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"I thought Ron and Jon were the same person and we just interspliced whichever we felt like" ~ TC, 6:54pm CST, 11/28/2017

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Start it off right. With ASS
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Towa finds her agency in the direction her head is going removed as Kirara drags her closer to the danger zone

Ah…um…er- no?


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File: 1606526557505-1.png (680.86 KB,628x1116)

Boob only orgasm down, ass only orgasm to go woo
Kaban can tell once Kaguya's hit her peak, and she gives the sore nip in her mouth one last smooch before letting it go. It's nice to see her friend feeling so good. The almost painful tightness in her pants soon consumes her attention though, and with a grunt, she forces them down, letting her ham candle flop out to properly breath.


File: 1606529365309.jpg (104.08 KB,480x640)

With a light sheen of sweat on her forehead and somewhat out of breath, Kaguya looks a little bit of a mess in front of Kaban. But it's still a highly erotic scene of post-orgasm and Kaguya's heavy, heaving chest, raising and falling with every breath. It's really actually quite a beautiful sight
Haaa…wow…Y-you're…r-really kinda big, huh?
It would seem there's little more than arousal on Kaguya's mind at the moment, not even pretending that she's not admiring Kaban's monster


File: 1606530260690.jpg (134.34 KB,1200x1600)

I guess it's good that my shorts are so baggy, huh.
She tries to laugh, but it comes out sounding more like haggard panting, mesmerized by the sight of Kaguya in her afterglow. Her member feels hot when it pokes into the princess' tummy, and a droplet of precum oozes from the tip, quivering at its proximity to all the warm, wet entrances it's close to.
I wanna put it everywhere in you.
Voice hitting an usually husky tone, Kaban leans forward into Kaguya again.


File: 1606533118440.jpg (162.97 KB,591x748)

Kaguya can practically feel her heart rate increase. Sure, that was inevitable at some point but Kaban SAYING so, especially in such an alluring tone, was just…
Mn…L-like…All over me?


File: 1606534275238.jpg (914.21 KB,2000x1333)

Like between your…chest.
Even when she's stiff as a board and horny as hell, Kaban is not a profane girl.


File: 1606534587531.jpg (286.17 KB,618x900)

Good girl Kaban
Kaguya gently crawls forward, pushing the smaller girl onto her back on the bed as the busty princess starts to place her breasts around Kaban's pole. Without even having starts, the gentle rumbling of the tank likely causes a bit of stimulation as it is, like a light vibration traveling through Kaguya's honkers to Kaban's cock
Ah…it sticks out…
Without elaborating, Kaguya starts to lightly pump Kaban's cock with her massive udders


File: 1606537325187.jpg (637.68 KB,752x1062)

The swooning noise that comes from Kaban as she takes her first plunge into Kaguya's bust drags on into one long note, stunned by the softness enveloping her. More precum oozes from her with each stroke, visible through the bit of head still poking out of the cleavage. Staying upright on her knees takes concentration, and she can't help but tremble a bit beneath the exertion.
Her hips gradually begin to buck into the tit strokes, and she can't help but scrunch her face up a bit. These things are big enough to get lost in…


File: 1606538472984.jpg (274.11 KB,1200x1629)

It's really hot…between my…Mnn…
Kaguya is also not particularly vulgar and thus is unable to finish her sentence, instead electing to lick and kiss the bell end poking out from between her stonking great tits
You can…lie back if you want. And leave it to me.


File: 1606542306115.png (1022.21 KB,900x1273)

Having her oh-so sensitive tip kissed flips an animalistic switch in Kaban's brain, and she thrusts forward hard to again capture the feeling of that wet, soft friction. Already woozy enough to begin wobbling, she accepts the offer without acknowledging it verbally, falling flat on her back and kicking off the pajamas still dangling around her ankles. The moment Kaguya has her teats wrapped around her member again, Kaban arches back, sucking in air between tightly gritted teeth.


