch on his snout.
Show me what you want. It's all yours…
A somewhat tight squeeze is given to the base of his member, making an agonizing drag upward until her psychic energy is swirling around its tip.


File: 1604289377538.jpg (130.26 KB,510x680)


I'm… I… ahh…!

That encouragement in the form of faster and more vigorous stimulation is really all she needs. It's certainly much more effective than simple words could ever be.

The tail pumping and thrusting into her, spreading her wet pussy again and again,and bending to hit those especially sensitive areas… hopefully that reassurance from the hand on her ass means Zana was prepared to help balance her, because as Merilda's whole body begins to quake and her inner muscles spasm wildly as she cums, she will need all the support she can get from the au ra who's driven her to such heights of pleasure.



File: 1604291247346.png (4.04 MB,1920x1080)

Indeed ready to support her, Zana tightens her grip on Merilda further as she sends her over the edge. Her tail coils tighter around the white mage's leg while her arms tense up to hold Merilda up.

Following along with Merilda's spasms, Zana gives her one final push of yet more vigorous stimulation. Thrusting her tail harder into Merilda, moaning and sucking even more intensely on her clit until she comes back down to rest in the afterglow.

Only then does Zana slow down. Once Merilda is done she lets her tail stay still inside the white mage, and lets go of her sensitive clit, instead planting soft gentle kisses around her pubic mound and thighs.

Mmm… You're





Kiss kiss kiss, while she gently massages Merilda's asscheek and breast, tracing a finger around her nipple and luxuriating in the tight and soft flesh respectively.


File: 1604293975565.png (228.75 KB,580x550)

Mewtwo has not only been told to take what he wants but has been encouraged in other ways to do so. Who is he to say no?
The legendary Pokemon lurches forward, placing his lips against Sabrina's again while capturing one of her hands in his and pushing her down onto the bed. In spite of the sudden gesture, his hand does not leave her crotch nor cause any harm. Somehow lost to passion and yet careful enough not to push or rub too hard. He wants to claim Sabrina as his own, but he does not want to damage this priceless creature now beneath him at his mercy
Upon breaking the kiss, he trails his tongue along her lips, down her jawline, and along her neck where he plants another nip on the tender flesh


File: 1604294849317.png (61.7 KB,500x500)


Zana's support is the only thing keeping the white mage upright, it might seem. Largely because that is so… Merilda's spasming pussy crushes against Zana's thrusting tail as it pushes harder, the mages hips bucking forward slightly against Zana's sucking lips… Zana's burst of increased stimulation keeps Merilda tipped over the edge of ecstasy for just a little bit longer, though the seconds seem to drag on forever for her.

All good things, however, and Merilda's back arches again, but the other way as she slumps a little. Both hands now go to rest on Zana's shoulders for support. Though Merilda's body is still trembling, those soft and tantalizing kisses still elicit soft shivers, as do the soft words from Zana punctuating those kisses. Her ass cheek tenses under the massage, and another breathless moan comes out of her as her nipple is further teased upon.

I… can…

A few moments of panting.

I can… hardly feel my legs…


File: 1604297273217.png (12.03 MB,3840x2160)

Hmhm~ Ah…

Zana lets out a delighted chuckle and a soft sigh as she takes a moment to rest her head against the spot where Merilda's thigh meets her torso.

Then… Let's get you somewhere more comfortable.

Zana slowly removes her tail from Merilda, letting it slide along her thigh as it uncoils and moves back to… Not its resting position just yet, for Zana isn't letting it go without first licking Merilda's excitement from it. She brings the tip up to her face, admiring her work for but a moment before she licks it clean.


Finally, then, Zana's strength becomes immediately apparent as she moves her hands and stands herself up to scoop Merilda into a princess carry with the kind of effortless grace that would imply she's done this more than a few times before.

She'll carry her to the bed where she's going to lay her down and climb in to join her.


File: 1604377928875.jpg (494.92 KB,788x923)

Animal instinct makes Sabrina's heart leap when those teeth sink into the skin of her neck again, much more firmly this time to her delight. The rounded fingers still prodding between her legs get her arching back against the mattress, and Mewtwo's weight pushes her straight back down.
How far can he teeter to the brink and pull himself back? The mystery leaves goosebumps on her, and when she pulls Mewtwo's hips in close to her own, she can't help but bite down on her bottom lip a bit. A ripping sound can be heard suddenly; a sizeable hole at the crotch of her leggings has opened itself up.


File: 1604379087712.png (900.82 KB,480x640)

Good timing, that, as Mewtwo has pretty much reached his limit of patience. Normally a creature that could wait weeks, months even, to carry out a plan, certain biological functions have worn that amount of time into moments. The knowledge that there has been a split in those leggings gives him pause but only long enough to shake off the surprise. He sits up, onto his knees, giving Sabrina full view of what she's working with, including the part of him at full mast and slightly dripping with anticipation. It is only momentarily before he places his hands on Sabrina's hips and pulls her forward and slowly, carefully now, starts to push himself into her. Knowing it's going to hurt, he raises one hand, one strange finger, up to her mouth
Bite down if you choose to.
It is not simply an offer to focus on something other than the pain: it is an offer to at least partially share it


File: 1604381286996.jpg (34.9 KB,677x658)

She only partly takes him up on his offer, scraping her teeth against his digit as the first push is made. Cumbersome and sore as it is, she's tough enough to handle it without flinching, her labored breath being the only indication that she's even fazed. Be that as it may, she doesn't immediately begin to rock back against him, taking her time to let her body adjust to the intrusion.
Squeezing her fingers around the hand he still has looped with hers, Sabrina takes in a deep breath. Her pelvis rises up to meet his slowly, and then back down, as a silent and beleaguered signal that she's ready.


File: 1604384632640.jpg (839.6 KB,1250x1446)

As Mewtwo pushes into Sabrina's warm depths, he studies every change in her features. He wants to see every expression she has to offer him. Though he is also distracted by certain…other features presented by her nude body. He wonders how well he can get away with staring but tries not to all the same. There are other things to focus on, after all. He lifts one of Sabrina's legs to hold against him as he starts to slowly pump his hips, pushing himself in and out of her tender petals


File: 1604441583608.jpeg (106.93 KB,550x719)


Zana's head resting against the heated flesh at the join of Merilda's leg and body will give her just another point of contact to feel the way the mages muscles shiver and shake. And to feel how her whole body tenses as that tail makes it's luxuriously sensual exit from her body.


Merilda's girlcum simply drips from the tail once it is out of her… there is plenty for Zana to lick away and savor. But then Merilda is scooped up and hefted into the air. She wasn't quite expecting that, so it brings a soft 'eep' from her.

Oh… Zana…

She's laid down, and she settles in on that bed quite comfortably. When Zana climbs on to join her, Merilda will seize the au ra and pull her close, the white mages' strength returning to her in obvious fashion as she rolls to put Zana underneath of her before leaning down to plant a deep and sensuous kiss on her lips.


File: 1604445288633.png (12 MB,3840x2160)

Aha, oh~

With a lustful giggle in response to Merilda's enthusiasm as she pulls Zana in and rolls over, there's little time for words before Merilda dives in for a kiss.
She passionately reciprocates, parting her lips and hungrily pushing her tongue in to share Merilda's lingering taste.

Deciding that the classical white mage dress has long since overstayed its welcome, Zana reaches down to pull it up. Up and up until their locked lips get in the way of pulling it any further, only momentarily breaking the kiss to get it off proper.

For just a moment before rejoining her lips with Merilda's, Zana gives her a look that only one message could possibly be derived from: Zana is all Merilda's.
At the very least for tonight.


File: 1604446207410.jpg (196.21 KB,562x645)

Closed off as she might usually be, she doesn't at all look reserved while entangled with Mewtwo, hoping that his eyes will be on her as much as hers are on him. Her stony composure is showing its upper limits through the redness tinting her cheeks, and the way they scrunch up with every thrust he makes. She takes the opportunity to loop her leg around him for balance, riding out the dulled bit of pain for the sweet tingle that comes after.


File: 1604446887733.jpg (486.53 KB,940x720)



She luxuriates in that taste. The flavor of ecstasy that Zana worked so eagerly to coax out of her. Her head is in a fuzz of lust and lingering pleasure, her orgasm having left her nethers still tingling delightfully even after it's run it's course.

She makes no move whatsoever to prevent Zana from divesting her of that dress, but she stubbornly holds the kiss for just a moment or two longer than Zana had meant. After insistently holding that kiss for that long, she lets her lips part from the au ra's and helpfully holds her arms up in position to let the garment be slipped off of her, leaving her dressed in naught but what she was born in.

You're incredible, Zana…

She manages to get that much out before Zana's lips find her mouth again, and Merilda once more returns it to Zana with fervor. But only for a few moments. She parts it again, this time with a soft lick from her tongue on the dragon girls' lips before dipping her head down to lavish tender kisses and gentle nibbles at Zana's ear and neck.

Meanwhile, one of the mages' hands comes to rest on Zana's hip and slides it's way inward slowly, the hand sampling the transition from scale to smooth flesh before it's fingers trail over Zana's clit teasingly.


File: 1604448539806.png (14.57 MB,3840x2160)

Mmm, aw…

She whines softly as Merilda's once again lips leave her own, but whining turns to moaning as Merilda caressing her lower horns, her neck, and her positively drenched clit sends pleasurable shivers through Zana's body. She instinctively spreads her legs to open up proper for the mage's touch, rocking her hips against Merilda's hand as well.

Ah…~ Merilda…

One of her hands moves to Merilda's head, fingers gently caressing her scalp as Zana runs them through her hair. Her other hand reaches for the mage's breast, massaging and luxuriating in the soft flesh between her fingers.

Take me…


File: 1604454012029.png (1.81 MB,1649x1754)

He responds in kind as she wraps her leg around him. The act in and of itself it…hot. He can't think of another word to describe it. The action itself makes him think of warmth as she does it and he can feel his own body temperature raise as she does it. It's encouragement to continue and he's eager to answer the call. His chest starts to heave a bit as his breathing quickens with his pace. The stimulation is almost making him see white. One of his hands trails along Sabrina's sides and makes its way to her chest, cupping one of her breasts and fondling it slightly in an effort to stimulate her further


File: 1604504215835.jpeg (174.13 KB,645x910)


"Take me…"

Those words bring out an entirely different kind of sound from Merilda. Another moan as she lavishes kisses right at the crook of Zana's neck, but this one sounding a bit deeper, with just a hint of a lusty growl behind it.

She clearly doesn't need to be told twice.

Those fingers which previously only brushed lightly over Zana's clit now press it firmly, but still delicately, mindful of how sensitive it is. She starts to rub it in small circles, focusing her hands attention on just that little pleasure nub.