File: 1606545937842.png (19.93 KB,400x500)

Kaguya's uncertain if Kaban means to jerk her harder or put more pressure on the mounds surrounding and almost suffocating the girl's trouser snake. So she goes for both. Pressing both tits harder against Kaban's schlong, she begins increasing the speed and intensity of her motions. She continues her oral attention, as well, licking and suckling the head of Kaban's cockhead, keeping it, if nothing else, exposed as she does


File: 1606676239279.png (345.8 KB,715x1200)

Kirara lets out an amused sigh before pulling her panties to the side, exposing herself to Towa in the lewdest way she can manage right now
Lick. Me.


File: 1606784815868.jpg (1.44 MB,1000x1414)

Towa eyes drift from Kirara's face down to her exposed womanhood. Her face is pretty red now. Worryingly so by some standards. However she's at the mercy of the other cure so there's only really one course of action.

Towa makes an audible gulp before moving forward and pressing her tongue against Kirara


File: 1606790626329.jpg (120.23 KB,848x1200)

Both was very much the answer Kaban was looking for, and the melted expression that her face shifts to tells Kaguya how on the money she was. Tight, hot, and the slightest bit wet, and almost big enough to cover her from base to tip, the princess' chest is much nicer than the hand she usually has to curb her libido with when Serval is asleep.
I'm…oh, Kaguya…
Noticeably twitching, Kaban can barely muster the strength to cling to the bedsheets. She's not gonna last much longer at this rate.


File: 1606792932148.jpg (463.31 KB,800x1062)

I-…It's okay…Go ahead and…d-do it.
Kaguya picks up her pace, with shallower strokes to keep the head of Kaban's cock exposed with the expressed purpose of putting it in her mouth. Licking and suckling the mushroomhead, she redoubles her efforts in wanking off Kaban with her funbags, alternating, squeezing, smooshing, just to get the hot cum churning in Kaban's balls


File: 1606799976753.jpg (710.01 KB,1062x752)

The invitation is all she needs to go mush-brained. Who could turn down an offer like that, after all. The licking and kissing of her overstimulated head and the strokes to her swollen shaft all bring her closer and closer to the peak, until her legs are practically numb, and sweat is pouring from every side of her head. She's a mess, but it feels so GOOD-
Kaban jerks hard, and then erupts, one rope of cum after another filling Kaguya's waiting mouth. There's more than enough that some spills down onto her chin, but Kaban keeps spurting, until seven twitches have been deposited, and her body finally falls limp. Dick still twitching with the phantom sensation of orgasm, Kaban's poor eyes have rolled back in her head, and a faint moaning sound is the only sound she can produce. Poor thing's been pent up, apparently.


File: 1606835935774.jpg (42.22 KB,680x680)


Oh man, a couch! Is it one of those therapist style lay-down couches or just a regular one? 'Cause either way, Vivian is going to flop herself down on it!

Fucking… idiot customers, idiot boss… well, he's alright, I guess, but his girlfriend came to the shop right around closing and dragged him off to the stock room and it's like they think I can't hear every damn thing they're doing through the walls.

Well, well! Sounds like the poor girl had to listen to raunchy sex through the wall for an indeterminate period of time. That might certainly leave one… stressed. It might even be the main source today, considering how she shifts subconsciously while saying it, her thighs rubbing together slightly…

physiotherapy? Why'd you put that weird emphasis on it?


File: 1606837183793.png (187.67 KB,800x895)

Remedy nods attentively with every sentence Vivian speaks, taking care to not only diligently the things that she's saying, but the body language she's presenting too. Overworked, underpaid, and forced to listen to her boss rutting his ladyfriend in the back all the while? The doctor knows quickly what it is her new patient needs, but it'll have to be broached delicately, with how grumpy she is.
Did I? Pardon me, must be the old Saturnian accent slipping out of me.
H o r n y
But speaking of, I'm thinking that might be what you need. A deep-tissue massage and a little bit of a workout, really get those endorphins in gear. Much more effective than sending you off with a bottle of headache pills, I'd say. Up to you which you want, though!


File: 1606837303135.png (517.42 KB,1268x1105)


Hm. You from Saturn or something?

She pauses for a few moments, staring at the ceiling as she thinks over this recommendation her new physician is throwing at her.

That… sounds pretty nice, actually.

Two whole sentences without profanity? A record!


File: 1606838693157.png (63.01 KB,579x579)

Sort of! Different world, different Saturn, so on and so forth.
Hitting a switch on the side of the couch suddenly makes a bottom compartment shoot out under Vivian's legs, snapping itself up into a surprisingly comfortable foldout bed. A clap of Remedy's hands also makes the lamps in the room shift to a tinge of red, one more feature of her ready-made massage room that she seems satisfied with to no small degree.
Alright, I'm going to grab some supplies. Why don't you just peel those clothes off and make yourself comfortable, and we'll start once I get back?
Before any chance as a response is given, Remedy is out the door, humming under her breath on her way up the stairs.


File: 1606839054889.jpg (55.53 KB,512x512)


Yeah, yeah, the usual different worlds bullsh- Whoa!

That compartment snapping out gets her by surprise! She sits up on the couch and gives it a look.

Well, you're just all kinds of prepared…

And a glance over at Remedy.

Stripping down is… I guess normal for a massage.

If the doujins she reads are any indication, but those tend to end… interestingly.

You got a towel or something to put over myyyaaaaand she's gone…

SIGH. But she figures this is a professional, it can't be that bad… and so, by the time Remedy returns, a nude Vivian will be just getting settled onto the couch, laying on her front. Her skin is predictably on the pale side and freckled all over with… well, freckles, just like the ones on her face. Despite her sedentary gamer lifestyle she's in decent shape, too, with a cute butt doing it's best to hide beneath her red hair.


File: 1606839090526.jpg (94.63 KB,1280x720)

A certain mom of three sits in her bedroom sits by the table in her bedroom with a cup of tea.
It's been a long time since her husband disappeared, and just as long since she last had someone else in her bed.


Finding some sort of intimacy again would be nice. Maybe it's time to look for it, she ponders.

… Assassin ?


File: 1606839470035.jpg (372.69 KB,1200x800)


A few seconds will pass after her calling out to him, but then his presence will be felt in the room. Less an effect of him appearing, and moreso him letting down his usual Assassin talents and no longer suppressing his presence.

Master. You have need of me?


File: 1606840742650.gif (37.1 KB,450x500)

Those doujins aren't too far off from what's about to go down, girly
She's back in a few minutes, and with a box in hand, one stuffed to the lid with oils, scented candles, towels, and an absurdly big massage wand. There's a visible bit of excitement on her face when she catches sight of the freckly girl's body, but she quickly brings back her professional demeanor. There'll be time to thirst soon enough, she assures herself.
I always try to keep my home ready to accommodate patients.
Outside of Vivian's line of sight, Rem pulls a certain bottle from her toolkit, the label of which is written in Saturnian runes, and illustrated with blushing hearts. Whatever magical aphrodisiacs and relaxants the rose oil is packed with give off an unstable glow when the bottle is opened, but Remedy seems nonplussed, tipping its contents onto Vivian's lower back with a wolfish smile. It's quick to heat up as it's expertly kneaded into Vivian's freckly skin, promising a good ride ahead.
Just lay back and relax, I'll take good care of you.


File: 1606841478220.jpg (277.74 KB,1080x1331)


Oh, that's the good stuff! Vivian would be flattered if she knew what it was, though clearly it has an effect on her.

She's squirming and shifting just a little as Rem returns, keeping her legs tightly pressed together. She noticed while undressing that she was a bit… moist, so she's trying to hide that. She doesn't have much to say in regards to Remedy's comment, but will let out a soft "Mmmm…" and a slight shiver as that oil is poured onto her skin. The heated sensation quickly starts to spread through her body, especially as Rem starts to rub her smooth skin.