Her mouth, meanwhile, trails downward from Zana's neck, pausing to softly graze her collarbone with her lips and teeth before moving down further. Her whole body, naturally, has to likewise shift downward, which means Zana will have only limited time to caress Merilda's boob, but as Merilda's lips slide over the au ra's own breast and eventually find one of her nipples to kiss and suckle upon… somehow I don't think she'll mind.


File: 1604507176650.png (13.04 MB,3840x2160)

Zana is hesitant to let go of Merilda's boob, taking all the time she can to enjoy the feeling of that beautiful mound of flesh between her fingers.
She arches her back and moans loudly upon Merilda's firm rubbing at her throbbing clit, giving her a reminder of Zana's claws as the waves of pleasure cause her to grip a little harder on the mage's luxurious boob and clench her fist around a bunch of her hair. Not hard enough to draw blood or leave marks, but just enough to feel the sharpness pressing against her skin.

Mmmhah… Merilda… !

Finally removing her hand from Merilda's breast as it becomes too hard to comfortably reach Zana instead grips at the bedsheets she can safely dig her claws into in the heat of passion.


File: 1604510652533.jpg (762.47 KB,1200x858)


The presence of those claws seems hardly to faze Merilda in the least. Even were those claws to leave marks, she would happily attribute them as a small price to pay for such a lurid night of pleasure.

But no marks are left, and only a tensing and a murmur from Merilda shows she even acknowledged the squeeze of her tender chest.


She tilts her head upward as she moves down from Zana's breast, looking from between the petite and lovely mounds on her chest at the au ra's face. She continues her descent, trailing her tongue across Zana's toned stomach and pausing briefly to tease her belly button with a few licks, before continuing her descent. Getting ever closer to Zana's drooling slit…

Finally she reaches it, and only now does she allow her rubbing fingers to cease their ministrations. But only so she can replace those fingers with her tongue, Merilda's eyes sliding closed at the delightful taste of Zana's juices.


File: 1604513823545.png (12.52 MB,3840x2160)

As Merilda descends down Zana's body she unclenches her fist to gingerly run her fingers through the mage's hair, encouraging her to go further, to do anything she wants.

You're so… Haa…

Breathing heavily she looks down at Merilda's beautiful eyes with as much of a smile as she can muster, biting her lower lip as Merilda's teasing against her belly button makes her abs tense up against the combined pleasure of Merilda's fingers and teasing tongue.

Mmmm… So good…

Upon reaching her drooling slit, Merilda gets a good view at just how wet, just how needy it is, Zana's juices having long since begun pooling up on the silken sheets beneath their origin.

And then, that tongue. That divine feeling against her sex. Zana lets out a loud moan, her whole body tensing up as waves of pleasure flow through her. She wraps her legs around Merilda, wanting to keep her right where she is for as long as she wants to stay.


File: 1604604288740.png (11.82 MB,2836x1967)

Modest as her chest might be, there's enough for Mewtwo to get a squeeze of her in his palm. The rest of her toned body tightens more and more, particularly around the core of her torso, breaths becoming as tense and laborious as his are. There's a dim flicker of light behind her eyes each time the Pokemon bottoms out in her, the smallest of spillage from the psychic control she's otherwise been maintaining.
Both of her arms suddenly rope around him as well, almost eliminating any remaining space between them. One roams upward to find its place back at the cord on the back of his head, and the other goes the opposite way, fingers raking and grabbing at his lower back, and then the slightest bit of the base of his tail.


File: 1604606468521.png (712.76 KB,1200x900)

Oh lord, you did the thing
Mewtwo has to quickly prop himself up on the bed as he arches his back, inadvertently hilting himself entirely into Sabrina and even pushing her back on the bed with the force. It was unexpected. It was exhilarating. Like a shot of adrenaline coursing through his body.
As though a switch were flipped, Mewtwo becomes almost…instinctual with his love-making. Filled with sudden lust, he starts pounding into Sabrina in an almost feral way; raw, uncontrolled passion is the new name of the game for him now as he throbs within her
I must…I'm going to…


File: 1604614039471.png (17.48 KB,500x500)

As expected from one of the most powerful creatures to exist, the increased vigor is too much for Sabrina to keep up with. One little push was all it took, and now she clings for dear life as he shakes the bed with his pumping, clinging for dear life and dragging her nails over his skin as she does.
After a soft choking noise, Sabrina goes all but silent, her sudden climax hitting hard enough to get her flashing eyes to cross. The snug clamp of her insides around Mewtwo serve as an unspoken invitation to follow suit.


File: 1604616203745.jpg (243.73 KB,2048x1536)

And it is with a loud yowl to the heavens that he does just that. Passion and tension come to a peak as Mewtwo does as well, the Pokemon arching his back and emptying himself within his lover. He pants heavily as he fills Sabrina most desperately, trying to take a hold of all these emotions and feelings and identify them all as he's in the throes of passion
When it all comes to a close, he collapses atop Sabrina, somehow managing to have the sense to not completely crush her beneath his form as he breathes heavily


File: 1604618628339.png (652.73 KB,866x545)

Her vision has gone white by the time he hits his peak, and only minutes later do her senses come back to her, along with the warmth of the oversized cat-thing now collapsed on top of her. Between ragged pants and huffs, she lets out a little chuckle.
…I didn't know you could make noise like that.
A tired scritch is given to the back of Mewtwo's ears. She doesn't seem to mind being squashed underneath him, and in fact, cozies herself up into his chest quite contently.
That was lovely.


File: 1604619066224.jpg (164.15 KB,1171x1726)

Sabrina would easily be able to feel the low rumble indicating Mewtwo's quiet purr, even as he looks away with an embarrassed expression
I…seldom do…
It's a quiet sort of telepathy but clear enough to make out Mewtwo's bashfulness. With Sabrina cozying up to him, the Pokemon allows himself to relax somewhat atop her, still being mindful of any complaints that may arise
It was…very lovely indeed…I am…glad…


File: 1604677387345.jpeg (106.93 KB,550x719)


Seemingly not one for the same sort of verbal teasing that Zana is so fond of, Merilda has no sultry or pithy remark about the level of wetness she's now observing, savoring the scent of, the taste of…

As the legs close around her head and shoulders, she has no objection at all. Quite the contrary, the hand that is not currently busy teasing Zana's desperate pussy touches the smooth flesh of Zana's ass and slides it's way up her hip, her arm curling around that leg, pulling it in a little tighter even.

And her tongue and fingers continue their teasing. THe fingers move down only a scant inch or two, just enough to tease their tips between Zana's nether lips and trace around the rim of her soaked entrance. With her tongue lapping and pressing repeatedly against the delicious au ra clit beneath it, those two delicate yet strong fingers will start to slide inward. She doesn't take too long about it, the motion somewhat slow but smooth and purposeful, the fingers arching once they're sunk in to the last knuckle to search for that most sensitive of internal spots that she knows is there…


File: 1604680340368.png (14.39 MB,2160x3840)

With Merilda's arm pulling Zana's leg in tighter, her own hand leaves Merilda's head to slide up her own body eventually landing on her boob to massage and tease at her own hard nipple while Merilda does god's work on her desperate pussy.

Merilda's fingers slide in with ease, eliciting a soft moan between laboured breaths as Zana's inner walls tighten and relax to the tune of the divine tongue sending shivers of pleasure through her body.

Ah… Hah…

As the intruding fingers start arching and exploring inside her it's not long until Zana's walls clamp down on them in ecstacy and her legs tighten around Merilda's body.

Merildahhh— !

She grips the silken sheets hard, claws digging into them as she brings her hand from her breast up to take a finger in her mouth and bite down on it, mixing the pleasure of Merilda's beautiful work with just enough pain to hold her orgasm at bay for a little longer.


File: 1604687982493.jpg (381.51 KB,768x1024)



And that would be the spot Merilda was searching for. She presses her fingers against it for a moment, as much to cement the exact depth and bend of her fingers in her mind as to continue to delight Zana. And then she moves her fingers away from it, and starts to gently pump them in and out of the dragoness' heated hole. But at this point, she's careful to avoid that spot… she doesn't want to finish her off too quickly.

Quite content that her head will be kept inside the tight clutch of those thighs, she drags her hand back across the smooth scales and soft flesh, from her hip and back down to her buttock, and then between them. Just another two fingers go to work again there, tracing a small circle around Zana's other hole, teasing it… before likewise pressing inward, enough of Zana's slick juices must have leaked down over that little rosebud by now to make for a smooth passage as her fingers slowly wriggle their way inside.

Once they're there, she will have a pair of fingers in each hole slowly pistoning away, one set sinking inward while the other pair drags back out of her at a leisurely pace. All the while, Merilda's tongue continues to play at that little pleasure button of hers… at least until her lips close around it, and she gives it a light graze with her teeth, giving it a little pinch between upper and lower teeth ever so gently and quite carefully to ensure she doesn't cause any undue pain down there.


File: 1604691003370.png (16.78 MB,3840x2160)

Zana arches her back as Merilda presses against her most sensitive internal spot, her hungry hole seemingly fighting to keep those fingers right where they are until Merilda pulls them back.
As the fingers retract Zana lets out a long, quavering moan, turning to soft delighted moaning as they start to pump inside her…

Her tight rose bud puckers up for a moment as Merilda's fingers tease around it, winking, relaxing and inviting them inside as they start to push into the plentily lubricated hole.

The intensity of Zana's sweet moans only increase from here, her butt and pussy both hungrily clamping down and relaxing on the white mage's fingers as they piston inside her. Her hips rocking along, Merilda's teasing teeth cause Zana to once again arche her back and hold the white mage tighter yet between her legs.

Mmmmm… !

She's close, she's trying to hold back in an attempt to make this blissful feeling last a little longer and the final payoff that much sweeter. And she's going to need Ozma to make new sheets in the morning.


File: 1604696853725.jpg (58.3 KB,950x671)


Merilda, at last, parts her tongue and lips from Zana's clit, though she can only do so just barely thanks to the press of those legs, and smiles up at her from between her legs.

Someone's enjoying themselves… good… I hope you're ready.

And right back to it she goes. This time, she seems ready for the finale… similar to Zana's own treatment from earlier, she sucks tenderly on that firm nub while her tongue dances energetically atop it. On top of that she hums softly, adding some delightful vibration through her tongue.

Her fingers, not content to be outdone it would seem, redouble their efforts. She doesn't move them any quicker inside of Zana, but each time they push inward she puts a little more pressure on them, as though trying to force them even deeper into ass and pussy both. And the ones in her wettest hole… they remain straightened out each time they push inward, but arch when pulling out, putting firm pressure and dragging it across Zana's g-spot repeatedly.

If Zana were to manage to pay enough attention, she might note Merilda's humming has a slight cadence to it, and her mouth and tongue move slightly with each change in tone. Without pulling her lips or tongue away from their all important work, she's doing her best to urge Zana onward, repeating 'cum for me' again and again…

Though considering Zana's level of distraction, one would certainly not fault her for missing that detail entirely.