Oh, that's fuckin' nice


File: 1606841642433.jpg (27.28 KB,446x213)

Yes. I have a request for you but, how do I put this…

She pauses. Contemplating for a moment if what she's about to ask is even alright. Would he even agree to something like this ?
Iri takes a deep breath, and then…

Before I say anything else, can I see your face ?


File: 1606842087150.png (376.74 KB,1052x733)


My face?

Assassin is somewhat curious about this unusual request. But it's an innocent enough request, and she already knows his identity…

As you wish.

He will reach up to lower his hood, then set about removing the bandages from his face. Before long, she will be looking upon the familiarly handsome face of her husband, though it's certainly darker of complexion.


File: 1606842875241.png (349.58 KB,858x925)

There's not much that can hide the warmth Rem feels emanating from between Vivian's legs, but she kindly doesn't bring it up, happy to let her patient preserve a little bit of her dignity. There won't be much of that by the time they finish, after all.
Up the length of her back, and to her shoulders, before sliding back down again. Remedy's own expert touch is as much to blame for how good it feels as the sex chemicals the oil is filled with, knowing just how to go over every muscle and contour to leave it hot and tingly. Unable to stave off temptation forever, she bites down onto her bottom lip as she takes a less than subtle squeeze of Vivian's hindquarters, before continuing down the length of her legs.
I hope you're feeling less stressed.
Pushing her patient's legs apart just a bit, she rubs down the hamstrings of those freckly thighs, just barely keeping away from the wet bundle of nerves above.


File: 1606843773981.jpg (103.96 KB,500x375)

Thank you. I've been thinking, and…

As he lowers his hood, Irisviel gets up from her chair to walk up to him. With the bandages gone, she looks him deep in the eyes and gently puts her hands on his cheeks. There's a soft smile on her face and a somewhat lonely, yet hungry look in her eyes.

Assassin… Would you sleep with me ?

Beating around the bush was never something she did much of. Yet there's a slight hint of nervousness in her voice. She knows what she wants, but would he be alright with it too ?


File: 1606844252954.png (166.7 KB,1280x901)


Rem's working hands are met with a delighted groan from Vivian. Quickly, any embarrassment about being naked on this table for this strange woman flies from her mind… hard to remain focused on such things when you're getting such a heavenly massage. She even reaches back to hook her fingers around the back of her hair and pull it around to dangle off the side of the massage table, letting Remedy have an unobstructed view of her back.

Fuuuhuuuuck yeah…

That seems to be the affirmative reaction to Rem's question. Between the oils' pronounced effect on her and the skilled hands working the tension out of her muscles, she is definitely feeling a lot less stressed… though she does tense briefly as her butt is groped like that, briefly turning her head to look behind her, though her flushed cheeks and increasingly needy gaze more than imply that she doesn't mind the touch.

When Rem pushes Vivian's legs apart like that, a slight spread that she seems more than eager to allow, the physician will see immediately that the moisture has become a full blown wetness. A small stream of Vivian's arousal running down from her closed pussy lips and already beginning to pool ever so slightly between those thighs.


File: 1606844608846.jpg (201.1 KB,600x740)


The hands on his cheeks cause Assassin to take a quarter step back. Not pulling out of her reach, but… such a familiar, such an intimate and tender touch as that is something he is unaccustomed to. It feels strange. It feels somehow wrong. It feels…

Delightful. Comforting. Welcoming, even.

Sleep with you?

A tinge of surprise creeps into his voice as his eyes widen a little. They return after a moment to their more customary openness.

You mean…

He pauses there, his tone inquisitive rather than disbelieving. He's waiting for her to confirm exactly what it is she wants, though his expression is… somewhat inscruitable.


File: 1606847740184.png (489.66 KB,1200x830)

Irisviel nods slowly. Her smile widens somewhat hearing the inquisitive tone in Assassin's voice. Off to a good start, she thinks, not being immediately rejected.

I mean…

Her thumbs trace gently along his cheekbones, caressing the handsomely chiseled face she loves so much.

If you're alright with it, and you want to too…
I want to have sex with you.

The confirmation he's waiting for, delivered with a warm, welcoming smile, though still with the slight hint of nervousness in her voice.


File: 1606850034953.png (20.86 KB,500x600)

Remedy knows what she's looking for, and Vivian's red-cheeked and half-hearted glance seems to be it. Her own perky smile serves as a poker face, holding in place despite her patient's melting composure.
I'll take that as a yes~.
The allowance is taken up upon, as Remedy hikes Vivian's leg up much further, showing the source of all the dribble beginning to cover her. One hand grips the girl's waist firmly and continues its massaging, while the other slips below, pushing two fingers against the outside of her honeypot and grinding them up and down. Grinning like a fox, the doctor leans in closer.
Just let me know if there's anything I can do to help you relax more.


File: 1606935676818.jpg (818.43 KB,1024x1074)


… I thought that's what you meant.

His tone is still… somewhat neutral. He doesn't overly react to her fingers tracing over his face at first, but then he reaches one hand up to put it over hers, grabbing it gently. Perhaps, she may fear, to pull it away?

And only a fool would dare to say you're anything less than stunningly beautiful… if I had been as fortunate as your husband in my own life, then maybe…

He pauses. Then turns his head slightly to plant a kiss on the palm of the hand he's holding.

But then, maybe a bit of that fortune could be mine after all.

That's… positive?


File: 1606935923832.jpg (73.55 KB,900x900)


Melting composure doesn't even begin to describe it. As her leg gets hiked up, she rolls a little onto her side to make that position a little less awkward, her drooling and puffy sex now fully on display for Remedy. Those two fingers elicit an immediate response from Vivian, as she shudders and jerks a little, as though the touch had just shocked her. The twinge of pleasure it shoots through her was certainly electrifying enough, after all.

Ah, fuck…

The expletive is muttered in a low voice as Vivian marvels at what just that little touch did to her. She mumbles to herself, not really saying much of anything for a few moments, before speaking up again.

Fuckin'… quit playing coy, doc…

Seems she knows exactly what Remedy is talking about as far as anything to help her relax further, even if she doesn't want to say it. And she wants it.


File: 1606938544618.jpg (168.34 KB,1200x1200)

No matter how deep and slowly she slides her digits across Vivian's snatch, she never lets them enter. The tips of Rem's fingers scissor open and shut around the outside of her clit in response to the embarrassed grumbling, the torment sharply contrasting against the pleasant grin she's wearing.
Coy? What could you possibly mean? I'm just a doctor healing her patient.
The oil lathered on Vivian makes the heavy palmed slap Remedy lays on her ass all the louder, and she again bites down onto her bottom lip looking at the pink mark she's left on those freckly cheeks.
You'll have to tell me if there's anything else you'd like.


File: 1606938848108.jpg (69.83 KB,1280x720)

For a moment Irisviel looks worried about what he might have to say, wondering if she crossed a line she shouldn't have crossed.
His compliment helps to keep that smile on her face, and the kiss on her palm elicits a sigh of relief.
Irisviel pulls her hands away from his face, though not away from Assassin, as they move down towards his chest and then around to his back. Her hands come to a rest as she embraces Assassin, pulling herself into him and resting her head against his chest.

There's a lot of thoughts running through her head, and a lot of things she wants to say. After a rather long moment of silence, she finally speaks up again with a sincere tone in her voice.

I know you're not exactly him, but…
I love you.

Much like she loves all three of her daughters as if they were all her own, it seems that Kiritsugu, no matter which timeline he's from, holds a special place in her heart.