File: 1604699556569.png (11.24 MB,3840x2160)

Zana lets out a plaintive whine as Merilda parts her tongue and lips from her clit, though looking down to meet the white mage's eyes it is with a smile and a little blood on her lips and anticipation and a desperate need in her eyes. At least as much of a smile as can be managed between heavy breaths and delightful moans.

With no words in response to Merilda's, she simply lays her head back and reaches down to run her fingers through the white mage's hair, pushing her back down, encouraging her to finally bring Zana over the edge.

Getting closer and closer Zana's entire body tenses up especially as Merilda drags her fingers across her g-spot, her clit throbbing in Merilda's mouth, her pussy and ass both holding on to those delightful fingers for dear life…

Mmm…hah…~ Merildaaaahhhhh~ !!

She may not entirely have her wits about her to realise the meaning of Merilda's humming, but cum for her she does. Merilda has got Zana shaking and squirting as she cums all over her, gripping a bunch of the white mage's hair tightly to keep her right where she is.


File: 1604701663694.jpg (117.95 KB,706x1000)


The lack of verbal response is of no nevermind to Merilda. She wasn't honestly expecting much in that regard, she can tell how worked up Zana is…

The fingers in her hair only encourage her to go a little… more in every regard. Sucking a little more firmly. Fingers moving a little faster. Other than that, she keeps on just as she was, until…


That tensing, the sudden rough grip on her hair which only serves to make the mage's excitement suddenly ramp up, evidenced by a harder suck on that pulsing clit… but then Merilda has other things to concern herself with, such as the warm girlcum spraying around her fingers and out over her chin and neck. She luxuriates in the feeling, tugging slightly against the hand gripping her hair as she tries to dip her head down to catch some of it in her mouth. But the tight fistful of her hair prevents that, of course…

So she has to content herself with continuing to work her fingers in Zana's warm holes as well as she can, considering the crushing tightness the orgasm causes. Trying to keep Zana tipped over that line of ecstatic pleasure as long as she possibly can.


File: 1604704110707.png (12.52 MB,3840x2160)

Merilda continuing to work her fingers inside Zana keeps her tipped over the edge for a bit longer, her whole body trembling and her back arching as she clamps down hard on the white mage's fingers inside her, moaning loudly through the waves of ecstacy flowing through her body.

Ahhh… Hah…~ !

But as all that goes up eventually comes back down, Zana eventually eventually comes to relax in post orgasmic bliss, the legs that were previously holding her in an iron grip now just shakily resting on Merilda's back and shoulders.
Still panting and trembling, she lets Merilda's hair go to instead gently run her shaky fingers through it, caressing the white mage who just brought her such ecstatic pleasure.

Ah… Incredible…


File: 1604706860663.jpg (410.81 KB,700x1032)


Those ministrations keep up without pause or interruption as Zana keeps cumming. Every second the dragon spends tense and crying out is another second of euphoria for Merilda, as well. But finally even the nicest touches can't keep it going, and as Zana finally winds down, so too does Merilda slow.

Those fingers come to a rest inside of the dragon, luxuriating for a time in the feel of those post orgasmic twitches and spasms. Finally, they slowly slide out of her in both holes, and Merilda lifts her head just a little to make a show of popping the two fingers that were in Zana's sex into her mouth.


She sloooowly pulls them out again, sucking them clean as they exit. And then, seeming to decide that simply isn't enough of Zana's taste, she lowers her head and begins to lavish her cunt and the area around it with additional licks.


She'll spend a time down there doing clean up, kissing and licking at Zana's inner thighs as well as closer to her leaking mound. The mage even dips her head downward a little, passing her tongue over Zana's rear hole to collect the juices that have managed to trickle into the cleft of her ass and underneath her tail.


File: 1604709479513.png (3.98 MB,1920x1080)

Luxuriating in the feeling of having someone inside her, Zana lets out a soft whimper as Merilda's fingers withdraw from her still twitching holes.
But those two fingers going inside Merilda's mouth get her full attention with a longing, almost jealous look keeps her taste all to herself.


Though sorely tempted to pull Merilda up on top of her and into a kiss, Zana rather opts to let the white mage have her way with her, however she does reach down with her free hand to run a couple fingers across that juicy, sensitive slit, coating them in her own girlcum before bringing her fingers up to her mouth to lick them clean.


Breathing heavily as her lower body is lavished in kisses and licks, gasping and moaning as her over sensitive cunt gets another feel of Merilda's divine tongue before she proceeds further down to her ass and tail.


File: 1604764982517.jpg (185.14 KB,544x798)


Naturally, it takes Merilda a short while to clean up Zana to some degree she finds acceptable… though, equally naturally, it's something of a fools errand, as no doubt Zana's pussy is still leaking profusely and undoing her cleansing work almost as quickly as Merilda can complete it.

But eventually, she decides it's time to stop being so selfish. And so Merilda gently moves Zana's legs to spread them and free herself from their weight before crawling up atop the au ra again, pausing only long enough to give one of Zana's nipples a teasing lick, before coming face to face and dipping down for a deep kiss.

Zana will find that her longing for a taste is about to be more than satisfied, because Merilda has gathered some of Zana's juices into her mouth for safe keeping, rather than simply swallowing down. So, as Merilda joins her lips to Zana's and slides her tongue past those entwined lips, that bit of gathered girlcum will be allowed to flow through, sharing the bounty freely with Zana.



File: 1604766658634.png (12.85 MB,2160x3840)

As Merilda leaves the fountain that is Zana's pussy and crawls back on top of her, the dragoness wraps her arms around Merilda's back.

Zana lets out a delighted gasp in response to her stiff nipple being teased before Merilda comes up to meet her face to face. Merilda hardly gets to dip down before Zana raises her own head for her lips to meet Merilda's, hungrily opening right up while her arms tighten around Merilda, holding the white mage close.

She eagerly, passionately slides her tongue along Merilda's, lapping up the precious liquid that Merilda so generously shares with her. Savouring the taste of herself on Merilda's tongue only excites her further, making her hold the white mage tighter against her body, providing a stinging sensation as Zana's claws grip into Merilda's back…



File: 1604769287369.jpg (657.59 KB,1200x1126)


That stinging sensation is of no sort of bother to Merilda. In fact, Zana will receive a similar sensation as Merilda stuffs her hands underneath Zana's back and similarly grips at her, though her fingernails are rather less sharp than Zana's claws.

Merilda doesn't hold this kiss for over long… long enough for Zana to collect her 'treat', and long enough to pick up some of the residual taste from Merilda's tongue as well before she parts. Breathing heavily, she looks into Zana's eyes from scant inches away.

I hope you aren't done yet…

Merilda's voice is a lusty whisper, one that rather defies her usual image of a pious healer. Equally in contrast is the movement of her hips, pressing her hips against Zana's and grinding against her needily.


File: 1604770848100.png (9.94 MB,3840x2160)

Panting as Merilda pulls away, Zana looks deep into her eyes and slowly licks her lips, her hips grinding in unison with Merilda's, her tail finding its way to rub against the white mage's thigh…
With her strength returning, she rolls around to flip their positions, putting Merilda on her back and Zana on top of her.

She places a quick kiss on Merilda's lips before leaning down to her ear, giving it a soft nibble before whispering…

Let me…

Moving down a little, she kisses Merilda's neck.

Worship you…

Further down, her shoulder…

Submit to you…

Her collarbone…

Devote myself to you…

Her other collarbone…

Give you a night…

The space between her breasts, before moving back up to look Merilda in the eyes…

… You'll never forget.

She dives back in for a deep, passionate kiss. Zana is far from done, she wants to give herself to Merilda until the sun rises.


File: 1604776069010.jpg (123.43 KB,459x746)


Merilda is awash with tantalized shivers as the tail teases her thighs, and then she is flipped. She doesn't do anything to resist this, whether out of desire or surprise (or both…) Zana will have no difficulty getting atop her once more.

That quick kiss is reciprocated, and once more does she shudder as the ear is nibbled, making her breath catch briefly in her throat. And then, those sweet words whispered into her ear.


She tilts her head aside, giving Zana full access to her neck.


A shudder, and a faint gasp as her shoulder is next kissed. And then her collarbone… the other side…

… mmnnn…

When Zana comes back up after then giving her affection between Merilda's firm breasts, the mage is more than charmed. Zana dives down for that kiss, and Merilda rises up to meet her.

And then…

And then they're in for a night neither of them will forget.


File: 1604983507338.png (28.18 KB,152x278)

Vivian has just left the Game Bin at the end of her shift! And she is in a particularly foul mood it seems like, considering how it's less like walking and more like stomping…

Fucking pompous shitlord…

Seems someone has gotten on her nerves.

… fucking Travis. "Oh, Vivian, you can't threaten to knock out customers anymore!" Goddamn…



File: 1604984246442.jpg (41.2 KB,640x1056)

A poster is stuck to a telephone pole that Vivian passes by, with the face of a bubbly young woman wearing a band-aid hairband plastered at its center. Apparently named "Princess Remedy", the poster claims there isn't much she can't treat with her magic, with a long list of ailments printed in its pitch. At the very bottom, the word "stress" is particularly printed in cursive, with a few hearts decorating it, but it otherwise seems to be a legitimate advertisement, with the address to a residence plastered at the bottom, above a couple of reference numbers to the city's medical board.


File: 1604984822452.png (417.94 KB,680x680)


Vivian takes one look at this poster and continues to grumble as she walks right past it.

… a few moments later, though, she comes backpedaling to give the poster another look. She takes out her cell phone and looks at it as she punches in the address for walking directions.

The fuck can it hurt, eh?

And off she goes! A short time later, she will be knocking on the door of the given address.


File: 1604986051040.jpg (52.62 KB,460x215)

It takes a second of fumbling and scurrying around with something inside, but the door eventually opens, with the sunny-faced doctor herself peeking out to greet her new patient (presumably).
Hell-ooo there, welcome! My name is Remedy, and it's a pleasure to meet you.
Unfazed entirely by the grumpy demeanor of the baggy-eyed girl on her doorstep, she ushers Vivian into her lavishly decorated and carpeted home, and gives an overly formal curtsy with her cape.
You caught me just before the time I usually close for the night, but for you, I can make time. What's your name, friend, and how can I be of service?


File: 1604986540945.png (9.85 KB,398x375)


… you're even bubblier than the poster made you seem.

There is a tone in Vivian's voice that implies this to be either exhausting or irritating, so it's a good thing her grumpy demeanor doesn't faze Remedy! Upon being ushered, she'll step on inside, hands stuffed into the pockets of her striped hoodie.

Vivian James, I'm not your friend, and your flyer said something about taking care of stress.

Yep. Grump.


File: 1604987721793.jpg (83.6 KB,894x894)

She's used to grump, it's alright. The smile on her face doesn't fade at all, but the eagerness in her words does mellow a bit, in hopes of not being too overbearing for her visitor's taste.
Stressed sounds about right, jeez. But that's alright, I'll try my best to help you get to the bottom of this predicament.
Guiding Vivian along to her couch, she politely motions for her to sit, clipboard already in hand.
Think you could describe the source of your stress for me? It'll help me figure out whether or not you need medicine, or a referral for counseling, or physiotherapy.
The way the last option comes out oozes with barely restrained horny-on-main, but as soon as it came, it's gone.


File: 1605132856137.jpg (551.95 KB,1900x2375)

On the couch, V/V lays on her stomach. Her wings splayed out to the sides, one lazily draped over the back rest while the other is a tripping hazard on the floor.
She's idly kicking her legs in the air while flipping through channels on the TV until she comes across something… Interesting: A pair of women kissing and touching each other.

Oh ? Hmmm…

Intrigued, she stops her channel flipping to see where this might go.


File: 1605134903698.jpg (223.42 KB,1280x1735)

Didn't realize this was the kind of TV you liked.
Apparently back from docking Pod to recharge for the night, 2B's fist props up her chin as she looks from whatever softcore porn is playing on the screen and down to Angel.
Not that I'm judging.
The moaning and smooching sounds playing from the show make even 2B's cheeks go a little rosy, but she otherwise keeps a straight face.


File: 1605136667757.png (1.04 MB,992x1403)

Me neither, this is the first time I've landed on something like this.

There's not so much as a hint of embarrassment or shame in her voice as her eyes remain glued to the screen. Of course, she doesn't know that there should be.
Rather, she sounds curious, wanting to see more.

But as the show goes on getting progressively less softcore, V/V's cheeks too get a little rosy, accompanied by a curious tingly feeling between her legs evidenced by her shifting her hips a little.

But it's… Interesting.


File: 1605138825505.jpeg (377.51 KB,1515x2048)

It's "interesting", huh.
She refrains from cracking a little smile at that; it almost reminds her of 9S, fidgeting and squirming when he was caught taking peeks at her. The couch groans a bit as the android sits her very weighty rear end down next to Angel.
…you know what they're doing, right?
Better safe than sorry with this one. Explaining the birds and the bees (or…the birds and the birds, in this case) is not something that 2B is at all equipped to do, but for Angel, she's willing to stomach a bit of discomfort.


File: 1605140302431.png (1.04 MB,992x1403)


Nope, but it looks like they're having fun.

Still interested. Still fidgety hips, rocking slowly from side to side.
Depending on just how far back behind the angel's wings 2B is sitting, she might get a close up view her of her dainty feet as she idly waves them about in the air, a good view of her slender legs, and…
If the angle is convenient, a peek at the angel's lack of underwear under her white sundress.



File: 1605141086553.jpg (95.64 KB,654x999)

Yeah, it's supposed to feel really good. Humans do it with other humans they care for.
Emotions aren't prohibited anymore, but 2B still feels an instinctual need to distance herself from the idea of sex…even if the peek she gets up the back of Angel's dress shoots her internal temperature up enough that it almost fogs her optics over. Words hitch in her throat as she tries to say something to the cute, stringy girl draped over the couch, but more moans from the actors cut her off.
I've never seen it before up close like this.


File: 1605143273584.jpg (329.79 KB,768x1024)

Aw, just humans ?

She almost sounds a little disappointed. Only almost, as the hint of her usual playfulness in her voice betrays her messing a little with 2B. She does care for 2B, and she certainly wouldn't mind having a little exploratory fun with her.

Though perhaps to 2B's delight, V/V possesses no such inhibitions. The curious feeling between her legs only growing stronger as she watches the actors play with each other on the TV, one of the hands she was resting her head on begins to wander.

V/V slides her hand down her side, past her wing, down to her waist. She raises her hips, allowing her hand to slip in between her body and the couch, sliding further down her stomach until finally her hand reaches its target, lightly touching herself through her dress.

Ah… !

It's rather sensitive down there, she finds, letting out a pleasured gasp at the sensation of that initial touch.


File: 1605145275800.jpg (1.82 MB,2480x3508)

2B doesn't miss the teasing tone, but something about the invitation makes her hesitate. YoRHa doesn't even exist anymore. Does she really need to keep up the hands-off protocol?
Well…androids have the parts for it, but-
Whatever else she was about to murmur peters off when Angel lets out that first sound. Her blindfold fortunately hides how wide her eyes pop open, stunned at the ease that Angel is able to even touch herself, much less in front of someone else. Synthetic heartbeats skip as the girl kneads at the space between her legs, and gradually, 2B's own knees begin to cross.
…maybe we could try…things…
It feels wrong to even say it out loud. Slowly reaching out to grab at the hem of Angel's dress, she lifts it up over the girl's hips, gulping a bit as she gets the full view of what's underneath.


File: 1605146991274.jpg (551.95 KB,1900x2375)

In tandem with 2B pulling V/V's dress up over her ass, she herself pulls at it from below, letting her fingers in view as they gain direct access to her sensitive and, at this point, glisteningly wet slit. She strokes herself gently, slowly rocking her hips against her fingers.

Mmm… Do you want to ? I'd like to.

It would be no exaggeration to say that the ass 2B's eyes are met with is nothing short of perfect on V/V's body. She wasn't kidding when she said she made it in the image of the most beautiful creature humanity as a whole could think of.


File: 1605148630209.jpg (364.4 KB,1400x1050)

She really is immaculate, and even 2B's normally sullen expression softens as she drinks it all in. Before answering, she tugs off the blindfold visor around her face, blinking and gracing herself with the unfiltered view of this perfect creature before her.
Yes, I'd like to.
Hands traveling up the length of those perfect legs, 2B angles one of her thumbs in to rub with Angel's hand, while the other palm kneads at her behind. The couch squeaks again as she leans in closer to the girl, but just kissing her cheek proves enough to fluster the android again.
A lot.


File: 1605150612251.jpg (1.03 MB,1075x1518)

Breathing heavily under 2B's and her own touch sending pleasurable shivers through her body, the angel arches her back, pressing her perfectly firm butt against 2B's hand and granting easier access to the slippery folds between her legs.

When 2B kisses her cheek, she turns her head to face the lovely android with a warm, angelic smile. Those golden eyes looking deep into 2B's own as V/V places her free hand on the android's cheek.

You're, ah…~ Really pretty.

She moves in to press her soft lips against 2B's, instinctively parting them and reaching out her tongue to get a taste of her best friend.


File: 1605155109708.png (364.03 KB,512x512)

V/V is almost weightless in the hands of a superhuman android, and knowing that she's indestructible doesn't make 2B any less paranoid about handling her as gently as she can. Her careful and exploratory touches of the angel's snatch are interrupted by the smooch she's given, and the hand so gently touching her cheek.
As synthetic as her body might be, she's soft as silk to the touch, and every bit as warm as something organic would be. Though slack-jawed and still for a moment, she gradually begins to kiss back, and afterward only pulls back enough that their foreheads are still touching, and her squiggly, blush-y smile from the compliment is still very visible.
…thank you. You're very pretty, too.
Much like V/V made her own vessel in the ideal form of human beauty, 2B was built to accomplish the same goal, as broad and strong as she is curvy and smooth. She feels a lot more modest about that though, humbled especially with such a lovely woman under her. A finger curls into the angel suddenly with machine-like finesse, and 2B watches to see what spots get her arching back the most.


File: 1605204295367.jpg (14.85 KB,176x246)

V/V could just get lost in 2B's silver eyes, wondering for a moment why she usually hides them behind her blindfold. She reaches up to brush the android's hair away, gently combing her fingers through it.
Normally one to respond to such a compliment with something silly and overly confident along the lines of "I know", this time she instead simply seems to decide she wasn't done kissing 2B and moves back in to press their lips together.

While her own fingers explore around the outer perimeters of her snatch, spreading her nether lips, gingerly rubbing up and down along them, she only just barely pulls her lips away from 2B's to let out a soft moan as the finger pushes into her.

It's a new sensation, but she's ready for it. Her slippery inner walls wrap tightly around 2B's finger, tensing up for only a moment before relaxing, inviting her inside.
When 2B finds what she's looking for, V/V's honey pot clamps down on her finger as she arches her back a bit further, a more intense wave of pleasure sending shivers through the angel's body. Even making her soft feathery wings tremble for a moment as she lets out a quivering moan.



File: 1605209819045.jpg (269.37 KB,1545x1910)

Viewed up close, circuits can faintly be seen in her irises carrying voltage back and forth, bringing life to her expression that is usually hidden under fabric. Having her hair brushed through so tenderly strikes a chord in her, and all at once the barriers begin to fracture, something seen clearly in how much more intense their next kiss becomes. A touch of their tongues makes the android jerk a bit, but she keeps diving deeper, with more and more of her weight pushing down onto V/V.
Trembles and moans provide something for 2B to hone in on, a goal in the excited rush she's being lost in. More and more eager to provide the loving touch that had been prohibited for so long, she lifts the angel's waist up suddenly, pulling it in to straddle her own and suspending her slightly above the couch cushions. Another finger dips in, and then another, and the force that she's giving suddenly doubles, enough to shake the furniture under them. Cheek to cheek with V/V, the android lets her words spill out in a low purr.
Let it all out…


File: 1605212478837.png (1.04 MB,992x1403)

Seemingly unphased by the weight pushing down on her, V/V easily supports 2B's weight in spite of her slender frame.
She has no objections to her waist being lifted up above the cushions, or for that matter the additional fingers dipping inside her. She wants 2B to keep going, combing her fingers through the android's hair, caressing her scalp, encouraging her…

2-2B… I…

Her breathing gets progressively heavier between pleasured moans as 2B doubles the force of the fingers inside her throbbing wet hole, her own fingers helping along by rubbing at her clit.
Lost to pleasure, she stretches her wings out along with her body tensing up. Her feathers gaining a bright golden glow as even the flowers in the apartment seem to perk up…


File: 1605215561013.png (2.43 MB,1200x1400)

This girl really is incredible. The rising flowers briefly catch 2B's attention, along with the glow of V/V's wings, both taking her nonexistent breath away. Lips grazing against the ball of the angel's palm, she only nods to the mewls and whispers, not letting up even an ounce in her efforts to reach the peak.
By now, 2B's own thighs are sopping wet around the leotard she's in. She does her best to ignore the needy bumping together of her knees, but the encouragement from V/V is grinding gears in her that haven't been struck in some years. Letting out her first ragged sigh, she gives her hair a flip and refocuses on the angel, chiding herself to soldier on.


File: 1605217867232.png (1.11 MB,1000x1000)

Ha… ah…

Closer and closer, she forcefully rocks her hips against her own and 2B's hands. Her hungry hole clamping down on the fingers inside her, seemingly trying to hold on to them for dear life.

Go-gonnahhhhhhhh… !

She mewls and moans as the waves of pleasure coursing through her sends her over the edge, her muscles spasming all throughout her body, her pussy clamping down harder yet on 2B's fingers.