File: 1606940354460.jpg (212.61 KB,1024x1527)


The fingers slipping and sliding across and through her slit make Vivian shiver and bite her lip to stifle a moan, each little motion of those fingers causing a slight but lewd wet noise thanks to how very wet she is. The scissoring motion on her clit completely blow away any notion of keeping that sound contained, and the surly gamers' voice sounds out clearly in the room, a surprisingly high pitched moan forcing it's way out of her.

Fffff… Just… quit being so-

The sudden slap on her ass cuts off her words and draws a pitched yelp out of her, nicely complimenting the sound of that loud smack! A moment later, a frustrated groan follows that yelp.

Fucking… fine, doc, fuck me! I want you to fuck me… are you happy now?


File: 1606940591157.png (2.98 MB,1300x800)


The embrace causes the somber Assassin to stiffen at first. Once more, it is one of those kinds of touches he's entirely unused to and doesn't expect… and yet the tender warmth of that embrace quickly melts through his defenses. He releases her hand, and his arms go around her. Loosely at first, but then pulling her in tighter, verily crushing her against himself as he luxuriates in that simple gesture of warmth and comfort.

He can't quite bring himself to return her words… love is a word that he long ago resigned as forbidden for him, unneeded even. But besides that, he can't answer her verbally for the simple fact that his lips are soon otherwise busy as he presses his mouth to hers. Despite his lack of experience with the intimacy of a simple embrace, he's known the touch of various women through his life, and so his kiss is anything but inexperienced.

If anything, it's almost exactly the kind of kiss she might have expected from the very same Kiritsugu she calls her husband.


File: 1606942056464.png (274.7 KB,1280x1646)

Remedy only stops touching for long enough to wriggle out of her clothes, save for the cape still snugly tied around her shoulders. Vivian's admission is then promptly rewarded by her lips being pushed apart, and two fingers slipping down to the knuckle inside of her, motionless until the sex-starved clenching finally relents. The poor dear is long overdue for a "healing" session, but that just makes it more arousing to tend to her. Slick noises come from below as Rem finally begins moving her fingers.
The walls are pretty soundproofed here, just so you know.
There's a wink from the doctor, and then her cheery voice sinks to a heavier octave, coming close enough that her breath can be felt on Vivian's shoulder.
Make all the noise you like~.


File: 1606943230636.jpg (210.98 KB,652x598)


The lack of touching gets Vivian looking at Remedy in a concerned way. Concerned that this was all some kind of big tease… seeing that her caregiver is just shucking out of her clothes (well, most of them) makes her breathe a sigh of relief.

That sigh of relief is quickly taken right back though as the fingers once more nudge her netherlips apart and then those fingers blissfully sink into her! Vivian's internal muscles crush against those fingers from all sides as Vivian cries out, her sensitivity ramped well above normal thanks to the aphrodisiac oils soaking into her skin, making her feel as though she could spontaneously combust at any moment.

Vivian keeps the one leg hiked up to make sure Rem has all the access she could possibly want for this bout of sexual healing, panting and groaning in delight as those fingers begin to squish in and out of her.

Ahh… hnngh, fuck… fuuhuuuuck…!

The profanity hasn't finished, it seems, but it just might sound like sweet music to Rem's ears.


File: 1606944355485.jpg (248.27 KB,500x720)

Just like that, the lingering nervousness and doubt in Irisviel's mind melt away as Assassin reciprocates with exactly the kind of comforting touch she'd been longing for.
Part of what she's been longing for at least, but an important part. Relaxing in his embrace she lets out a comfortable sigh before turning her head back up to face his.

And then, he kisses her. She's more than happy to reciprocate as well, easily parting her lips and letting him inside.
Her kiss is every bit as lovingly passionate as if he had been the Kiritsugu from her own timeline. But beyond that, it's… Hungry. Needy. Almost desperate, even, like she has been wanting this for too long.

When she eventually backs off from the kiss, she does so only to go further and begin removing bits of clothing from Assassin, starting with that scarf. The rest of his armour he may well have to take care of himself, but it's the thought that counts.