Even the android gets to see stars as the angel cums, glowing golden particles spraying from her wings to fill the room. The flowers not just perking up, but growing, blooming even as V/V radiates life much like her old body was the only place on Earth that could sustain it.


File: 1605220419243.png (651.43 KB,781x1200)

The sound of wet mashing doesn't stop until the instant 2B can feel that the last of V/V's orgasm has been ridden out, and the clenching around her now very wet gloves stops. With the room brightened significantly and the potted plants filling the apartment springing even further to life, she can't help but feel a little more brought to life as well, awestruck at the effect that this radiant young girl seems to have on her surroundings.
V/V is gently laid down onto the couch again, mindfully of her wings, and the hand not currently coated in girlcum comes up to stroke at her golden hair, tenderly as can be.
How do you feel.


File: 1605222166124.png (1.04 MB,992x1403)

All good things come to an end, and eventually V/V comes back down to rest in post orgasmic bliss.

Ah… Wow…

Panting exhaustedly, the angel lays quietly on the couch for a moment simply taking in this blissful feeling. Though it's not long until she brings her own hand similarly covered in her cum up in front of her eyes. She spreads her fingers, playing with the strings of liquid hanging on between them.

Wonderful… I feel wonderful.

Seemingly mesmerized by the liquid on her fingers, she gives them a curious lick before popping them in her mouth and sucking them clean.



File: 1605223653809.png (1.71 MB,1080x1920)

Good. That was the aim.
Taste isn't exactly 2B's favorite sense, but the sight of V/V tasting her own fluids strikes a rare bit of curiosity in her. She lifts her own sticky hand to her lips and licks at the tips, pleasantly surprised by the flavor she takes in.
The room falls into comfortable silence for a moment, with nothing but V/V's breath and the almost inaudible hum of 2B's systems to be heard. Then, a flickering, almost sparkling noise can be heard, as the android's clothes crumble away into golden dust, much like how she creates and stores her weapons. Visibly toned muscles make a nice contrast against the soft and supple curves of her behind.
With nothing left on but her heeled boots, she lets out a sigh of relief, free from the uncomfortably wet fabric she's been stuck in since they began.


File: 1605225118102.jpg (551.95 KB,1900x2375)

Mm ?
V/V looks back over her shoulder at the noise, her eyes widening at the beauty before her. Removing her fingers from her mouth, she only has one word for 2B.


She sits up, turning around to face the android and get a better look at her body. The angel's wings flutter in excitement as she smiles at 2B before moving in to embrace her, pushing her down to lay back on the couch, straddling the android beneath her.

You're really beautiful, 2B.

She cups 2B's breasts in her hands, gently kneading at the soft synthetic flesh before moving in for a deep, hungry kiss.


File: 1605227571446.png (341.69 KB,800x1200)

Surprising strength from V/V pushes 2B to her back, and the android taken aback by how quickly the balance between them changes. She's starting to get used to the kisses, at the very least, content to let the angel lead this time and take a taste of her mouth. As her chest is groped, the nipples on them harden almost instantly in response, as if the automated control she has over her own body comes down to even the smallest details.
You seem excited all of a sudden.
2B cautiously touches one of the wings partially spread above her, thumbing over the downy feathers, and down to where it connects to V/V's back.


File: 1605229454305.jpg (122.48 KB,938x1200)

V/V's thumbs graze over 2B's hard nipples, rubbing in circles around them while the rest of her fingers massage at the android's beautiful boobs. Parting their lips, the angel looks down at 2B with a lusty smile on her face before leaning back down to whisper in her ear…

I want to make you feel what you made me feel.

Encouraged by the cautious touch at her wing, V/V slowly sits back up. She doesn't particularly want to let go of 2B's boobs, but her hands leave them as she stands up on the couch, towering over 2B for a minute, her own nipples visibly hard through the fabric of her dress.

Of course, with her wings the dress can only really be removed in one way. So she reaches up to slide one of the shoulder straps off. Then the other as well, letting the dress fall down, exposing that ideal form of human beauty: Her shapely breasts, beautiful curves, and perfectly toned stomach…

She steps out of her dress, lifting it away with one of her feet and letting it drop to the floor.
Without a lot of words to share, she sits back down, straddling atop 2B, and lowers her head to take one of her nipples in her mouth while massaging both of 2B's breasts with her hands. Sucking on that nipple, moving her tongue around it, she keeps her eyes open and looking up to 2B's face, gauging her reaction.


File: 1605233413727.jpg (247.28 KB,1200x1099)

Eyes following the dress as it falls to the floor, and then back up to the slender figure that was once filling it, 2B can't muster up a single word from the mess of ones and zeroes threatening to spill out into words about how positively radiant V/V is. Feelings are a hard thing for a socially stunted robot to think through.
Luckily, there's not much need to speak anymore. Down comes V/V to her chest again, and the relieved sigh she lets out moves her entire body. There's a bit of a silicone feel to her nipples, but the nerve endings inside of them are still very much real, visibly making the android's face melt into something more relaxed and pleasurable. Again taking the angel's hair in hand, 2B begins to stroke and comb those golden curls, silent encouragement for her to keep going.
That's it…


File: 1605291005659.png (1.04 MB,992x1403)

2B combing through V/V's luxuriously soft golden hair is just the encouragement she needs. She lets out delighted soft moans accompanied by a soft giggle against the android's nipple as she keeps up gently sucking and licking at it, her hand massaging the rest of the soft boob. Though a bit clumsy, she's attentive and eager to please, her radiant eyes remaining locked on 2B's own.


V/V's hand on 2B's other breast begins to slowly wander. She slides it down the android's toned abs, slowly taking in the shape and feeling of them. Moving further down yet, she slides her hand in between 2B's thighs, her fingers stroking gently at the outer perimeters of the wet snatch down there, all while keeping a close eye on 2B's expressions.


File: 1605311973966.png (2 MB,1124x3000)

The angel's eagerness is appreciated, and as poor as 2B is at expressing herself, she hopes the soft petting tells that enough. The closer V/V gets, the more easily she might be able to hear the sound of 2B's insides softly humming, a sign that she's struggling to keep her internals cool with how heated the situation's become.
The cracks in her composure begin to make themselves evident when V/V touches the space between her thighs. Every time she's touched right, her brows crease up more and more, and her lips part a little bit wider, and soon enough, her body language begins to match the laborious look on her face. Her shoulders rise and sag visibly with every breath she takes, and her thighs reflexively twitch against the girl's hands every so often.
She hasn't felt this peaceful since her last diagnosis session…


File: 1605313883143.jpg (122.48 KB,938x1200)

V/V's carefully explorative touches have her fingers spreading 2B's nether lips, softly rubbing along the slippery flesh between the folds. Teasing at 2B's clit, her thumb rubbing in gentle circles around the pleasure nub, every so often just grazing over it.
It feels similar enough to her own parts down there, she figures perhaps 2B will appreciate the same things that had just made herself feel so wonderful.

A good intuition, it would seem, judging by 2B's reactions.
V/V happily hums along, inadvertently applying a slight vibration to the nipple her lips are closed around, her tongue ever so eagerly dancing around it.

Back down between the android's thighs, V/V's middle and index fingers find the slippery hole at the bottom of 2B's snatch. She takes a moment to tease at the entrance before slipping her fingers in.
Slowly, carefully, getting a feel for what it's like in there, she starts to pump her fingers in and out, curling them in search of a similarly sensitive spot like the one 2B found inside V/V, while her thumb rubs at the android's clit.


File: 1605318503820.jpg (380.79 KB,1674x1167)

The slicked muscles V/V pokes into narrow to accommodate, narrowing snugly around her through 2B's inhuman level of control of her artificial body. Tightness, temperature, lubricant level, all values for the android to tweak to best fit whoever might be lucky enough to be her partner. Eventually, her head falls back with lips still parted, breathing out a thin moan through the angel's exploration of these untouched places.
Overwhelmed by sensation, 2B desperately searches for something to brace herself with, and that winds up being V/V's hair. Though not hard enough to be painful, she does very firmly hold the angel's head in place, wound up by the feeling of that slippery muscle twirling around her nipple. For the first time, she lets out a moan, embarrassed and turned on by the noises this all has begun to produce from her.
And you're sure you've never don-nnn-e this before?


File: 1605320360629.jpg (403.42 KB,650x1024)

Mmmm… Mhm~ !

Is all the confirmation she can manage with her lips locked around 2B's nipple, especially with the android holding her in place.
Of course, going first gave her a frame of reference, an idea of how to treat lady parts.

Further encouraged by 2B's reactions, the gripping of her hair, V/V slips a third finger into the android's snug, slippery hole.
She redoubles her efforts all around, thrusting harder, rubbing more decisively against 2B's clit. She keeps humming along happily, offering yet more vibration as she suckles on 2B's delicious nipple.

Even making herself want more, V/V grinds her crotch against 2B's silky smooth thigh, her wings fluttering with each stroke.


File: 1605462496845.png (503.49 KB,840x1300)

After the third insertion into 2B, her voice suddenly shorts out and begins to crackle, midway through a particularly loud whimper. Her speakers return to functionality in the midst of embarrassed mumbling to herself, and she gives her chest a little thump as if to clear her throat.
'Scuse me…
Eventually, a soft vibration from inside 2B can be felt around V/V's fingers. Her switch has quite literally been flipped, and the countdown to her climax has begun. A torrent of sensory information hits the android all at once for the very first time, from the prodding of her clit and the slips into her lips, and the longer it goes on, the less capable she is of keeping coherent. When she finally hits her peak, her eyes widen, and she sucks in a breath between gritted teeth.
A few crackles of electricity flicker around her head, and after a few seconds of particularly tense vibration, she stops in an instant, face lost in a dazed and bleary expression. The faintest bit of steam can be seen rising from her head.


File: 1605464673591.jpg (3.03 MB,4093x4093)

Vibrations are a good sign, the angel figures, and keeps up her efforts to please 2B.
Increasing her stimulation in tandem with 2B's vibrations becoming more tense, she thrusts her fingers in and out of the android yet faster and more forcefully while her thumb dances on the pleasure nub further up 2B's snatch, encouraging her to let it all out, eagerly working her over the edge.

V/V keeps her eyes peeled, watching 2B's changes in expression as best as she can while her mouth continues caressing the android's nipple.
But eventually 2B's vibrations stop, and so do V/V's fingers.
She slowly slides them out, lightly stroking the outer perimeter's of the android's pussy as she slides her hand back up her body to come to rest on her chest.

Letting go of 2B's nipple as well, V/V moves up slightly to get a better look at the android's face, resting her own head on her hands on 2B's chest. Still slowly grinding her slippery crotch against the android beneath her, V/V smiles warmly and hungrily.

How was it ?


File: 1605472716554.png (501.53 KB,740x745)

It take some time for the android's locked fingers to release V/V's hair, and they wearily pet at her head as if to apologize for it. The overclocked ambience coming from 2B winds down as her afterglow dims, and she gradually sits up again, soaked from the waist down and still steaming from the ears. Her eyes roll at the cheeky question posed to her, but she kisses V/V anyway.
I think you already know the answer to that…
Knowingly, her chubby thigh comes up more firmly between the angel's leg, providing more friction to glide over. One of her arms loops around V/V's waist as well, and she leans back, content to watch her ride out the rest of her appetite in such a strange but mesmerizing way.
We should…do this. More. Another time, I mean.
Visibly frustrated with herself for a second, 2B sighs.
I mean, because I…like you.
She's trying her best


File: 1605476584287.jpg (551.95 KB,1900x2375)

V/V is more than happy to reciprocate, kissing 2B in kind. Pressing her soft lips against the android's she parts them invitingly, reaching out her tongue for a taste until 2B pulls away.

I'm, a-ah…

The chubby thigh pushing against her drenched nethers sends shivers of pleasure throughout V/V's body, eliciting a soft moan and making her wings shiver once again.

I'm glad… Mmmm… I really really like you too.

With ragged breaths as she grinds against the android's thigh, she seems to decide that she wants the arm looped around her waist lower. She slides a hand down her body, taking a moment to squeeze her own breast before moving further to meet 2B's hand to guide it down to her butt.


File: 1605477317796.png (2.6 MB,2465x2448)

Glad to hear it.
V/V isn't quite as gifted in the butt department as 2B herself is, but she still kindly squeezes and lightly slaps those peachy cheeks as the girl grinds on her. Knowing that her affections are mutual is a huge weight off of her shoulders, and she's finally begun to lighten up and enjoy this strange but thrilling new experience she's found in V/V.
Pod will surely wake up and interrupt them in the hours they'll spend rutting on the couch, but for the time being they can quietly enjoy exploring each other. On that note, we fade.


File: 1606007381284.png (1.4 MB,1280x720)

SO IN KIRARA'S ROOM, Kirara has invited Towa to discuss things. Certain things. Why are they discussing these private things?


File: 1606007497343.jpg (99.6 KB,1280x720)

Towa is sitting on the bed, feet kicking as she tries to think of things to ask

Hmmm, have you ever kissed someone before?


File: 1606008557243.jpg (9.05 MB,6071x4299)

Ha. My career would end in seconds. I'm brave, not that brave. Okay, truth or dare?


File: 1606008808335.jpg (125.09 KB,1280x720)

You're saying that but planning to go after Haruka?

Towa gives it some thought and rolls onto her side to look at this other girl



File: 1606009193086.png (656.32 KB,1280x720)

I'll figure it out…Hmmm…
Would you kiss HaruHaru if she were right here, right now?


File: 1606009479410.jpg (102.8 KB,1280x720)

O-oh…I don't…know.
She puts her hands on her face as she goes a bit red
I-if she wanted me to I suppose.


File: 1606009571225.jpg (306.26 KB,800x478)

Heh, look at you. You're so embarrassed, it's adorable.


File: 1606010061120.jpg (78.78 KB,1280x720)

Hmph, I bet you'd have said the same thing!


File: 1606010478627.jpg (206.98 KB,1525x2048)

Grins at this moe princess
I go for what I want with %100, Towacchi. And if it'll get me what I want…Yep. I'd do it.
Flops down onto the bed RIGHT next to Towa, facing her, and staring right into her eyes
Now, what were you betting?


File: 1606010611222.jpg (139.99 KB,1280x720)

Betting? Were we supposed to be betting something?


File: 1606010784487.jpg (852.63 KB,979x1359)

You bet I'd say the same thing…Ooh, or do I get to choose? Or should I play fair and we'll just make a new bet?


File: 1606011157834.jpg (180.3 KB,850x1067)

That was just a turn of phrase! But…Yes, please, let's play fair and come up with something else, yes? Maybe we could just keep playing the game.


File: 1606011428130.jpg (1.04 MB,1000x1250)

…Hmmm…Tell you what. First one who pulls away has to do anything the other says. Ready go.
Gay chicken is on. Kirara has already begun dipping in


File: 1606011849798.jpg (97.55 KB,1280x720)

Wa-wa-wa! I'm not ready!

She's not pulling away but she's also not moving in closer. She is frozen and confused, eyes darting about.


File: 1606012212647.png (549.15 KB,1280x720)

Kirara has also stopped. She's a little frustrated but also amused that her plan didn't quite work out as easily as she has hoped. So she boops Towa on the nose


File: 1606012299187.jpg (96.36 KB,1280x720)

Towa closes her eyes the closer Kirara gets, and upon being booped her head dips back in surprise



File: 1606012375449.png (837.16 KB,848x1000)

Oh, look at that. I win.
Sits up and grins at Towa
Funny, that.


File: 1606012559754.jpg (89.78 KB,1280x720)

That was a cheap trick.

Towa pouts at the other girl and sits up as well


File: 1606013574445.png (1.28 MB,1280x720)

The only rules were that whoever pulls away has to do anything the other says. It was perfectly fair.
Wags her finger
Don't try to get out of it on a technicality.


File: 1606013911838.jpg (105.01 KB,1280x720)

Fine, I'm honor bound to follow what's established…so what do you want me to do then? I'm expecting a lot of things you were holding onto for dares.


File: 1606014583723-0.png (861.73 KB,1280x720)

File: 1606014583723-1.png (628 KB,1280x720)

You didn't say Dare a single time…So I'm gonna get it back with interest. Take off your blouse.


File: 1606014768833-0.jpg (110.57 KB,1280x720)

File: 1606014768833-1.jpg (76.22 KB,1280x720)

Neither did you-…Excuse me?


File: 1606015011655.jpg (232.99 KB,571x571)

And a finger is pressed to Towa's lips
Ah-ah. You're honor-bound, right? Besides, it's just the two of us.


File: 1606015160932.jpeg (145.42 KB,700x800)

She can't really begin to argue after all this set up, so Towa begins to unbutton and start tugging her blouse off


File: 1606016376966.jpg (287.1 KB,885x1400)

Kirara stops Towa with a hand up. It looks like she might have had second thoughts about making her friend do some humilia-
Strip me first. Slowly.


File: 1606016689844.jpg (67.57 KB,708x1000)


Not like she can refuse, that was the rules. Towa moves to start pulling at whatever the model's got on. She's slow in that…not entirely sure how fast or slow she should be way, with awkward tugs at the looser areas.


File: 1606016888942-0.png (539.06 KB,1280x720)

File: 1606016888942-1.png (861.73 KB,1280x720)

だ~め。 You have to do it sensually. C'mon, this'll be good practice.


File: 1606017266151.jpg (116.31 KB,1280x720)

This kind of jumping ahead seems like a lot for practice.

Towa has no idea what that means to be sensual with it. Her brow furrows as she tries to focus and make her…unbuttoning/untying smoother.


File: 1606017954639.jpg (306.26 KB,800x478)

As she speaks, she starts plucking off bits of clothing from Towa as well. Her motions are smooth and she's brushing a lot of skin as she does it with her hands
But I'm saying it anyway.


File: 1606018307250.png (721.39 KB,633x753)

Towa gives a bit of a twitch and shiver at Kirara's action, and taking it as example she starts to pick out the idea of smoothly removing the idol's clothing.

You seem skilled at this.


File: 1606197849422.jpg (88.72 KB,887x1105)

Another day of mapmaking, this time through the swamp wilds far out of town. With the muck washed off of her, and her chart now slightly closer to having Leyang fully drawn, Kaban plops back onto her bed aboard the Zeit Krokodil and sighs, more content with life than she's ever been. The baggy pajamas she has on are almost as soft as the sheets underneath her, and despite somewhat missing Japari Park after being away so long, she can't help but enjoy the few decadent comforts she's gained in coming here.


File: 1606198537055.png (1.02 MB,744x1052)

A soft rapping at Kaban's door might stir her from her thoughts as a gentle voice follows
Kaban-chan? Do you mind if I come in?


File: 1606198900572.jpg (167.56 KB,923x1310)

Her daydreaming ends when she hears the visitor at her door, and stepping over a sleeping Serval who's sprawled herself out on the ground, she patters on over to answer. Sleepy as her sagging eyelids look, she smiles all the same at Kaguya.
You can always come in. Is everything okay?


File: 1606199747875.jpg (598.58 KB,848x1200)

Oh, everything's alright, yeah…
Kaguya steps in and smiles at the sleepy Serval before turning her attention back to Kaban and her baggy (harhar) pajamas
It's just…we'll be moving the Zeit for a little while so it's going to be a bit…shaky. It gets hard to sleep so I thought I'd come hang out with you while we do it.


File: 1606200208762.jpg (655.89 KB,1254x885)

That's very nice of you. Where are we moving it to?
Kaban waves Kaguya in, but stops to pluck a blanket from her bed, which she drapes over her pet/friend/life partner.
Serval's been asleep since we got out of the bath. I'm sure she'll sleep right through the bumpy ride…
With that, she bounces back onto her bed with a sigh.
Not that I blame her, haha.


File: 1606200636676.png (326.21 KB,782x814)

Eheh…She's a cute one, to be sure…
Kaguya bends over to give Serval light ear scritches, probably giving Kaban a FULL view down Kaguya's dress
Why's she so tuckered out?


File: 1606201326141.jpg (122.13 KB,1089x941)

She's the cutest thing in the world.
There's a real sincerity in her voice whenever she talks about Serval, and this is no exception.
We were in a swamp today. We thought an alligator was chasing us, so we had to run through the muck and water, but it was really just a floating piece of wood…
It doesn't take long for Kaban's eyes to wander down the valley of Kaguya's chest. She's hardly complaining either, eyes occasionally falling to the content look on Serval's face before going back up to watch those fat udders jiggle in their fabric restraints.
But we made more progress, so it's okay! It was fun.


File: 1606202680048.jpg (286.17 KB,618x900)

Kaguya joins Kaban on the bed, sitting across from the smaller girl, unfortunately cutting off the view alllll the way down her dress
I'm glad you're making a lot of progress.
Fortunately for Kaban, Kaguya reaches forward to pat her on the head, giving her another gaze down her ample cleavage


File: 1606202997273.jpg (102.9 KB,888x1712)

It's been nice, exploring this new place. I hope we can keep doing it forever.
The headpats are graciously accepted, as she's usually the one giving them. Her head must feel plenty warm to the touch, as the chaste bliss of being petted fades to the lecherous glee of staring down Kaguya's dress. Drifting a little closer, she starts to mumble her words.
Thanks for letting us stay here. You're very nice.


File: 1606204766396.jpg (334.77 KB,480x640)

Oh, Kaban-chan. You're both welcome to stay as long as you li-…
It is at that precise moment that the Zeit Krokodil lurches forward into its start, the sudden momentum likely causing Kaban to fall face-first right into Kaguya's heaving bosom


File: 1606218088314.jpg (46.06 KB,600x377)

Whatever she was about to say is gone from Kaban's mind the second she again finds herself in oppai heaven. Even after the rattling of the vehicle has stopped, she makes no attempt to remove herself from Kaguya, nestling her face in as subtly as she can without looking like a complete cretin.
Ah, sorry about that, Kaguya.
Her tiny voice can barely be heard through all the booby.