File: 1606944952042.png (5.28 KB,488x436)

It is very much a melody for Remedy to take in, and the louder it gets, the more slippery her own groin starts to feel. She spanks Vivian again, hoping for more of those wonderfully high pitched yelps when the crack of their skin making contact rings out.
That's it. Feel the healing…
Rem isn't very heavy, but the middling weight of her body can be felt as she huddles up behind Vivian and rolls her onto her side. The plundering of the girl's pussy doesn't stop for an instant, and in fact getting closer has only allowed her to reach deeper, along with getting her closer to the pretty face of her patient.
Thought I might take a closer look at my work. You don't mind, yes?
The almost chaste kiss she plants on Vivian's cheek is hilariously ironic, given the fingerfucking she's currently doling out.


File: 1607015071704.jpg (754.16 KB,2197x1553)

Kaguya struggles to swallow Kaban's spunk with every spurt but ends up losing a few droplets to the corner of her mouth. With a moan that vibrates against Kaban's junk, Kaguya releases Kaban's cock from her mouth, ending up with a couple of ropes hitting her face and messing up between her fat tits
Aaah~…it's so hot….You've been holding it for a while, huh?


File: 1607025520266.png (16.79 KB,118x118)

And just like that, Kaban's developed a facial kink
It's been a whole week since I last did it…
A throb from her spent member backs that claim up. She tries to sit up straight, but only winds up falling back to the bed, laughing at herself as she does.
Hah. I feel all loose-y and dizzy.


File: 1607032186581.jpg (179.23 KB,560x800)

Ah…well, I…um…
Turning a little red(der), Kaguya pulls the python from between her tits and takes one long deliberate lick from base to tip, catching any dripping droplets of cum as they may fall down the shaft
You're not…done, are you? You, ah…You said that…thing, after all…


File: 1607050014730.jpg (72.87 KB,835x1000)

Overstimulated soreness of the best kind hits Kaban as her cock is lapped at even more during her refractory breather. Her engine has been forced back to life, and after a few seconds of huffing and puffing under her breath, she drags herself back up onto her knees.
No, I…I just needed to catch my breath.
Already she's begun to get hard again, her glans ruddy red and aching to dip into something (or someone). Comparatively, Kaban's voice is soft, though just barely holding back a bit of that feral Japari libido.
Okay, umm. Could you lay down, please?


File: 1607054383166.jpg (333.06 KB,850x1191)

Ah…Y-yeah, okay…
Kaguya would gladly tell Kaban not to hold back said libido were she aware. All the same, she lies down on her back, taking but a moment to remove her lacey black panties, knowing full well the direction this is going to take. Once the article is removed, she lets out a small breath and then extends her arms out towards Kaban, inviting her in
I'm ready…for you.


File: 1607056806773.jpeg (201.79 KB,1399x1592)

Probably for the best, with how likely they'd wind up ripped off. Scooching forward between her friend's legs and pushing them all the way back, the little explorer roots herself in place as sturdily as she can before plopping her cock's head to Kaguya's entrance. Just the wet sensation of that much makes the girl shiver, and more of her restraint wavers, clenching her fingers hard into the creamy thighs that she begins to bury her cock between.
The groaning noise she makes doesn't cease until she bumps against Kaguya's barrier. Though usually she would take a moment to let her partner get accustomed to her (especially with Serval), she isn't much interested in that tonight. Driving her waist up forward, she gets to rutting and thrusting right away, and the sound of her balls slapping up and down gradually fills the room.


File: 1607058021431.jpg (109.41 KB,566x800)

The heavy cock flopping onto Kaguya's cunt causes her to let out a cross between a squeak and a moan as Kaban practically folds her in half. When the penetration begins, it's all the more intensified by the incredibly lewd position she's been put in. That thrill of what Kaban's doing to her is…almost mind-numbing

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