File: 1606236661588.jpg (70.77 KB,390x495)

Ah…It's fine, it wasn't your fault.
In fact, Kaban gets a bit of a hug as she's nestled in between Kaguya's great big mounds of flesh, the princess seemingly allowing Kaban to motorboat her to her heart's content
It's, uh…fine if you want to stay this way, even…Eheh…You seem pretty comfortable.


File: 1606238400590.jpg (90.05 KB,1000x708)

Still, I wouldn't want to be rude…
And while that is true, the inner voice that urges her to be polite becomes a whole lot more drowned out when the other inner voice that urges her to be horny is roused. She takes the invitation to squish her face into Kaguya's bosom, hands clapping to each mound to press them in closer as she motorboats.
So warm…


File: 1606239262768.jpg (338.02 KB,987x1400)

Kaguya lets out a tiny yelp that sounds more like a cross between a gasp and a moan as Kaban's hands grab onto her hefty breasts and she indulges in Kaguya's valley of plenty
She isn't really certain what to say. It's…Well, it's cute, for one thing. For another, it's kind of making her feel warm herself, this kind of self-indulgent treatment using her body…


File: 1606274524408.jpg (272.06 KB,540x990)

You pick up a few things on the catwalk. How to draw attention, how to keep it…
They are officially at the point where if they go any further, they will be completely exposed to one another. The question of whether or not this will stop or even slow down Kirara is quickly put aside as she reaches around Towa and skillfully removes her underwear in a swift motion
See, it's not that hard.


File: 1606275366191.jpg (296.66 KB,589x1000)

Jokes on you Towa doesn't wear underwe- wait no that's dumb. Anyways she turns about as red as her hair once those come off

I….I guess I should also.

The princess is of the thought if her heart was beating any harder the other girl would be able to hear it at this point, either way she reaches for Kirara's own underwear to remove them.


File: 1606275711503.png (434.59 KB,1000x708)

And RIGHT as she's about to reach out and touch, Kirara…sits down on the bed, leaning back, legs hanging over the side, and looking really smug
I don't know…I kinda like it like this…
Kirara studies Towa's now-naked form with a keen eye, making an obvious show of her doing so
Hmmm…Down. In front of me.


File: 1606276345914.jpg (960.89 KB,800x1130)

Towa makes an awkward mumble as she looks about before getting down on the ground right in front of the model


File: 1606277199632.jpg (1.18 MB,2480x3508)

In another swift motion, Kirara reaches her leg out and hooks her heel around Towa's shoulder to pull the other girl closer to her crotch, keeping her leg pressed to her back to keep her there
Now then…I think you know what to do.


File: 1606352208401.jpg (65.4 KB,717x505)

It's been awhile since Kaban's gotten to bury her face in these sweater stuffers, and her fondness for them shows in how frantically she nuzzles against them, and breathes in Kaguya's scent. Eventually, her little fingers reach up to hook the top of her dress and tug down, unveiling both breasts and latching onto the one closest to her with her lips. She's more than a little embarrassed by her own fervor, but that doesn't stop her from suckling as hard as she can. Those pajama pants of hers are beginning to look a whole lot less spacious as well…


File: 1606353522777.jpg (241.32 KB,555x773)

It's a bit difficult for Kaguya to see past her massive udders in most cases, so she doesn't see the stiffening trouser snake Kaban's wielding but she very likely feels it against her leg at this point. Though she's a bit distracted by the younger girl suckling on her tit like a starved babe. Loud moans sound through the room before Kaguya manages to bite onto her lip, not wanting to awaken the sleeping Serval. It does little to stop her quickening breath, though, and the hushed whimpers that follow


File: 1606355230143.png (969.74 KB,1000x1381)

The moans getting louder reminds Kaban that someone is still asleep on the floor. Still hearing the sound of her purring and snoring, though, she plops her cheek right back into Kaguya's chest.
Ah…does this really feel that nice for you?
Not that she's complaining about making her friend feel good. Her big eyes blink up at Kaguya as she again starts to suck, this time grinding her teeth ever so slightly against the nub.


File: 1606356912359.png (969.38 KB,1280x960)

Most of Kaban's answer is something of a suppressed moan but she does manage to nod in the midst of it
It…ha…it feels…strange but good…Ah!
Kaguya, feeling as though this is a bit one-sided, dips a hand between them to start feeling at Kaban's crotch over the pajamas, lightly stroking the meat rod through the cloth barrier


File: 1606358962451.jpg (191.27 KB,840x1120)

That's a good thing to know. All the more reason for her to take hold of the other nipple and pinch, tweaking it just as she is the other with her mouth. Dedicated to seeing just what kind of noises Kaguya can make, Kaban's concentration stumbles a bit the brush against her cock, which expectedly throbs at the contact, already stiff enough to be poking out her pajama bottoms. Groaning quietly into Kaguya's teat, she tries her best to keep up the suckling and massaging, and to not start bucking wildly against the heavy petting to her crotch.


File: 1606361898716.jpg (100.85 KB,715x886)

I-if…haaahn~…if you go that…hard…I mi-…Mngh…
Kaguya struggles to suppress a moan as her entire body tenses up with carnal pleasure. Kaban can cross "make a girl cum with her breasts alone" off her bucket list now


File: 1606521948331.jpg (110.38 KB,1280x720)

Towa finds her agency in the direction her head is going removed as Kirara drags her closer to the danger zone

Ah…um…er- no?


File: 1606526557505-0.jpg (126.37 KB,824x1000)

File: 1606526557505-1.png (680.86 KB,628x1116)

Boob only orgasm down, ass only orgasm to go woo
Kaban can tell once Kaguya's hit her peak, and she gives the sore nip in her mouth one last smooch before letting it go. It's nice to see her friend feeling so good. The almost painful tightness in her pants soon consumes her attention though, and with a grunt, she forces them down, letting her ham candle flop out to properly breath.


File: 1606529365309.jpg (104.08 KB,480x640)

With a light sheen of sweat on her forehead and somewhat out of breath, Kaguya looks a little bit of a mess in front of Kaban. But it's still a highly erotic scene of post-orgasm and Kaguya's heavy, heaving chest, raising and falling with every breath. It's really actually quite a beautiful sight
Haaa…wow…Y-you're…r-really kinda big, huh?
It would seem there's little more than arousal on Kaguya's mind at the moment, not even pretending that she's not admiring Kaban's monster


File: 1606530260690.jpg (134.34 KB,1200x1600)

I guess it's good that my shorts are so baggy, huh.
She tries to laugh, but it comes out sounding more like haggard panting, mesmerized by the sight of Kaguya in her afterglow. Her member feels hot when it pokes into the princess' tummy, and a droplet of precum oozes from the tip, quivering at its proximity to all the warm, wet entrances it's close to.
I wanna put it everywhere in you.
Voice hitting an usually husky tone, Kaban leans forward into Kaguya again.


File: 1606533118440.jpg (162.97 KB,591x748)

Kaguya can practically feel her heart rate increase. Sure, that was inevitable at some point but Kaban SAYING so, especially in such an alluring tone, was just…
Mn…L-like…All over me?


File: 1606534275238.jpg (914.21 KB,2000x1333)

Like between your…chest.
Even when she's stiff as a board and horny as hell, Kaban is not a profane girl.


File: 1606534587531.jpg (286.17 KB,618x900)

Good girl Kaban
Kaguya gently crawls forward, pushing the smaller girl onto her back on the bed as the busty princess starts to place her breasts around Kaban's pole. Without even having starts, the gentle rumbling of the tank likely causes a bit of stimulation as it is, like a light vibration traveling through Kaguya's honkers to Kaban's cock
Ah…it sticks out…
Without elaborating, Kaguya starts to lightly pump Kaban's cock with her massive udders


File: 1606537325187.jpg (637.68 KB,752x1062)

The swooning noise that comes from Kaban as she takes her first plunge into Kaguya's bust drags on into one long note, stunned by the softness enveloping her. More precum oozes from her with each stroke, visible through the bit of head still poking out of the cleavage. Staying upright on her knees takes concentration, and she can't help but tremble a bit beneath the exertion.
Her hips gradually begin to buck into the tit strokes, and she can't help but scrunch her face up a bit. These things are big enough to get lost in…


File: 1606538472984.jpg (274.11 KB,1200x1629)

It's really hot…between my…Mnn…
Kaguya is also not particularly vulgar and thus is unable to finish her sentence, instead electing to lick and kiss the bell end poking out from between her stonking great tits
You can…lie back if you want. And leave it to me.


File: 1606542306115.png (1022.21 KB,900x1273)

Having her oh-so sensitive tip kissed flips an animalistic switch in Kaban's brain, and she thrusts forward hard to again capture the feeling of that wet, soft friction. Already woozy enough to begin wobbling, she accepts the offer without acknowledging it verbally, falling flat on her back and kicking off the pajamas still dangling around her ankles. The moment Kaguya has her teats wrapped around her member again, Kaban arches back, sucking in air between tightly gritted teeth.


File: 1606545937842.png (19.93 KB,400x500)

Kaguya's uncertain if Kaban means to jerk her harder or put more pressure on the mounds surrounding and almost suffocating the girl's trouser snake. So she goes for both. Pressing both tits harder against Kaban's schlong, she begins increasing the speed and intensity of her motions. She continues her oral attention, as well, licking and suckling the head of Kaban's cockhead, keeping it, if nothing else, exposed as she does


File: 1606676239279.png (345.8 KB,715x1200)

Kirara lets out an amused sigh before pulling her panties to the side, exposing herself to Towa in the lewdest way she can manage right now
Lick. Me.


File: 1606784815868.jpg (1.44 MB,1000x1414)

Towa eyes drift from Kirara's face down to her exposed womanhood. Her face is pretty red now. Worryingly so by some standards. However she's at the mercy of the other cure so there's only really one course of action.

Towa makes an audible gulp before moving forward and pressing her tongue against Kirara


File: 1606790626329.jpg (120.23 KB,848x1200)

Both was very much the answer Kaban was looking for, and the melted expression that her face shifts to tells Kaguya how on the money she was. Tight, hot, and the slightest bit wet, and almost big enough to cover her from base to tip, the princess' chest is much nicer than the hand she usually has to curb her libido with when Serval is asleep.
I'm…oh, Kaguya…
Noticeably twitching, Kaban can barely muster the strength to cling to the bedsheets. She's not gonna last much longer at this rate.


File: 1606792932148.jpg (463.31 KB,800x1062)

I-…It's okay…Go ahead and…d-do it.
Kaguya picks up her pace, with shallower strokes to keep the head of Kaban's cock exposed with the expressed purpose of putting it in her mouth. Licking and suckling the mushroomhead, she redoubles her efforts in wanking off Kaban with her funbags, alternating, squeezing, smooshing, just to get the hot cum churning in Kaban's balls


File: 1606799976753.jpg (710.01 KB,1062x752)

The invitation is all she needs to go mush-brained. Who could turn down an offer like that, after all. The licking and kissing of her overstimulated head and the strokes to her swollen shaft all bring her closer and closer to the peak, until her legs are practically numb, and sweat is pouring from every side of her head. She's a mess, but it feels so GOOD-
Kaban jerks hard, and then erupts, one rope of cum after another filling Kaguya's waiting mouth. There's more than enough that some spills down onto her chin, but Kaban keeps spurting, until seven twitches have been deposited, and her body finally falls limp. Dick still twitching with the phantom sensation of orgasm, Kaban's poor eyes have rolled back in her head, and a faint moaning sound is the only sound she can produce. Poor thing's been pent up, apparently.


File: 1606835935774.jpg (42.22 KB,680x680)


Oh man, a couch! Is it one of those therapist style lay-down couches or just a regular one? 'Cause either way, Vivian is going to flop herself down on it!

Fucking… idiot customers, idiot boss… well, he's alright, I guess, but his girlfriend came to the shop right around closing and dragged him off to the stock room and it's like they think I can't hear every damn thing they're doing through the walls.

Well, well! Sounds like the poor girl had to listen to raunchy sex through the wall for an indeterminate period of time. That might certainly leave one… stressed. It might even be the main source today, considering how she shifts subconsciously while saying it, her thighs rubbing together slightly…

physiotherapy? Why'd you put that weird emphasis on it?


File: 1606837183793.png (187.67 KB,800x895)

Remedy nods attentively with every sentence Vivian speaks, taking care to not only diligently the things that she's saying, but the body language she's presenting too. Overworked, underpaid, and forced to listen to her boss rutting his ladyfriend in the back all the while? The doctor knows quickly what it is her new patient needs, but it'll have to be broached delicately, with how grumpy she is.
Did I? Pardon me, must be the old Saturnian accent slipping out of me.
H o r n y
But speaking of, I'm thinking that might be what you need. A deep-tissue massage and a little bit of a workout, really get those endorphins in gear. Much more effective than sending you off with a bottle of headache pills, I'd say. Up to you which you want, though!


File: 1606837303135.png (517.42 KB,1268x1105)


Hm. You from Saturn or something?

She pauses for a few moments, staring at the ceiling as she thinks over this recommendation her new physician is throwing at her.

That… sounds pretty nice, actually.

Two whole sentences without profanity? A record!


File: 1606838693157.png (63.01 KB,579x579)

Sort of! Different world, different Saturn, so on and so forth.
Hitting a switch on the side of the couch suddenly makes a bottom compartment shoot out under Vivian's legs, snapping itself up into a surprisingly comfortable foldout bed. A clap of Remedy's hands also makes the lamps in the room shift to a tinge of red, one more feature of her ready-made massage room that she seems satisfied with to no small degree.
Alright, I'm going to grab some supplies. Why don't you just peel those clothes off and make yourself comfortable, and we'll start once I get back?
Before any chance as a response is given, Remedy is out the door, humming under her breath on her way up the stairs.


File: 1606839054889.jpg (55.53 KB,512x512)


Yeah, yeah, the usual different worlds bullsh- Whoa!

That compartment snapping out gets her by surprise! She sits up on the couch and gives it a look.

Well, you're just all kinds of prepared…

And a glance over at Remedy.

Stripping down is… I guess normal for a massage.

If the doujins she reads are any indication, but those tend to end… interestingly.

You got a towel or something to put over myyyaaaaand she's gone…

SIGH. But she figures this is a professional, it can't be that bad… and so, by the time Remedy returns, a nude Vivian will be just getting settled onto the couch, laying on her front. Her skin is predictably on the pale side and freckled all over with… well, freckles, just like the ones on her face. Despite her sedentary gamer lifestyle she's in decent shape, too, with a cute butt doing it's best to hide beneath her red hair.


File: 1606839090526.jpg (94.63 KB,1280x720)

A certain mom of three sits in her bedroom sits by the table in her bedroom with a cup of tea.
It's been a long time since her husband disappeared, and just as long since she last had someone else in her bed.


Finding some sort of intimacy again would be nice. Maybe it's time to look for it, she ponders.

… Assassin ?


File: 1606839470035.jpg (372.69 KB,1200x800)


A few seconds will pass after her calling out to him, but then his presence will be felt in the room. Less an effect of him appearing, and moreso him letting down his usual Assassin talents and no longer suppressing his presence.

Master. You have need of me?


File: 1606840742650.gif (37.1 KB,450x500)

Those doujins aren't too far off from what's about to go down, girly
She's back in a few minutes, and with a box in hand, one stuffed to the lid with oils, scented candles, towels, and an absurdly big massage wand. There's a visible bit of excitement on her face when she catches sight of the freckly girl's body, but she quickly brings back her professional demeanor. There'll be time to thirst soon enough, she assures herself.
I always try to keep my home ready to accommodate patients.
Outside of Vivian's line of sight, Rem pulls a certain bottle from her toolkit, the label of which is written in Saturnian runes, and illustrated with blushing hearts. Whatever magical aphrodisiacs and relaxants the rose oil is packed with give off an unstable glow when the bottle is opened, but Remedy seems nonplussed, tipping its contents onto Vivian's lower back with a wolfish smile. It's quick to heat up as it's expertly kneaded into Vivian's freckly skin, promising a good ride ahead.
Just lay back and relax, I'll take good care of you.


File: 1606841478220.jpg (277.74 KB,1080x1331)


Oh, that's the good stuff! Vivian would be flattered if she knew what it was, though clearly it has an effect on her.

She's squirming and shifting just a little as Rem returns, keeping her legs tightly pressed together. She noticed while undressing that she was a bit… moist, so she's trying to hide that. She doesn't have much to say in regards to Remedy's comment, but will let out a soft "Mmmm…" and a slight shiver as that oil is poured onto her skin. The heated sensation quickly starts to spread through her body, especially as Rem starts to rub her smooth skin.

Oh, that's fuckin' nice


File: 1606841642433.jpg (27.28 KB,446x213)

Yes. I have a request for you but, how do I put this…

She pauses. Contemplating for a moment if what she's about to ask is even alright. Would he even agree to something like this ?
Iri takes a deep breath, and then…

Before I say anything else, can I see your face ?


File: 1606842087150.png (376.74 KB,1052x733)


My face?

Assassin is somewhat curious about this unusual request. But it's an innocent enough request, and she already knows his identity…

As you wish.

He will reach up to lower his hood, then set about removing the bandages from his face. Before long, she will be looking upon the familiarly handsome face of her husband, though it's certainly darker of complexion.


File: 1606842875241.png (349.58 KB,858x925)

There's not much that can hide the warmth Rem feels emanating from between Vivian's legs, but she kindly doesn't bring it up, happy to let her patient preserve a little bit of her dignity. There won't be much of that by the time they finish, after all.
Up the length of her back, and to her shoulders, before sliding back down again. Remedy's own expert touch is as much to blame for how good it feels as the sex chemicals the oil is filled with, knowing just how to go over every muscle and contour to leave it hot and tingly. Unable to stave off temptation forever, she bites down onto her bottom lip as she takes a less than subtle squeeze of Vivian's hindquarters, before continuing down the length of her legs.
I hope you're feeling less stressed.
Pushing her patient's legs apart just a bit, she rubs down the hamstrings of those freckly thighs, just barely keeping away from the wet bundle of nerves above.


File: 1606843773981.jpg (103.96 KB,500x375)

Thank you. I've been thinking, and…

As he lowers his hood, Irisviel gets up from her chair to walk up to him. With the bandages gone, she looks him deep in the eyes and gently puts her hands on his cheeks. There's a soft smile on her face and a somewhat lonely, yet hungry look in her eyes.

Assassin… Would you sleep with me ?

Beating around the bush was never something she did much of. Yet there's a slight hint of nervousness in her voice. She knows what she wants, but would he be alright with it too ?


File: 1606844252954.png (166.7 KB,1280x901)


Rem's working hands are met with a delighted groan from Vivian. Quickly, any embarrassment about being naked on this table for this strange woman flies from her mind… hard to remain focused on such things when you're getting such a heavenly massage. She even reaches back to hook her fingers around the back of her hair and pull it around to dangle off the side of the massage table, letting Remedy have an unobstructed view of her back.

Fuuuhuuuuck yeah…

That seems to be the affirmative reaction to Rem's question. Between the oils' pronounced effect on her and the skilled hands working the tension out of her muscles, she is definitely feeling a lot less stressed… though she does tense briefly as her butt is groped like that, briefly turning her head to look behind her, though her flushed cheeks and increasingly needy gaze more than imply that she doesn't mind the touch.

When Rem pushes Vivian's legs apart like that, a slight spread that she seems more than eager to allow, the physician will see immediately that the moisture has become a full blown wetness. A small stream of Vivian's arousal running down from her closed pussy lips and already beginning to pool ever so slightly between those thighs.


File: 1606844608846.jpg (201.1 KB,600x740)


The hands on his cheeks cause Assassin to take a quarter step back. Not pulling out of her reach, but… such a familiar, such an intimate and tender touch as that is something he is unaccustomed to. It feels strange. It feels somehow wrong. It feels…

Delightful. Comforting. Welcoming, even.

Sleep with you?

A tinge of surprise creeps into his voice as his eyes widen a little. They return after a moment to their more customary openness.

You mean…

He pauses there, his tone inquisitive rather than disbelieving. He's waiting for her to confirm exactly what it is she wants, though his expression is… somewhat inscruitable.


File: 1606847740184.png (489.66 KB,1200x830)

Irisviel nods slowly. Her smile widens somewhat hearing the inquisitive tone in Assassin's voice. Off to a good start, she thinks, not being immediately rejected.

I mean…

Her thumbs trace gently along his cheekbones, caressing the handsomely chiseled face she loves so much.

If you're alright with it, and you want to too…
I want to have sex with you.

The confirmation he's waiting for, delivered with a warm, welcoming smile, though still with the slight hint of nervousness in her voice.


File: 1606850034953.png (20.86 KB,500x600)

Remedy knows what she's looking for, and Vivian's red-cheeked and half-hearted glance seems to be it. Her own perky smile serves as a poker face, holding in place despite her patient's melting composure.
I'll take that as a yes~.
The allowance is taken up upon, as Remedy hikes Vivian's leg up much further, showing the source of all the dribble beginning to cover her. One hand grips the girl's waist firmly and continues its massaging, while the other slips below, pushing two fingers against the outside of her honeypot and grinding them up and down. Grinning like a fox, the doctor leans in closer.
Just let me know if there's anything I can do to help you relax more.

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